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Know more about Jeetendra. Keep reading & get information about Jeetendra’s Age, Family, Biography, Tv Show, Career, Interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Jeetendra Details
Jeetendra Profession Actor
Jeetendra Celebrity Type Movie Actor
Jeetendra Age 80 Years
Jeetendra Date Of Birth 7 April 1942
Jeetendra Zodiac Sign Aries
Jeetendra Birthplace Amritsar India
Jeetendra Height 5.9 Feet
Jeetendra Notable Work Himmatwala
Jeetendra Net Worth 200 Million Dollars or 1500 Crores Rupees
Jeetendra Instagram  Not There
Jeetendra Twitter  Not There

Jeetendra’s Biography

Jeetendra Biography

Jeetendra is an Indian actor working in Indian Movies. Jeetendra’s birthplace is Amritsar India. Jeetendra's height is 5.9 feet. Indian actor Ravi Kapoor whose screen name is Jeetendra is best known for his roles in Hindi films. Additionally he oversees Balaji Motion Pictures and Balaji Telefilms as chairman.

The 1960s to the 1990s was the span of Jeetendra's active acting career. With V. Shantaram's Geet Gaya Patharon Ne (1964) and Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti Jeetendra received his first significant breaks. However the 1967 movie Farz served as his springboard to popularity. His distinctive outfit was a white t-shirt and white sneakers that he purchased from a shop establishment for the Mast Baharon Ka Main Aashiq number in Farz. Films like Caravan and Humjoli in which Jeetendra had more dance routines came after Farz. In the movies his energetic dancing earned him the nickname Jumping Jack of Bollywood.

Since the beginning of Hindi cinema he has played a major role in approximately 200 films a record only a few of his contemporaries have accomplished. For Telugu film remakes directed by T. Rama Rao K. Bapayya K. Raghavendra Rao and Dasari Narayana Rao Jeetendra was frequently partnered with Jaya Prada or Sridevi. Examples of these films are Sanjog Aulad Majaal Justice Chaudhury Mawaali (1983) Himmatwala (1983) and Tohfa (1984). Additionally he worked closely with Krishna on several Hindi remakes of his Telugu films.

Jeetendra’s Age

Jeetendra's birth date is 7 April 1942. Jeetendra’s birth year is 1942. Jeetendra’s age is 80 years as of 2022. Jeetendra’s zodiac sign is Aries.

Jeetendra's Family

Jeetendra’s father is Amarnath Kapoor. Jeetendra’s mother is Krishna Kapoor. Jeetendra’s brother's name is Prasan Kapoor. Jeetendra’s wife is Shobha Kapoor. Jeetendra’s daughter is Ekta Kapoor. Jeetendra’s son is Tusshar Kapoor.

Jeetendra's Education

Jeetendra’s school is St. Sebastian’s Goan High School in Girgaum Mumbai. Jeetendra’s college is Siddharth College Mumbai and K.C. College Churchgate Mumbai.

Jeetendra's Girlfriend

Jeetendra's Girlfriend Hema Malini

Jeetendra and Hema Malini earlier shared a passionate relationship. However before either of them got married they were each experiencing issues with their romantic partners. Jeetendra and Shobha were experiencing their own ups and downs while Dharmendra was not committing to Hema Malini.

Hema Malini and Jeetendra decided to be married after too much upheaval and they actually came very close to doing so. Hema and Jeetu may still be married today if it weren't for a drunk Dharmendra showing up at their wedding location.

Jeetendra's Girlfriend Sridevi

Jeetendra eventually began acting in numerous South Indian movies. He then met Sridevi at that point. In an effort to promote Sridevi as an actress the actor brought her to Mumbai but soon after rumours of an affair began to circulate. The two actually appeared in numerous films together but Jeetu ji sought to dispel the rumours because he was now an adult and had two children Ekta and Tusshar Kapoor. 

As a result he organised a picture session at his home. Shobha was so enraged by this that she treated Sridevi with extreme coldness. Later Shobha threatened Jeetendra saying that she would leave the house with the kids if he didn't terminate his association with Sri. Much afterwards Ekta Kapoor admitted it.

Jeetendra's Girlfriend Jaya Prada

Jeetendra's affair with Jaya Prada was largely a subject of rumors. She was a different South Indian diva that Jeetu Ji began pushing in Bollywood. Some claim that he merely did this to show Sridevi that he can make anyone famous. Some have claimed that while Jaya Prada was completely wild for him Jeetendra was not at all sincere in his feelings for her.

Then came Mawaali a 1983 Hindi film starring Jeetendra Sridevi and Jaya Prada all three. Even though the movie was a tremendous success there were rumors at the time that Sridevi and Jaya hated each other when they weren't on site.

Jeetendra's Wife

Jeetendra Wife

When Shobha was just 14 years old Jeetendra had first met her. She completed her education attended college and worked for British Airways as an Air Hostess. Jeetendra dated Shobha from 1960 to 1966 when he was trying to establish himself as an actor. They remained together until 1972. Jeetendra and Shobha didn't decide to be married until after the release of Bidaai on October 18 1974 and they did it in a low-key wedding at Janki Kutir with just a few close family members and friends in attendance. They almost got married according to Hema Malini's official biography but she pulled out.

Two kids were born to Jeetendra and Shobha during their marriage. Their son Tusshar Kapoor is also an actor and their daughter Ekta Kapoor oversees Balaji Telefilms. In the 2003 thriller Kucch To Hai which was produced by his daughter Jeetendra had a fleeting cameo appearance alongside his son Tusshar.

Jeetendra's Career

Jeetendra First Movie Navrang (1959)

The 1959 Hindi-language film Navrang was co-written and directed by V. Shantaram. While playback singer Mahendra Kapoor made his singing debut with the song Aadha Hai Chandramaa Raat Aadhi the movie is known for its dance sequences featuring main actress Sandhya and music by C. Ramchandra.

As much as Divakar loves his wife Jamuna he quickly starts to think of her as his muse and even gives her the name Mohini. But his obsession with Mohini starts to ruin his family and his job.

Jeetendra Movie Nagin (1976)

Rajkumar Kohli working under the Shankar Movies imprint produced and directed the 1976 Hindi-language horror movie titled Nagin (female serpent). In addition to Reena Roy who plays the title role the film also stars Sunil Dutt Feroz Khan Sanjay Khan Rekha Mumtaz Vinod Mehra Yogeeta Bali Kabir Bedi Anil Dhawan and Jeetendra. Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music.

A man who is being attacked by a hawk in the jungle is saved by Vijay. When Vijay realises that he has rescued the life of a miracle snake with the ability to pass for a human and who has been attempting to win over his sweetheart he feels a sense of pride.

Jeetendra Movie The Burning Train (1980)

The Burning Train is an action thriller disaster movie from 1980 that was produced by B. R. Chopra and Ravi Chopra under the B. R. Films label. Dharmendra Hema Malini Vinod Khanna Parveen Babi Jeetendra Neetu Kapoor Vinod Mehra Navin Nischol and Danny Denzogpa had key roles in the movie which also included music by R. D. Burman.

The Super Express a train in the story catches fire during its maiden voyage from New Delhi to Mumbai. The Bullet Train a previous Japanese catastrophe film served as its model. The Burning Train earned 65 million dollars ranking eighth among Indian movies released in 1980.

Jeetendra Movie Aasha (1980)

Aasha is a 1980 drama film made in India in the Hindi language. J. Om Prakash produced and directed it under the Filmyug Pvt. Ltd. label. It features Jeetendra Reena Roy Rameshwari and Laxmikant Pyarelal's soundtrack. The movie has a Blockbuster box office record. It was remade in Telugu as Anuraga Devatha (1982) in Tamil as Sumangali (1983) and in Bengali as Mandira (1990).

Aasha a well-known singer falls in love with a truck driver who thinks his wife has passed away. When Aasha learns that his wife is still alive she isn't sure whether to tell him and risk losing him.

Jeetendra Movie Himmatwala (1983)

Himmatwala also known as Brave Man is an action comedy movie that was produced in 1983 in India in the Hindi language by G. A. Sheshagiri Rao under the Padmalaya Studios label. It was presented by Krishna and directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. The 1981 Telugu film Ooruki Monagadu which was remade had Jeetendra and Sridevi in the key roles.

An esteemed teacher phones the police after seeing a murder and requests that Sher Singh Bandookwala is apprehended. However Sher is able to use his resources to buy his way out of jail so he decides to torment the teacher and his family instead. Ravi the teacher's son is adamant about taking Sher on personally in order to get revenge on his father.

Jeetendra Movie Sanjog (1985)

Sanjog which translates to Coincidence is a 1985 drama film made in India in the Hindi language. It was directed by K. Vishwanath and produced by P. Mallikharjuna Rao under the Bharati International banner. It features Jeetendra Jaya Prada and Laxmikant Pyarelal's soundtrack. The movie is a remake of the renowned Telugu film Jeevana Jyothi (1975) which starred Sobhan Babu and Vanisri.

Yashodhara weds a city dweller and relocates to his Mumbai family house. After growing close to her sister-in-kid law's she experiences depression after his tragic death.

Jeetendra Movie Kucch To Hai (2003)

Rajeev Jhaveri wrote the script for the 2003 Indian Hindi-language slasher movie Kucch To Hai which was directed by Anurag Basu and Anil V. Kumar. The movie stars Moonmoon Sen Yash Tonk Rishi Kapoor Esha Deol Tusshar Kapoor and Anita Hassanandani.

After discovering a body in Professor Bakshi's home a group of friends unintentionally throw him off a cliff. At a reunion years later they come under the spectral gaze of an unidentified killer.

Jeetendra Upcoming Movies

There are no upcoming movies as of 2022.

Jeetendra Career Timeline

Year Jeetendra Movies Jeetendra Roles
2021 Apharan Season 2 NA
2020 Baarish Jeetu Bhai
2013 Mahabharat Aur Barbareek Himself
2007 Om Shanti Om Himself
2006 Ho Jaata Hai Pyaar Ravi Kapoor
2006 Gabbar Singh Thakur
2003 Kucch To Hai Ravi Kapoor
2003 Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Jithesh Kothari
2003 Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii Himself
2001 Jaydev Inspector Janardhan Poojari
1999 Mother Sunil Malik
1997 Judge Mujrim Judge Pratap Sinha
1997 Mahaanta Commissioner Vijay Kapoor
1997 Lav Kush Lord Sriram
1997 Krishna Arjun Krishna
1997 Dharma Karma Karma / Shiva Kapoor
1997 Chupp Rakesh Rai / Ashok
1996 Dushman Duniya Ka Mahesh
1995 Janam Kundli Ravi Kapoor
1995 Zamaana Deewana Madanlal Malhotra
1995 Hum Sab Chor Hain ACP Ravi Kumar
1995 Kalyug Ke Avtaar Pratap
1994 Chauraha Inspector Kailash Kumar
1994 Paappi Devataa DCP Ram Kumar Singh
1994 Udhaar Ki Zindagi Sitaram
1994 Ghar Ki Izzat Dr. Sohan Kumar
1993 Aaj Kie Aurat Avinash Kapoor
1993 Geetanjali Sagar
1993 Prateeksha Vijay Kumar
1993 Bhookamp Prof Ajay Saxena
1993 Rang Ajay Malhotra
1993 Aadmi Khilona Hai Vijay Varma
1993 Khal-Naaikaa Ravi Kapoor
1993 Aasoo Bane Angaarey Ravi Varma
1993 Santaan Sarju Narayan Watchman
1993 Tahqiqaat Father Prem Fernandes & SP Arun Kumar (Dual role)
1992 Insaaf Ki Devi Inspector Santosh Varma
1992 Jai Kaali Advacate Shiv Shankar
1992 Yeh Raat Phir Na Aayegi CBI Officer Sunil Malhotra
1992 Dil Aashna Hai Prince Arjun Singh
1992 Sone Ki Lanka Mohith
1992 Rishta To Ho Aisa Rajesh
1991 Begunaah Gautam
1991 Shiv Ram Inspector Shiv
1991 Sapnon Ka Mandir Sanjay Sharma
1991 Ranbhoomi Chandan Singh
1991 Maa Ram Khanna
1990 Taqdeer Ka Tamasha Satya Dev
1990 Zahreelay Captain Jaswant Kumar
1990 Amiri Garibi Heera
1990 Hatim Tai Hatim Tai
1990 Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai Prakash
1990 Sheshnaag Pritam Nag (Male Serpent)
1990 Aaj Ke Shahenshah Vikram Vicky
1990 Jai Shiv Shankar Shiv
1990 Agneekaal Vijay
1990 Nyay Anyay Justice Ravi Khanna
1990 Thanedaar Inspector Avinash Chandar
1989 Dav Pech Sikandar & Bajrangi (Dual role)
1989 Asmaan Se Ooncha Kishan / King
1989 Nafrat Ki Aandhi Inspector Ravi Kapoor
1989 Souten Ki Beti Dr. Shyam Verma
1989 Aag Se Khelenge Inspector Shekhar
1989 Kasam Vardi Kee Inspector Vijay
1989 Majboor Adavocate Ravi
1988 Tamacha Rajiv Singh Raju
1988 Mulzim Vijay Kumar
1988 Kanwarlal Kanwarlal
1988 Sone Pe Suhaaga Vijay Kumar
1988 Mar Mitenge Ram
1988 New Delhi Vijay Kumar
1987 Apne Apne Ravi Kapoor
1987 Majaal Vijay Kumar
1987 Aulad Anand
1987 Madadgaar Anand
1987 Khudgarz Amar Saxena
1987 Sindoor Prem Kapoor
1987 Jaan Hatheli Pe Ram
1987 Khazana Magician
1987 Himmat Aur Mehanat Vijay Kumar
1987 Insaf Ki Pukar Ajay
1986 Jaal Chote Thakur Shashipratap
1986 Dharm Adhikari Prakash
1986 Aag Aur Shola Vishal
1986 Swarag Se Sunder Sarpanch Vijay Chowdhary
1986 Singhasan Vikram Singh / Aditya Vardhan (Dual Role)
1986 Suhaagan Ram
1986 Locket Shankar
1986 Ghar Sansar Prakash
1986 Sadaa Suhagan Rajshekhar
1986 Dosti Dushmani Dr. Sandeep Kumar
1986 Aisa Pyar Kahan Sagar
1985 Hoshiyar Rakesh
1985 Balidaan Inspector Vijay
1985 Haqeeqat Inspector Arjun
1985 Pataal Bhairavi Ramu
1985 Bond 303 Ajay / Agent 303
1985 Sarfarosh Jwala Singh / Inspector Suraj Kapoor (Dual Role)
1985 Mera Saathi Ranganath Ranga
1985 Sanjog Narayan
1984 Tohfa Ram
1984 Yeh Desh Chandra Mohan Azaad
1984 Akalmand Dr. Kiran
1984 Maqsad Tilak
1984 Qaidi Suraj
1984 Kaamyab Ramu / Krishna (Dual Role)
1984 Haisiyat Ram
1984 Zakhmi Sher Major Vijay Kumar Singh
1983 Nishaan Ravi
1983 Himmatwala Ravi
1983 Prem Tapasya Mohan Kumar Verma
1983 Arpan Anil Varma
1983 Jaani Dost Veeru
1983 Justice Chaudhury R. K. Choudhary / Ramu (Dual Role)
1983 Mawaali Ramesh / Gangu (Dual Role)
1982 Apna Bana Lo Master
1982 Raksha Gopal Kishan Pandey (Agent-116)
1982 Chorni Dr. Vikram Sagar
1982 Insaan Ravi
1982 Badle Ki Aag Inspector Amar Verma
1982 Mehndi Rang Layegi Dr. Ramu
1982 Farz Aur Kanoon SP Ranjeet Kumar / Ramu (Dual Role)
1982 Lakshmi Qawwali Singer (Guest)
1982 Deedar-E-Yaar Nawab Akhtar Nawaz Khan
1982 Jeeo Aur Jeene Do Inspector Vijay
1982 Anokha Bandhan Hari
1982 Dharam Kanta Laxman / Shiva
1982 Samraat Raju
1982 Raaste Pyar Ke Mohan Lal Srivatsav
1981 Waqt Ki Deewar Amar
1981 Khoon Aur Paani Rakesh / Rocky / Raka / Laxman
1981 Dhuan Ashok Saxena (Gesture)
1981 Sharda Inder Malhotra
1981 Jyothi Govind
1981 Khoon Ka Rishta Ravi
1981 Pyaasa Sawan Chandrakanth / Ravi (Dual Role)
1981 Ek Hi Bhool Ramkumar Srivastav
1981 Mosambi Narangi (Marathi) Raja Qawali Singer
1981 Shakka Shakka
1981 Meri Aawaz Suno Inspector Sushil Kumar / Kanwarlal (Dual Role)
1981 Kahani Ek Chor Ki Ram
1980 Jal Mahal Ravi
1980 The Burning Train Ravi
1980 Takkar Vijay
1980 Jyoti Bane Jwala Suraj & Jyothi / Jwala (Dual Role)
1980 Judaai Dr. Shashikant Verma
1980 Neeyat Jeet
1980 Nishana Raja
1980 Maang Bharo Sajana Ram Kumar & Chandra (Dual Role)
1980 Aasha Deepak
1979 Aatish Anand
1979 Jaandaar Gul Khan
1979 Jaani Dushman Amar
1979 Love in Canada Dev
1979 Khandaan Ravi
1979 Hum Tere Aashiq Hain Anand
1979 Lok Parlok Amar
1979 Aap Ke Deewane Rocky
1978 Tumhari Kasam Anand
1978 Karmayogi Ajay
1978 Dil Aur Deewaar Vijay
1978 Badaltey Rishtey Sagar Singh
1978 Chowki No.11 Jeeten
1978 Swarag Narak Mohan Kapoor Vicky
1978 Nalayak Laxman
1977 Jay Vijay Prince Jay / Daku Sher Singh
1977 Dharam Veer Veer Singh
1977 Kinara Inder
1977 Dildaar Bankelal
1977 Ek Hi Raasta Atin Singh
1977 Zamaanat Ravi
1977 Kasam Khoon Ki Kishan
1977 Priyatama Ravi
1977 Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein Ravi The Soldier (Guest)
1977 Apnapan Anil Mehra
1976 Nagin Nag (Male Serpent)
1976 Sankoch Shekhar
1976 Suntan Ravi
1976 Udhar Ka Sindur Raja / Rajkumar
1975 Khushboo Dr. Brindaban
1975 Umar Qaid Akbar
1975 Aakhri Daao Ravi
1975 Rani Aur Lalpari Prince
1974 Bidaai Sudhakar
1974 Roti Himself (Guest)
1974 Dulhan Ashok & Vijay (Dual role)
1973 Anokhi Ada Rakesh / Kishan
1973 Gehri Chaal Sagar
1973 Jaise Ko Taisa Vijay & Vinod Kumar (Dual role)
1972 Ek Hasina Do Diwane Amar
1972 Ek Bechara Rajan
1972 Shaadi Ke Baad Shyam
1972 Yaar Mera Shyam
1972 Bhai Ho To Aisa Bharat Singh
1972 Parichay Ravi
1972 Roop Tera Mastana Raja Sahib / Raj Kumar (Dual role)
1972 Sazaa Qawwali Singer
1972 Garam Masala Jeet
1971 Bikhre Moti Anand
1971 Kathputli Vishal
1971 Chahat Arun
1971 Ek Nari Ek Brahmachari Mohan Kumar Chaudhary
1971 Caravan Mohan
1971 Banphool Hariya
1970 Khilona Mohan Singh
1970 Maa Aur Mamta Ram
1970 Himmat Raghu
1970 Jawab Raja / Rajkumar
1970 Humjoli Rajesh
1970 Mere Humsafar Raju Junglee
1970 Naya Raasta Chander
1969 Dharti Kahe Pukarke Shiv Kumar Shiva
1969 Do Bhai Vijay Varma
1969 Jeene Ki Raah Mohan
1969 Badi Didi Amar
1969 Jigri Dost Gopi / Anand (Dual Role)
1969 Anmol Moti Vijay
1969 Vishwas Ravi
1969 Waris Ravi
1969 The Gold Medal Gopal
1968 Suhaag Raat Jeetendra Jeet
1968 Aulad Arun / Sohan
1968 Mere Huzoor Akhtar Hussain Akhtar
1967 Gunahon Ka Devta Kundan
1967 Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti Master Satyaprakash
1967 Farz Gopal Kishan Pandey (Agent 116)
1967 Parivar Gopal
1964 Geet Gaya Patharon Ne Vijay
1959 Navrang NA

Jeetendra's Controversy

There are no controversy as of 2022.

Jeetendra’s Net worth

Jeetendra has amassed considerable fortune as a result of his high level of accomplishment. He has been in countless films as an actor. His daughter Ekta Kapoor  is also quite affluent and well-known which greatly increases his wealth. Jeetendra’s net worth is $200 million or 1500 crore Indian rupees.

Jeetendra’s Awards

7 Interesting Facts of Jeetendra

Facts of Jeetendra

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