Birthday Gift for Husband

Are you looking for the best birthday gift for husband,but you can't find any?

Don’t let him forget how important he is and why you love him so much. We know it’s very difficult to find the perfect and best birthday gift for husband. Especially when you give a gift to your husband every other day (seriously it’s damn hard). Plus, you have already used all your good and amazing ideas when your hubby was your boyfriend back then. At this point, you know your husband better than anyone, especially after giving him all the things he loves on anniversaries, festivals, previous birthdays over the past years. Buying the old same things in different sizes or colors will make no difference. So, empty your shopping cart right away and rearrange it all together with a unique and the best memorable gift. And let’s get into what can be the best birthday gift for husband!
Gifting a husband has always been problematic to wives. The fewer the options, the more the confusion, and also, gifts are the way to show love and affection towards your husband, especially a birthday gift for husband that will make his birthday more special and creative in its own way.

What about gifting him something which he hasn't thought of or even imagined ever. It could be one of his dreams which can be fulfilled on his special day by you. How about a video call with his celebrity lovestruck, or a video message wishing him “ Happy Birthday” with his name? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Can this be the best birthday gift for husband? Let’s find out!

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The best birthday gift for husband should always be the thing which he wants. This is a very creative way to surprise him as his day starts and to give him a warm kickstart to his birthday morning, the gift should be unique and surprisingly creative at the same time. Who doesn't need that?

Just a click can make you reach for the best birthday gift for husband!

The gift which he will always appreciate and will always keep showing off everywhere he can or could. Imagine! A personalized video call/video with his celebrity crush on his birthday will make him the happiest person on this planet and that would indeed be the best birthday gift for husband. He’ll love this gift more than you love him. Just brighten his day by giving him what he loves the most, admires more, or what he doesn't even expect on his birthday because all this will show how well you know your partner.

A personalized birthday gift for husband will blow his mind out with happiness and maybe tears of joy. Unexpected video calls from his favorite celebrity will make him feel more special on his birthday.

This is the best birthday gift for husband as it's an out-of-the-blue idea, which will keep him surprised and chirpy all day. The thing which he couldn’t even think of in his wildest imaginations! Stop giving cliche gifts and start giving gifts that he wouldn’t already have.

He is that ONE guy in your life who’s very special and close to your heart. Hence, he deserves nothing but the best, whether he puts effort into a birthday gift for wife or an anniversary gift for wife you yet want to do best for him, and gifting him what he expected or what he already has, might make him feel happy but not at all surprised. This will always be on the first count of the list of gifts you have gifted him and the happiness and smile on his face will be priceless and cannot even express to each other. Finding the best birthday gift for husband has always been a huge problem for wives; because most of the things have already been given and other things are not in use for your husband. A HUGE TROUBLE, if I must say so.

Look for a gift that’ll blow his mind. How about reaching out to his favorite celebrity and letting them give wishes to your husband on his special day? This will be the best birthday gift for husband.


And here we are TRING!
Tring will help you to reach out to your husband’s favorite celebrity and make his birthday special.

Book your Tring Now!

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Tring is the platform where your husband’s favorite celebrity is waiting to be a part of his birthday. Isn’t this the best birthday gift for husband?

A very simple way to get a video call/video from a celebrity in just a few steps: You just need to select the celebrity listed on Tring and request for a video call or video or a DM on Instagram.

Isn't it the simplest and easiest way to book the best birthday gift for husband? Celebrity video wishes will not only shock and surprise your husband but might shock his friends and family on social media too. And then the intrigued question-answer part starts with the most basic of questions - How do you know him/her? How lucky are you?
This will make your husband the star on his birthday and definitely a star in your life!

Browse the best birthday gift for husband and give the best out of all gifts as it will always make him feel the love and respect that you have for him.

Unexpected gifts are unique and are always best. Tring can do that for you with just a click. Booking a celebrity video message from Tring can be the best birthday gift for husband if you want him to feel loved on his birthday.

So, what are you waiting for? Just book a Tring and create the best birthday gift for husband. Just scroll down through the list of the 9000+ celebrities and select your husband’s favorite celebrity and this will be the best birthday gift for husband. He will love it and probably will keep showing it to every new and old person that he meets. Make your loved one feel special on his special day because he deserves everything in the World!

Tring will not only make the day extraordinary but will keep your loved ones' special day cheerful and happy. Make the best use of Tring and choose the best birthday gift for husband.

In the end, it's HIS SPECIAL DAY!
Choose wisely and make your husband happier by giving him what he never expected.




Frequently Asked Questions

To receive your own celebrity video shoutout, all you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity of your choice, personalize the message to fit the occasion. You can use this video message to surprise your loved ones and friends on their special days. The best part about these celebrity video shoutouts is that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion. You can use them to celebrate milestones, job promotions, weddings or just share these celebrity video shoutouts to brighten someone’s day and tell them how much you love and appreciate them!
Here’s how you can receive your own personalized celebrity video shoutout for all your celebrations!

Step 1: Visit this page to book your celebrity video shoutout - www.tring.co.in

Step 2: Select the celebrity of your choice
Tring lets you pick celebrities from over 9000+ options! You can select your favourite comedian, singer, musician, actor, influencer and sportsperson from the long list.

Step 3: Book your personalized video shoutout from celebrities
When you find the celebrity of your choice, you can click on their profile, read more about them, check out their pricing and response time as well.

Step 4: Share your personalized message with the celebrity
You can fill up the details in the form and add your personalized video message that you wish to convey through the celebrity. You can personalize it according to the occasion at hand.

Step 5: Complete the booking 
Once you filled in all the details, you can complete the booking process by making the payment. You will receive the message according to the instructions provided to you. Your personalized video message will be sent to you by mail.

Don’t hold back anymore! You’ve got the power to transform someone’s day. Make your loved ones cherish their special day with wishes from their favourite celebrities. Go ahead, book your Tring NOW!
Tring keeps adding newer and deeper engagement products regularly. Presently we offer the below 4 options. However, subscribe to our free newsletter to be updated every time we have a new product and celebrity on the platform.
1) Personalised video messages – Celebrities record an approx. 30 second personalized video with the message content as given by the user. The video can be booked for yourself or for gifting. Common uses are birthday wishes, anniversary, get well soon, all the best, apologies, etc.
2) Video Call – Celebrities get on a 5 minute video call with the user (monitored). The user can invite up to 4 friends on the call.
3) DM on social media – Celebrities send a single text message to the user on social media (Instagram) from their verified account.
4) Wishes on Air – Users can request for personalised audio wishes for themselves or their loved ones live on radio, at a time and date of their choosing, from their favourite Radio Jockey.
It is very easy and does not take more than a few seconds to book a Tring. The user simply needs to provide details like the sender's name, recipient's name, occasion, detailed message they would like to convey, along-with the delivery details and Tring shall help create the most unique and permanent gift, to be cherished for a lifetime.
Usually, it takes a maximum of 7 working days to process your request. However, we try our best to ensure we stick to your preferred date and close the requests. We also offer 24-hour delivery from some celebrities, for those last minute bookings. The process time is subject to celebrity availability.
The prices displayed on the website are for individual, personal and non-brand orders. However, the celebrities are available for brand orders, including but not limited to: awareness, corporate team-building, corporate customer-gifting, brand endorsements, and similar branding orders through Tring. Please reach out to us on +91-81690 73903 (Phone call/ WhatsApp) or [email protected] so we can help you find the perfect celebrity for your brand requirement, at the most economical pricing.
This is very, very rare but if due to some unforeseen circumstances, the celebrity is unable to complete the video request at a time, we shall process your refund for the full amount immediately. We encourage you to re-book your order as per our order guidelines, and Tring team shall strive to get you the perfect video message from your favourite celebrity.
It may be due to one or more reasons, including but not limited to: celeb unavailability, inappropriate request or message, business name or brand name mentioned in the personal message request, not enough time, etc. We suggest to re-book the order and place the request following the Tring standard order guidelines. Or you may call us at our helpline number for assistance.

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