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Tumhari Sulu - 2017

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The uplifting and appealing Hindi movie Tumhari Sulu honours the remarkable journey of a courageous and aspirational woman. The film, which was directed by Suresh Triveni, centers on the aspirations, victories, and dreams of Sulu, who is played by the talented Vidya Balan.

Sulu puts her contagious energy, friendliness, and zest for life to the airwaves as she embraces her new position as a late-night radio program presenter. She gains a devoted following and becomes a local celebrity because of her distinctive voice and distinctive point of view.

Tumhari Sulu is a celebration of womanhood, dreams, and the strength of perseverance as well as the story of one woman's quest to discover her voice. The subtle aspects of Sulu's personality, her contagious charisma, and her capacity to positively influence those around her are all expertly captured in the movie.

The movie tells the tale of one woman's journey to find her voice while also celebrating womanhood, dreams, and the power of tenacity. The movie does a masterful job of capturing the nuanced facets of Sulu's personality, her infectious charisma, and her ability to have a positive impact on those around her.


Table of contents


Movie name

Tumhari Sulu

Directed by

Suresh Triveni

Produced by

Bhushan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, Krishan Kumar, Atul Kasbekar, Shanti Sivaram Maini

Screenplay by

Vijay Maurya


Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul, Abhishek Sharma


Saurabh Goswami

Edited by

Shivkumar V. Panicker

Production Company

T-Series, Ellipsis Entertainment                         

Distributed by


Release date

17 November 2017






₹20 crore


The plot of the film Tumhari Sulu centers on the life of Sulochana, lovingly known as Sulu, a Mumbai housewife from the middle class who has goals and aspirations. Sulu, played by the great Vidya Balan, is a loving wife and mother who lives a happy life but longs for more.

One day, Sulu discovers a chance to work as a radio host for a late-night program. Sulu is persuaded to try it out by her encouraging husband Ashok, who is portrayed by Manav Kaul. Sulu wins over Maria, the radio station's director, who is portrayed by Neha Dhupia, with her contagious energy, unusual voice, and unconventional outlook on life.

Sulu finds a passion and a skill for using radio to connect with people as she dives into her new line of work. Her late-night program, suitably titled Tumhari Sulu, becomes popular thanks to Sulu's distinct sense of humour, relatability, and style. The audience is won over by her interactions with callers, her sincere counsel, and her charming laughter.

Sulu's sudden success, nevertheless, has a cost. It is difficult for her to juggle her duties as a wife and mother with her radio DJ work. Her unusual professional choice creates questions in her traditional family and community, resulting in disagreements and misunderstandings.

Sulu's determination and resilience stand out despite the ups and downs.

 She confronts the difficulties head-on and devises innovative solutions to balance her personal and professional responsibilities. With the steadfast backing of her devoted family, especially.

Tumhari Sulu beautifully portrays the minute details of Sulu's evolution from a housewife to a self-assured and empowered woman. It looks at issues like having self-confidence, going for your goals, and how crucial it is to balance your personal and professional goals.


Tumhari Sulu was released on 17 November 2017 as a Hindi film that touched the hearts of audiences across the nation. The film, which was directed by Suresh Triveni, quickly gained popularity because of its relatable plot, top-notch acting, and heartwarming scenes.

As viewers eagerly anticipated the chance to see the adventure of Sulu, played by the talented Vidya Balan the premiere of the movie was welcomed with expectation and excitement. Tumhari Sulu promised to be a fascinating film experience with its special blending of comedy, drama, and inspirational moments. It was praised for its realistic

portrayal of a middle-class woman's aspirations and the challenges she faces in her pursuit of fulfillment.


The core of the movie is Vidya Balan's outstanding performance as Sulu. Her portrayal of a middle-class housewife with big goals and desires is appealing and motivating. She expertly adapts Sulu's contagious enthusiasm, charm, and tenacity onto the film, giving the audience a reason to root for and identify with her.Tumhari-Sulu-Review-tring

The movie expertly conveys the nuanced details of Sulu's journey as she seizes an unexpected chance to conduct a late-night radio show. Sulu's development from a housewife to a self-assured and strong woman is sensitively and authentically portrayed, emphasising the difficulties she encounters in balancing her household obligations with her passion.

The Tumhari Sulu screenplay is interesting and keeps the viewer interested the entire time. A well-rounded viewing experience is provided by the lighthearted and accessible humour as well as the heartfelt scenes. The film's attractiveness is enhanced by the clever dialogue that perfectly captures everyday life.

The film's ability to portray the complexities of a woman's life and the difficulties she encounters in pursuing her aspirations is one of its strongest qualities.

 It addresses issues such as gender roles, cultural norms, and the value of self-belief, making it a timely and inspirational tale.

Tumhari Sulu is a masterpiece that entertains, inspires, and has a profound effect. It honors the unbreakable spirit of women and reminds us that ambitions may be achieved at any stage of life thanks to its excellent performances, compelling plot, and likable characters. It is a must-watch due to its charming characters, motivational message, and capacity to make you smile. 



Character Analysis

Sulu, portrayed by Vidya Balan, is the focal point and driving force of the movie. She is a homemaker from the middle class who epitomizes optimism, vigor, and a thirst for more from life. She is an approachable and engaging character. Sulu goes through a transformation as the plot develops, letting go of social pressures and embracing her dreams. She is a motivating protagonist due to her drive, resiliency, and unshakeable self-belief.Tumhari-Sulu-Character-analysis-tring

Manav Kaul plays the role of Ashok, Sulu's devoted and dependable husband. He embodies the forward-thinking attitude of a modern husband who inspires and encourages his wife to follow her aspirations. The story is made richer and more endearing by Ashok's undying love, unfailing support, and readiness to adapt to their relationship's shifting dynamics.

Maria, portrayed by Neha Dhupia, is a close friend and confidante of Sulu. She is a powerful, independent woman who stands as Sulu's rock. Maria's friendship, wise counsel and lighthearted remarks provide Sulu's journey some needed balance. She stands for the value of female friendship and self-determination.

Family of Sulu: Sulu's parents, siblings, and extended family are typical members of an Indian middle-class family. They serve as the setting for Sulu's struggles and

societal expectations. Their opposing opinions and responses to Sulu's ambitions highlight the challenges of juggling a personal life with responsibilities to one's family.

Each character in Tumhari Sulu adds depth and contributes to the narrative by bringing their unique qualities and perspectives to the story.




Ban Ja Rani

Guru Randhawa

Hawa Hawai 2.0

Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shashaa Tirupati

Manva Likes To Fly

Shalmali Kholgade


Armaan Malik, Adityan


Ronkini Gupta

Behind The Scenes

Tumhari Sulu was shot in both indoor and outdoor settings, according to a set schedule. Sulu's household life and her debut into the radio industry are contrasted with Mumbai's bustling energy, which the filmmaker highlighted in the film.To develop a soundtrack that complemented the story and the characters' emotions, the behind-the-scenes team worked with skilled musicians and composers. The entrancing music and background score enhanced the movie's ambiance.

Box Office Collection

The movie Tumhari Sulu did remarkably well at the box office, winning both praise from critics and money. The movie resonated with viewers, and as a result, it had a successful box office run throughout its theatrical release.

A significant amount of moviegoers came to theatres to catch Tumhari Sulu during its opening weekend, receiving a favourable reception. The movie's steady rise in box office receipts was aided by its compelling narrative, great performances, and favourable word-of-mouth. The box office collection was estimated ₹50.84 crore






Screen Awards

Best Actress

Vidya Balan


Screen Awards

Best Supporting Actress

Neha Dhupia


Screen Awards

Best Supporting Actor

Manav Kaul


Filmfare Awards

Best Actress

Vidya Balan


Mirchi Music Awards

Upcoming Lyricist of The Year

Santanu Ghatak (for the song Rafu)


International Indian Film Academy Awards

Best Film

Tumhari Sulu


Interesting Facts 

In order to portray the life of a radio DJ as accurately as possible, Vidya Balan spent time with real radio jockeys and studied their demeanor and working methods. Her performance gained depth and reality as a result of her attention to detail.Tumhari-Sulu-interesting facts-tring

Suresh Triveni made his directing debut with Tumhari Sulu. His engaging narrative approach and original viewpoint won him praise from the critics. His directing career got off to a strong start. The film was honored with the prestigious National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues. The recognition highlighted the film's positive impact and its contribution to addressing social themes.

The lead role of Sulu was originally given to another actress, but Vidya Balan ultimately won the job because she brought her distinct charm and sincerity to the role. Her portrayal of Sulu won significant praise and emerged as one of the movie's high points.

In conclusion, Tumhari Sulu is a sweet and enjoyable movie that leaves its audience with a lasting impression. The movie achieves a harmonious mix between amusement and meaningful storytelling because of its relatable characters, engaging plot, and exceptional performances.

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