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Bipasha Basu Singh Grover is an Indian actress. Nicknames for Bipasha include Bips, Bippy, Bipsy, and Bonny. Bipasha Basu is best recognized for her work in Hindi movies, but she has also acted in English, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu movies. Bipasha Basu is regularly referred to in the media as a sex symbol and a scream queen, particularly for her work in the thriller and horror cinema genres as well as for a number of item numbers. In 2005 and 2007, the UK publication Eastern Eye rated Bipasha Basu as the Sexiest Woman in Asia.


bipasha basu

Bipasha Basu Singh Grover is an Indian actress. Bipasha Basu’s birthplace is New Delhi. Bipasha Basu’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. Bipasha Basu’s father’s name is Hirak Basu. Bipasha Basu’s mother's name is Mamta Basu. Bipasha Basu’s elder sister is Bidisha Basu. Bipasha Basu’s younger sister is Vijayeta Basu. Bipasha Basu’s husband is Karan Singh Grover. Nicknames for Bipasha include Bips Bippy Bipsy and Bonny.

Bipasha Basu is best recognized for her work in Hindi movies but she has also acted in English Bengali Tamil and Telugu movies. Bipasha Basu has received many honors including one Filmfare Award. Bipasha Basu is regularly referred to in the media as a sex symbol and a scream queen particularly for her work in the thriller and horror cinema genres as well as for a number of item numbers. 

Bipasha Basu pursued a lucrative career as a fashion model after being born in Delhi and raised in Kolkata. Later she started getting offers for movie parts and in 2001 Bipasha Basu made her acting debut in the suspense film Ajnabee for which she won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. In 2002's horror movie Raaz Bipasha Basu had her first leading role and was nominated for a Filmfare Award for Best Actress. Jism (2003) in which she had a prominent role and the blockbuster movies No Entry (2005) and Dhoom 2 helped advance her career.

In The Times of India's list of the 50 most attractive women Bipasha Basu was placed eighth in 2011 thirteenth in 2012 and seventh in 2013. In 2005 and 2007 the UK publication Eastern Eye rated Bipasha Basu as the Sexiest Woman in Asia.


Bipasha Basu’s birthday is on the 7th of January. She was born in the year 1979. Bipasha Basu's age is 43 years as of 2023.  


bipasha basu husband first

Bipasha Basu Singh Grover is an Indian actress. Bipasha Basu’s birthdate is 7 January 1979. Bipasha Basu’s birthplace is New Delhi. Bipasha Basu’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. Bipasha Basu’s father’s name is Hirak Basu. Bipasha Basu’s mother's name is Mamta Basu. Bidisha Basu is the name of her elder Sister. Bipasha Basu’s younger sister is Vijayeta Basu. Bipasha Basu’s husband is Karan Singh Grover. Nicknames for Bipasha include Bips Bippy Bipsy and Bonny.

Bipasha Basu’s mother Mamta is a housewife. Bipasha Basu’s father Hirak is a civil engineer. Bipasha Basu’s name which is also the name of a river symbolizes black profound desire according to Bipasha Basu.

The model Mehr Jesia Rampal noticed Bipasha Basu in a hotel in Kolkata in 1996 and advised her to try modeling. Bipasha competed in and ultimately won the Ford-organized Godrej Cinthol Supermodel Contest that year representing India at the Ford Models Supermodel of the World competition in Miami.


Bipasha Basu attended Apeejay High School in Delhi and lived in Pamposh Enclave Nehru Place until she was eight years old. Bipasha Basu attended the Gangabux Kanoria Vidyamandir in Bidhannagar at Bhavan after her family relocated to Kolkata. Bipasha Basu was chosen to be the head girl at her school and was affectionately known as Lady Goonda because of her little stature and strong leadership abilities.


Milind Soman

When they were both models Bipasha Basu and Milind Soman dated for a period. Prior to entering the film industry Bipasha worked as a model and was the 1996 Godrej Cinthol Supermodel winner. Milind has already achieved success as a supermodel. According to rumors they met and began dating during one of the modeling gigs. It didn't continue long and quickly came to an end leaving the Page 3s unmoved.

John Abraham

The longest and most well-liked relationship of Bipasha Basu was with John Abraham. They looked fantastic together and made a stunning duo. They ultimately made the decision to part ways and things got so bad that Bipasha once refused to acknowledge John in a conversation. John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have generated more media attention than any other unmarried pair. 

Bipasha started dating her Jism co-star John Abraham after splitting up with Dino Morea. They were frequently referred to as the hottest couple in Bollywood. Bips and John dated for nearly ten years before 2011! Millions of hearts were broken when they separated. The reason they split up was never quite understood. 
However in an interview John made it seem as though he didn't want to be married anytime soon while Bipasha was adamant about getting hitched. In John’s words: We have since ended our relationship and at some time I started to blame myself for failing to measure up to a lot of expectations. We had different expectations for this partnership. I doubt that I was prepared to commit at the critical juncture when the relationship needed more commitment.

Dino Morea

Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea were a gorgeous couple who made news for their relationship merely because of the chemistry they generated on film. The two provided a fantastic example of ex-couples who can stay friends for life after their breakup.

Rana Daggubati

Rana Dagubatti and Bipasha Basu are also said to be dating. Miheeka Bajaj and the South Indian actor got married. It was around the time that their film Dum Maaro Dum was released. Te Amo a wildly popular romantic song was also shown on the two.

Saif Ali Khan

Few people are aware of this relationship but there have long been rumors that Saif Ali Khan and Bipasha Basu dated back when they were competing in races. In the movie the two were featured in a highly sexy song and their chemistry lit up the screens.

Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja and Bipasha Basu also had a protracted relationship. The two were frequently seen together at events and in a number of well-liked restaurants. Harman just revealed his engagement to a new female after the relationship fizzled.

Karan Singh Grover

When Karan and Bipasha Basu first met on the Alone set they began dating. 

When asked about their proposal Karan once said Let me finish the story for you. On December 31 the sky over Koh Samui was illuminated with Fireworks. Something told me that this is the proper time as I was carrying the ring. I therefore used the chance to propose to her while she was filming the fireworks.

On April 30 2016 Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover tied the knot and they are currently blissfully married. 

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover announced that they are expecting their first child. Bipasha Basu posted pictures from their maternity shoot to their Instagram account along with the charming caption: A new era stage or light lends yet another distinct hue to our life's prism. a little more entire than we were before. We each started out in this life on our own but once we connected we became a pair. It seemed a little unfair to us to see too much affection for only two people because we will soon be three instead of two.

Our baby a manifestation of our love will soon join us and heighten our joy. We appreciate your prayers good wishes and unwavering love since they have been and always will be a part of us. We appreciate you being a part of our lives and helping to create our baby another precious life. 

Bipasha may be seen showing off her growing baby bump while Karan kisses her. The soon-to-be parents can also be seen posing together while wearing white shirts for the camera.


Bipasha Basu's daughter was born on 12th November 2022. The couple posted a joint statement on social media to announce the birth of their child.
Devi Basu Singh Grover is the name of Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover's Daughter. They added that their daughter was wonderful. Mama is now receiving our love and blessings physically and she is divine added Bipasha.


bipasha basu movie list

Vinod Khanna one of the judges of the Godrej Cinthol Supermodel Contest in which Bipasha Basu competed wanted to cast her alongside his son Akshaye Khanna in Himalay Putra but she rejected the offer because she thought she was too young and the part ultimately went to Anjala Zaveri. Bipasha Basu was persuaded by Jaya Bachchan to star alongside her son Abhishek Bachchan in J. P. Dutta's Aakhari Mughal when she got home. The movie was canceled though and Dutta created Refugee with Kareena Kapoor after altering the script. A part in Refugee opposite Sunil Shetty was also offered to Basu but she turned it down. Bipasha Basu finally made her acting debut in 2001 co-starring with Akshay Kumar in Vijay Galani's Ajnabee.

Bipasha Basu featured in Raaz the most popular thriller of 2002. It made Bipasha Basu a name for herself in the Hindi film business under Vikram Bhatt's direction. For the role of Raaz she received a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actress. With the success of No Entry Corporate and Dhoom 2 Basu who played the lead in the Tamil film Sachein made a name for herself as an actor.  Basu plays the cameo part of Bianca in Vishal Bharadwaj's Othello adaption Omkara. She attracted recognition with her dance number Beedi which was well-known both in India and abroad.

In addition to acting Bipasha Basu created the Tu music video for Sonu Nigam's album Kismat. She had a cameo appearance in Jay Sean's Stolen music video.
Bipasha Basu is an enthusiast for physical fitness in addition to movies. Her debut workout DVD Bollywood Bodies which she co-produced with John Abraham was released in 2005. Love Yourself: Fit & Fabulous You her debut fitness DVD which emphasized strength health and self-love was released in 2010. She also represents the Delhi Marathon which was motivated by her enthusiasm for fitness.

First Movie Ajnabee (2001)

A newlywed couple Raj (Bobby Deo) and Priya (Kareena Kapoor Khan) move to Switzerland after being married. Vicky (Akshay Kumar) and Sonia (Bipasha Basu) their new neighbors become friends with them. Everything is going well until Raj wakes up in Vicky's home one day and discovers that Vicky's wife has been murdered. Raj is wanted by the police after being charged with the murder but runs away to establish his innocence.

Ajnabee is a 2001 Indian mystery-thriller film in the Hindi language that was produced by Vijay Galani and directed by Abbas-Mustan. It features Johnny Lever Dalip Tahil Narendra Bedi and Sharat Saxena in supporting roles alongside Akshay Kumar Bobby Deol Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha Basu in the key parts. Consenting Adults a 1992 American thriller was the original movie from which this movie is inspired and adapted.

Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu won Filmfare awards for this movie.

Raaz (2002)

Sanjana Dhanraj feels abandoned by her wealthy businessman husband Aditya. She crashes her automobile after taking an excessive amount of sleeping drugs. To give her time to heal and give themselves some space to work on their relationship again they decide to take a trip together. They must visit their home in Ooty she insisted. But once there she thinks she can hear a girl screaming even if no one else can. She might be crazy according to Aditya. 

After consulting an expert she and her friend Priya arrive to the conclusion that a malicious spirit is haunting the property. But when the apparitions get more sinister Sanjana understands that Aditya is keeping something from her and that he needs to tell her as soon as possible. But as the hauntings intensify Sanjana realizes that Aditya is keeping something from her. If he doesn't tell her right away the couple would have to endure this horror for the rest of their lives.

The album topped the charts in 2002 and its tracks had extremely high levels of popularity. In 2002 approximately 5000000 units were sold making it the year's top-selling album. Soon after their release songs like Main Agar Saamne Aapke Pyaar Mein Jo Bhi Kasmein Khayi Thi Kitna Pyara Hai Yeh Chehra Itna Mein Chahu Tujhe Mujhe Tere Jaisi Ladki Mil Jaye Toh Yahaan Pe Sab Shanti Shanti Hai and others went viral and were heard playing at almost every wedding and celebration The songs received praise from all across the world including from The Beatles' Paul McCartney. 

Dhoom 2 (2006)

Ali (Uday Chopra) has realized his dream of becoming a police officer. He is now a right-hand man to ACP Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan). They are working closely together to control crime in India. They have no idea what will happen when they will face Mr. A (Hrithik Roshan). Mr. A is Aryan a multinational tech-savvy thief. He has been committing impossible heists all around the world and Mumbai India is his next target. ACP Jai and Ali are handed the case to handle. Jai's former college roommate and current police officer ACP Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu) assists them in putting the puzzle together.

Shonali has been following these incredible robberies for the past two years and she is now an authority on this criminal that no one has ever seen. Once in Mumbai Mr. A meets Sunehri (Aishwarya Rai) a cunning though small-time crook. He finds it very difficult to turn down her offer of a collaboration. Aryan consents. The fight between good vs. evil and cat and mouse is now underway. The COPS are Jai Shonali and Ali and they are searching for The ROBBERS Aryan and Sunehri. Namibia's desert the backwaters of Goa Mumbai's seedy neighborhoods the historic forts of Rajasthan and lastly Wild n Exotic Rio Brazil.

Hrithik Roshan Abhishek Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bipasha Basu and Uday Chopra appear in the movie. It rose to the top of the 2006 Hindi box office. A number of tie-ins were used to promote it. The movie was advertised by Coca-Cola as Coke Uthale Dhoom Machale. Despite being nominated for numerous accolades that year Dhoom 2 only won a few of the notable ones. Out of the five nominations for the movie at the 52nd Filmfare Awards Hritik Roshan took home the Best Actor trophy. The movie won for Best Makeup and Best Costume Design at the 8th IIFA Awards. Aishwarya Rai earned Star of the Year - Female at the 2007 Stardust Awards and filmmaker Gadhvi took home the Hottest Young Filmmaker trophy. 

Race (2008)

Successful horse breeder Ranvir (Saif Ali Khan) has a track record of developing and exhibiting champion racehorses in South Africa. Although Rajiv (Akshaye Khanna) Ranvir's brother also works in the horse racing industry he is not as competitive and has not produced as many champion horses. Rajiv on the other hand reveals his prickly side when he kidnaps Ranvir's fiancée Sonia (Bipasha Basu) and concocts a sinister scheme to take over his sibling's successful firm.

A 2008 Indian crime film titled Race was written by Kiran Kotrial Shiraz Ahmed Anurag Prapanna and Jitendra Parmar and directed by Abbas-Mustan. Starring Anil Kapoor Saif Ali Khan Akshaye Khanna Bipasha Basu Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy it is the first entry in the Race series. The film explores the ties between businessmen and brothers Ranvir (Khan) and Rajiv Singh on both a personal and professional level (Khanna).

Alone (2015)

Sanjana and her husband Kabir are forced to leave Mumbai and travel back to Kerala after Sanjana's mother suffers an accident. Sanjana is the survivor of the conjoined twins and when she returns home after a long absence she is thrust into her traumatic and eerie past. In addition to bringing back old memories Sanjana's visit to Kerala also seems to have revived her sister Anjana's energy. The only person who can perceive Anjana (Bipasha presence )'s and see her face in reflections and mirrors is Sanjana.

Sanjana (Bipasha) confides in Kabir (Karan Singh) about her predicament but he thinks that her hallucinations are simply a result of her sister's affection for her and her remorse about losing Anjana. However these hallucinations quickly develop into spine-tingling episodes that put Sanjana on the point of breaking down. When Kabir seeks assistance from his psychiatrist buddy Namit he discovers that it is more than just a matter of science. These hallucinations gradually give rise to the startling discovery of a horrible secret tied to terror fate and fierce twisted love.

Career Timeline

YearBipasha Basu's Movie TitlesBipasha Basu's Character Names
2014Creature 3DAhana Dutt
2013The LoversTulaja Naik
2013AatmaMaya Verma
2013Race 2Sonia Ranveer Singh
2012PlayersRiya Thapar
2012Jodi BreakersSonali Agnihotri
2012Raaz 3DShanaya Shekhar
2011Dum Maro DumZoey Mendonca
2009Aa Dekhen ZaraSimi Chatterjee
2009All the Best: Fun BeginsJhanvi Chopra
2009Shob Charitro KalponikRadhika Mitra
2008RaceSonia Ranveer Singh
2008Bachna Ae HaseenoRadhika/Shreya Rathore
2008Rab Ne Bana Di JodiNA
2007Nehlle Pe DehllaPooja
2007No SmokingNA
2007Om Shanti OmHerself
2006Humko Deewana Kar GayeSonia Berry
2006Darna Zaroori HaiVarsha
2006Phir Hera PheriAnuradha
2006CorporateNishigandha Dasgupta
2006OmkaraBillo Chamanbahar
2006Jaane Hoga KyaAditi
2006Dhoom 2Shonali Bose/Monali Bose
2005Viruddh... Family Comes FirstNA
2005BarsaatAnna Virvani
2005No EntryBobby
2005ApaharanMegha Basu
2004Ishq Hai TumseKhusboo
2004AetbaarRia Malhotra
2004RakhtDrishti Nair
2004MadhoshiAnupama Kaul
2003Tujhe Meri KasamGirija
2003JismSonia Khanna
2003FootpathSanjana Srivastav
2003Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit FormulaHerself
2003ZameenNandini Rai
2002Takkari DongaPanasa
2002RaazSanjana Dhanraj
2002Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi HaiRia
2002Chor Machaaye ShorRanjita
2002GunaahPrabha Narayan
2001AjnabeeSonia Bajaj/Neeta


Kareena Bipasha Cat-fight

Everyone was drawn to a leaked snapshot of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bipasha because it appeared as though they were sharing a kiss. But it was a false impression. In reality the two principal ladies were involved in a major argument at the time. Kareena even referred to Bips as Kalli Billi as a result.

Relationship between Ronaldo and Bipasha Basu

The talented football player Ronaldo was photographed making out with the actress Bipasha Basu. Despite the fact that none of them ever put an end to the rumors pictures that spread told a different tale. 

Back in 2007 when Cristiano had already made a name for himself as one of the most exciting celebrities and girls were swooning over him Bipasha and Cristiano had an incident. As it turned out Bipasha seems to have responded well to Cristiano's charisma and vice versa. It was claimed that the two had gone to an event together and were afterward seen conversing at a party. However what happened next supposedly shocked a lot of people and shattered the internet.

In the BBC nightclub Belem Cristiano Ronaldo who is well-known worldwide was seen making out with Bipasha Basu. As soon as their kissing images started to become viral controversy erupted. It was allegedly said that Bipasha Basu was dating Ronaldo.

Bipasha Basu sex chat with Amar Singh

One of Bollywood's biggest scandals is undoubtedly this one. The audio recording of Amar Singh and Bipasha that was leaked caused a media uproar. The audio clip which was ultimately determined to be a Fake allegedly captured the two having a Naughty conversation.

We're referring to the reported phone call between Bipasha Basu and Amar Singh which was suddenly gone viral. The dialogue is explicit when Amar Singh responds to Bipasha's remark about his age by saying Age matters between the legs. As a response to the purportedly recorded chat Bipasha asserted that she can openly confront anyone to establish her identity. Please listen to the chat first and if you still believe it is me I openly defy anyone to show you otherwise! Back then Bipasha wrote a post on her Twitter account. A celeb accepts beatings of all types but if my dignity is attacked I am ready to take this subject up in a greater manner added Bipasha who was concerned by the media attention. There is a limit to fabricating tales at a celebrity's expense! Making ludicrous and false things into sensational headlines is absolutely unethical. 

Amar Singh the leader of the Samajwadi Party however acknowledged that although his voice could be heard on the audio that was leaked Bipasha was not the woman on the other end. Amar Singh stated I am not someone who runs away from relationships of any kind in an interview with ETimes. They should not be embarrassed or ashamed of them. One can review the recordings of my 2005–2006 24-hour 365–day telephone calls but not a single one with Bipasha appears. It would be quite pleasant for anyone to receive a call from Bipasha Basu in 2006 but I was not given the chance to experience that kind of flattery. He further remarked I don't deny that it's my voice but I wouldn't talk to a lady that way. I am no longer interested in talking to girls because I have grown older. Please understand that it is not Bipasha.

Net worth

bipasha networth

According to estimates Bipasha Basu has a total net worth of $15 million USD or roughly 113 billion Indian Rupees (i.e. roughly 133 billion INR) (113 Crore). Bipasha resides in an opulent Bandra mansion. The real estate is thought to be worth 16 crore Indian rupees. She also owns a number of homes across the nation. Bipasha is the owner of a few high-end vehicles such as an Audi Q and a Toyota Fortuner. Bipasha Basu charges 3–4 Crore for each movie in addition to a cut of the take. She demands Rs. 2 crores to endorse a product.

Acting is the main source of income for Bipasha Basu. She also charges for appearances at ceremonies and events and promotes a number of products. In addition the actor had established The Label Life alongside Sussanne Khan and Malaika Arora two more superstars. The actor had dabbled in shoe design as well. For The Label Life the sneaker she created became a best-seller.



Other Awards

7 Interesting Facts and Trivia

Bipasha Basu Workout

Profile Summary

Bipasha BasuDetails
Celebrity TypeMovie Star
Age43 years as of 2022
Date Of Birth7th January 1979
Zodiac SignCapricorn
BirthplaceNew Delhi India
Height5 feet 7 inches
Notable WorkPhir Hera Pheri All The Best Race
First FilmAjnabee
Total Films41
Net Worth in rupeesRs 113 crores as of 2022
Net Worth$15 million as of 2022

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