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Pankaj Kapur Biography, Shows, Age, Net worth, Movies

Know more about Pankaj Kapur. Keep reading & get information about Pankaj Kapur’s Age, Family, Biography, Relationships, Career, Interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Pankaj Kapur Details
Profession Actor
Celebrity Type Movie Star
Age 68 years as of 2023
Date Of Birth 29th May 1954
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Birthplace Ludhiana
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 80kgs
Notable Work Office Office
First Film Raakh
Total Films 23
Net Worth in rupees Rs 37 crores as of 2023
Net Worth $5 million as of 2023


pankaj kapur

Pankaj Kapur is an Indian actor working in movies television and theatres. Pankaj Kapur's birth date is 29 May 1954. Pankaj Kapur’s birth year is 1954. Pankaj Kapur’s age is 68 years as of 2022. Pankaj Kapur’s birthplace is Ludhiana Punjab.. Pankaj Kapur’s zodiac sign is Gemini.. Pankaj Kapur’s son is Shahid Kapur . Pankaj Kapur’s wife is Supriya Pathak. Pankaj Kapur’s daughter is Sanah Kapoor. Pankaj Kapur's height is 5 feet 6 inches. 

Indian actor Pankaj Kapoor (born May 29 1954) has appeared in Hindi theatre television and movies. He has made appearances in a number of movies and television shows. He has won various honours including three National Film Awards and a Filmfare Award. His most well-known film performances to date include Inspector P.K. in Raakh (1989) Dr. Dipankar Roy in Ek Doctor Ki Maut (1991) and Abba ji (based on King Duncan from Shakespeare's Macbeth) and Maqbool in Vishal Bhardwaj's adaption.

Through the humorous detective television series Karamchand which aired in the 1980s he rose to fame. And in the new millennium Office Office a humorous parody on India's pervasive corruption.

Family and Education

pankaj kapur family

On May 29 1954 Pankaj Kapur was born in a Khatri family in Ludhiana Punjab. While growing up he became quite interested in performing and theatre finishing his schooling there. He subsequently chose to further his enthusiasm by enrolling in the National School of Drama. In 1979 he wed the dancer and actress Neelima Azeem. They made their home in New Delhi where in 1981 they had their lone child Shahid Kapoor. 

In 1984 the couple got a divorce. In 1988 Pankaj Kapur wed the actress Supriya Pathak. They have a son named Ruhaan Kapur and a daughter named Sanah Kapur. Pankaj Kapur completed his schooling at the government school of Ludhiana. Pankaj Kapur completed his degree from the National School of Drama New Delhi.

Affair and Relationship

First Wife Neelima Azeem

Pankaj Kapur established a reputation in the theatre industry before making his big-screen debut. When this creative man met Neelima Azeem another creative person he was still a student at the National School of Drama. When Neelima began dating Pankaj Kapur she was working toward her goal of becoming a dancer. She wanted to be a professional Kathak dancer and was studying under Birju Maharaj. Everything began in 1974 when the young couple experienced an unbreakable love affair. The intensity of their attraction led Pankaj Kapur then 21 years old to choose to wed Neelima Azeem then 16 years old in 1975.

In 1981 the couple gave birth to Shahid Kapoor their lone child. Before Shahid was born everything was going well but then things started to change. The disparities between Pankaj and Neelima grew to the point where they divorced in 1984. This divorce wasn't one of those nasty ones. They gracefully parted ways. Pankaj retained custody of Neelima while Shahid remained behind with her.

Second Wife Supriya Pathak

In 1986 Pankaj Kapur and Supriya Pathak worked together on the movie Naya Mausam. Despite the fact that the movie was never released it laid the groundwork for the bond that would eventually lead to their forever. Before meeting Pankaj Supriya had heard many rumors about him one of which was that he was an alcoholic. But as soon as she got to know him she discovered that all the rumors were untrue.

Pankaj and Supriya were aware of their shared interests. Supriya like Pankaj was burdened by the remnants of a broken marriage. When she was only 22 she made an imprudent marriage. Pankaj and Supriya were both searching for genuine love following their divorces. Pankaj was open about his priorities at all times. He expressed his love for his kid to Supriya who graciously accepted his words. As she recalls: His prior marriage was of no concern to me. I was a blank slate when I met him. His son Shahid meant the most to him as he had made clear from the start.

She had a connection with Shahid right away when they first met. Supriya declared: A gussewala bachcha he was. But aside from that he was a pretty kind kid and we strangely clicked right away. He didn't press me for anything and neither did I have to insist on anything.

Supriya and Pankaj agreed that getting another chance was preferable. They are happy taking care of their family and enjoy a successful marriage. Sanaah their first kid was born in 1990 and Ruhaan their second child was born in 1994. A wolf pack is formed by Ishaan Neelima Azeem's son and all three of Pankaj Kapur's children. They frequently appear to be one big joyful family hanging out together. Supriya declares I feel like I have Pankaj in three different ages: at 60 as himself at 33 as Shahid and now with my younger son Ruhaan at 20 the author said.

Movies and Career

First Movie Arohan (1982)

Victor Banerjee and Om Puri play the main characters in Shyam Benegal's 1982 Hindi film Arohan (The Ascent) which also features Dipti Bhatt as Hari's wife.

Poor farmer Hari Mondal (Om Puri) lives in the outlying Bengali village of Giripur in the Birbhum district with his wife two sons brother aunt Kalidashi (Gita Sen) who is elderly and widowed and her daughter Panchi. The film begins in the middle of the 1960s as Bengal is being overtaken by the Naxalbari uprising and oppressed farmers are being brought together by young people who support communism and a socialist republic.

Gandhi (1982)

A 1982 period biographical film titled Gandhi is based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi who led the nonviolent non-cooperative Indian independence fight against the British Empire. It is a co-production between India and the UK with Richard Attenborough serving as both producer and director. John Briley wrote the screenplay. Ben Kingsley plays the title character in it. The movie follows Gandhi's life from a pivotal event in 1893 when he is expelled from a South African train for riding in a whites-only section to his death and funeral in 1948. Gandhi a practicing Hindu is shown to have accepted other religions especially Christianity and Islam.

Gandhi was declared free on 30 November 1982 in India 3 December in the UK and 8 December in the US. It was praised for portraying Gandhi's life the Indian independence movement and the deteriorating effects of British colonialism on India historically accurately as well as for its production values costume design and Kingsley's performance which won praise from critics all over the world. With a $22 million budget and a $127.8 million profit it was a commercial success.

At the 55th Academy Awards the movie was nominated for a record-breaking eleven times and won eight times—more than any other movie that year—including Best Picture Best Director and Best Actor. The film was retrospectively shown on August 12 2016 as the opening film at the Independence Day Film Festival which was organised by the Ministry of Defense and the Indian Directorate of Film Festivals to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian Independence Day. Gandhi was ranked as the 34th best British film of the 20th century by the British Film Institute.

Karamchand (1985)

An Indian detective TV show called Karamchand debuted in June 1985. One of the country's first detective shows it aired on DD1 India's national television station. Renowned actor Pankaj Kapur played the title role. Sushmita Mukherjee portrayed his assistant Kitty. The series' theme song and title track were composed by the well-known music direction team Anand-Milind.

Detective Karamchand is known for solving crimes in his own unique way always munching on carrots and frequently playing chess with Police Inspector A Khan. He works with the amusing Kitty. Karamchand also tells Kitty to shut up whenever she makes a silly mistake or comes dangerously close to disclosing the secret.

In 2006 Sony Entertainment Television brought this series back. As the carrot-chewing Karamchand Pankaj Kapur returned and Sucheta Khanna as Kitty. The program's second iteration ran on Saturdays at 9:00 PM.

Office Office (2001)

The first episode of the sitcom Office Office which is in the Hindi language aired on SAB TV on September 3 2001. The programme was a satirical look at India's pervasive corruption. Mussadilal played by Pankaj Kapur was the series' main character.

In Mumbai the Gemini and Kamalistan studios were used for the filming. The plot of this show earned favourable reviews and it won the Best Comedy prize at the RAPA Awards in 2001 and 2002. Naya Office Office a sequel series to Office Office debuted on Star One in 2007.  

Additionally a comic book series based on the programme was started. Prakash Books was the publisher of the books. Chala Mussaddi a movie based on a television series. The movie Office Office which debuted on August 5 2011 received mostly unfavourable reviews from critics.

Dus (2005)

Anubhav Sinha's 2005 Indian Hindi action thriller movie Dus which translates to Ten is based on the life of seven fictitious SIT (Indian Special Investigation Team) members. Sanjay Dutt Sunil Shetty Abhishek Bachchan Zayed Khan Shilpa Shetty Esha Deol Dia Mirza and Raima Sen are among the cast members.

Dus is a memorial to the late renowned director Mukul S. Anand who passed away while filming the unfinished 1997 movie of the same name starring Salman Khan Dutt and Shetty. Both critically and financially it was successful.

As they set out on a mission to thwart a deadly terrorist attack planned by an international terrorist and felon Jamwaal with only seven days to do so the movie follows the head of the fictional Anti-Terrorist Cell played by Dutt and his team. The incident was scheduled to occur on May 10 which explains the movie's title.

Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola (2013)

The 2013 Hindi-language satirical black comedy movie Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola also known as Matru's Bijlee's Mandola was made by Vishal Bhardwaj and Fox Star Studios. In addition to co-producing Bhardwaj also served as the movie's director co-scriptwriter and music composer. Shabana Azmi and Arya Babbar play supporting roles with Pankaj Kapur Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma starring in the lead roles. The movie opened in theatres everywhere on January 11 2013.

With lyrics by Gulzar Vishal Bhardwaj created the soundtrack for the movie. Sony Music India released the album's soundtrack. On November 30 2012 Sukhwinder Singh and Ranjit Barot's title song was made available as a single track. On December 12 2012 Rekha Bhardwaj Mohit Chauhan and Shankar Mahadevan released Oye Boy Charlie another single. On December 19 2012 the complete album was made available on Saavn.com. According to Musicperk.com's 8/10 rating the album is well worth a listen.

Upcoming Movies


Lost movie’s Director is  Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. It Stars are Yami Gautam Pankaj Kapur Rahul Khanna. Its Producer are Zee Studios Kishor Arora Shareen Mantri Kedia. 

Jab Khuli Kitab

The producers of Jab Khuli Kitab announced it in December of last year. The movie which was directed by Saurabh Shukla features Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapur in the key roles. The elderly couple at the centre of the movie is divorcing after 50 years of marriage. The movie which is set in Uttarakhand finished shooting there in December of the previous year

JL 50

Pankaj Kapur Piyush Mishra and Abhay Deol all play significant roles in the sci-fi thriller. The web series which debuted on SonyLiv in September 2020 received a resoundingly positive response from both critics and viewers.

Career Timeline

Year Pankaj Kapur Movies Pankaj Kapur Roles
2022 Jersey Coach
2018 Toba Tek Singh Toba Tek Singh
2015 Shaandaar Bipin Arora
2014 Finding Fanny Don Pedro
2013 Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola Harry Mandola
2011 Chala Musaddi Office Office Musaddi Lal Tripathi
2010 Happi Happi
2010 Good Sharma Hanuman
2009 Love Khichdi Subramani in Dream Fantasy
2008 Halla Bol Sidhu
2007 Dharm Pundit Chaturvedi
2005 Dus Jamwal
2005 The Blue Umbrella Nand Kishore
2005 Sehar Prof. Bhole Shankar Tiwari
2003 Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon Satyaprakash
2003 Maqbool Jahangir Khan (Abbaji)
2002 Jackpot Do Karode Rana
1997 Rui Ka Bojh NA
1995 Ram Jaane Pannu Technicolor
1994 Kokh NA
1993 Aakanksha Ahmed
1993 The Burning Season Ashok Sarkar
1992 Roja Liaqat
1990 Ek Doctor Ki Maut Dr. Dipankar Roy
1990 Shadyantra Sub-Inspector Tabrez Mohammad 'Tabbu' Khan
1989 Agla Mausam NA
1989 Raakh Inspector P.K
1989 Marhi Da Deeva Raunaki
1989 Kamla Ki Maut Sudhakar Patel
1988 Main Zinda Hoon NA
1988 Ek Aadmi NA
1988 Tamas Thekedaar
1987 Jalwa Albert Pinto
1987 Yeh Woh Manzil To Nahin Rohit
1987 Susman NA
1986 Chameli Ki Shaadi Kallumal Koylawala
1986 Musafir Shankeran Pillai
1986 Ek Ruka Hua Faisla Juror #3
1985 Khamosh Kukku
1985 Aitbaar Advocate Jha
1985 Aghaat Chotelal
1984 Khandhar Dipu
1984 Mohan Joshi Hazir Ho! NA
1983 Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro Tarneja
1983 Arohan NA
1983 Mandi Shanti Devi's Assistant
1982 Gandhi Pyarelal Nayyar
1982 Aadharshila NA
1981 Hari Hondal Bargadar : Share Cropper NA
1981 Kahan Kahan Se Guzar Gaya NA

Net worth

Pankaj Kapur’s Net worth

What is Pankaj Kapur's estimated net worth? How much does He make? It should be noted that both net worth and salaries fluctuate over time. The table below contains the most recent data on salary and assets. This section also includes controversy. Pankaj Kapur has a total net worth of Rs. 2 crores.

He worked on stage for the first four years following his graduation from the National School of Drama. Later he received his big break in the Gandhi movie starring Richard Attenborough. In 1975 he wed the dancer and actress Neelima Azeem. They made their home in New Delhi where in 1981 they had their lone child Shahid Kapoor. In 1984 the couple got a divorce. 

Through the comedy detective television series Karamchand which aired in the 1980s he rose to fame. And in the new millennium Office Office a humorous parody on India's pervasive corruption.

Awards & Nominations

pankaj kapur awards

Interesting Facts and Trivia.

pankaj kapur facts

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