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Baaghi 3 - 2020

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The action movie Baaghi 3, which was directed by Ahmed Khan, had viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie, which was released on March 6, 2020, is the third entry in the popular Baaghi series. The film promises non-stop action and nail-biting suspense thanks to a screenplay written by a group of brilliant writers that includes Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, and Madhur Sharma. The movie, which is directed by Shraddha Kapoor and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the auspices of Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, has a stellar cast that includes Tiger Shroff, Ritesh Deshmukh, and the charismatic Shraddha Kapoor.


Table of Content

banner of the movie baaghi 3


Movie name

Baaghi 3

Directed by

Ahmed Khan

Written by

Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, Madhur Sharma


Action Thriller

Produced by

Sajid Nadiadwala


Tiger Shroff, Ritesh Deshmukh, Shraddha Kapoor


Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran

Edited by

Rameshwar S. Bhagat

Production company

Fox Star Studios, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Music by

Julius Packiam

Release date

6 March 2020

Distributed by

Fox Star Studios






₹85 crore

Box Office 

₹137 crore


Vikram, the older brother of Ranveer Ronnie Charan Chaturvedi, also resides with them. Since he was a young boy, especially following the passing of his father Charan Chaturvedi, Ronnie has been wary of him. As a result of the 33 charges that have been filed against him for saving Vikram, Ronnie is offered a position in the police department but declines. Ronnie then persuades Vikram to accept the position. Vikram, who is shy and reticent, becomes a police officer. When a hostage scenario occurs, Vikram is given the task and is frightened to confront the criminals; nevertheless, Ronnie goes with him and assists in fending off the bad guys and assisting in the hostage rescue. After each case, Vikram becomes more well-liked by the general public and his department, but he never claims credit. Later, Ronnie falls in love with a woman by the name of Siya, and the two of them marry one another's respective siblings Vikram and Ruchi. Vikram is given the task of visiting Syria for regular paperwork one day. After arrival, Vikram speaks with Ronnie through video call before the terrorist Abu Jalal Gaza's men unexpectedly come into his hotel room and beat and abduct him. Ronnie is left unable to watch as Vikram pleads for Ronnie's assistance. 

When Ronnie and Siya arrive in Syria, the police are unwilling to assist them. Akhtar Lahori, who they encounter, assists them in finding Vikram and his kidnappers. While the police begin hunting for the group, they travel to Vikram's hotel. Ronnie discovers Vikram's broken phone in his room and, together with Siya and Akhtar, flees before the police can apprehend them. The trio locates the assailant, starting a chase. The worn-out assailant consents to assist before getting run over by a truck and passing away. Siya takes the assailant's phone and texts IPL (Inder Paheli Lamba), telling him to meet her at a hotel. The mastermind, Abu Jalal Gaza, shows there to get revenge on his brother, the attacker. While Abu Jalal is escaping, the primary officer who helps Ronnie manages to arrest IPL. As a result of his detention, Abu Jalal fears treachery from IPL and commands his men to assassinate him. Ronnie and the crew deftly create a sequence of occasions that cause Abu's soldiers to believe that IPL has betrayed them. They assault him, and when Ronnie saves him, IPL decides to assist him.

Before going to save Vikram and the prisoners, Ronnie fights Abu Jalal's men on his own. Abu offers to release everyone when IPL gives his life, but he grabs Siya. Ronnie struggles against Abu Jalal's thugs, but when Vikram grows furious at the sight of Ronnie being savagely beaten, Ronnie gives up. Vikram changes after being stabbed and on the verge of dying; he leaps out of the cell and viciously fends off everyone before impaling Abu Jalal on steel rods. Ronnie awakens and kills Abu while Vikram and Siya attempt to resuscitate him. At that moment, Abu appears to attack them from behind. When they go back to India, Vikram is praised for his bravery, and Ronnie imagines his police officer father applauding and embracing him for fulfilling his word.


On March 6, 2020, Baaghi 3 was made available in movie theatres across India.


Tiger Shroff's extraordinary action prowess is the only thing that Baaghi 3, the third entry in the Baaghi series, is made to display. The story revolves on two brothers named Ronnie and Vikram, who encounter a tragedy that would change their lives when their father passes away and leaves Ronnie with a pledge to look after and protect Vikram. The action centres on Ronnie's quest to defend his sibling from several adversaries and terrorists. The film makes an effort to address terrorism and the manipulation of innocent individuals into suicide bombers. The idea may have some merit, but the execution is shallow, giving the whole screenplay a drab, unmemorable air.

Tiger Shroff, who is renowned for his quick reflexes and jaw-dropping action scenes, is excellent at pulling off high-octane stunts that keep the audience engaged the entire time. His emotional representation, however, falls short and his acting leaves plenty to be desired. As the younger sibling who is more vulnerable, Ritesh Deshmukh gives a respectable performance; nonetheless, Shraddha Kapoor's portrayal seems to be more about glitz than serious acting. The film's over-the-top action scenes, which go well beyond what is believable, are by far its biggest flaw. Suspension of disbelief is generally necessary for action films, but Baaghi 3 goes much beyond that, with Tiger's character defying reason and surviving against insurmountable odds, even in the face of tens of thousands of heavily armed foes, helicopters and tanks. This feature gives the film a fantasy vibe rather than an action thriller.

There have been comparisons made to Sunil Shetty's earlier films, when the focus was more on displaying the actor's body than his acting skills. Similar to this, Baaghi 3 strongly emphasises Tiger's outstanding physicality and action prowess while mostly ignoring character development and emotional depth. On the plus side, the movie's finale depicts Ritesh Deshmukh's character gaining bravery and strength, which gives the otherwise formulaic plot a dash of redemption.

All things considered, Baaghi 3 is a film made especially for Tiger Shroff devotees and those who like thoughtless, action-packed entertainment. Despite the film's attempts to address important topics, its weak writing and excessive action scenes prevent it from having a lasting impression. If you enjoy Tiger Shroff's action skills and are willing to forgive the story's lack of depth, Baaghi 3 could be worth seeing in a theatre for some quick amusement. However, this film could fall short of expectations for those looking for a more complete and interesting cinematic experience.



cast and crew of baaghi 3

Character Analysis

Tiger Shroff as Ranveer Charan Chaturvedi

tiger from baaghi 3

Ronnie's action scenes and fighting prowess serve to predominantly establish his persona. He is portrayed as an unstoppable force, easily dispatching armies of adversaries with acrobatic acrobatics and exciting combat scenes. While he is excellent at demonstrating his athletic prowess, his emotional range is relatively constrained, and in emotional sequences, his character's depth is weak. Ronnie is a likeable protagonist for action fans due to his tenacity and commitment to his family.

Riteish Deshmukh as Inspector Vikram Charan Chaturvedi

Riteish from baaghi 3

Vikram's character changes significantly during the movie, going from a frightened and timid officer to one who is more self-assured and brave. He must face his concerns and prove himself in difficult circumstances along the way. One of the film's great points is Vikram's character journey since Riteish Deshmukh clearly captures his fragility and his problems.

Shraddha Kapoor as Siya Nandan Chaturvedi

shraddha from baaghi 3

Although Siya's character at first seems to have greater depth, her main responsibilities are to provide the movie with the essential romance storyline and some comedic aspects. Unfortunately, the character doesn't go through much development and is still mostly one-dimensional. Although Shraddha Kapoor gives a charming performance, the role itself doesn't do much to stand out beyond her on-screen chemistry with Tiger Shroff. 






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Behind The Scenes

The actors and crew of the movie Baaghi 3 put forth a lot of effort behind the scenes to produce an action-packed spectacle. Tiger Shroff, who is renowned for his commitment to martial arts and athleticism, underwent extensive training to perform breathtaking acrobatics and battle scenes. Riteish Deshmukh accepted the challenge of playing a hesitant police officer and put effort into creating the emotional arc of his character. While filming in several places and attempting to recreate the imaginary world of Ronnie's heroic rescue effort, the production team encountered practical difficulties. With Syria's war-torn environment acting as the background for fierce fighting scenes, the action choreography, special effects, and visual effects teams worked together to produce larger-than-life action sequences. A high-energy, action-packed movie that tried to excite viewers with its heart-pounding moments and larger than life heroes was the overall result of the behind the scenes work.


The movie's trailer shows Tiger heading to Syria to rescue his Riteish Deshmukh-playing brother who has been kidnapped by militants. Tiger is heard threatening in the trailer, If you harm my brother, I swear on my father, I will wipe out your country from the map, as the film is billed as one man against the whole country.

Many social media users found the discourse insulting and inappropriate, and they didn't like it. In the end, a movie is simply a movie. To simply demonstrate what would happen if anything were to happen to my brother... The characters have such a strong bond and bromance that the boy will go to any lengths for his brother if something were to happen to him. Therefore, I believe it was just an emotional outburst, Tiger remarked in a group interview.

Box Office Collection

The opening day box office total for Baaghi 3 was 17.50 crore net, which is the biggest opening day total for a Bollywood film released in 2020. With a global gross of 137.05 crore as of March 15, 2020, the movie is the second-highest-grossing Bollywood film of the year after earning 110.65 crore in India and 24.42 crore globally



Date of ceremony




Filmfare Awards


Best Choreography

Ganesh Acharya


Filmfare Awards


Best Action

Ahmed Khan


Filmfare Awards


Best VFX

Mahesh Baria


Indian Film and Television Awards


Best Performance by an Actor In Negative Role


Vijay Varma


Indian Film and Television Awards


Best Performance by an Actor In Negative Role

Jameel Khoury


Interesting Facts

The action in Baaghi 3 is tremendous, there are heart-pounding scenes, and the acting is top-notch. Ahmed Khan's brilliant direction has helped the movie carve out a place for itself in the action genre. The movie's amazing box office haul of 137 crore, which exceeds its budget of 85 crore, says much about its financial success. Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment's joint efforts have made sure that Baaghi 3 provides action movie aficionados with an exciting cinematic experience. The film's overwhelming success is surely due to Tiger Shroff's flawless action abilities, Ritesh Deshmukh's compelling representation, Shraddha Kapoor's fascinating presence, and their combined talents. Fans of the genre continue to laud Baaghi 3 as proof of the effectiveness of action-packed narrative.

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