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Anniversary celebrations with your boyfriend come with a lot of pressure, about places to visit, guest list, dress to wear on anniversaries, and it becomes extremely difficult to pick out a surprise anniversary gift for boyfriend.  Without being overly clichéd, what is the best way to express to your partner how much you love him and value your time together? It can be challenging to strike the right mix between thoughtful and practical, so we've compiled the best anniversary gift for boyfriend to assist you.

Giving a luxurious and practical anniversary gift for boyfriend, such as a leather weekend bag or a sports watch, could be a good gift. You could also take a more personal approach and give him a framed map of where you met or a ticket stub notebook documenting your shared experiences. You can always do a bit of both, like getting him a golf ball set that he'll use a lot and has his initials engraved on it for a unique touch. All this would be an ordinary anniversary gift for boyfriend.

Just imagine something beyond this, making his dream come true. Confused? An anniversary gift for boyfriend could be a personalised video message from his favourite celebrity. A celebrity whom he admires, loves, and cares about. A celebrity whom he never gets tired of loving. This would indeed be the best anniversary gift for boyfriend.

How To Opt For A Personalised Video Message From The Celebrity?

It’s very easy to opt for a personalised video message for the celebrity and have a surprise anniversary gift for boyfriend. You just need to go on the Tring Website. Tring is India’s Largest celebrity Engagement Platform, where around 10,000 plus celebrities are listed and would love to talk to their fans. Celebrities such as Ashmit Patel, Kushal Tandon, Daisy Shah cast of The Kapil Sharma Show, the cast of TMKOC and the list goes on and on. Tring provides three ways to connect with your celebrity crush. One is a personalised video message, a 5-minutes of video call with the celebrity, and the last one is DM on Instagram. Any services of Tring would indeed make the best anniversary gift for boyfriend. If it is your first anniversary together, it will make a fantastic 1st anniversary gift for boyfriend. Seeing your gift skills, your boyfriend has to increase his gifting skills and make you feel special. So, book your Tring today and make your anniversary unforgettable with the perfect anniversary gift for boyfriend and can even have Tring services as the anniversary gift for husband or an anniversary gift for dad.

What Can You Add To Your Anniversary Gift To Make It More Special?

You can add many things to your anniversary gift for boyfriend to make him feel special and happy. Personalised gifts are great options. The top five personalised anniversary gift for boyfriend would be:

Fill In The Blanks - Why ‘I Love You’

With 'Why I Love You,' give him a book that tells him all the reasons why you're lucky to have him in your life and why you love him so much. This beautiful fill-in-the-blanks book is full of prompts to urge you to write down your feelings, which can range from sweet to emotional to downright sassy!

Explosion Gift Box

As you give this Explosion Box as an anniversary gift for boyfriend, it appears to be an average gift, but a world of memories appears when you open it up. There are pockets and spaces inside to add photos and other memories and a tiny gift box to contain a modest token.

3D Photo Lamp

This lamp will be a genuinely personalised anniversary gift for boyfriend since it is unashamedly heartfelt and romantic. Select a unique photo, perhaps of the two of you, and have it transformed into a charming 3D light with an engravable wooden stand. There's also a Bluetooth-enabled colour-changing option.

Wallet Love Note

This aluminium card, which is the perfect size to put in his wallet, will serve as a heartwarming reminder that those three little words aren't just something you repeat out of habit. He'll think of those words every time he sees them among his credit cards and cash. This is a sweet anniversary gift for boyfriend.

Personalised Card Holder

This helpful money clip is elegantly linked to a leather case that houses your driver's license and credit cards. If you want to give them a special gift, personalise it with engraved initials and an important date. It's the best Anniversary gift for boyfriend because it's gorgeous and useful!

Why Is Tring The Best Personalised Anniversary Gift For Boyfriend?

He would never even think that you could give him something very close to one of his dreams. He has always dreamt about that one celebrity he could meet or an opportunity to meet with them once. Because of Tring, you will be able to do that. You can surprise him with this unique gift in the morning when he wakes up to make his morning extra happy.

You can even choose multiple celebrities and make them feel starstruck. For example, you can have a personalised video message from Kushal Tandon later. You can set him up for a video call with Amit Bhatt during his lunchtime. During his beautiful date with you for dinner, you will get a DM On Instagram from Salim Merchant. The whole day will be filled with the celebrity he loves the most. And that would be the best day of his life. Giving such a gift would make the best anniversary gift for boyfriend.

That's a fantastic and unbelievable anniversary gift for boyfriend. He has always done things for you, even those tricky things for any boyfriend to do. Now it is time to return and make him feel the same that he makes you think.

Whether it’s your 1st anniversary gift for boyfriend or your 5th-anniversary gift, make it unique. Choose a perfect place for dinner, an amazing grown to wear, an awesome vibe to share and the best anniversary gift for boyfriend. Everything together will make your anniversary unique and memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gifts are a great way to show love and care. If it’s your anniversary, you will need an anniversary gift for boyfriend. You could go for a personalised video message, a video call or a DM on Instagram from the celebrities your boyfriend loves the most. You can quickly get it by visiting India’s largest celebrity engagement platform, Tring. Gifting something which he would never expect will make your boyfriend happy.
You can surprise your boyfriend with various things, such as gifting him a personalised video message from the celebrity he loves the most with the help of tring. You can also plan a surprise anniversary party for him. You can take him to the date. Doing such fantastic stuff would surprise him, especially your anniversary gift for boyfriend.
A special Anniversary gift for boyfriend would be something specially made for him, something personalised that defines his personality, your relationship, love, and everything around him. If you want to go for some special anniversary gift for boyfriend, then personalised gifts are a great option.
Cheers for celebrating your one year together! Many more to come. If it’s your 1st anniversary, choose the best anniversary gift for your boyfriend. A gift that would define your love and care for him. You could go for a personalised video message from his favourite celebrity, and you can opt from Tring. This is an excellent 1st anniversary gift for boyfriend.
Tring’s services are indeed the best anniversary gift for boyfriend as it is something he would never except for anyone. A celebrity is a part of the day and would make the best anniversary gift for boyfriend.
You can let your boyfriend feel special by doing something sweet, cute and expressing your love. Some of the ways to make him feel special are - 1. Gift him something special such as the services of Tring would make the best anniversary gift for boyfriend as it connects your boyfriend to his favourite celebrity. 2. Expressing your love is one of the most remarkable ways to make your boyfriend feel special. As your words will touch his heart, he will be delighted to see the love you have for him. 3. Listen to him. Obey everything he wants you to understand. Treat him as if he is the king of the world. Doing such things would make him feel special on your anniversary.
Tring is the best gifting portal in India now as it is unique and different from rest of the personalised gifts available in the market. Tring is a website where around 10,000 plus celebrities are listed who are willing to be a part of their fan’s celebration. Tring has three services - a personalised video message, a video call and a DM on Instagram. Any service would make the best gifts for your loved ones.
Tring keeps adding newer and deeper engagement products regularly. Presently we offer the below 4 options. However, subscribe to our free newsletter to be updated every time we have a new product and celebrity on the platform. 1) Personalised video messages – Celebrities record an approx. 30 second personalised video with the message content as given by the user. The video can be booked for yourself or for gifting. Common uses are birthday wishes, anniversary, get well soon, all the best, apologies, etc. 2) Video Call – Celebrities get on a 5 minute video call with the user (monitored). The user can invite up to 4 friends on the call. 3) DM on social media – Celebrities send a single text message to the user on social media (Instagram) from their verified account. 4) Wishes on Air – Users can request for personalised audio wishes for themselves or their loved ones live on radio, at a time and date of their choosing, from their favourite Radio Jockey.
It is very easy and does not take more than a few seconds to book a Tring. The user simply needs to provide details like the sender's name, recipient's name, occasion, detailed message they would like to convey, along-with the delivery details and Tring shall help create the most unique and permanent gift, to be cherished for a lifetime.
Usually, it takes a maximum of 7 working days to process your request. However, we try our best to ensure we stick to your preferred date and close the requests. We also offer 24-hour delivery from some celebrities, for those last minute bookings. The process time is subject to celebrity availability.

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