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Date : 25-08-2022
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Mithun Chakraborty’s Age and Mithun Chakraborty’s Biography

Mithun Chakraborty’s Biography Tring

Mithun Chakraborty is an Indian actor and producer. The majority of Mithun Chakraborty's film career was in Bengali and Hindi. He formerly served as a member of the Rajya Sabha. He has won three National Film Awards and two Filmfare Awards. 

Mithun Chakraborty’s birthday is 16 June 1950. Mithun Chakraborty’s birthplace is Calcutta, West Bengal. Mithun Chakraborty’s age is 72 years, as of 2022. Mithun Chakraborty’s religion is Hinduism. Mithun Chakraborty’s zodiac sign is Gemini. Mithun Chakraborty’s height is 1.83m or 6 ft.

In the art-house drama Mrigayaa from 1976, Mithun Chakraborty made his acting debut and went on to win his first National Film Award for Best Actor. The 1982 movie Disco Dancer, starring Chakraborty as Jimmy, was a box office hit in both India and the Soviet Union and was the first to earn Rs. 100 crore in India. Along with Disco Dancer, Chakraborty's roles in movies like Surakksha, Sahhas, Wardat, Wanted, Boxer, Pyar Jhukta Nahin, Pyari Behna, Avinash, Dance Dance, Prem Pratigyaa, Mujrim, Agneepath, Yugandhar, The Don, and Jallaad are also remembered. For his performance as Krishnan Iyer Nariyal Paniwala in the movie Agneepath, he received the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1991.

For his roles in Tahader Katha (1992) and Swami Vivekananda, Mithun Chakraborty went on to win two additional National Film Awards (1998). Over 350 movies featuring Chakraborty have been released, including Bengali, Hindi, Odia, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Punjabi ones. In 1989, he released 19 movies as the lead actor, setting a record that has not been beaten in Bollywood as of July 2022. He holds this record in the Limca Book of Records.

The Monarch Group, which has ties to the hospitality and academic industries, is owned by Mithun Chakraborty. Additionally, he founded the production company Paparatzy Productions. Together with Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt, he established the Cine & T.V Artistes Association in 1992 as a trust to assist struggling performers (CINTAA). Additionally, he served as the Chairperson of the Film Studios Setting & Allied Mazdoor Union, which looks out for the welfare of movie workers and addresses their concerns. Both the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness World Records have already recorded the television programme Dance India Dance, where Chakraborty serves as the Grand Master. In the 2012 Indian presidential election, Chakraborty played a vital role as a middleman between Mamata Banerjee and Pranab Mukherjee of the Indian National Congress, securing Mukherjee the support of Banerjee's party, the All India Trinamool Congress. Prior to the 2021 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election, on March 7, 2021, he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


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Mithun Chakraborty’s Family and Mithun Chakraborty’s Childhood

Mithun Chakraborty Young Tring

Mithun Chakraborty’s father’s name is Basanta Kumar Chakraborty and his mother’s name is Shanti Rani Chakraborty. Due to kidney failure, Basantakumar Chakraborty passed away in 2020. He was 95. Health problems associated with getting older affected Basantakumar Chakraborty. Prior to making movies, Mithun Chakraborty was a Naxalite. Tragically, though, his family suffered a tragedy when his only brother was electrocuted and killed in an accident. Despite the significant risk to his own life, he went back to his family and broke away from the Naxalite movement. He made acquainted with Ravi Ranjan, a well-known Naxal personality known to his pals as "Bhaa," during his time as a Naxalite.

After attending school at Oriental Seminary, Mithun Chakraborty obtained a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Scottish Church College in Kolkata. After that, he went to the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, where he received his degree.

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Mithun Chakraborty’s Relationships and Affairs



In the beginning of his career, Mithun Chakraborty's name was linked to the actress Sarika. But the romance between Sarika and Mithun was short-lived. Around the end of the 1970s, Mithun Chakraborty and Sarika were working in a film, and rumour has it that the two young people grew close in real life. Little is known about their relationship or whether it ever developed to the point where a marriage to Sarika Mithun Chakraborty could have been possible. However, rumours have it that the couple had a brief courtship before breaking up suddenly. According to rumours, Sarika dumped Mithun for unexplained reasons, leaving him in a desperate search for new love.



According to reports, Mithun and Sridevi's romance dates back to the late 1980s. While Sridevi was getting her start, Mithun was already well-known and married to Yogeeta Bali. The couple supposedly first connected at a work event, where they experienced the spark they had been looking for. They soon began dating, and their relationship resulted in their covert nuptials.

They were reportedly married for eight years, from 1985 to 1988, before Sridevi wed Boney. Boney and Mithun were close friends from the beginning, but their relationship took a turn for the worst when Boney interfered with their supposed nuptials. In the midst of the rumours about their romance, a story said that Mithun had made Sridevi tie a rakhi around Boney's wrist as evidence that nothing was happening between them. 

Later, Yogeeta allegedly made an attempt on her life after learning of Sridevi and Mithun's marriage. Even if he has a second wife, Yogeeta told a prominent newspaper that she will still accept the proposal. According to reports, Sridevi learned at this point that Mithun was still legally married to Yogeeta despite his claims to the contrary. As soon as Sridevi realised thst Mithun wouldn't ever hurt or abandon Yogeeta, she allegedly got her marriage to Mithun annulled and separated in 1988.


Ranjeeta Kaur

Ranjeeta used to be a well-known Bollywood actress back in the 1970s and 1980s. Aadat se Majboor, Baazi, Gunaon Ka Devta, Ustadon Ke Ustaad, Sun Sajna, and Woh Jo Haseena were some of the movies in which she had worked. In the late 1980s, there were rumours that she had an affair with Mithun Chakraborty. Nevertheless, neither of the two made any statements or confirmations regarding it.


Madhuri Dixit

Together, Mithun Chakraborty and Madhuri Dixit have worked on the movies Prem Pratigya, Mujrim, and Pyaar ka Devta. Madhuri Dixit captured Mithun's attention as well. It's no secret that Madhuri Dixit dated Mithun Chakraborty after her breakup with Anil Kapoor because he has always been well-liked by women. At one point, he was solely interested in collaborating with Madhuri on his films. Also during that time Madhuri was struggling to advance in Bollywood.  Then, news reports about the romance between Madhuri and Mithun also appeared.


Ayesha Jhulka

The relationship between Mithun Chakraborty and Ayesha Julka generated a lot of attention in the 1990s. Ayesha was 22 years younger than Mithun in terms of age. The two of them didn't start becoming closer until after the filming of Dalal. There were numerous rumours going around, but none of them really made any comments.


Mithun Chakraborty's Marriage


Helena Luke

Following his separation from Sarika, Mithun Chakraborty wed Helena Luke. Before meeting Mithun Chakraborty, Helena Luke split up with Javed Khan. That is, they married each other because they both needed each other at the time.

In the 1970s, Helena Luke was a well-known name in the fashion industry. At first glance, Mithun fell in love with Helena. Along with Mithun, Helena had been Mithun's secret bride in 1979.

However, their union only lasted four months. Their divorce was brought on by Mithun's affair with Yogita Bali. Helena currently resides in New York and works as a flight attendant for an airline following her divorce from Mithun Chakraborty.


Yogita Bali

The romance between Yogita Bali and Mithun Chakraborty was also highly dramatic. Kishore Kumar's third wife was Yogita Bali. On the Khwab sets, Mithun Chakraborty and Yogeeta Bali became close friends, and their bond flourished. The rumored affair between Bali and Chakraborty is credited for ending their respective damaged unions with Mithun and Helena Luke. For a while, the couple was the talk of the gossip columns, but all the hullabaloo was for nothing when Bali revealed to a magazine that they were engaged to be married.

In 1979, they got married. At the actor's house, they got married on the registry after four years of dating. One would have assumed Yogeeta Bali and Mithun Chakraborty would have a happily ever after given their previous unsuccessful relationships. However, this marriage experienced some difficulties in the middle of the 1980s when there were rumours that Chakraborty was having a secret affair with Sridevi. A secret marriage is also rumoured to have occurred, however it has never been proven. Bali allegedly left Chakraborty's house with her two small children, but she never actually left the marriage. The arrival of their third son, Namashi, solidified Mithun's reconciliation with his wife and their relationship. Yogeeta Bali and Mithun have four children together. They are Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Dishani Chakraborty, Namashi Chakraborty and Ushmey Chakraborty.


Mithun Chakraborty’s Movies and Career


Disco Dancer (1982)

In 1982, Babbar Subhash and Rahi Masoom Raza released the dance movie Disco Dancer. Mithun Chakraborty, Kim, Om Puri, Gita Siddharth, and Karan Razdan all play supporting roles, and Rajesh Khanna makes a cameo appearance.

Radha, Anil's mother, is humiliated and beaten by P.N. Oberoi's arrogance, power, and fortune in addition to locking her up for a crime she didn't commit. She and Anil relocate when she is freed from prison and leave the neighbourhood. Anil has developed a liking for singing and music throughout the years. Anil is elevated by David Brown, and his name is changed to Jimmy. Sam Oberoi, the sole son of P.N. Oberoi, does not fare well when Jimmy gains widespread popularity. To make matters worse, during a gathering with a large audience, both the father and son experience public humiliation. Both work insidiously to end Jimmy's career, and as a result, Jimmy's life and career are irrevocably altered.

With his most recognisable major performance in the musical Disco Dancer, Mithun Chakraborty rose to fame and became a dancing celebrity, extending his appeal throughout India and into Russia. The movie is well-known for its filmi disco Bollywood songs, which were written by Anjaan and Faruk Kaiser and were composed by Bappi Lahiri. The songs Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja by Parvati Khan, I Am a Disco Dancer by Vijay Benedict, Yaad Aa Raha Hai by Bappi Lahiri, and Goro Ki Na Kaalo Ki by Suresh Wadkar and Usha Mangeshkar are all well-known.

The movie was a huge hit all over the world, enjoying success in regions including Asia, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa. Disco Dancer was both the highest-grossing foreign picture and the second-highest-grossing movie ever in the Soviet Union. Disco Dancer made Mithun a household name in South Asia, the Soviet Union, and numerous African nations. Jimmy has now gained additional recognition as a stage name for Mithun Chakraborty. The soundtrack CD achieved popularity as well; it was certified Platinum in India and Gold in China. It remains one of the highest-grossing Indian movies of all time after accounting for inflation.


Ghulami (1985)

J. P. Dutta is the director of the 1985 Indian action drama film Ghulami (in his directorial debut). Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Mazhar Khan, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Raza Murad, Reena Roy, Smita Patil, Anita Raj, Naseeruddin Shah, and Om Shivpuri are among the ensemble cast members. Gulzar wrote the lyrics and Laxmikant-Pyarelal composed the music. In Rajasthan's Fatehpur, it was filmed. The movie was narrated by Amitabh Bachchan.

Son of Makhan Kisan, Ranjit Singh Choudhry resides in a village under the brutal control of Bade Thakur, the landlord. In the first scene we see him in, a young Ranjit is a rebel and doesn't mind standing up against the British Raj, as he is shown breaking telegraph wires. In the school that he attends with them, Ranjit also runs into the children of the Bade Thakur. After a fight with them, Bade Thakur beats him and his father throws him out of the house. 

After his father's passing, Ranjit goes to the town and returns as an adult. Once home, he begins to argue with Bade Thakur over questions of land and debts, which he views as simple sharecropper math intended to keep the peasants under the Thakurs' control for all time and for generations. He focuses on the Thakurs' ledgers and has faith that one day he would put an end to everything. As Ranjit constantly challenges the Thakurs' authority, the villagers begin to unite behind him, eventually sparking a peasant insurrection. The fundamental notion of the movie is simply that.


Sheesha (1986)

In the 1986 Indian drama film Sheesha, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Moon Moon Sen, Vijayendra Ghatge, and Mallika Sarabhai, Basu Chatterjee served as the director. Mona Kapoor handled the production coordination for the movie. Shankar's Bengali novel Mansamman served as the inspiration for the film. It was the first Hindi film to address sexual harassment at work.

The movie features a courtroom drama. Manisha and Dinesh Prakash marry because they fall in love. Dinesh is currently the executive director of B.C. Drugs in Chembur. On December 15, Manisha invites their friends, including Attorney Ashok Kumar, to a birthday celebration. 

She is, however, completely taken aback when she learns that her husband has been detained and accused of raping a telephone operator named Poonam. The film poses the question of whether Dinesh actually committed any crimes or whether Poonam set up a trap for Dinesh. A film that was innovative. It also depicts a depressing world.


Agneepath (1990)

The 1990 Indian action-crime film Agneepath was written by Santosh Saroj and Kader Khan, and it was directed by Mukul Anand. Amitabh Bachchan plays Vijay, a guy who joins the Mumbai underworld in order to exact revenge on those who wronged his family and killed his father. The film starred Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, Madhavi, Danny Denzongpa, Neelam, Goga Kapoor and Alok Nath among others.

After being falsely accused by Kancha Cheena, Vijay's father is mercilessly killed by the villagers, forcing his family to flee. The young Vijay makes a vow of vengeance and grows up protecting his mother and siblings by becoming a mobster. He eventually climbs the ladder to meet the men who killed his father, but by that point he is barely distinguishable from them and his actions have once again put his family in jeopardy.

The life of Mumbai mobster Manya Surve served as inspiration for the movie. The poem with the same name, Agneepath, was written by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Amitabh's father. It is delivered at the start of the film and establishes a thematic thread that runs throughout it both literally and conceptually.

Over the years, Agneepath has developed into a potent cult classic. At the 38th National Film Awards, Amitabh Bachchan won his first National Film Award for Best Actor for his work. Mithun Chakraborty and Rohini Hattangadi won Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress, respectively, at the 36th Filmfare Awards. Despite being the fourth-highest grossing movie of 1990, the movie failed to make money at the box office since its revenues were well behind its expensive production costs. As a tribute to his father, Johar's son Karan Johar remade the movie in 2012 with the same title.


Tahader Katha (1992)

Mithun Chakraborty is the star of Budhhadeb Dasgupta's 1992 Bengali-language drama film Tahader Katha, which also won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali. Mithun Chakraborty won the 1993 National Film Award for Best Actor for the movie.

Shibnath has sacrificed everything for his country, spending eleven years behind bars. Because he spent three of those years in a psychiatric hospital, he also sacrificed a portion of his sanity for his nation. He was revered by many for his fervent opposition to colonialism, and the year is 1953. He has just been let out of jail. His friends anticipate that he will either continue to be a political firebrand or will put his experiences behind him and go on with his life. Nobody anticipates him becoming so broken by everything that has happened that he would plunge into a pit of passivity and hopelessness.


Zahreela (2001)

Raj Sippy's thriller Zahreela, which was released in 2001 and is in the Hindi language, has Mithun Chakraborty in the title character. Unofficial adaptation of the Hollywood film Cape Fear is Zahreela. The movie also starred Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Kashmera Shah and Vikas Anand among others.

Arun Dev is a well-known criminal defence attorney who consistently works to argue against offenders. With his wife Nisha, sister Pooja, and buddy Kartar Singh, he enjoys a happy home life. In a rape trial a few years ago, he battled a notorious felon named Dushyant Kumar in court and imprisoned him. Dushyant began seeking retribution on Arun's family after being released from prison. After staging a bogus act in which he saved Pooja from thugs and threatened Arun, Dushyant made friends with Pooja. However, Arun had already told Pooja about Dushyant. Dushyant persistently observes and terrorises Arun's family while leaving no traces. Additionally, he murders Kartar Singh despite Kartar's efforts to object. Arun seeks help from the police but to no avail. Soon after, Dushyant kidnaps Arun's sister and his wife and takes them to a cemetery where he throws Pooja inside a grave and attempts to rape her. Nisha enlists the aid of other men to stop him, but he beats them all. 

When Arun finally arrives to save them, Dushyant beats him so badly that he falls unconscious. When Pooja attempts to flee, she is once more thrown into the cemetery. There, she is torn from her clothes and about to be raped when Arun returns with a Cross of Sacrifice sign and stabs Dushyant in the back. Though still alive, Dushyant eventually passes away there and falls off into the open grave. Arun and his family are ultimately reunited at the end of the film, and their housekeeper Chandu reveals that he is practising for the World Cup of Cricket.


Titli: The First Monsoon Day (2002)

Rituparno Ghosh's Titli is a 2002 Bengali-language movie with Konkona Sen Sharma, Aparna Sen, and Mithun Chakraborty in the lead roles. The movie focuses on Konkona's character, a developing adolescent who exhibits the sensitivity of a teen, as well as the mother-daughter bond and their calm understanding of one another.

Teenage girl in the movie by the name of Titli is Aparna Sen's daughter. The sensitivity of youngsters and their budding crushes are expertly captured in the movie. Additionally, a mother-daughter bond and peaceful understanding are simply and sweetly depicted in the final scene. This girl has a thing for Mithun, a movie star. When she and her mother encounter to run into him while travelling, Titli is ecstatic but subsequently learns that Mithun was her mother's former lover. The picturesque backdrop of the movie, which has cliffs and valleys, gives it a new lease on life.


OMG: Oh My God ! (2012)

Umesh Shukla's 2012 Hindi-language satirical comedy-drama film Oh My God! was written and directed by Shukla, and it was made by Playtime Creations, S Spice Studios, Grazing Goat Pictures, and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. The Gujarati stage drama Kanji Virudh Kanji, which in turn drew inspiration from the Australian movie The Man Who Sued God, served as the basis for the plot. The rights to this film's remake were obtained by the producers from Australian producers. The original screenplay for the movie was co-written by Saumya Joshi and Bhavesh Mandalia. Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty, Om Puri, Govind Namdeo, Poonam Jhawer, Puja Gupta, and Mahesh Manjrekar all play significant roles in the movie.

Atheist Kanji Lalji Mehta operates a store selling religious items and mocks devotional practises. One time an earthquake causes Kanji's shop to collapse, but Kanji is unfazed because the shop was insured. When Kanji gets to the insurance company, he learns that because the incident was caused by an act of God, his shop is not eligible for insurance coverage. After that, Kanji decides to file a lawsuit against God, leading his family to believe he has gone insane. But he receives support from numerous individuals of various religious backgrounds who have endured hardship in their communities as a result of wrongdoings that have taken place there. However, certain religious leaders like Swamy decide to get rid of him because they are afraid for their organisation. In order to save him and expose religious leaders who conduct business in the name of God, Lord Krishna himself then descends to Earth.

The 28 September 2012 movie's themes and performances by Rawal and Kumar received high reviews. With Venkatesh, Pawan Kalyan, and Shriya Saran as the main cast, the movie was remade in Telugu as Gopala Gopala in 2015. In 2016, Upendra and Sudeep starred in a Kannada remake of the film titled Mukunda Murari. With the help of Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, and Akshay Kumar, a follow-up is currently in production.


Naxal (2015)

Mithun Chakraborty and Dhritiman Chatterjee play key roles in Debaditya Bandyopadhyay's 2015 Bengali-language film Naxal, which is also set in India. The Naxal Amol or Naxal Period serves as the movie's setting. It was a time in the history of the state of West Bengal that started when many Bengali teenagers began to internalise the ideologies of the socialist movements in the west. In this movie, Mithun Chakraborty portrays the main character, a Naxalite.

A few Naxalite boys escape on May 21st, 1971, setting the tale in motion. Anirban Sen stands out among them as the most notable. Samar, one of them, passes away on that day, and Anirban and SankarDa, their leader, flee.

One lovely morning after over 42 years, an FAX is delivered to the Kolkata Metro Railways Headquarters. Anirban would allegedly commit suicide today under the last Metro. As the news has dominated local media, questions about his identity and demands begin to surface. Anirban shakes the government with one FAX after another as this news shakes the entire city, from the Kolkata Police Headquarters (Lalbazar) to the news networks. However, Siddhartha Chowdhury, the CEO of the top Bengali News Channel, is actively utilising this incident to increase the TRP of his network. While looking for Anirban, Shubhankar, a reporter for Siddhartha's channel, learns that SankarDa, one of the people who vanished on May 21, 1971, is still alive and is hiding out in the city. Siddhartha makes the announcement that he will broadcast Anirban's Suicide LIVE on television, which has a negative impact on the channel's economic value.


The Kashmir Files (2022)

Vivek Agnihotri is the author and director of the 2022 Indian drama film The Kashmir Files in Hindi. The fictional plot of the movie is centred on the flight of Hindu Kashmiris from Indian-run Kashmir in the 1990s. It portrays the exodus and the events that preceded it as a genocide, which is universally regarded by experts to be false. According to the movie, there was a silent conspiracy to bury these facts.

Mithun Chakraborty, Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar, and Pallavi Joshi are the cast members of The Kashmir Files. The story centres on a Kashmiri Hindu college student who was reared by his exiled grandfather and kept in the dark about his parents' cause of death. The college student, who had grown to think that the exodus was benign, gets motivated to learn the truth about his family's deaths after the passing of his grandfather. The story alternates between the student's search in the year 2020 and his family's struggles thirty years before. On March 11, 2022, the movie opened in theatres. Its commercial success appears to have been aided by Bharatiya Janata Party, the nation of India's ruling Hindu nationalist party (BJP).

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the photography and acting and others criticising the plot for trying to rewrite history and incite Islamophobia. Supporters of the movie have applauded it for highlighting what they claim is an underappreciated piece of Kashmir's history. The movie has received appreciation from various BJP ministers and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hate speech, including incitement to violence, against Muslims has been heard in theatres all around India. The movie, which cost between 15 and 25 crore rupees to produce, had earned 340.92 crore around the world as of April 28, 2022, making it the highest-grossing Hindi movie of the year.


Mithun Chakraborty’s Career Timeline

YearMithun Chakraborty FilmsMithun Chakraborty Characters
2022The Bridge N/A
2022Anaari is BackN/A
2022The Kashmir FilesBrahma Dutt
2022Hunarbaaz: Desh Ki Shaan (TV Series)Judge - Self
2022Bestseller (TV Mini Series)Lokesh pramanik
202112 O'ClockDebu
2019Flat No. 420N/A
2019The Tashkent FilesShyam Sunder Tripathi
2018/IThe VillainInspector
2018/IGeniusJai Shankar Prasad
2018Jole JongoleN/A
2017Hason RajaHason Raja
2017GolmaalBuddhuram Dhol
2015Yagavarayinum Naa KakkaMudhaliyar
2015NaxalAnirban Sen
2015HawaizaadaSubbaraya Shastry
2015HerogiriDibakar Burman
2015Gopala GopalaLeeladhara Swamy
2014It's EntertainmentSaakshi's Father (Special Appearance)
2014KickDevi Lal's Father
2014KaanchiShyam Kakda
2013/IBossSatyakant Shastri
2013EnemmyCBI Officer Yugandhar Bisnoi
2013RockyRocky’s Father
2012Khiladi 786Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar
2012OMG: Oh My God!Leeladhar Maharaj
2012Le Halua LeHarshabardhan Banerjee
2012Housefull 2JD aka Jagga Daaku
2012Zindagi Tere NaamSiddharth Singh
2011Nobel ThiefBhanu
2011Ami Shubhash BolchiDebabrata Bose
2011F.A.L.T.UMinister / Contest Judge (special appearance)
2010He - The Only OneN/A
2010Rehmat AliRehmat Ali
2010Yeh Sunday Kyun Aata hai
2010Golmaal 3Pritam 'Pappu'
2010Shukno LankaChinu Nandi
2010Handa and BhondaMridul Roy aka Handa
2010Golapi Ekhon BilateyN/A
2010VeerPrithvi Singh
2009BaabarrS.P Mrityujain Dwivedi
2009Chal ChaleinAdvocate Sanjay
2009/ILuckMajor Jabbar Pratap Singh
2009Zor Lagaa Ke... Haiya!Raavan / Sudhir Apte
2008Phir KabhiHari Singh
2008YuvvraajAdvocate Sikandar Mirza
2008HeroesDr. Naqvi
2008C KkompanyDattubhai 'Dattu Satellite'
2008Bhole ShankarShankar
2008Don Muthu SwamiDon Muthu I. Swami
2008Satyameba JayateN/A
2008Ek Nadir GalpoN/A
2008Tolly LightsSpecial Appearance
2008My Name Is Anthony GonsalvesFather Braganza
2007Mauda ManiN/A
2007Minister FatakestoKrishnadeb Chatterjee aka Fatakesto
2007Raakh: A Poem Masked in BloodOm Narayan / Dada
2007TulkalamCBI officer Tanmay Sanyal aka Toofan
2007Lal Pahare'r KathaN/A
2007TigerProfessor Indrajeet Sen a.k.a. Tiger
2007GuruManikdas Gupta
2006HungamaAjoy/Hanuman Prasad Bandwala
2006Dil Diya HaiRonny
2006Kachchi SadakQawali Singer at Ajmer Dargah
2006M.L.A. FatakestoKrishnadeb Chatterjee aka Fatakesto
2006Sun ZarraGauri Shankar
2006ChingaariBhuvan Panda
2006Insaaf Ki JungN/A
2005Classic Dance of LoveDr. Ramgopal Acharya
2005DadaKrishna Shankar aka Dada
2005Sahar JwolchheN/A
2005YuddhaAgnishwar Roy
2005Chore Chore Mastuto BhaiManik
2005Lucky: No Time for LoveRetd. Colonel Pindi Das Kapoor
2005Qatal E AamN/A
2005CheetahRudranil Banerjee aka Chita
2005ElaanBaba Sikandar
2004BaroodDSP Barunoday Basak aka Barood
2004CoolieShibnath Roy alias Shiba
2003Ae Jugara Krushna SudamaJaguni Padhiari
2002Bangali BabuN/A
2002MarshalManohar Singh / Marshal
2002Prem ShaktiN/A
2002The First Monsoon DayRohit Roy
2002Sabse Badhkar HumAmar
2002QaidiCBI officer Ravi Verma / Gangster Kalishankar (Dual role)
2002Gautam GovindaN/A
2002Hindustani SipahiN/A
2002Mawali No.1N/A
2002Meri PartigyaN/A
2001Bengal TigerInspector Prashant Verma
2001Meri AdaalatAjay Verma
2001Arjun DevaaArjun Poojari Singh
2001Meri Pyaari Bahania Banegi DulhaniaN/A
2001Khatron Ke KhiladiN/A
2001ZahreelaDushyant Kumar
2001Bhagawat Ek JungKrishna
2001BhairavBhairav / Rakesh Pandey
2000Billa No. 786Shankar
2000JwalamukhiJwala Singh
2000Sabse Bada Be-ImaanN/A
2000Aaj Ka RavanShankar
2000Kaali Topi Lal RumaalCommando Vijay
2000SultaanAbhimanyu - Sultan ('Kabira')
2000Babu BadshahN/A
2000Justice ChowdharyN/A
1999Aaag Hi AagInsp. Ajay Singh (as Mithun Chakraborthy)
1999Aaya ToofanArjun Singh Toofan
1999Sanyasi Mera NaamShankar Sanyasi
1999Maa KasamInspector Ajay Shastry
1999Heera Lal Panna LalHeera Lal (as Mithun Chakarborti)
1999Phool Aur AagZamindar Deva
1999Kahani Kismat KiN/A
1999SheraJai Khurana
1999Sikandar Sadak KaSikandar
1999Tabaahi: The DestroyerMajor Digvaijay Sanyal
1998HatyaraAdvocate Mahendra / Surya
1998Sahara JaluchiBiju
1998VivekanandaShri Ramakrishna (as Mithun Chakravarty)
1998Ustadon Ke UstadVishwanath
1998Military RaajMajor Anand
1998SaazishDavid Bragenza
1998Ganga Ki KasamShanker
1998DevtaBalram / Ballu Tiger
1998Do NumbriRaju
1998Mafia RaajInspector Arjun
1998Pyasi AtmaSpecial Appearance
1997DaadagiriAjay Saxena
1997KaaliaKalicharan 'Kaalia'
1997ShapathCommando Arjun / Surya
1997Sher-E-HindustanInspector. Kranti Kumar
1997KrantikariJagdish / Alfred
1997GudiaJohn Mendez
1997Jeevan YudhDev Prakash
1997JodidarMunna 'Captain'
1996Apne Dam ParRam
1996RangbaazKundan / Kanhaiya / Banarasi
1996DaanveerVijay Srivastav
1996BhishmaBhola / Inspector Bhishma
1996JungACP Arjun Verma
1996JurmanaInspector Vijay Saxena
1995Ab Insaf HogaGaurishankar
1995NishanaInspector Suraj
1995Diya Aur ToofanAmar
1995JallaadAmavas / Inspector Kranti
1995Ravan Raaj: A True StoryACP Arjun Verma
1995Zakhmi SipahiD.H.C.P. Shakti
1995The DonDavendra / Daven (The Don)
1995GunehgarD.I.G. Ajay Thakur
1994CheetahPolice Inspector Amar
1994Janata Ki AdalatShankar
1994Kranti KshetraMajor Barkat Ali
1994ParamaatmaMahdavcharya / Gopal 'Chhotu'
1994Teesra KaunFilmstar
1994Yaar GaddarShanker Verma
1994RakhwaleSpecial Appearance
1994NaaraazDeva Harihar
1993Jai DevaaN/A
1993Jeevan Ki ShatranjC.I.D. Inspector Vijay Sharma
1993YugandharKishen Daku
1993ShatranjDinky D . Verma
1993DalaalBhola Nath
1993AadmiVijay M. Srivastav
1993PardesiShiva / Shanker
1993Phool Aur AngaarProf. Vijay Omkarnath Saxena
1993Krishan AvtaarInspector Kishan
1992Mere Sajana Saath NibhanaKanhaiya
1992Pyar Hua Chori ChoriVijay Kumar
1992Tahader KathaShibnath Mukherjee
1992Dil Aashna Hai (...The Heart Knows)Sunil (Barkha's boyfriend)
1992Ghar JamaiAnil
1992Rajoo DadaRajesh / Raju Dada
1991Sadhu SantN/A
1991Shikari: The HunterShankar
1991TrinetraTony Fernandes / Shiva
1991Jhoothi ShaanPrakash
1991Swarg Yahan Narak YahanPolice Commisisoner Vijay Kumar / Suraj V. Kumar
1991PratigyabadhShankar Yadav
1991Numbri AadmiShankar / Dildar Khan
1990Andha BicharRakesh
1990DushmanRakesh 'Bullet'
1990Lahu Ka BalidanN/A
1990Pyar Ka DevtaVijay Kumar
1990Pyar Ka KarzRavi Shankar
1990Roti Kee KeematShankar R. Mathur
1990Paap Ki KamaeeInspector Ashwini/Deva
1990Gunahon Ka DevtaInspector Baldev Raj Sharma / Suraj Baldev Raj Sharma
1990Hum Se Na TakranaInspector Vijay
1990Pati Patni Aur TawaifVijay Saxena
1990AgneepathKrishnan Iyer MA
1990Pyar Ke Naam QurbanBillo Chaudhary
1989Aakhri BadlaHimadhri Choudhry
1989Dana PaaniSatyaprakash 'Satya' Tripathi
1989Galiyon Ka BadshahSikander
1989Hum Intezaar KarengeAjay
1989Swarn TrishaN/A
1989BhrashtacharInspector Ashutosh Das
1989LadaaiDindayal Sharma / Shera D. Sharma
1989Hisaab Khoon KaSuraj
1989Aakhri GhulamBheema
1989/IMujrimShankar Bose
1989Garibon Ka DaataGopi
1989Prem PratigyaaRaja Bhaiya
1989Bees Saal BaadSuraj
1989Mil Gayee Manzil MujheVijay Kumar Malhotra
1989Meri ZabaanKrishna
1989/IGuruGaurav Shankar Shrivastav 'Guru'
1988CommandoChander (Chandu)
1988HitlerJailor Siddhant Kumar Sharma
1988Jeete Hain Shaan SeJohny
1988Mar MitengeLaxman Verma
1988SaazishAnand Kumar
1988Gangaa Jamunaa SaraswathiShankar Qawaal
1988AgneeDr. Amit
1988Waqt Ki AwazVishwa Pratap
1988RukhsatArjun Rai
1988Charanon Ki SaugandhRavi
1988Pyar Ka MandirVijay Kumar
1988Sagar SangamGopal 'Gopi'
1987Deewana Tere Naam KaShankar
1987Mera Yaar Mera DushmanVinod Kumar
1987ParivaarBirju Madari
1987Watan Ke RakhwaleArun Prakash
1987Param DharamVijay / Ravi
1987HiraasatRajesh 'Raju' Saxena
1987HawalaatMangal dada
1987Dance DanceRamu 'Romeo'
1986/IBaat Ban JayePrakash (Motor Mechanic)
1986Main BalwaanTony
1986AvinashAvinash 'Avi' (as Mithun Chakraborthy)
1986Aisa Pyar KahanSuraj
1986Ek Aur SikanderSikandar
1986SheeshaDinesh Prakash
1986Pyar Ke Do PalAshok Choudhary
1986MuddatRavi Shankar V. Singh
1986Swarag Se SunderRavi Choudhary
1986JaalShankar S. Verma
1986DilwaalaRavi Kumar
1985Karishma Kudrat KaaSub-Inspector Raj
1985Maujaan Dubai DiyanSher Singh
1985Abichar (TV Movie)N/A
1985Maa KasamDharma
1985Chaar MaharathiRaja
1985BaadalBaadal (as Mithun Chakravorty)
1985Pyari BehnaKalicharan 'Kaali'
1985/IGhulamiJavar Pratap
1985Yadon Ki KasamRavi Kapoor
1985Aar PaarGhanshyam
1985Aandhi-ToofanBalwant 'Balu' Yadav
1985Pyar Jhukta NahinAjay Khanna
1985KarmyudhInspector Vijay Kumar
1984Hanste KhelteMittun
1984Jaag Utha InsanHari Mohan
1984Rakta BandhanChandan / Trishul Singh
1984ShararaDeepak (as Friendly Appearance)
1984Kasam Paida Karne Wale KiSatish Kumar / Avinash Kumar
1984Teri Baahon MeinDancer in song
1984BaaziSalim Khan
1984Ghar Ek MandirRavi
1984BoxerShankar Dharma
1984Wanted: Dead or AliveVikram
1983FaraibVikas / Vicky
1983Hum Se Hai ZamanaShiva Kalicharan
1983Lal ChunariyaaSpecial appearance
1983Pasand Apni ApniSandeep Anand
1983KarateVijay / Danny
1983Mujhe Insaaf ChahiyeSuresh Ray
1983Woh Jo HasinaHarish Maheshwari
1983Kaun? Kaisey?Inspector Vinod
1983TaqdeerVikram R. 'Vicky' Singh
1982Taqdeer Ka BadshahRatan
1982Ustadi Ustad SeRajesh 'Raju'
1982Disco DancerAnil a. k. a. Jimmy
1982Swami DadaSuresh
1982Sun SajnaRaj Kumar
1982Aadat Se MajboorShankar Shastri
1982Heeron Ka ChorMohan Khanna
1982AshantiShankar Dada
1982ShaukeenRavi Anand
1982Aamne SamneGopi / Johny
1981DhuanInspector Sunil Verma
1981GhamandeeKamlesh / Prince Rakesh
1981Jeene Ki ArzooNaagraj 'Naagi'
1981Kalankini KankabatiRaj Shekhar
1981LaparwahShera / Suraj
1981Be-ShaqueCID Inspector Prakash Somshekhar (as MithunChakraborty)
1981Main Aur Mera HathiRam / Raj
1981Hum Se Badkar KaunPappu / Tony
1981WardatGunmaster G-9 / Gopinath
1981Pahari PhulN/A
1980Aakhri InsaafSpecial Appearance in song
1980Taxi ChorRajesh / Reetesh / Rakesh
1980The NaxalitesAmor Kal
1980Hum PaanchBhima (as Mittun Chakraborthy)
1980Unees BeesJai
1980KhwabPratap Kumar Srivastav
1979Amar DeepSajan (Guest Appearance)
1979Prem VivahAjay
1979/ITaranaThakur Shyam Singh
1979SurakkshaCBI Officer Gopi
1979BhayaanakInspector Vijay
1979Chamelee MemsaabN/A
1979HabariVillain's Henchman.
1978Hamaara SansaarPrem
1978Tere Pyaar MeinShekhar
1978Nadi Theke SagareN/A
1978Phool Khile Hain Gulshan GulshanVishal's friend
1978Mera RakshakVijay A. Rai
1977MuktiStage Artist (Guest Appearance) (as Mittun Chakravarty)
1976Do AnjaaneGhanti (Amit's neighbor)
1975Khel Khel MeinN/A


Mithun Chakraborty’s Net Worth

Mithun C Tringhakraborty’s Net Worth

Mithun Chakraborty Net Worth is $38 million US or ₹282 Crore Indian Rupees. Actor, politician, social activist, businessman, and entrepreneur Mithun Chakraborty is the owner of a luxurious hotel. His Hotel Monarch in Ooty reportedly boasts 59 rooms, 4 luxuriously appointed suites, a health and fitness centre, and amenities like an indoor pool. There are 16 bungalows, 14 twin lofts, 4 standard rooms, a multi-cuisine restaurant, a children's playground, and amenities including horseback riding and jeep safaris at Monarch Safari Park Masinagudi. 

Mithun Chakraborty has two houses in Mumbai in addition to the hotel. The first one is in Mud Island, and the second one is in Bandra. Few properties are owned by Mithun Chakraborty in India. He frequently travels between Mumbai and Bengal. Mithun Chakraborty's collection of automobiles includes a Mercedes Benz 1975, a Toyota Fortuner, a Ford Endeavour, and numerous other vehicles.


Mithun Chakraborty’s Controversies


Yogeeta Bali Suicide Controversy

It was rumoured that Mithun and Sridevi were close to getting married in 1985 even though the latter was already wed to Yogeeta Bali. Yogeeta is said to have made an attempt on her life after learning what was going on between her husband Mithun and Sridevi. After Yogeeta made such a severe decision to take her life, Mithun felt extremely upset.


Chingari Controversy

In the 2006 movie Chingari, directed by Kalpana Lajmi, Mithun Chakraborty and Sushmita Sen played the main characters. In this movie, Mithun Da portrayed an evil character. A intimate moment between Sushmita and Mithun was to be filmed in this scenario. Sushmita Sen and Mithun Chakraborty are alleged to have had a falling out on the first day of filming. Sushmita had to shoot this sequence multiple times because she was so terrified. By the time of the final take, however, Sushmita Sen had grown quite irate and had fled the set, driving to her vanity van. Sushmita said that Mithun Chakraborty improperly touched her during the scene. Following this, Mithun Chakraborty decided he would stop filming the movie. During this time, the filmmaker talked to both actors and got their consent for the movie.


Poll-speech Controversy

The Kolkata Police questioned actor and BJP politician Mithun Chakraborty in 2021 for a contentious comment he made while campaigning for the West Bengal assembly elections. Chakraborty was required by the Calcutta high court to give the government his email address so that he could be questioned through video conference. Chakraborty informed the court that he had just said a well-known line from one of his movies. The actor asserted that he was innocent and had no connection to any of the alleged offences made by the complainant and that his use of such movie dialogues was just for amusement.


Mithun Chakraborty’s Awards and Achievements

1977: National Film Awards- Best Actor for Mrigayaa
1977: BFGA- Best Actor for Mrigayaa
1991: Filmfare Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Agneepath
1993: National Film Awards- Best Actor for Tahader Katha
1993: BFGA- Best Actor for Tahader Katha
1996: National Film Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Swami Vivekananda
1996: Filmfare Awards Best Performance in a Negative Role for Jallad
1996: Screen Award- Best Villain for Jallad 
2001: Anandalok Award- Best Actor for Chaka
2007: Anandalok Award- Best Actor for Minister Fatakeshto
2007: Stardust Award- Lifetime Achivement Award
2007: Stardust Award- Role Model of the Year
2007: Stardust Award- Best Supporting Actor for Guru (Nominee)
2008: Filmfare Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Guru (Nominee)
2008: Screen Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Guru (Nominee)
2008: Apsara Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Guru (Nominee
2008: Annual Central European Bollywood Award- Best Supporting Actor for Guru
2008: IIFA Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Guru (Nominee)
2011: IIFA Awards- Best Supporting Actor for Golmaal 3 (Nominee)
2011: Zee Cine Award- Best Supporting Actor-Male for Golmaal 3 (Nominee)
2013: Screen Award - Best Actor in a Negative Role for OMG: Oh My God! (Nominee)
2013: IIFA Awards- Best Supporting Actor for OMG: Oh My God! (Nominee)
2013: Zee Cine Award- Best Actor in a Comic Role for OMG: Oh My God! (Nominee)
2013: Stardust Award- Best Actor in a Negative Role for OMG: Oh My God! (Nominee).


Mithun Chakraborty's Interesting Facts

Mithun Chakraborty's Interesting Facts Tring

  • In Bollywood, Mithun Chakraborty was the first six-pack hero.
  • With the number of films he has released as a hero in a single year, Mithun Chakraborty holds the world record. In 1989, he had 19 film releases.
  • Based on Mithun Chakraborty, Jimmy Zhingchak is a superhero in a comic book.
  • Previously, Mithun Chakraborty served as Helen's assistant.
  • A former Naxalite, Mithun Chakraborty, fFollowing an event in which his sole sibling was killed, Mithun deserted the Naxalite movement.
  • Previously, Mithun served in the parliament.
  • In Russia, Mithun Chakraborty has a large following and is known as the Dancing Star.


Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Mithun Chakraborty is a famous Indian actor, producer and a politician.
Mithun Chakraborty’s age is 72 years as of 2022.
Mithun Chakraborty’s birthplace is Calcutta, West Bengal.
Mithun Chakraborty’s father’s name is Basanta Kumar Chakraborty.
Mithun Chakraborty is a B.Sc in Chemistry.
Mithun Chakraborty debuted in 1976 with the movie Mirigayaa.
Mithun Chakraborty’s net worth is $ 38 million US, as of 2022.
Mithun Chakraborty’s instagram ID is @mithunchakrabortyofficial.
Mithun Chakraborty’s height is 1.83m or 6 ft..
Mithun Chakraborty’s religion is Hinduism.
Mithun Chakraborty’s birthday is on 16 July 1950.
Mithun Chakraborty's zodiac sign is Gemini.
Mithun Chakraborty’s wife’s name is Yogeeta Bali.
Mithun Chakraborty’s mother’s name is Santirani Chakraborty.
Yes, Mithun Chakraborty is married.
Mithun Chakraborty has starred in more than 350 films.
Mithun Chakraborty’s upcoming projects are Baap and Anari is Back.
Mithun Chakraborty’s Twitter ID is @mithunda_off.
Yes, Mithun Chakraborty has four children.
No , Mithun Chakraborty is not a vegetarian.
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