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Son of Sardaar - 2012

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Ashwni Dhir's energetic action-comedy movie Son of Sardaar was released on November 13th, 2012. The film is a replica of the Telugu movie Maryada Ramanna, which was first made and helmed by the illustrious S. S. Rajamouli. The great Ajay Devgn, who also starred as the movie's protagonist, produced this Bollywood comedy alongside a cast that included Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, and Juhi Chawla. With a 30 million budget, the movie successfully captured viewers' attention with its distinctive fusion of action-packed scenes and rib-tickling humour, earning a whopping 150 million at the box office.


Table of Content

poster of the movie son of sardaar


Movie name

Son of Sardaar

Directed by

Ashwni Dhir

Written by

Robin Bhatt, Ashwni Dhir

Based on

Maryada Ramanna by S. S. Rajamouli


Action Comedy

Produced by

Ajay Devgn


Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, Sonakshi Sinha, Juhi Chawla


Aseem Bajaj

Story by 

S. S. Kanchi

Edited by

Dharmendra Sharma

Production company

Ajay Devgn FFilms

Distributed by

Viacom 18, Motion Pictures, Eros International

Music by

Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid-Wajid

Release date

13 November 2012






₹30 crores

Box Office Collection

₹150 crores


There is a tremendous amount of competition between the Sandhus and the Randhawas. On the night of Balwinder Billu Singh Sandhu's wedding with Parmeet Pammi Kaur, after a violent battle between the two families, Jaswinder Jassi Singh Randhawa's father and Balwinder Billu Singh Sandhu's uncle murder each other. Jaswinder Jassi Singh Randhawa's father was Jaswinder Billu Singh Sandhu's uncle. In the end, Billu makes a solemn oath that he would not wed anybody until he has murdered Randhawa's son. During this time, Jassi's mother and daughter escape the hamlet together and eventually make their home in London.

In the intervening quarter of a century and twenty-five years, Jassi is now a struggling immigrant in London. Pathan, who is the owner of a club, is one of his closest pals. Jassi makes the decision to move to India after learning that his father has bequeathed him some land in the Phagwara region of Punjab. Pathan made him aware of the rivalry, but he doesn't seem too concerned about it because he believes that the rivalry has been forgotten by this point. Back in Phagwara, Billu and his two younger brothers, Tito and Tony, continue their hunt for Randhawa's son. They are assisted in this quest by Billu. Pammi longs for the wedding ceremony to finally take place with Billu. Jassi finally makes it to India, and it is during the train voyage from New Delhi to Phagwara that she becomes acquainted with Sukhmeet Sukh Kaur Sandhu. Sukh, the younger sister of Billu, is coming back to Phagwara after completing her education in Delhi, and Jassi, who is flirting with her, is unaware of this fact. Sukh is Billu's younger sister. Jassim develops feelings for her as they are riding on the train together. Jassi is offered a lift by Tony to a Gurdwara once he has parted ways with Sukh upon arrival in Phagwara. This is due to the fact that the land behind the Gurdwara is Jassi's property. Tony discovers that Jassi is Randhawa's son, and he makes many unsuccessful attempts to assassinate him.

Soon after, Jassi runs into Billu in a temple, where the locals inform him that Billu would be a greater guide to the region than they would be. Billu is seen with his family and Sukh, who recognises Jassi, which prompts Billu to ask Jassi to his house. Sukh is also seen with Billu. After then, Tony tells Billu that Jassi is the guy they had been looking for all these years—a total of 25 of them. Billu makes a solemn oath that he will execute Jassi as soon as the latter leaves the home of the Sandhus. Jassi learns that he is currently residing in the Sandhu family. Jassi fabricates an injury by claiming to everyone that he has broken his back and has to stay in the home for treatment. This is because there is a custom in the Sandhu household that considers visitors as 'equivalent to God' and that prevents any killings in the house during the period. Billu, fuming with wrath, hatches a plot to end Jassi's life.

Tej Bobby Jaswal, a friend of Sukh's who is also a doctor, discovers that Jassi has been lying the whole time, but he only reveals this information to Sukh in private. One day, Jassi tells a local inspector that Billu and his brothers are dead set on murdering him, and that they have Jassi in their sights. The inspector assures Jassi that he would lead him out of the building, but instead brings him to an abandoned house where he is accosted by Billu and his men. The inspector then reveals that he was working with Billu all along, and after the inspector departs, Billu and his crew begin attacking Jassi. In spite of this, Jassi soon finds herself back in the Sandhu home after failing in her attempt to flee.

After a few more days have passed, during the festivities that take place during Lohri, Billu makes the announcement that Bobby and Sukh will become engaged the very following day. Both parties are taken aback at first, but they finally come to the same conclusion. Jassi discovers that Sukh feels the same way for him. Pammi admits to Sukh and Bobby that she orchestrated this engagement because she wanted Jassi, who she now knows is Randhawa's son due the land paperwork in his backpack, to flee. Since the engagement would take place in the Gurdwara, nobody will be present in the Sandhu home during this time. Jassi makes the decision to engage in combat with Billu's brothers in order to put an end to this feud. After persistent encouragement from Pammi and, shockingly, Bobby himself, Sukh is able to break free from the engagement and get back together with Jassi. She has shown interest in running away with him, but Jassi is adamant that they put a stop to their competition. After a heated argument and brawl between the two, Billu's mother tries to persuade him to forget all about their enmity. He makes the decision to go on and forgive Jassi under the stipulation that he marry Sukh, all the while making the announcement that he would be marrying Pammi after all.


Son of Sardaar opened on 2,000 Indian screens and 350 internationally. Son of Sardaar added 300 screens in week two. Ajay Devgn Films informed Yash Raj Films via their Competition Commission of India lawyer two weeks before Diwali. The letter accused Yash Raj Films of using their dominant position in the Bollywood film market to get several high-quality single-screens for Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Yash Raj Films expressed amazement and questioned Devgn's motivations. Devgn's assertion that high-quality single-screens were unavailable was refuted by the studio's booking of 1,500 of India's 10,500 single-screens for Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The company claimed that Ajay could have adjusted the release of his film because Yash Chopra declared on 27 June 2011 that Jab Tak Hai Jaan will premiere on Diwali 2012. Ajay announced Son of Sardaar's date on 29 May 2012 and sealed distribution negotiations on 4 October 2012. A year prevented a simultaneous release. Finally, Yash Raj Films denied dominance. While Viacom 18 and Eros International released scores of films in 2012, the studio released only a few.

After Yash Raj Films' remark, Ajay Devgn said he only booked 600 single-screens for Son of Sardaar and will sue for more. He denied having anything against Shahrukh Khan and claimed distributors cannot enter into an arrangement that hurts competition. Yash Raj Films required exhibitors to play an unnamed Yash Chopra picture on Diwali and keep it in theatres for two weeks. Devgn argued this violated the 2002 Indian Competition Act. Senior cinema critic Vinod Mirani stated YRF's single-screen ban may not help. Single-screen viewers will choose action films like SOS. JTHJ's length and lack of song will also turn off moviegoers. On 6 November 2012, the Competition Commission acquitted Yash Raj Films. Ajay Devgn appealed to the Competition Appellate Tribunal after Yash Raj Films' plea was rejected. The Competition Appellate Tribunal panel led by chairperson Justice V. S. Sirpurkar denied Devgn's stay against Jab Tak Hai Jaan but agreed to reconsider the case against Yash Raj Films. Both films debuted on 13 November 2012.


The action-comedy Son of Sardaar stars Ajay Devgan and is helmed by Ashwani Dhir, who is best known for his work on the hit films Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge and One Two Three. The movie adheres to the same pattern as Dhir's earlier works and largely relies on smart quips and comic punches to advance the plot. While the film has some truly humorous moments in the early half, it struggles to keep its pace as it goes along, making the whole experience unsatisfactory. The lack of a gripping storyline is the movie's biggest flaw. The absence of a compelling plot seems to be made up for by the movie's reliance on its A-list actors and humour. The audience may chuckle at first as the jokes are spoken, but as the movie goes on, they start to lose their charm and humour, leaving the viewers wanting more.

High hopes for Son of Sardaar were created by Ajay Devgan's prior comedies Golmaal 3 and All The Best, but sadly, it falls short in comparison. The movie's insistence on retelling well-known storylines lessens its originality and ingenuity even further. On the plus side, Son of Sardaar could still be able to delight you if you liked films like Bol Bachchan or One Two Three, which are both directed by Dhir. It targets a particular demographic that enjoys slapstick humour and lighthearted amusement without getting bogged down in the story.

In summary, Son of Sardaar has a few amusing moments and a few chuckles, especially in the first half. The movie struggles to maintain its humour throughout and lacks a gripping premise. It may be enjoyable for Ashwani Dhir comedy aficionados, but it falls short of the high standards that Ajay Devgan's prior successful humorous endeavours set. Son of Sardaar could be worth a try if you're searching for a thoughtless comedy with no expectations of a compelling story, but for those hoping for a more satisfying cinematic experience, this movie might not be the greatest option.



cast of son of Sardaar

Character Analysis

Ajay Devgn as Jaswinder Singh Randhawa

ajay devgn from son of sardaar

The main character of Son of Sardaar is Jaswinder Singh Randhawa, sometimes referred to as Jassi or Jas. He is a guy of strong convictions, courage, and good nature, and he comes from a household steeped in Punjabi culture and customs. Jas is portrayed by Ajay Devgn with his signature intensity, adding a mix of action and humour to the role. Jas is shown as someone who places his family's honour above all else and goes out of his way to avenge a long-standing family dispute. Jas has a loving and compassionate character that shines through despite his harsh demeanour, notably in his dealings with the movie's female heroine, Sukhmeet Kaur Sandhu. Jaswinder Singh Randhawa is given depth by Ajay Devgn's depiction, which elevates the protagonist's relatability and likeability.

Sanjay Dutt as Balwinder Singh Sandhu

sanjay dutt from movie son of Sardaar

One of the main characters in the movie is Balwinder Singh Sandhu, also known as Billu. Sanjay Dutt contributes his charming personality to the part, giving the character a dash of humour and charm. Due to a previous disagreement, Billu, the son of a prominent and powerful Sikh leader, is Jaswinder's family's opponent. Despite being on the other side, Billu is shown as a kind and cheery guy who is able to appreciate the positive aspects of life. His character changes throughout the course of the movie as he starts to doubt his allegiance to his family's rivalry and grows close to Jas. Sanjay Dutt's depiction of Billu exemplifies his flexibility as an actor by skillfully capturing both the character's hard exterior and sensitive side.

Sonakshi Sinha as Sukhmeet Kaur Sandhu

sonakshi from movie son of sardaar

Son of Sardaar's female lead is Sukhmeet Kaur Sandhu, also known as Sukh. Sonakshi Sinha portrays Sukh, Billu's niece and Jas's potential love interest, with grace and charm. Sukh is a contemporary, self-reliant lady who has a strong bond with her family and its traditions. Her character develops significantly as she balances her affections for Jas with her family's allegiance. Sukh is portrayed by Sonakshi Sinha in a way that successfully conveys her emotional journey, making her a compelling and sympathetic character. She adds a romantic element to the movie and complexity to the plot by acting as a link between the two families.






Son of Sardaar

    Aman Trikha, Himesh Reshammiya


Rani Tu Mein Raja

Mika Singh, Bhavya Pandit, Yo Yo Honey Singh


Po Po Po

Vikas Bhalla, Aman Trikha, Himesh Reshammiya


Tu Kamaal Di Kudi

Vinit Singh, Mamta Sharma



Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Yeh Jo Halki Halki Khumariya

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Ye Sawaal

Ajay Devgan

Rani Tu Mein Raja (Remix)

Aman Trikha, Himesh Reshammiya


Son of Sardaar (Remix)

Aman Trikha, Himesh Reshammiya

Behind The Scenes

The creation of the upbeat and energising song Raja Rani from the upcoming Bollywood film Son Of Sardaar provides an intriguing look into the creative process. The powerful voices of the brilliant trio Mika Singh, Bhavya Pandit, and Yo Yo Honey Singh bring a special touch to the song. Himesh Reshammiya, a well-known music director, expertly oversees the song's musical direction and adds his distinctive style to the composition. We see these extraordinary talents working together behind the scenes as they strive for perfection and perform the song's synchronised choreography. Raja Rani is a thrilling addition to the soundtrack of the film, guaranteeing an electric and memorable musical experience for the audience with its lively beats, foot-tapping rhythm, and appealing lyrics.

Box Office Collection

Son of Sardaar averaged a 70% opening in multiplexes, particularly in North India. Opening of the single displays was comparable. It made around 107 million on its first day of sales. It had excellent growth of 70% with a two-day collection of around 160 million net. In its first three-day weekend, it made 390 million net. Son of Sardaar's first five days of release saw a net income of 510 million. The movie did well, earning 579 million throughout its extended six-day week. The movie increased its first-week total to 830 million net. The movie maintained its strong performance beyond the first week and brought in 830 million net in just ten days. After its second weekend, Son of Sardaar had earned 800 million worldwide. With a net collection of almost 152 million, it declined in week two. In four weeks, the movie made a total of 1.05 billion. A 750 million dollar distributor stake belongs to Son of Sardaar. 

In seven days, Son of Sardaar made $2 million. Around $3 million worth of business was done by Son of Sardaar abroad, and BoxofficeIndia.com rated it a Hit



Date of ceremony




Zee Cine Awards


Power Club - Box Office Award

Ashwani Dhir


ETC Bollywood Business Awards


Highest Grossing Actress

Sonakshi Sinha


Stardust Awards, India


Best Actress in a Comedy or Romance

Sonakshi Sinha


Screen Awards


Best Actor - Popular

Ajay Devgn


Screen Awards


Best Actress - Popular

Sonakshi Sinha


BIG Star Entertainment Awards


Most Entertaining Actor / Actress in a Comedy

Sonakshi Sinha


Interesting Facts

The movie Son of Sardaar is a shining example of how effective storytelling and a thoughtful blend of genres can produce outstanding box office success. Viewers were guaranteed a fun cinematic experience thanks to the movie's engaging narrative, outstanding performances by the skilled cast, and Ashwni Dhir's accomplished director. The movie, which was an Ajay Devgn FFilms production and was released by Viacom 18, Motion Pictures, and Eros International, pleased the audience while also reiterating Ajay Devgn's abilities as a productive actor and producer in the Indian film business. Its success demonstrates the action comedy genre's lasting popularity with viewers and establishes Son of Sardaar as a standout film in Bollywood's canon.

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