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The Ladki of the famous song Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga is Manisha Koirala. Manisha Koirala belongs to a royal Nepali dynasty. Manisha Koirala is the granddaughter of former Prime Minister of Nepal Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala. 



Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala Singh Grover is an Indian actress. Her birthplace is Kathmandu Nepal. Manisha Koirala’s zodiac sign is Leo.

Manisha is most known for her work in Hindi-language Indian movies. She has also appeared in a few films in Tamil, Telugu, English, and Nepali. She is well-known for playing leading roles in commercial and indie films in the 1990s and early 2000s. She has won numerous awards including four Filmfare Awards. She received the Order of Gorkha Dakshina Bahu the second-highest honor bestowed by the government of Nepal in 2001.

In particular, Manisha Koirala works with organizations to advance women's rights end violence against women and stop the trafficking of Nepali girls for prostitution. Manisha Koirala is actively interested in social work. She was chosen to represent India as a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador in September 1999. In support of the initiatives taken by Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K in this area, Manisha Koirala has argued for the creation of an official Earth Anthem for the world.

Manisha Koirala has co-written a book called Healed which details her fight with ovarian cancer. Manisha Koirala participated in the relief efforts following the 2015 Nepal earthquake and was named a UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal in that same year.

With the help of Global College International Kathmandu Manisha Koirala established the Manisha Koirala Cancer Education Fund in 2020 with the goal of providing educational scholarships to children of cancer patients or survivors who are from low-income families.

Manisha Koirala’s Age

 Manisha Koirala’s birthdate is 16 August 1970. Manisha Koirala’s age is 53 years as of 2023.


manisha koirala royal family princess

Manisha's father’s name is Prakash Koirala. Her mother's name is Sushma Koirala. Manisha Koirala’s brother is Siddharta Koirala.

In Kathmandu Nepal, Manisha Koirala was born into the politically significant Brahmin Koirala family. Her mother Sushma Koirala is a stay-at-home mom while her father Prakash Koirala is a politician and a former environment minister. Siddharth Koirala her only sibling is an actor.

Manisha Koirala’s grandpa Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala and two of her great-uncles Girija Prasad Koirala and Matrika Prasad Koirala both became politicians. Manisha Koirala’s grandfather served as Nepal's prime minister from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. 


Manisha Koirala spent her early years in India. Manisha Koirala first resided at the Varanasi home of her maternal grandmother before moving on to Delhi and Mumbai. 

Manisha Koirala attended the Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya until Class X while living at home in Varanasi. Manisha Koirala relocated to Delhi to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and attended the Army Public School (APS) of the Dhaula Kuan New Delhi campus.

Manisha Koirala's Cancer Fight

Manisha Koirala Cancer Disease

Manisha Koirala’s cancer disease news became public knowledge on November 29, 2012. Manisha Koirala was suffering from ovarian cancer. She didn't know she had the illness until she started to feel quite sick and went to a hospital in Kathmandu with her brother. She took a plane to India where she was checked into Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital. The particular nature of her illness was not divulged but she later traveled to the US for treatment. 

She had surgery on December 10, 2012. The surgery was said to have been successful the next day. She had to have chemotherapy and she stayed in the New York hospital for months. The actress was cancer-free by the middle of 2014. She is actively committed to raising awareness of cancer after overcoming it and winning the war.

Manisha Koirala declared in May 2013 that she would utilize her fame and experience to motivate people who were undergoing treatment for the dreadful illness of cancer. She stated in her first interview following cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center All I want to do from here onwards is to be beneficial to others who could need little advice.

She is now a motivational speaker and conducts speeches on a variety of themes at schools hospitals and organizations after overcoming cancer.  With the help of Global College International Kathmandu Manisha Koirala established the Manisha Koirala Cancer Education Fund in 2020 with the goal of providing educational scholarships to children of cancer patients or survivors who are from low-income families.


Manisha Koirala and Vivek Mushran

With her amazing appearance and flawless acting abilities in Subhash Ghai's Saudagar, Manisha Koirala rose to fame. Her relationship with co-star Vivek Mushran garnered headlines in addition to her performance.

Manisha and Vivek were cruising at a very young age enjoying the success of their first great hit and during the course of the movie's production, they developed into more than simply good friends. However, the couple quickly lost love for one another and separated.

Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar

In the early 1990s, Manisha Koirala and Nana Patekar's Jodi became one of the most commercially successful couples. The duo collaborated on the critically acclaimed Movies Agnisakshi and Khamoshi: The Musical. Their off-screen affair was just as romantic as their on-screen one.

The duo was first avoiding the rumours and never came out in public because Nana Patekar was a married man and significantly older than Manisha. However, Manisha and Nana eventually relaxed and were seen leaving each other's homes at the early hours without being afraid of anyone.

Despite being married Nana's wife was not living with Nana at that time. It was also claimed that a jealous Manisha once confronted Nana and Ayesha Jhulka after discovering them in an intimate setting. But Nana was able to persuade her and the pair moved on.

But Nana's decision to reject Koirala's proposal was the final straw. Manisha Koirala and Patekar eventually separated ways after she understood that he would not leave his wife for her. Manisha reportedly fell into a depressive mood after her breakup with him.

Manisha Koirala and Christopher Dorris

Manisha Koirala had a love relationship with American sports counsellor and entrepreneur Christopher Dorris. After three years of dating the couple realized how deeply they loved one another. Manisha had also told her loved ones about her plans to marry Christopher.

Even though it is still unknown what transpired between the pair to cause them to go different paths Manisha had said the following immediately after the split: I believe the timing was off. Instead of getting married because my biological clock is running out I want to do it for the right reasons. I support the institution of marriage and desire a long-lasting union.

Manisha Koirala's Husband - Samrat Dahal

In 2010 Manisha Koirala married Samrat Dahal a business mogul who was seven years her junior and was originally from Nepal. The fast secret wedding caught everyone off guard.

Manisha stated that they met on Facebook and fell in love right away when people questioned her about whether or not this was an arranged marriage. However soon after they got married problems began to appear in their idyllic world and Manisha declared Samrat to be her greatest adversary.

Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal filed for divorce in 2012. Manisha Koirala once reflected on what went wrong in their relationship by saying: I had a romantic vision of marriage.

It is best to end a poor relationship if you are in one. There isn't any resentment. I fully accept the blame for rushing into getting married before realizing I wasn't cut out for it. No one else is at fault I am the one at fault.

Movies and Career

Manish Koirala experimented with acting in the 1989 Nepali film Pheri Bhetaula during a break following her board exams. Manisha Koirala took on a few modelling jobs while living in Delhi but she eventually decided to pursue acting. One of these belonged to a wool business. Manisha Koirala relocated to Mumbai in search of acting gigs after deciding to pursue a career in acting.

Two years later she made her Bollywood debut in the financially successful film Saudagar directed by Subhash Ghai. Together with Arvind Swami Koirala made her Tamil film debut in 1995's political romance Bombay which was directed by Mani Ratnam.

Manisha Koirala’s First Hindi Movie - Saudagar (1991)

Veeru (Dilip Kumar) and Raju (Raaj Kumar) who grew up together are lifetime friends until the cunning Chuniya (Amrish Puri) takes advantage of their friendship for his own gain. Veeru and Raju grow into fierce rivals but when their respective grandchildren—Vasu played by Vivek Mushran and Radha played by Manisha Koirala—meet they fall in love right away.

However, they are compelled to keep their relationship a secret from their family. All hell breaks loose as Veeru and Raju learn the lovers' secret.

Indian drama film Saudagar was made in 1991 and was directed by Subhash Ghai. Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar two legendary actors from Hindi cinema played the key roles. It included the acting debuts of Manisha Koirala and Vivek Mushran the former of whom went on to become a well-known Bollywood actress.

The film also stars Amrish Puri Anupam Kher Mukesh Khanna Dalip Tahil Gulshan Grover Dina Pathak and Jackie Shroff. The classic play Romeo and Juliet had an impact on the plot and Mandhaari's role is similar to that of Friar Laurence in that play.

The movie was a box office blockbuster and a silver jubilee success throughout all of India. At the 37th Filmfare Awards Saudagar garnered eight nominations and took home two prizes including Best Director for Subhash Ghai.

Bombay (1995)

He is a Hindu she is a Muslim and Shekar and Shaila (Manisha Koirala) decide to run off and get married despite the fact that neither of their parents approves of their romance. Shekar and Shahla have twin sons and teach the boys to respect the beliefs and cultures of both of their families.

However, because of the civil unrest in Bombay, a terrible situation arises that forces Shekar and Shahla's parents to put aside their differences in order to save their children and grandchildren.

Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala appear in Mani Ratnam's 1995 romantic drama film Bombay which was made in Tamil in India. The movie shows the life of an interfaith family in Bombay prior to and during the riots that occurred in Mumbai between December 1992 and January 1993.

One of the best Indian soundtracks of all time the music for the movie earned composer A. R. Rahman his fourth consecutive Filmfare Best Music Director Award (Tamil). The British Film Institute listed the movie as one of the best 20 Indian movies.

Gupt: The Hidden Truth (1997)

Isha (Kajol) is the object of Sahil Sinha's (Bobby Deol) devotion and he desires to wed her. But his authoritarian father Jaisingh (Raj Babbar) insisted that he marry the woman he had personally chosen.

They had a heated dispute and Jaisingh later ends up dead. Sahil who is thought to be the main suspect is taken into custody accused of murder found guilty and given a life term in prison. Sahil who never stops insisting on his innocence manages to break out of jail and search for the true murderer.

Bobby Deol plays the lead role in Gupt: The Hidden Truth a 1997 Indian Hindi-language thriller film directed by Rajiv Rai and starring Manisha Koirala Om Puri Kajol Raj Babbar and Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

Viju Shah was nominated for Best Music Director and Alka Yagnik was nominated for Best Female Playback Singer for Mere Khwaabon Me Tu.

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Company (2002)

Unlawful Don Aslam Bhai (Madan Joshi) who rules over a criminal empire in Bombay is a powerful figure. Mallik (Ajay Devgan) and Chandrakant alias Chandu are his close friends. Mallik and Chandu take over from Aslam and become the two heads of his criminal enterprise after waiting for the proper moment.

The two decide to adapt to the changing circumstances by calling their vast empire Company and legitimizing it to a great extent. There are contrasts between the affable and sentimental Chandu and the technical and frank Mallik.

Between the previously close friends, a lot of misunderstandings arise and Chandu loses face and credibility. He makes the decision to resolve the situation on his own.

A battle breaks out between those who are loyal to him and those who are loyal to Mallik as a result of his breakaway from the gang. Mallik's armies turn out to be more powerful and Chandu must choose whether to make a deal with him or follow the correct course.

Company is a 2002 Indian gangster movie in Hindi that was written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Mohanlal Ajay Devgn Vivek Oberoi Manisha Koirala Antara Mali and Seema Biswas all appear in the movie.

Sanju (2018)

A controversial biopic of actor Sanjay Dutt's life including his work in movies time in prison and personal relationships. In its decision on the 1993 Bombay blast case, the Bombay High Court found Sanjay Dutt (also known as Sanju) guilty of breaking the TADA Act. 

When Sanju attempts suicide his wife Manyaata saves him and she subsequently asks London-based novelist Winnie Diaz to write his biography.

Winnie first concurs but after receiving a call from Zubin Mistry a former close friend of Sanju who warns her that what she will offer isn't entirely accurate she decides to conduct her own investigation and gets in touch with Kamli another close friend of Sanju.

Sanju is a 2018 Indian biographical film in the Hindi language that was written and directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra collaborated to produce it under the respective production companies Rajkumar Hirani Films and Vinod Chopra Films. 

The movie follows the life of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt including his drug addiction his arrest for his alleged involvement in the 1993 Bombay bombings his relationship with his father his comeback into the business the eventual dismissal of the Bombay bombing charges and his eventual release after serving his jail sentence. Along with an ensemble cast that includes Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Anushka Sharma, Manisha Koirala, Dia Mirza, and Jim Sarbh. Ranbir Kapoor plays the lead role.

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Career Timeline

Year Manisha Koirala's Movie Titles Manisha Koirala's Character's Name
2021 99 Songs Psychologist
2021 India Sweets and Spices Sheila
2020 Maska Diana Irani
2019 Prassthanam Saroj Pratap Singh
2018 Lust Stories Reena
2018 Sanju Nargis
2017 Dear Maya Maya Devi
2016 Game Maya
2016 Edavappathy Sumithra/Mathangi
2015 Chehere: A Modern Day Classic Tarana
2012 Bhoot Returns Namrata
2011 Mappillai Rajeswari
2011 I Am Rubaina
2010 Ek Second... Jo Zindagi Badal De? Rashi
2010 Dharmaa Gauri
2010 Elektra Diana
2009 Do Paise Ki Dhoop Chaar Aane Ki Baarish Juhi
2008 Tulsi Tulsi
2008 Nagaram Herself
2008 Sirf....Life Looks Greener on the Other Side Devika
2008 Mehbooba Varsha/Payal
2008 Khela Sheela
2007 Anwar Anita
2006 Darwaza Bandh Rakho Julie
2005 Chaahat – Ek Nasha Mallika Arora
2005 Mumbai Xpress Ahalya
2005 Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story Jahan Ara
2005 Anjaane – The Unknown Shivani
2004 Paisa Vasool Maria
2004 Tum – A Dangerous Obsession Kamini
2003 Escape from Taliban Sushmita Bannerjee/Sayed Kamal
2003 Calcutta Mail Sanjana
2003 Market Muskaan Bano
2002 Company Saroja
2002 Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani Vasundhara
2002 Ek Chotisi Love Story The Woman
2002 Baba Chamundeswari
2001 Grahan Parvati Shastri
2001 Chhupa Rustam: A Musical Thriller Nisha
2001 Lajja Vaidehi
2001 Aalavandhan Sharmilee
2001 Moksha Ritika Sanyal
2000 Khauff Neha
2000 Baaghi Rani
2000 Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya Manisha
2000 Champion Sapna Khanna
1999 Kachche Dhaage Rukhsana
1999 Lal Baadshah Kiran
1999 Laawaris Anshu Mehra
1999 Jai Hind Sheetal
1999 Mudhalvan Thenmozhi
1999 Kartoos Manpreet Mini Kaur
1999 Mann Priya Verma
1999 Hindustan Ki Kasam Roshanaara
1998 Yugpurush Sunita
1998 Salaakhen Herself
1998 Achanak Pooja
1998 Dil Se.. Meghna
1998 Maharaja Shaili Mathur
1997 Sanam Sanam
1997 Gupt: The Hidden Truth Sheetal Choudhry
1997 Dil Ke Jharokhe Mein Suman
1997 Loha Herself
1996 Agni Sakshi Shubhangi/Madhu
1996 Majhdhaar Radha Rai
1996 Indian Aishwarya
1996 Khamoshi: The Musical Annie
1995 Criminal Swetha
1995 Bombay Shaila Banu
1995 Anokha Andaz Reema
1995 Guddu Salina Gupta
1995 Ram Shastra Anjali Sinha
1995 Akele Hum Akele Tum Kiran Kumar
1995 Dushmani: A Violent Love Story Sapna Oberoi
1994 Yuhi Kabhi Pooja
1994 Milan Priya
1994 1942: A Love Story Rajeshwari Pathak
1994 Criminal Swetha
1994 Sangdil Sanam Sanam
1993 Insaaniyat Ke Devta Nisha
1993 Anmol Anmol
1993 Dhanwan Imli
1992 Yalgaar Meghna Kumar
1991 Saudagar Radha
1991 First Love Letter Radha Singh
1989 Pheri Bhetaula Un­known

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Manisha Koirala's life has been one of the most controversial ones in Bollywood due to the fact that she is a member of the Nepali political dynasty. There are many controversies about this stunning actress who became well-known thanks to the song Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga that are still unknown.

Manisha Koirala and Nepal Map

Actress Manisha Koirala posted a controversial new map of Nepal which India has criticized for its unjustified cartographic assertion. Everything went to hell when the actor forwarded the tweet from Nepal's foreign minister Pradeep Gyawali. Manisha has received harsh criticism for her endorsement of the 'illegal' map of Nepal despite the fact that she has been working in India for years.

Manisha Koirala and Ek Chotisi Love Story

In 2002 Manisha accused Shashilal Nair the director of the movie Ek Chotisi Love Story of using Koirala's body double to shoot some love scenes and of maligning her by having another actress assume obscene poses without Manisha's consent. Since the double's body did not resemble Nair's Koirala insisted that these scenes be cut from the movie and that Nair reshoot them.

The Pet Case

Another controversy erupted in February 2006 as a result of rallies organized by groups of individuals in response to media reports that stated Koirala had named her pet dog after a respected Muslim figure. To avoid any issues police security was given to Manisha Koirala. The charges persisted in the days that followed. The police said the actress had no pet at all and Manisha Koirala refused the allegations.

Manisha Koirala and Aishwarya Rai fight

According to a source from Filmibeat, an interview in the December 1999 issue of Showtime Magazine provided Aishwarya's perspective on the events. I felt Bombay in Tamil was great when I first saw it. On April 1st after I had arrived in Bombay Rajeev called me.

I was telling him how wonderful Manisha was in the movie and that I intended to send her a flower as a gesture of support. He chuckled at me at that point and inquired me whether I had been reading the articles. He told me that Manisha had claimed to have found some letters that Rajeev had written to me in a romantic manner.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan went on to say that the entire Manisha Koirala incident had a terrible impact on her and caused her to cry for days. I never desired to be associated with any certain name.

However, the media has emphasized it so much in recent years that when someone thinks of me they immediately think of Manisha and vice versa. Years have passed since that incident but she continues to bring it up. Naturally, this implies that there is more going on here than just a broken relationship Aishwarya stated.

Net Worth

Manisha Koirala’s total net worth is estimated at $11.5 million or 91 crores in Indian Rupees. Brand endorsements and acting are the two primary sources of Manisha Koirala. Manisha Koirala demands between 4 and 5 crores for each film. Manisha Koirala has a large collection of luxury vehicles including an Audi Q7 and a Range Rover.


Movie Awards

Other Awards 

Unknown Facts About Manisha Koirala

Profile Summary

Manisha Koirala Details
Manisha Koirala Profession Actor
Manisha Koirala Celebrity Type Movie Star
Manisha Koirala Age 53 years as of 2023
Manisha Koirala Date Of Birth 16th August 1970
Manisha Koirala Zodiac Sign Leo
Manisha Koirala Birthplace Kathmandu Nepal
Manisha Koirala Nationality Nepali Indian
Manisha Koirala Height 5 feet 5 inches
Manisha Koirala Weight 63kgs
Manisha Koirala Notable Work Agni Sakshi Kachche Dhaage
Manisha Koirala First Film Pheri Bhetaula
Manisha Koirala Total Films 70 as of 2022
Manisha Koirala's Net Worth in Rupees Rs 80 crores as of 2022
Manisha Koirala Net Worth $10 million as of 2022
Manisha Koirala Instagram @m_koirala
Manisha Koirala Twitter @mkoirala

Social Media

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