8 Gift Ideas At Home For Husbands


Priyanka Jain

6 MIN Read | 21-01-2022


You have planned everything according to your husband’s likes, his favourite food, his favourite cake, the decoration and the list of people and you are ready to present a big fat birthday party for him, and this would be the best birthday gift for you husband. But then again, we are back to square one as COVID-19 is flying high again. It’s terrifying, and we have been fighting with it since 2020, making it challenging for each and everyone living. These days it’s boring to have any celebration because you are already celebrating your and your loved one's birthday and anniversary at home. You have things on your waiting wishlist for two years, but the situations are not in your hands.

It’s boring to even think about birthday celebrations after so much planning. No get-together, no party, no fighting for space to fit in a selfie. But don’t worry, there are a few ideas to make your husband’s birthday during the ongoing situation a bit special. Whether it’s your anniversary or his birthday, these ideas will help you make the occasion memorable.

You don’t know what could be the best birthday gift for husband or can’t find the best gifts for men on anniversary?

Well, the next obvious question is, can gifts be special at home?

We have shared the top 8 gifts for men on anniversary, birthday gift for husband, and also some DIY husband birthday gift ideas at home, which are special and unique. You will find it at home itself because safety comes first. 

Bake A Cake

Put your chef's clothes and hat on and manage to make a beautiful cake for him at home. It doesn’t matter how it turns out. He will love it anyways. You can take help from your kids, which will add much more love flavour to it. This cake will be his favourite dessert of all time, and he will always love it and ask for it every second day. If you are bad at baking, take the help of some of the best YouTube channels, which give out easy and simple tips to bake a cake at home. You can make a small video of making a cake and show him how much you and your kids enjoyed making the lovely surprise for him. Seeing his family smile and laugh will make his birthday or anniversary special. Baking a cake at home is fun and is the best birthday gift for husband.

Date Nights

A mini-date night can do wonders in your marriage as you will get a chance to enjoy the fabulous and romantic night ahead. This is one of the best birthday gift for husband or one of the sweetest gifts for men on anniversary. This kind of gift will not only be enjoyable for him but for you too. You can get as creative as you can or as romantic as you can. Just make sure all the dates happen at home. It could be a candlelight dinner, movie night, or a coffee date at home. The best part will be the decoration of the card by you. You can add cute family pictures or pictures of you and some self-made poems. It’s all up to you. Date night cards are the most fun birthday gift for husband or one of the cutest gifts for men on anniversary to spice up your relationship and add some uniqueness to your marriage life.


Date Nights - Birthday Gift For Husband

Fun Activities or Game Night

Let your husband be a kid again and plan amazing fun activities and game nights with him. From scrabble to a tongue twister, plan a fun indoor game night for your partner’s birthday party. Let your game night guests be your kids. A great family game night will make lots of memories on his birthday. Don’t forget to click pictures and share them on social media. Fun activities or game nights will make the best birthday gift for husband or if you are planning for amazing gifts for men on anniversary then family time is the best one. 

Fun Activities Or Game Night - Birthday Gift For Husband

Personalised Video Message From A Celebrity

Tring has many celebrities listed waiting to be a part of your special day or your loved ones’ special day. You can go for your husband’s favourite star, one of whom he admires and loves a lot. The same celebrity is wishing your handsome man on his special day. You can select whether you want a personalised video message, a video call, or a DM on Instagram. By choosing Tring, you are selecting the best birthday gift for husband.

Personalised Video Message From His Favourite Celebrity - Birthday Gift For Husband


Memory In A Jar

You will need a glass jar and some laminated photos of the memories you have created with each other. Cut out the extra edges of the pictures, and get a huge jar that is big enough to carry your photo memories. Roll the images, insert them in the jar with some beautiful love quotes, decorate the jar with the help of fairy lights, and you are done. This memory in the jar gift is as beautiful as your relationship and will look pretty cool on the shelf. If you want, add some water to the jar so the pictures will keep floating around in the water every time the jar is moved. Make it as unique as he is for you, and the best birthday gift for husband is ready.


Relive The Moment

Yes, this is one of the best husband birthday gift ideas at home. Relive the moment, and create a beautiful scene that you both have shared once in life. Any moment could be relived, funny, emotional, or even romantic, but the twist is that you have to swap the role. Yes, he will be you, and you will be him. Record the whole scene and merge it with the original clip scene in which you have recreated it. This will be fun to share on social media and let everyone see how fun of a couple you are. Re-living the moment will give the relationship a kick start, and you can present the edited video as a birthday gift for husband, or this could also be one of the gifts for men on anniversary.

Cook What He Likes

If you want to win a man's heart, you must first fill his stomach. You already cook a lot for him every day. But cooking on his birthday also and that too his favourite food will make his birthday the best one. Cook a proper multi-cuisine for him, decorate the dinner table as it gives the restaurant feeling, serve him first, put on his favourite clothes, and enjoy your meal. This is the best thing, and he will enjoy the meal. You can send the invitation to the dinner to make it more exciting. Isn’t this the best way to celebrate birthdays, and your food will be the best birthday gift for husband?

Cook What He Likes - Birthday Gift For Husband

A Recorded Video Message

Sometimes it’s pretty different to express your feelings or be too shy to tell them. On this birthday, when all of your bookings are cancelled due to COVID-19, let's plan a day to express everything you feel about him. Record yourself so he will look at and cherish it all his life. A video message will make him feel important and special by itself. This is the best expressive birthday gift for husband.

A Recorded Video Message - Birthday Gift For Husband

We hope you liked our recommendation. Please look at our other articles, which might help you find some of the best birthday gift for husbands and gifts for men on anniversary. Till then, be home be safe!

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