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Chunky Panday | Biography, Career, Age, Net worth, Movies, Children

Know more about Chunky Panday. Keep reading & get information about Chunky Panday’s Age, Family, Biography, Relationships, Career, Interesting facts & more

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Profile Summary

Chunky Panday Details
Chunky Panday Profession Actor
Chunky Panday Celebrity Type Movie Star
Chunky Panday Age 60 years as of 2022
Chunky Panday Date Of Birth 26th September 1962
Chunky Panday Zodiac Sign Libra
Chunky Panday Birthplace Mumbai Maharashtra India
Chunky Panday Nationality Indian
Chunky Panday Height 5 feet 11 inches
Chunky Panday Weight 69kgs
Chunky Panday Notable Work Paap Ki Duniya Nakabandi Aankhen
Chunky Panday First Film Rocky
Chunky Panday Total Films 58 as of 2022
Chunky Panday Net Worth in rupees Rs 150 crores as of 2022
Chunky Panday Net Worth $20 million as of 2022
Chunky Panday Instagram @chunkypanday
Chunky Panday Twitter @ChunkyThePanday

Chunky Panday’s Biography

chunky panday

Suyash Panday famously known as Chunky Panday is an Indian actor. Chunky Panday’s birthplace is Mumbai. Chunky Panday’s zodiac sign is Libra. Chunky Panday’s real name is Suyash Panday. Chunky Panday’s mother’s name is Snehalata Panday. Chunky Panday’s father is Sharad Panday.  Chunky Panday's wife’s name is Bhavana Panday. Chunky Panday's daughter's name is Ananya Panday. Chunky Panday's height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Indian actor Suyash Panday better known by his stage name Chunky Panday was born on September 26 1962. He acts in Bollywood movies. In a career spanning more than three decades he has acted in more than 100 movies.

In Hindi his most popular movies were made between 1987 and 1994. Chunky Panday's career in Hindi cinema dwindled away after his lead hero failures in those films starting in 1994. After that he began to work in Bangladeshi cinema in 1995 where the majority of his films found success. Since 2003 he has played supporting roles in Hindi movies.

Paap Ki Duniya (1988) Khatron Ke Khiladi (1988) Ghar Ka Chiraag (1989) Nakabandi Zahreelay (1990) Rupaye Dus Karod Vishwatma (1992) Lootere (1993) and Aankhen (1993) are a few of the successful movies with him in the secondary role. He only had one hit as a lead hero and that is the movie  Parda Hai Parda (1992).

Chunky Panday’s Age

Chunky Panday's birth date is 26 September 1962. Chunky Panday’s birth year is 1962. Chunky Panday’s age is 60 years as of 2022.

Chunky Panday’s Family

chunky panday wife

Suyash Panday famously known as Chunky Panday is an Indian actor. Chunky Panday's birth date is 26 September 1962. Chunky Panday’s birth year is 1962. Chunky Panday’s age is 60 years as of 2022. Chunky Panday’s birthplace is Mumbai. Chunky Panday’s zodiac sign is Libra. 

Chunky Panday’s real name is Suyash Panday. Chunky Panday’s mother’s name is Snehalata Panday. Chunky Panday’s father is Sharad Panday.  Chunky Panday's wife’s name is Bhavana Panday. Chunky Panday's daughter's name is Ananya Panday.  Chunky Panday's other daughter's name is Rysa Panday.  

Chunky Panday's Education

Chunky Panday studied acting at the Madhumati Academy of Film Dancing and Acting Mumbai. Chunky Panday has also done a course Daisy Irani Acting School Mumbai.

Chunky Panday’s Relationships

Chunky Panday and Anu Kutoor

Chunky Pandaypreviously dated MTV VJ Anu Kutoor with whom he even got engaged. The pair however eventually split up.

Chunky Panday and Beena Nadkarni

Beena Nadkarni and Chunky Panday were once engaged but it didn't work out.

Chunky Panday and Dimple Barot

In the 1980s Pandey had a relationship with VJ Dimple Barot. They chose to separate even though they became engaged.

Chunky Panday's Marriage With Bhavana Panday

Chunky Panday reminisced about their first encounter saying it happened at Delhi's Ghungroo nightclub. He added that Ivy George a buddy from college who knew Bhavna had played matchmaker for her. Chunky recalled the early stages of their relationship and how while not being able to record Bhavana's phone number anywhere he was thankfully adept with numbers. 

He admitted that a month later when he called her while in Delhi he learned that she had left the country and believed their romance was over. He then learned that she had only traveled outside India for a brief period to begin her training as a Lufthansa air hostess.

Chunky Panday revealed the details of their first date saying that it was arranged while she was visiting him on the Tirchi Topiwale set with her pals. He also remembered taking the girls for a drive in his brother's convertible BMW to impress them. Even if they are in love the famous pair hasn't uttered I love you according to Chunky because it is presumed that they do.

Chunky Panday explained how he asked Ananya Pandy's mother to marry him by saying that he realized he couldn't live without her after Bhavana took a long journey to Germany. So when she got back from her trip he flew to Delhi took her to the Bukhara Restaurant at the Maurya Hotel got down on one knee and she said Yes right away.

I would talk to her for 20 minutes between four hours of sleep. Calls to STD and ISD were highly expensive back then. In order to meet her I continued to fly to Delhi. Therefore I declared to her one day This relationship is too expensive. Let's try to save money by staying in the same place and perhaps getting married. And I proposed to her.

In January 1998 Chunky Panday and Bhavana Panday got married.

Chunky Panday’s Career

Chunky Panday’s First Movie- Aag Hi Aag (1987)

On the same day that Army Officer Bahadur Singh's (Dharmendra) wife Ganga (Moushumi Chatterjee) gives birth to son Vijay he is called back to service. Bahadur Singh's village is assaulted by bandits while he is back on duty and his sister is raped and killed. When he goes to the police to make a complaint the officers avoid him notably the dishonest Police Inspector Kundan Singh (Gulshan Grover). Furious Bahadur Singh decides to take the law into his own hands. He adopts the alias Sher Singh and joins a gang of thieves led by Daulat Singh (Danny Denzongpa).

Police shoot Sher Singh in a village one day. When Dr. Raghuveer Singh (Vinod Mehra) arrives to treat him Sher Singh shoots him dead because he believes Raghuveer Singh to be a police officer. He realizes his error expresses regret and turns himself into the police. Vijay (Chunky Pandey) the son of Sher Singh grows older and develops feelings for Aarti (Neelam). Aarti is Daulat Singh's Chaudhary the father of the family. On the opposing side Raghuveer Singh's son Suraj Singh (Shatrughan Sinha) is appointed ACP. In order to exact retribution for the murder of his father Suraj has just one goal: to track down and kill Sher Singh. The plot takes additional turns as a result and many of them lead to a dead end.

Aag Hi Aag is a 1987 Bollywood action movie that was helmed by Shibu Mitra. Along with Vinod Mehra and Gulshan Grover making cameos it has Dharmendra Moushumi Chatterjee Shatrughan Sinha Chunky Pandey Neelam Richa Sharma Shakti Kapoor and Danny Denzongpa in key parts. The movie became the fourth-highest-grossing movie of 1987 after breaking out as one of the year's major hits. The Bollywood career of Chunky Pandey is credited to this movie.

Chunky Panday Movie- Aankhen (1993)

The issue is with Hasmukh Rai (Kader Khan). Actually he has two issues: Munnu (Chunky Pandey) and Gulshan Bunnu his two kids (Govinda Ahuja). The brothers are well-known slackers who frequently engage in criminal activity and intricate practical jokes. Hasmukh learns that his boys have been avoiding school for the past three years and have been lying to him about their college grades in both sports and academics. 

They are consequently expelled from college and ultimately their home. Later one of their practical jokes turns violent and Bunnu vanishes leading to speculation that he has died. Munnu participates in the plot to assassinate Bunnu. Gauri Shankar Bunnu's identical cousin arrives in town from a small Indian hamlet in the meantime. He is mistaken for Bunnu which causes amusing miscommunications and ongoing commotion.

Aankhen is a 1993 Hindi-language action comedy movie that was written and directed by David Dhawan. Chunky Pandey and Govinda both play dual roles in it. It was the highest-grossing Indian movie of 1993 and a box office blockbuster.

Chunky Panday Movie- Qayamat: City Under Threat (2003)

The brothers Ali (Arbaaz Khan) and Abbas (Sanjay Kapoor) and their common-law partner Laila (Isha Koppikar) three feared Pakistan-backed arms dealers are about to be apprehended by CBI Officer Akram Sheikh (Sunil Shetty). When Sheikh discovers a significant armaments trade that his three targets were involved in Ali-Abbas teams up with a dishonest scientist named Gopal (Chunky Pandey) to obtain a deadly virus and kidnap guests at the Elphinstone Jail resort. 

Now that Ali-Abbas' erstwhile associate Rachit (Ajay Devgan) is serving time for a crime Akram Sheikh must turn to him for assistance. Rachit is the only person to have ever successfully escaped the Elphinstone prison. They attempt to carry out the mission using a commando unit. The action-thriller movie Qayamat: City Under Threat which was directed by Harry Baweja and first released on July 11 2003 is in the Hindi language.

Chunky Panday Movie- Housefull (2010)

The narrative of Aarush the unluckiest guy in the world is told in the romantic comedy Housefull. He believes that if he finds true love his bad luck will end because he is cursed. The core of the plot revolves around how one falsehood leads to another in this pursuit for true love and how various characters from various walks of life join together adding even more confusion to this hilarious comedy of errors resulting in complete mayhem and turmoil. The movie's tagline Jis jhooth se kissi ka ghar basta hai voh jhooth jhooth nahin hota very well captures its essence. Deepika says it to Akshay.

The 2010 comedy-drama film Housefull was written and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Sajid Khan. Starring in the movie is Jiah Khan Riteish Deshmukh Deepika Padukone Arjun Rampal and Akshay Kumar. Boman Irani Chunky Pandey Randhir Kapoor Lillete Dubey and Malaika Arora make up the supporting cast and Jacqueline Fernandez appears in an item number. On a $30 crore (3.8 million US dollars) budget it was filmed throughout London and Italy.

Chunky Panday Movie- Begum Jaan (2017)

Sir Cyril Radcliffe the head of the Border Commission chooses to partition India and Pakistan into equally sized halves on the eve of independence. The line that splits Begum Jaan's brothel in two with one half falling in India and the other in Pakistan is something the government fails to take into account.

Indian Hindi period drama film Begum Jaan was released in 2017. The National Film Award-winning director Srijit Mukherji wrote and directed it. Mukesh Bhatt Vishesh Bhatt and Play Entertainment produced it. With executive producer Kumkum Saigal the movie is co-produced by Sakshi Bhatt and Shree Venkatesh Films. Gopi Bhagat is the cinematographer.

Rahat Indori and Kausar Munir wrote the dialogue as well as the extra screenplay and the lyrics. Vidya Balan portrays the principal character of a brothel madam in this 1948 film which is set against the backdrop of the Indian Independence Movement. It is a Hindi adaptation of the lauded Bengali movie Rajkahini.

Chunky Panday Movie- Saaho (2019)

This action thriller is about a power struggle happening at the highest levels of government. Unrelated and unconnected events happening all around the world intertwine unexpectedly to reveal mind games. In order to uncover the true nature of everyone concerned the story immerses the audience in the game of a clever mastermind. It questions assumptions about who is the hunter and who is being hunted.

Saaho is a 2019 Indian action thriller which was written and directed by Sujeeth and was made by UV Creations. The movie is simultaneously shot in Hindi and Telugu with some of it also being reshot in Tamil. Prabhas Shraddha Kapoor Jackie Shroff Arun Vijay Neil Nitin Mukesh Vennela Kishore Murali Sharma Chunky Pandey Lal Mandira Bedi Mahesh Manjrekar Prakash Belawadi Tinnu Anand Evelyn Sharma Devan and Jacqueline Fernandez are among the ensemble cast members who play major roles.

Chunky Panday’s Career Timeline

Year Chunky Panday's Movies Chunky Panday's Character Names
2022 Nayika Devi - The Warrior Queen Muhammad Ghori
2022 Baked Season 3: The Bad Trip Himself
2022 Sardar TBA
2020 Jawaani Jaaneman Rajender Sharma aka Rocky
2020 Vikun Tak Abdul Lathif
2020 Abhay Harsh
2019 Saaho Devraj
2019 Prassthanam Bajwa Khatri
2019 Housefull 4 Pehli Pasta/Aakhri Pasta
2017 Begum Jaan Kabir
2016 Housefull 3 Aakhri Pasta
2016 Badman NA
2014 Gang of Ghosts Gulab Chand
2014 Humshakals Bijlani
2013 Bullett Raja Lallan Tiwari
2013 Himmatwala Michael Jaikishan
2012 Housefull 2 Aakhri Pasta
2012 Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum Baba 3G
2012 Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke Khukhri Thapa / Paaji
2011 Ready Special appearance
2011 Rascals Bhagat Bhulabhai Chouhan (BBC)
2010 Click Manu Sharma
2010 Housefull Aakhri Pasta
2010 Tees Maar Khan Himself
2009 Ek: The Power of One Balli
2009 Paying Guest Ronnie
2009 Sankat City Sikandar Khan (dual role)
2009 Daddy Cool Harry
2009 Shortkut Guru Kapoor
2009 De Dana Dan Nonny Chadda
2008 Hello Darling Rocky
2007 Fool N Final Rocky
2007 Om Shanti Om As himself (special appearance)
2006 Apna Sapna Money Money Rana Jang Bahadur
2006 Darwaaza Bandh Rakho Raghu
2006 Don: The Chase Begins Again T.J (special appearance)
2006 I See You Akshay 'AK' Kapoor
2005 Elaan Salim
2005 D Raghav
2005 Ssukh Rakesh Verma
2003 Qayamat: City Under Threat Gopal a scientist
2003 Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost Ajay singh
2001 Kasam Fugitive
2000 Jwalamukhi Police inspector Bhola
1999 Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan Chali D'Souza
1998 Tirchhi Topiwale Anand
1997 Kaun Rokega Mujhe NA
1997 Bhoot Bhungla Amar
1994 Gopalaa Major Anand/Gopal Gopala Anand
1994 Insaniyat Hariharan
1994 Bollywood Ashok
1994 Teesra Kaun? Vijay Verma
1993 Aankhen Ranjeet (Munnu)
1993 Lootere Ali
1993 Police Wala Jimmy/CBI Officer Jagmohan Nath
1993 Aakhri Chetawani NA
1992 Parda Hai Parda Vijay
1992 Sone Ki Lanka Rohit
1992 Naseebwaala Amar
1992 Kasak NA
1992 Vishwatma Akash Bhardwaj
1992 Khule-Aam Surya
1992 Apradhi Salim/Ravi
1991 Kohraam NA
1991 Do Matwale Amar
1991 Rupaye Dus Karod Suraj
1991 Khilaaf Vikram 'Vicky' Veerpratap Singh
1991 Jeevan Daata Shankar
1990 Zahreelay Raju Verma
1990 Naakabandi Raja Singh
1990 Atishbaaz NA
1990 Aaj Ke Shahenshah NA
1990 Tadap NA
1989 Ustaad NA
1989 Paanch Paapi NA
1989 Mitti Aur Sona Vijay Bhushan
1989 Kasam Vardi Kee Ajay Singh
1989 Ghar Ka Chiraag Ravi
1989 Na-Insaafi Sonu
1989 Gola Barood Vijay
1989 Zakham NA
1988 Paap Ki Duniya Inspector Vijay
1988 Gunahon Ka Faisla Sheroo
1988 Khatron Ke Khiladi Mahesh
1988 Tezaab Babban
1988 Agnee Babla
1987 Aag Hi Aag Vijay Singh
1981 Rocky Bell-ringer student (extra) in song Rocky Mera Naam

Chunky Panday’s Controversy

Chunky Panday and Farah Khan

Actor Chunky Panday and actress Farah Khan recently engaged in an amusing Instagram conversation after the latter accused her of overacting. Ananya Panday an actor and Farah Chunky's daughter collaborated on a humorous video on Tuesday. Farah may be seen in the video making a joke while getting her cosmetics done. 50 rupya kaat overacting ke always the funniest time with @farahkhankunder Ananya captioned the video she shared.

Ananya is depicted in the video sporting a green corset top. She says Guys I'm Ananya Panday and introduces herself. Farah enters the room unexpectedly and playfully declares that Ananya has received a National Award for her film Khaali Peeli. Tanya Ghavri one of Ananya's stylists joins in the celebration as she bursts into joy. But Farah ends the conversation by saying I'm joking in response to her father Chunky. When Ananya hears this the party comes to an end and she ultimately starts laughing.

Chunky Panday’s Net worth

chunky panday networth

Chunky Pandey has an $18 million net worth (Rs. 132 Crore). Chunky Pandey is one of the few actors in the nation with such a big fan base. The biggest name in Hindi film Chunky enjoys his fame by giving his audience exactly what they want to watch. Bollywood actor-producer Chunky is a member of the industry. Chunky Pandey is one of the highest-paid performers in the world with each of his films setting a new record for earnings.

Chunky Pandey is thought to have a total net worth of 18 million dollars or roughly 132 billion rupees in Indian currency (i.e. approx. One Hundred Thirty-Two Crores INR). Chunky Pandey's primary sources of income are movies and brand endorsements. Chunky Pandey runs into actors whose names are rarely in the news. He strives to spend time with his son and be a part of his childhood since he likes spending time with his family especially with his son. Being the most well-known actor worldwide Chunky Pandey's net worth is expected to rise by 40% over the next three years if his movies are successful. Mr. Chunky has received numerous Filmfare honors.

In Bandra (West) Mumbai's Monisha Apartments St. Andrews Road is home to Chunky's rich mansion. This real estate is thought to be worth 10 crore Indian rupees. He also owns a number of homes across the nation. Chunky is the owner of a few high-end vehicles including models from Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz E Class. Chunky Pandey costs 5–6 Crore for each film in addition to a cut of the take. He demands 2 crore rupees to endorse a product.

Chunky Panday’s Awards

Chunky Panday’s  Awards & Nominations ananya panday

15+ Interesting Facts About Chunky Panday

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