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Aflatoon - 2023

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Aflatoon is a Marathi comedy film released on 21 July 2023. Directed by the talented Paritosh Painter, the movie features an ensemble cast, including the legendary Johnny Lever, Siddarth Jadhav, Paritosh Painter, Jayesh Thakkar, and Resham Tipnis.

With a stellar cast known for their impeccable comic timing, the film is set to bring forth a unique blend of humour and entertainment. The film's humour is characterised by witty one-liners, clever wordplay, and situational comedy. Fans of the actors can expect their trademark style of comedy, infused with a fresh and modern storyline.


Table of Contents


Movie Name


Directed by

Paritosh Painter

Screenplay by

Paritosh Painter

Produced by

Mangesh Jagtap, Sejal Painter, and Rajeev Kumar Saha


Johnny Lever, Siddarth Jadhav, Paritosh Painter, Jayesh Thakkar, Resham Tipnis, and Shweta Gulati


Suresh Deshmane

Edited by


Distribution by


Music by

Manndar Cholkar

Release Date

21 July 2023










The movie will take viewers on a hilarious journey following the adventures of three unconventional friends: Shree, Aditya, and Manav. What sets these friends apart is that Shree is blind, Aditya is deaf, and Manav is mute. Faced with financial challenges, they hatch a hilarious plan to start their very own detective agency.

Throughout their detective escapades, Shree, Aditya, and Manav encounter a colourful collection of characters, each contributing their own dose of humour and quirkiness to the story. From eccentric clients to peculiar suspects, every encounter becomes an opportunity for laughter and unexpected twists.


The highly anticipated Marathi comedy film Aflatoon graced the screens on 21st July 2023, featuring a talented ensemble cast, including the renowned Johnny Lever, Siddarth Jadhav, Paritosh Painter, Jayesh Thakkar, and Resham Tipnis. With the spotlight on these versatile actors, the audience was eager to witness their comedic prowess come alive on the big screen.


Aflatoon is a slapstick comedy that is below average, yet it has just enough creativity to make you laugh every once in a while. Watching the comedic duo of Siddharth Jadhav and Johnny Lever act as foolishly as they possibly can on screen is a joy. The majority of the movie is driven by this.

The father-son group Johnny Lever and Jesse Lever are making their debut with this as well. Their sequences unquestionably demonstrate why they are the greatest in the industry. The music and cinematography are both examples of the traditional tropes of slapstick comedies. The production design is much, much better despite having such a limited budget.

The first half is so slow that you get bored. On the other hand, the comedy show that comes later will make you laugh just as much. The direction that Paritosh Painter has provided is enough but he has not been successful in creating a movie that is completely entertaining and enjoyable.



Character Analysis

Shree, played by the seasoned Siddarth Jadhav, is a story of resilience and optimism. Shree, who is blind, does not let his disability define his life. His character is inspiring, showcasing perseverance in the face of adversity and adding depth to the film's humour.

Aditya, or Adi as he is affectionately known, is portrayed by Paritosh Painter. Despite being deaf, Adi's character maintains a lively spark throughout the film. His ability to understand and communicate in his unique way adds amusing elements to the narrative.

Jayesh Thakkar's performance as Manav, who is mute, brings a different dimension to the story. Manav's silence throughout the film, contrary to traditional comedic roles, does not make his character any less prominent or captivating. He adds a unique flavour to the situational comedy.

Behind the Scenes

As the release date draws nearer, fans have been treated to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the movie, building up their excitement even further. The creators recently dropped a highly anticipated teaser on social media, featuring Shree, Adi, and Manav, three prominent characters from the film.

The teaser captures the essence of the film, showcasing the chemistry between the actors and the efforts put in by the entire team to create a laughter-filled experience for the audience.

Box Office Collection

The movie had a moderate first day at the box office, collecting ₹0.18 Cr (18 lakhs) in its initial run. The film's opening day earnings reflect a steady start, garnering a moderate response from the audience.


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The movie is sure to entertain viewers as it features a cast full of skilled actors, a director with great talent, and hilarious comedic moments. The impeccable comic timing of Johnny Lever, the infectious energy of Siddarth Jadhav, the multifaceted talent of Paritosh Painter, and the hilarious expressions of Jayesh Thakkar added a lot of charm to Aflatoon. Their on-screen chemistry and ability to bring characters to life with their wit and humour makes the movie a decent cinematic experience.

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