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Are you finding gifts for boyfriend birthday that are unique and memorable?

Boyfriends are incredibly tricky to shop for. It's simple to find gifts for your best friend or even brother, but buying birthday gift ideas for boyfriend can be a real challenge. Whereas we hoped he'd give you a list of ideas, or at the very least he has left some tabs open on his computer with a few hints, you're possibly here because he didn't. But don't worry, we've got you covered with some of the birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. Separating a particular birthday date with you, of course.

It's difficult because if you've only been dating for a month or two, you might not know what he likes or dislikes in terms of gifts. But if you've been together for a long time, you're probably out of ideas after YEARS of birthdays, holidays, Valentine's Days, and anniversaries. In either case, it's time to get creative and have the best gift for boyfriend on his birthday. 

Is your boyfriend a massive fan of Gautam Gulati? And follow him on every social media platform. Now, what if I say Gautam Gulati can be the part of your boyfriend's birthday because of you how to scroll it down to have the best birthday surprise for boyfriend.

Suppose your boyfriend is Gatum Gulati's biggest fan, and he wishes for your handsome boyfriend. Everyone's dream is to see celebrities at a celebration. That dream can be realised by visiting Tring. Tring services are an excellent way to demonstrate to your boyfriend that nothing is impossible for you and that you can provide him with anything he desires. Such a birthday gift for boyfriend will provide him with proof. The celebrities communicate via personalised video messages, after which they will record a short birthday video. You can write your birthday wish or use one from the website's template.

Why Is It Important To Have A Special Gift For Boyfriend On His Birthday?

It is really important to have a special gift for boyfriend on his birthday to show him how much you love him and how lucky you are to be his girl. You make me feel special in every possible way, whether it’s valentine’s day, your relationship anniversary or his birthday. Relationships are all about love, gifts and fun. Spending time with each other can also make them feel special then just thinking about having a birthday surprise for boyfriend can make him feel so happy. You just need to keep a few things in mind, such as his likes, dislikes, etc. Without any doubt, Tring is one of the best birthday ideas for boyfriend. He would never think that you would be able to do such a fantastic thing for him. So, just book Tring and tell him he is the best thing that ever happened to you. Indeed this will give you the tag of best girlfriend for sure. 

What Can You Add More With Tring’s Services To Make His Day perfect?

As Tring will do all of the jobs to make him feel special but if you still want to add some more to his day you can do uncountable things which can also be romantic surprises for boyfriend birthday which are as follow- 

Handmade Journey Snapbook

If you are creative enough, you can make a handmade book of your journey from the date he saw you until today. These will be romantic birthday gifts for him as he would be able to follow the journey once again and relive the moment. Such birthday gift for boyfriend can be cherished all his life and will be very close to him as it’s about him and you. 

Spend The Entire Day With Him

Nothing can be as unique as spending time with each other and creating many more happy memories. If you don’t want to add anything with Tring services, you could just spend the entire day with him, go for lunch, shop, and the movie later end this beautiful day with candle-light dinner. Don’t forget to click the picture so that you can live the moment whenever you want. Therefore, spending the entire day with him is a romantic surprises for boyfriend birthday.

Make Him King

He is the king of your life. You just need to make him feel for the day. Do everything according to his like, be his cheerleader for a day. Do all those things which he used to always wanted to do. If you know driving, take him on the drive and make his day perfect by having a fantastic day with a bf birthday gift. 

How Can You Present Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend If You Are Planning For Tring?

If you are done with the booking of Tring and are now confused about what will be the best way to show the personalised video message to your boyfriend, then here are some fantastic ways which might help you to present a birthday surprise for boyfriend- 

Plan A Surprise Birthday Party For Him

Plan a surprise party, call his friends to the party and make sure the party place does have a projector. As soon as he cuts the cake and feels that the day is a happy ending, you can start with a few lines about him and express your love. After you are done with it, you can pay for the video of the celebrity you have chosen. That's a charming and romantic surprise for boyfriend birthday. 

Morning Time

As soon as he wakes up on his birthday morning and text you good morning, just send him the video of the celebrity wishing him, and this will make this birthday morning the most memorable morning. Morning time is the best time to show the video as the day will start with a surprise birthday gift for boyfriend. 


You can just pick some good time which you feel would be best for the whole day, and a beautiful message attached with the video to the mail and sent it to him. This would be the best way to show him the personalised video message from Tring and express your love to him. So just start typing your love letter and have the best birthday gift for boyfriend.

I hope my advice has assisted you in finding surprise birthday ideas for boyfriend, and trust me. This could also be the best birthday gift for husband and a fantastic birthday gift for father. Don't waste any time and book your Tring today for the best birthday gift for boyfriend.

Capture every moment of your relationship, whether it's a surprise birthday party or his reaction while speaking with his favourite celebrity, to cherish it for a lifetime. You will be able to share your life memories with your future children. We can't keep the day in our memories forever, but the photos and gifts we exchange or give as birthday gifts will mark the occasion alive in our hearts.

Let's become more precise. Sharing photos on social media or buying a birthday gift for boyfriend will make the occasion more memorable. Tring has an endless supply of the best birthday gift for boyfriend to make the event unforgettable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A birthday gift for boyfriend should be best and unforgettable for him, something he cherishes every day or a practical gift like Tring. You can book Tring’s services: 1. A personalised video message 2. A video call 3. A DM on Instagram from your boyfriend's favourite celebrity The services of Tring are the best birthday gift for boyfriend as it is an outstanding gift.
You can make him feel special in such a way, which could also be counted as the best birthday gift for boyfriend such as-. 1. Personalised video message from Tring of his favourite celebrity 2. Personalised Wallet 3. Photo Collage 4. Spa coupons 5. Treasure Hunt 6. Candle-light dinner
Surprising your boyfriend on his birthday is difficult because boys have great expectations from their partners, but it is not impossible. You can surprise him with the best birthday gift for boyfriend in this romantically way- 1. Give him massage 2. Write Notes of love on the mirror 3. Surprise date night 4. Fill his car with a balloon 5. Write a handwritten love letter 6. Plan a surprise birthday party
Personalised birthday wishes from the celebrity are the guys' must-like gifts. Besides that, you can add cloth, leather goods, and perfume as some of the most common birthday gift for boyfriend, but they are simple options that men have come to expect from people who haven't given much thought to gift-giving.
It is a Personalised Video Message from the celebrity. As you don’t need to move out, there is also no contact with any other person as the video comes online, which is the safest birthday gift for your brother, especially during the lockdown.
Giving a new boyfriend a meaningful gift for their first meeting would show him a personalised video message from Tring. You can get him such a beautiful surprise, but this birthday gift for boyfriend will grow alongside your relationship. Also, you can order personalised travel accessories, an explosion box, a scrapbook, engraved gifts, a skincare gift hamper, and other great ideas for a boyfriend's birthday. All of these gifts are one-of-a-kind, and your boyfriend will appreciate your selection of the best birthday gift for boyfriend.
Tring is the best gifting portal in India now as it is unique and different from rest of the personalised gifts available in the market. Tring is a website where around 10,000 plus celebrities are listed who are willing to be a part of their fan’s celebration. Tring has three services - a personalised video message, a video call and a DM on Instagram. Any service would make the best gifts for your loved ones.
Tring keeps adding newer and deeper engagement products regularly. Presently we offer the below 4 options. However, subscribe to our free newsletter to be updated every time we have a new product and celebrity on the platform. 1) Personalised video messages – Celebrities record an approx. 30 second personalised video with the message content as given by the user. The video can be booked for yourself or for gifting. Common uses are birthday wishes, anniversary, get well soon, all the best, apologies, etc. 2) Video Call – Celebrities get on a 5 minute video call with the user (monitored). The user can invite up to 4 friends on the call. 3) DM on social media – Celebrities send a single text message to the user on social media (Instagram) from their verified account. 4) Wishes on Air – Users can request for personalised audio wishes for themselves or their loved ones live on radio, at a time and date of their choosing, from their favourite Radio Jockey.
It is very easy and does not take more than a few seconds to book a Tring. The user simply needs to provide details like the sender's name, recipient's name, occasion, detailed message they would like to convey, along-with the delivery details and Tring shall help create the most unique and permanent gift, to be cherished for a lifetime.
Usually, it takes a maximum of 7 working days to process your request. However, we try our best to ensure we stick to your preferred date and close the requests. We also offer 24-hour delivery from some celebrities, for those last minute bookings. The process time is subject to celebrity availability.

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