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Date : 19-09-2022
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Bhidu or Jaggu Dada of Bollywood, Jackie Shroff is an actor and former model. Jackie Shroff has acted in more than 200 films in his entire career. Bacha Hai Tu Mera dialogue became very popular recently. Jackie Shroff said this dailogue in a fun chat show on TV.

Jackie Shroff’s Biography

jackie shroff

Jaikishan Kakubhai famously known as Jackie Shroff is an Indian actor and former model. Jackie Shroff's birthday is on the 1st of February. He was born in the year 1957. Jackie Shroff's age is 65 years as of 2022. Jackie Shroff’s birthplace is Mumbai. Jackie Shroff’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. Jackie Shroff’s real name is Jaikishan Kakubhai. Jackie Shroff’s mother’s name is Rita Shroff. Jackie Shroff’s father is Kakubhai Haribhai Shroff.

Jackie Shroff has worked in the Hindi film industry (Bollywood) for four decades and has done movies in 13 different languages (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Konkani, Odia, Gujarati, and English). He has received numerous honors, including four Filmfare Awards. He has also acted in a number of popular Tamil movies, including the highly regarded neo-noir thriller Aaranya Kaandam.

Jackie Shroff raises organically grown plants, trees, and herbs on his organic farm. Jackie Shroff also serves as the brand ambassador for Thalassemia India and has backed other causes throughout the years, including the abolition of female foeticide and HIV/AIDS awareness. 

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Jackie Shroff’s Family and Education

jackie shroff wife

Jackie Shroff’s mother’s name is Rita Shroff. Jackie Shroff’s father is Kakubhai Haribhai Shroff. Jackie Shroff’s wife is Ayesha Shroff. Jackie Shroff’s son is Tiger Shroff. Jackie Shroff’s daughter is Krishna Shroff. Jackie Shroff had a brother Hemant Shroff. Hemant Shroff died in the year 1967.

Jackie Shroff’s mother was a Turkmen who emigrated from Kazakhstan (then the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic under the Russian Soviet Union) during the change of government. When there was a Change of political powers in Kazakhstan, Jackie Shroff’s maternal grandmother and her seven daughters came to Ladakh. They moved to Delhi before arriving in Mumbai. Jackie Shroff’s father was a businessman and trader from a Gujarati family. Jackie Shroff’s father was forced to leave home at the age of 17 after they lost all of their money in the stock market. Jackie Shroff’s parents first met as teenagers and later got married. 

Jackie Shroff has completed school education till the 11th standard. Jackie Shroff left school after his eleventh grade since his family was struggling financially. Due to his lack of credentials, he tried his hand at working as an apprentice cook at Taj Hotels and as a flight attendant at Air India, but he was turned down for both positions.

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Jackie Shroff’s Wife and Relationship with wife Ayesha Shroff

Jackie Shroff first noticed Ayesha when she was barely 13 years old and hanging from the school bus. He approached her and walked up to her. The first time Jackie Shroff and Ayesha met, he informed him that he plays with his friends close by. 

Ayesha Shroff and Jackie Shroff eventually crossed paths in a record store. When Jackie volunteered to help Ayesha buy some records, Ayesha saw how attractive this man is. Ayesha had already decided to marry this man when she was just 13 years old, and it actually happened. They would frequently take long strolls and engage in extensive window shopping. They would spend every moment together while sitting on the top deck of the double-decker bus.

Jackie was in love with another girl who moved to the USA to pursue her education before he met Ayesha. He mentioned her to Ayesha and assured her of the other girl's confidence in him. Ayesha's subsequent actions revealed to Jackie how much she loved him, contrary to what she had previously believed. Jackie Shroff recalled the episode and said, When she sent a letter to an ex-girlfriend of mine who was living in the US at the time, I knew she was really in love with me. That girl left for the US and promised to return. I then confessed to Ayesha my love for the American girl And that she is going to return. Then Ayesha requested if she may send a letter to her, and she did so, telling the American girl that once she returned, she and I would live as sisters and get married to Jackie as a couple.

When Ayesha was asked to respond to the incident during the same interview, she just uttered one sentence, and that statement perfectly captures her choice. She'd stated, All I wanted was him. I will accept any option if it came down to retaining him or losing him.

Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Dutt got married on June 5, 1987. Ayesha became 27 years old on the same day. Tiger Shroff, the first child of Jackie Shroff. Krishna Shroff is the daughter of Jackie Shroff. 


Jackie Shroff’s Career and Movies

jackie shroff movies

Jackie Shroff left school after his eleventh grade since his family was struggling financially. Due to his lack of credentials, he tried his hand at working as an apprentice cook at Taj Hotels and as a flight attendant at Air India, but he was turned down for both positions. Then, next to the Jehangir Art Gallery, he began working as a travel agent for a neighborhood business named Trade Wings. While waiting for a bus, an accountant for an advertising agency observed him and inquired about his interest in modeling. The following day, during his lunch break, Jackie Shroff traveled to the advertising agency (National advertising agency) near Flora Fountain, which is housed in the same building as Davar's college. Jackie Shroff's career as a model began with this photo shoot for a suit shirt.

In the 1982 film Swami Dada starring Dev Anand, Jackie Shroff made his acting debut. Jackie Shroff was coupled up with Meenakshi Sheshadri in the lead role of the 1983 film Hero, directed by Subhash Ghai. Jackie Shroff made his Konkani acting debut in the 2017 movie Soul Curry, which also earned him an award. The television programs Lehrein, Chirtrahar, and Missing were all hosted by Jackie Shroff. Jackie Shroff's digital debut came in 2019 with the series Criminal Justice. Jackie Shroff has worked in the Hindi film industry (Bollywood) for four decades and has done movies in 13 different languages (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Konkani, Odia, Gujarati, and English.


Jackie Shroff’s First Movie Hero (1983)

After his parents pass away, legendary felon Pasha takes in Kishan and teaches him how to accomplish his goals. As a consequence of the testimony of Retired IGP Shrikanth Mathur, Pasha is caught years later. When Shrikanth refuses to retract his evidence, Pasha orders Kishan, who has since changed his identity to Jackie, to threaten him with murder. As a response, Jackie kidnaps Shrikanth's only daughter, Radha. In order to show Radha that he is her guardian against all odds, Jackie pretends to be innocent, and as a result, they both fall in love. Eventually, Jackie's true nature is revealed when Radha asks him to submit to the law, which he does and for which he receives a lengthy prison sentence. Jackie now has to free Pasha, who is holding Radha, her father, Shrikanth, and Jamuna hostage, after Pasha escapes from police custody and is let out of jail.

Subhash Ghai's 1983 romantic action movie is Hero. The film's actor, Jackie Shroff, played the lead and rose to fame as a result. This film helped Meenakshi Sheshadri, who played the major female part and was Miss India in 1981, become more well-known. Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music, and the songs are still well-liked today. At the box office, the movie was a Blockbuster. In this film, the Yamaha Rajdoot 350 motorcycle received an extensive promotion.


Parinda (1989)

Kishan and Karan, two brothers, develop on Bombay's streets. To provide Karan with a higher education, Kishan teams up with the criminal Anna. Inspector Prakash, a friend of Karan's who is aware of Anna's actions but lacks the evidence to place him under custody, kills Anna in front of Karan. Karan was loved by Paro, Prakash's sister since they were young and she thinks that he killed her brother. The former assistant Anna claims that Prakash, the boss of Kishan, was slain by Anna. Karan resolves to testify against Anna and his men after talking about his love for Paro again, but Kishan cautions him against doing so because he might be harmed.

Nana Patekar won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for Parinda at the 37th National Film Awards, and Saluja won the Best Editing prize. The movie received nominations in six categories for the 35th Filmfare Awards, winning five of them. Jackie Shroff won the Best Actor Filmfare award for the Parinda movie.


Khalnayak (1993)

In an effort to apprehend an escaped prisoner and repair the image of her police inspector boyfriend, a prison guard poses as a dancer.

Police are looking for Ballu (Sanjay Dutt), a known, crafty, and dangerous criminal who has committed numerous murders and thefts. After making an arrest of  Ballu, the intelligent and aspirational Inspector Ram (Jackie Shroff) witnesses Ballu run away from jail. As a result, Ram's attractive girlfriend Ganga (Madhuri Dixit) offers to go undercover in order to catch Ballu and protect Ram's reputation. However, when Ballu falls in love with her and she learns that she can’t completely ignore his charms, things become more problematic.

In particular, the song Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai, performed by Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun, is a highlight of the movie's musical songs. Along with Baazigar, the Khalnayak soundtrack CD was one of the best-selling Bollywood soundtrack albums of the year with sales of 10 million copies. The movie received a record-breaking 11 nominations for the 39th Filmfare Awards, including Best Film, Best Director (Ghai), Best Actor (Dutt), Best Actress (Dixit), and Best Supporting Actor (Shroff). It also took home two prizes for Best Female Playback Singer (Alka Yagnik and Ila Arun for Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai) and Best Choreography (Saroj Khan for Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai).


Yaadein (2001)

When Ronit played by Hrithik Roshan and Isha played by Kareena Kapoor Khan first meet, they are both drawn to one another and fall in love. They plan to inform Raj played by Jackie Shroff of this news in order to surprise him and Ronit's parents. However, when they do, they learn that Raj has been actively working to arrange for Ronit to wed Monishka Rai.

Subhash Ghai wrote, directed, edited, and produced the 2001 Indian Hindi musical drama film Yaadein (also known as Memories). Crossover movie with Jackie Shroff, Hrithik Roshan, and Kareena Kapoor in the ensemble cast. At the 47th Filmfare Awards, Jackie Shroff was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.


Housefull 3 (2016)

Three males, Sandy/Sundi (Akshay Kumar), Bunty (Abhishek Bachchan), and Teddy (Riteish Deshmukh), are central to the romantic comedy . The three men fall in love with Batook Patel's (Boman Irani) 'oh-so-sanskari' daughters, who are actually 'not so sanskari’. The three daughters are Sarah Patel (Nargis Fakhri), Jenny Patel (Lisa Haydon), and Gracy Patel (Jacqueline Fernandez). Strangely, Batook is the only father in the entire globe who opposes his daughters' marriage. 
As the boyfriends of Batook Patel's daughters, Sandy, Bunty, and Teddy come in one by one, and the comedy-drama then starts. A sequence of confusion and deception are an inevitable element of the plot because it is a Housefull franchise. The core of the story is how the three persuade Batook that they are the ideal marriage for his daughters.

The 2016 action comedy movie Housefull 3 was co-written, directed, and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the umbrella of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. Distributed by Eros International, the movie is the third in the Housefull series. Starring in the movie are Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Riteish Deshmukh, Jackie Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon, and Chunky Pandey. On June 3, 2016, the movie received a theatrical premiere in India. It cost $85 million to produce and earned $1.954 billion globally.


Khujli (2017) (Short Film)

It is revealed that the bed in the room was shaking regularly because Roopmati (Neena Gupta) was using a churning stick to scratch Girdharilal's (Jackie Shroff) back to relieve an itch. When they answer the door, their son requests them to go. He also lets them know that he will be out until late. Girdharilal responds jokingly by saying that he could have texted them instead of telling them. Roopmati lights the gas stove in the kitchen as her elderly grandmother moves behind her to the bathroom. 

When Jackie discovers a set of pink handcuffs in his small son's bedroom, a dramatic twist occurs. He displays his find to his wife, who is outraged and scandalized. Sonam Nair wrote and directed the 2017 Indian short drama film Khujli, which also co-starred Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta. It was made by Chintan Ruparel and Anuj Gosalia. On March 31, 2017, Terribly Tiny Talkies posted it on their official YouTube account. Jackie Shroff makes her short film debut in this movie. For his part in the movie, Jackie Shroff took home the Best Actor Male Award at the 2018 Filmfare Awards.


Jackie Shroff’s Career Timeline

YearJackie Shroff's Movie TitlesJackie Shroff's Character Name
2022Rashtra Kavach OmNA
2021Hello CharlieM. D. Makwana / Mac
2021RadheAvinash Abhyankar
2021SooryavanshiOmar Hafeez
2020Baaghi 3Charan Chaturvedi
2019Total DhamaalNA
2019Raat Bhaki Baat BhakiPrakash
2019Romeo Akbar WalterShrikant Rai
2019BharatGautam Kumar
2019SaahoNarantak Roy
2019The Devil's DaughterDevil
2018PhamousShabhu Singh
2018PaltanMaj. General Sagat Singh, GOC Mtn Div
2017Sarkar 3Michael Vallya (Sir)
2016Housefull 3Urja Nagre
2016Chalk n Dusterhimself
2016Freaky AliBade Bhai
2015BrothersGarson Fernandes
2015Dilliwali Zaalim GirlfriendMinochi
2015JazbaaHome Minister Mahesh Maklai
2015Dirty PoliticsMukhtiar Khan
2014Gang of GhostsBabu Hatkata
2014Happy New YearCharan Grover
2014Kahin Hai Mera PyarNA
2013Shootout at WadalaPolice commissioner
2013Dhoom 3Iqbal a.k.a. Sahir and Samar's father/Baba
2013Super ModelNA
2013Uss PaarNA
2012Married 2 AmericaPratap Singh
2012Daal Mein Kuch Kaala HaiNA
2012Life Ki Toh Lag GayiNA
2012Life's GoodRameshwar
2011Satrangee ParachutePolice officer
2011Bhindi BazaarCorrupt cop[8]
2011Cover StoryNA
2011Shraddha In the Name of GODNA
2011Ek Tha SoldierJackie
2010Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De?Mr. Vikram Sehgal
2010Mussa - The Most WantedJai Kishan Shroff (himself)
2010Hum Do AnjaaneNA
2010Bhoot and FriendsBhanu Pratap Singh
2009Raaz – The Mystery ContinuesVeer Pratap
2009Ek: The Power of OneCBI Krish Prasad Savte
2009KirkitRitchie Rich
2009AnubhavIbrahim Vakil
2009KisaanDayal Singh
2009VeerKing of Madhavgarh
2009Teen PattiTony Milano
2009Malik EkSai Baba
2008Halla BolHimself
2008Dhoom DadakkaHimself
2008Humsey Hai JahaanGary Rosario
2008Thodi Life Thoda MagicMK
2008Hari Puttar: A Comedy of TerrorsUncle DK
2007Aur Pappu Paas Ho GayaSudhakar Sudhabhai Chauhan
2007Fool N FinalGunmaster G9
2007God Only KnowsHimself
2006Divorce: Not Between Husband and WifeJackie
2006Bhoot UnkleBhoot Unkle
2006Apna Sapna Money MoneyCarlos
2006Bhagam BhagJ.D. Mehra
2006Eklavya: The Royal GuardRana Jyotiwardhan
2006Mera Dil Leke DekhoMr Chaddha
2006Maryada PurushottamNA
2006We R FriendsNA
2005Tum Ho Na!Jai
2005SsukhGaurishankar Yadav
2005Kyon KiDr. Sunil
2004Aan: Men at WorkGautam Walia
2004DobaraRanbir Sehgal
2003Baaz: A Bird in DangerJai Singh Dabral, the Mayor
2003Ek Aur Ek GyarahMaj. Ram Singh
2003BoomAbdul Wahab Barkatali Al Sabunchi 50/50 aka Chotte Mia
20033 DeewareinJaggu (Jagdish Prasad)
2003Samay: When Time StrikesAmod Parekh
2002MulaqaatJaved Khan
2002PitaahRamnarayan Bharadwaj
2002Kya Yehi Pyaar HaiDr. Kamlakar Tiwari
2002Agni VarshaParavasu
2001Hadh: Life on the Edge of DeathVishwa
2001FarzGawa Firozi
2001CensorNaseeruddin Shokh
2001One 2 Ka 4Javed Abbas
2001YaadeinRaj Singh Puri
2001Bas Itna Sa Khwaab HaiNaved Ali
2000JungInspector Veer Chauhan
2000RefugeeRaghuvir Singh
2000Mission KashmirHilal Kohistani
2000Kahin Pyaar Na Ho JaayeTiger
1999Sirf TumPritam, auto-rickshaw driver
1999LaawarisAdvocate Anand Saxena
1999KartoosJay Suryavanshi
1999Phool Aur AagJaswant
1999Ganga Ki KasamJay Singh
1999Hote Hote Pyar Ho GayaPolice officer Arjun
1999KohramMaj. Rathod
1999Aaag Hi AagNA
1998Tirchhi TopiwaleHimself
1998Hafta VasuliYeshwant
1998BadmaashGautam Hiraskar
1998Jaane JigarJai Kishan
19982001: Do Hazaar EkInsp. Anil Kumar Sharma
1998Ustadon Ke UstadJai Kishan Aka King Crown
1998Kabhi Na KabhiJaggu
1998BandhanThakur Suraj Pratap
1997VishwavidhaataAjay Khanna
1997Share BazaarJai
1997ShapathInspector Kishan
1997BorderWing Commander Anand Andy Bajwa
1997Aar Ya PaarShekhar Khosla
1997Raju Raja RamRam
1996TalaashiJai Kishan
1996Return of Jewel ThiefJohnny / Jatin Kumar
1996Chall Pe ChallNA
1996BandishRam Ghulam / Kishan
1996Agni SakshiSuraj Kapoor
1995TrimurtiShakti Singh
1995Dushmani: A Violent Love StoryJai Singh
1995God and GunVijay Prakash
1995RangeelaRaj Kamal
1995Ram ShastraInspector Ram Sinha
1994ChaurahaChootu/ Amar
19941942: A Love StoryShubhankar
1993King UncleAshok Bansal
1993Antim NyayInspector Jai Kishan
1993KhalnayakInspector Ram Kumar Sinha
1993HastiJai Kishan
1993AainaRavi Saxena
1993Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka RajaRavi Verma
1993GardishShiva Sathe
1992Prem DeewaneAshutosh Singh
1992Laat SaabRavi Mathur
1992Dil Hi To Hai (1992 film)Harshvardan / Govardan
1992AngaarJai Kishan / Jaggu
1992Police OfficerInspector Jai Kishan / Ram
1992Sapne Sajan KeHimself
1991Hafta BandhInspector Bajrang Thiwari
1991100 DaysKumar
1991LakshmanrekhaVickram / Vicky
1990Pathar Ke InsanInspector Karan Rai
1990Jeene DoSuraj
1990Baap Numbri Beta Dus NumbriRavi
1990Doodh Ka Karz / Doodhache UpkaarSuraj
1990Azaad Desh Ke GulamInspector Jai Kishen / Jamliya Jamshed Purwala
1989Sachche Ka Bol BalaNandi
1989Ram LakhanInspector Ram Pratap Singh
1989Main Tera DushmanKishan Shri Vastav
1989Kala BazaarKamal
1989Hum Bhi Insaan HainKishanlal
1989TridevRavi Mathur
1989SikkaJai Kishan 'Jackie'
1989VardiJai / Munna
1988FalakVijay Verma
1988Aakhri AdaalatNitin Sinha / Jai Kishan
1987Mard Ki ZabaanRajesh / Vijay
1987Jawab Hum DengeInspector Jai Kishan
1987DiljalaaMunna Babu
1987Sadak ChhapShankar
1987KaashRitesh Anand
1987Kudrat Ka KanoonDr. Vijay Verma
1987Uttar DakshinRaja
1986Palay KhanPalay Khan
1986Mera DharamJai Singh Sehgal
1986Haathon Ki LakeerenLalit Mohan
1986Allah RakhaAllah Rakha aka Iqbal Anwar/Don Jr.
1986KarmaBaiju Thakur
1985Teri MeherbaniyanRam
1985Shiva Ka InsaafShiva / Bhola
1985Aaj Ka DaurRaja
1985Paisa Yeh PaisaShyam
1985JaanooRavi / Jaanoo
1985Mera JawabSuresh / Solanki Patwardhan Lal
1984Andar BaaharInspector Ravi
1984YudhInspector Vikram (Vicky)
1983HeroJackie Dada / Jai Kishan
1982Swami DadaNA


Jackie Shroff’s New and Upcoming movies


Phone Bhoot

Gurmeet Singh is the director of the Bollywood horror-comedy-drama Phone Bhoot. Katrina Kaif, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Ishaan Khatter play the three main characters in the film.


Screw Dheela

Shashank Khaitan is the director of the 2022 Bollywood action-drama film Screw Dheela. Tiger Shroff played the lead in the film Screw Dheela.


Agni Varsham

Arjun Sajnani is the director of the Telugu action film Agni Varsham. Among the actors in Agni Varsham are Raveena Tandon and Nagarjuna Akkineni.



S Vinod Kumar's action film Win is in Telugu. Win's cast features Jai Akash and Angel Singh.


Atithi Bhooto Bhava

Hardik Gajjar is the director of the 2022 Bollywood drama film Atithi Bhooto Bhava. Jackie Shroff, Pratik Gandhi, and Sharmin Segal play the leading characters in the film Atithi Bhooto Bhava. 

The focus of the film is how Srikant's life spirals out of control after a ghost enters it. Atithi Bhooto Bhava is set to release on 23 September 2022. Atithi Bhooto Bhava's Movie Genre is Horror- Drama. Watch the Thrilling Trailer of Atithi Bhooto Bhava.


Jackie Shroff’s Controversy


Jackie Shroff molesting Tabu

Actor Jackie Shroff has been charged with molesting actress Tabu. It happened when Jackie was working on the movie directed by Tabu's older sister, Diljalaa. Young Tabu went on a shoot with her sister in a remote place. That is when she said Jackie had molested her. But no such thing has been proved as of 2022.


Jackie Shroff on being gay

At one point, rumors began to circulate that Jackie Shroff had admitted to being gay. Twitter users shared the news widely. But when the actor was confronted, he flatly rejected any such claim.


Jackie Shroff on Pandora Papers

The Pandora Papers investigation, which reveals the hidden owners of offshore corporations, has revealed Jackie Shroff, Tiger Shroff, and Krishna Shroff. The Media Trust was established by the mother-in-law of the actor Jackie Shroff and registered with London Fiduciary Trust Company Limited in New Zealand in November 2005, according to a news daily. The trust reportedly came to an end eight years later. 

Jackie Shroff made significant payments to the trust, which had a Swiss bank account, according to the papers in the Pandora Papers investigation. Ayesha Shroff said in her defense: My family and I have no idea that such a Trust exists. My mother wasn't an Indian citizen; she was a Belgian national who passed away more than ten years ago.


Jackie Shroff loan issue

Jackie Shroff couldn't pay back a debt he borrowed from director Sajid Nadiadwala. Even starting legal action to get the money from him, Sajid was stopped.


Jackie Shroff’s Net worth

Jackie Shroff has a $26 million dollar net worth. As of 2022, Jackie Shroff has a net worth of 26 million dollars or 190 crore rupees in Indian currency. One of the world's top luxury car owners is Jackie Shroff. Jackie Shroff is an automobile brand owner of Bentley, and BMW.


Jackie Shroff’s Awards & Nominations

jackie shroff awards

  • 1990: Won: Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Parinda
  • 1994: Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Actor – Gardish
  • 1994: Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor – Khalnayak
  • 1995: Won: Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – 1942: A Love Story
  • 1996: Won: Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Rangeela
  • 1997: Nominated: Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Agni Sakshi
  • 2002: Nominated: Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Yaadein
  • 2001: Nominated: Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role – Mission Kashmir.
  • 2003: Nominated: Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award – Devdas
  • 2007: Special Honour Jury Award for outstanding contribution to Indian cinema
  • 2011: Won: Vikatan Awards for Best Villain – Aaranya Kaandam
  • 2014: Won: The Original Rockstar GQ.
  • 2016: Won: HT Most Stylish Living Legend Award.
  • 2017: Won: Raj Kapoor Award – Received by actress Rakhee Gulzar: 30 April 2017.
  • 2017: Won: Received the 20th anniversary of JP Dutta's Border movie Award: 12 June 2017.
  • 2017: Won: Recipient of National Award-Hindi Cinema Gaurav Samman at Vigyan Bhawan
  • 2018: Won: Filmfare Short Film Award for Best Actor — Khujli
  • 2018: Won: Best Actor Award for the Konkani film Soul Curry at Goa State Awards ceremony.


Jackie Shroff’s interesting facts and trivia.

  • When Jackie Shroff was still a young child, his father, a well-known astrologer, made a big superstar prediction for his son.

  • Jackie Shroff is a talented chef, and Bollywood celebrities love his baigan ka bhartha.

  • Ayesha, the wife of Jackie Shroff, came from a royal family.

  • Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited, her production company, once went bankrupt. To raise money, he had to sell his apartments.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Jackie Shroff is an actor in Bollywood.
Jackie Shroff’s wife is Ayesha Shroff.
Jackie Shroff’s son’s name is Tiger Shroff
The value of Jackie Shroff's net worth in Indian rupees is 190 Crores or $26 million in US dollars in 2022.
Jackie Shroff’s best movies are Hero, Parinda, Khalnayak and Ram Lakhan.
Jackie Shroff's Father’s name is Kakubhai Shroff.
Jackie Shroff’s birthdate is 1 February 1957.
Jackie Shroff’s Instagram is @apnabhidu.
Jackie Shroff's upcoming movies are Win, Phone Booth and Screw Dheela.
Jackie Shroff’s daughter’s name is Krishna Shroff
Jackie Shroff's age is 65 years as of 2022.
Jackie Shroff’s first or debut movie is Hero.
Jackie Shroff's famous songs are Tu mera hero hai and Amma Dekh.
Jackie Shroff's real name is Jaikishan Kakubhai.
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