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  • personalized personalizedVideo
      30 to 50 second video would be created by a Celebrity as per the script suggested by the user. It can be for any occasions like birthday, anniversary, roast, get well soon etc.
  • personalized Instagram DM on
      Direct message would be posted by celebrity from his/her Instagram handle to the Instagram handle of the user
  • personalized Star HourStar Hour
      Book an hour full of immersive experience with the Masters themselves. Learn, interact, discuss and more, with the experts.
  • personalized Icon for changeIcons
    for Change  
      Get a gratification from celebritites for charity.
  • personalized ProductBrand
      Any brand can create recorded video from the celebrity as per their requirements and script.

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This means so much coming from Chitrashi. I've been her fan since Chak De India. She has such an amazing personality and this video shoutout from her really brightened up my day. Thank you for all your wishes.



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