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Gift them something which shows your love and respect for them!

We have always shown our love to our parents on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, their Birthdays, and their anniversaries, but often forget the Grandparents day, 12 Sept is celebrated as grandparent day 2022. You may call them Grandma, Dadi, Grandpa, or Dada. Honestly, your grandparents deserve some different kind of love. And no time is better than grandparent day 2022.

To make your grandparents feel extra special and loved, we have a brilliant idea to celebrate happy grandparents day 2022.  I have a fantastic idea for grandparents day gifts that will make them smile. They have done many things for you like cooked your favourite dish, got chocolates and helped you rescue from your mother or daddy. They have loved you wholeheartedly and always made everything possible for you. Also, they love you more than your parents. So, you do need grandparents day celebration ideas for such amazing people.

What Are The Unique Grandparents Day Gifts?

It is Tring. Tring’s services are indeed unique grandparents day gifts. Tring is India’s Largest Celebrity Engagement Platform, where around 10,000 plus celebrities are listed and would love to be a part of the celebration of their fans. You have seen your grandmother watching all the series of Balaji, and your grandpa is either on the news, or sports or enjoys the Characters of Balaji. Then why not gift them a personalised video message from the celebrities of Balaji. That would make the best gift for happy grandparents day 2022.

Tring offers three services a personalised video message where a celebrity you have chosen for your grandparents would shoot a video for 30 seconds and wish them a “Happy Grandparents Day”. The celebrity will also shoot their name on it that would be solely for your cutest grandparents. You can also choose your language, maybe Hindi, Gujarati or Marathi. Also, you can customise your message as well. That would be the best grandparents day gifts.

The other service of Tring provides is a video call with the celebrity, where your grandparents will have a 5-minutes video call with the celebrity. The significant part of this service is adding 2-3 people to that and having an excellent conference call with the celebrity. Trust me. This is an ideal grandparents day gifts and also the best valentine’s day gifts or even amazing teacher's day gifts.

Tring's last service is a DM on Instagram, where a celebrity would send a beautiful message to your Grandparents Instagram Account. All the services of Tring would make the best grandparents day gifts. Make sure you craft for grandparent day 2022 so that it showcases your love and care for them. And show them how important they are in your life.

What Else Can You Do For Grandparent Day 2022?

You can do many things on this grandparent day 2022 to express your attachment and feelings. Some of the great grandparents day celebration ideas are:-

Cook For Them

They have always cooked for you, even when you are sick and even when they are sick. They have always tried to cook something for you which is delicious. Then why not you do it for them for a day. Trust me. It’s not complicated. You can even take the help of your mom, who knows very well about your grandparent's likes and dislikes. So, Cook for them for a day and make this grandparent day 2022 memorable.

Spend Some Quality Time With Them

They have always seen you running from one place to another, and at the end of the day, have a complaint that you have no time for them. Still, on this grandparent day 2022, spend an entire day with them, play card games, houses or just watch an old movie (which is one of their favourite movies). Spending such a fantastic time would be the best grandparent day gifts.

Take Them Out For Dinner

Plan a beautiful dinner with the whole family members. Seeing everyone smiling and enjoying, they would be delighted and love dinner time. So, book the table now and take them out for dinner on this grandparents day 2022.

Which Balaji Actors Are Listed With Tring?

Tring has a massive list of Balaji actors on their website, such as Amar Upadhyay, Supriya Shukla, Jay Soni, Anurag Sharma, Abhey Bhargava, and the list is endless. You could select any scots of Balaji and make the best grandparents day gifts. You know your grandparents love Balaji as they haven’t missed a single serial from them. Then why not just gift them something that no one could give them all these years. As per your grandparents, Balaji or sports celebrities would make the best choice for them. It’s never too late. Be sure about the actor you choose and present the best gift for grandparent day 2022.

I hope my suggestions have helped you to have the best grandparents day gifts. You can also use some creativity and have a creative grandparents day card. So, try to make it as unique as possible because they always try to do it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best grandparents day gifts are the ones which you will give them with a lot of love. It can be anything ranging from personalised gifts like mugs to the biggest of hugs. Also, don't forget to spend some time with them since that's the only thing they miss on a daily basis.
You can honour them by showering a ton of gifts and throwing a party. Alternatively, you can have the best-personalised grandparents day gifts from Tring delivered right to you in a span of 3-7 working days. It will be a personalised video message from their favourite celebrity.
The best gifts for grandma must be something personalised as she has always been the person to knead sweaters and gloves for us since our younger age. You can gift her a personalised celebrity video message from her favourite celebrity and present the best grandparents day gifts for both of them.
A good grandparent gift can be something as per their age and time. It can be a personalised celebrity video message from Shakti Kapoor or Manoj Joshi wishing them a Happy Grandparents Day. And trust me, these would be the best grandparents day gifts.
You can have a greeting card made at home by the children, perform a favourite song of theirs or you can now also book a personalised celebrity video message or book a live video call with their favourite celebrity so that this would be the best grandparents day gifts for them.
You can make a special family recipe for lunch or dinner and have a celebration inviting their friends too. On this occasion, you can then have a projector set up and present the best grandparents day gifts - a personalised video message from their favourite celebrity.
Tring is the best gifting portal in India now as it is unique and different from rest of the personalised gifts available in the market. Tring is a website where around 10,000 plus celebrities are listed who are willing to be a part of their fan’s celebration. Tring has three services - a personalised video message, a video call and a DM on Instagram. Any service would make the best gifts for your loved ones.
Tring keeps adding newer and deeper engagement products regularly. Presently we offer the below 4 options. However, subscribe to our free newsletter to be updated every time we have a new product and celebrity on the platform. 1) Personalised video messages – Celebrities record an approx. 30 second personalised video with the message content as given by the user. The video can be booked for yourself or for gifting. Common uses are birthday wishes, anniversary, get well soon, all the best, apologies, etc. 2) Video Call – Celebrities get on a 5 minute video call with the user (monitored). The user can invite up to 4 friends on the call. 3) DM on social media – Celebrities send a single text message to the user on social media (Instagram) from their verified account. 4) Wishes on Air – Users can request for personalised audio wishes for themselves or their loved ones live on radio, at a time and date of their choosing, from their favourite Radio Jockey.
It is very easy and does not take more than a few seconds to book a Tring. The user simply needs to provide details like the sender's name, recipient's name, occasion, detailed message they would like to convey, along-with the delivery details and Tring shall help create the most unique and permanent gift, to be cherished for a lifetime.
Usually, it takes a maximum of 7 working days to process your request. However, we try our best to ensure we stick to your preferred date and close the requests. We also offer 24-hour delivery from some celebrities, for those last minute bookings. The process time is subject to celebrity availability.

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