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Lock Upp - 2022

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Lock Upp: Badass Prison, Atyaachari Khel! is an Indian reality competition television series. Its first season is titled Lock Upp. Kangana Ranaut, Karan Kundra, and Tejasswi Prakash hosted the show, which debuted on ALTBalaji and MX Player on February 27, 2022. On May 7, 2022, the show's grand finale, often known as the Badass Finale, took place. Munawar Faruqui was crowned the champion, and Payal Rohatgi was named the runner-up.

Table of Contents


Mini TV Show Name

Lock Upp

Presented by

Kangana Ranaut, Karan Kundrra, and Tejasswi Prakash

Produced by

Ekta Kapoor and Alt Balaji

Edited by

Shashikant Mule

Music by

Jayant Sankla

Country of Origin






Started from

27 February 2022

Production Company

Endemol Shine India


MX Player


ALTT (formerly known as ALTBalaji)


Competitors, known as Inmates, who had been charged with crimes outside of prison, competed to win every basic necessity and the host's and audience's affection by completing tasks and showing their personalities. The season's first Jailor was presented as Karan Kundrra. Tejasswi Prakash debuted in the final episode as the Warden. The winner of Lock Upp: Badass Prison, Atyaachari Khel! receives both freedom and the trophy. The participant with the most votes wins.

Season 1 Contestants


First Day

Last Day



Day 1

Day 70



Day 1

Day 70

1st Runner-up


Day 1

Day 70

2nd Runner-Up


Day 1

Day 70

3rd Runner-Up


Day 23

Day 70

4th Runner-Up


Day 48

Day 70



Day 1

Day 28



Day 35

Day 68

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 66

Locked Out


Day 15

Day 56

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 29

Locked Out By Vinit & Zeeshan


Day 35

Day 55

Locked Out


Day 28

Day 53



Day 23

Day 32



Day 32

Day 49

Locked Out


Day 29

Day 42

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 35

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 28

Locked Out


Day 20

Day 27



Day 1

Day 21

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 20

Locked Out by Karanvir


Day 1

Day 14

Locked Out


Day 1

Day 7

Locked Out


Season 2 Predictions

Season 2 Predictions.tring

Soon, the second season of the reality series Lock Upp will premiere, with Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut serving as the host. The creators of the show are getting ready for Lock Upp Season 2 to premiere in the upcoming days, with a mid-March premiere date predicted. Despite there being no formal word from the producers, Lock Upp, a confined reality show supported by Ekta Kapoor, is scheduled to premiere its second season in the middle of March. On the internet, a number of names of famous people who might take part in the future season are emerging. Some of the celebrities who could appear in season 2 include Pratik Sehajpal, Akash Dadlani, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra, Pooja Mishra, Shiv Thakare, Archana Gautam, Urfi Javed, and Emiway Bantai.

Behind The Scenes

Information is not available.



It was revealed on 2 March 2022 that the show received 15 million views in the first 48 hours of its premiere. Within 19 days of its debut, on March 19, 2022, the show had surpassed 100 million views, making it one of the most popular reality shows on an OTT platform. The programme exceeded 200 million views on March 31, 2022. Lock Upp exceeded 300 million views on April 16, 2022.


A businessman from Hyderabad claimed that he had registered the idea with the association in 2018 and that it was his original concept. Sanober Baig, a businessman from Hyderabad, filed a complaint with the city civil court of Hyderabad, claiming that Lock Upp was based on his registered concept for a show named The Jail. According to Sanober Baig, he had discussed the idea with Abhishek Rege of Endemol Shine India, who he claims "backstabbed and ditched" him. The producers of Lock Upp were prohibited from streaming the programme on any platform by a civil court order for a while.




Badass Jailer Kangana Ke 13 Qaidi

27 February 2022

Aaj Kaun Hoga Nominate?

28 February 2022

Ab Qaidi Layenge Kranti

1 March 2022

Jail Mein Jhagada

2 March 2022

Kya Yeh Ek Tarfa Pyaar Hai?

3 March 2022

Badass Jail Ka Badass Jailor

4 March 2022

Queen Ne Li Sabki Class

5 March 2022

Who revealed Their secrets?

6 March 2022

Akal Badi Ya Brains

7 March 2022

Kisko Milegi Rasoi Ki chabhi

8 March 2022

Lock Upp Main Manaya Women's Day

9 March 2022

Ab Kya Sab Bhookhe Marenge

10 March 2022

Koun Hoga Kurbaan?

11 March 2022

Kangana Ne Kiya Expose

12 March 2022

Koun Hoga Safe?

13 March 2022

Sara Ka Past Bana Uska Present

14 March 2022

Kya Sara Aur Ali Suljha Payenge Apna Past?

15 March 2022

Dono Blocks Ke Beech Ghamasan Takkar

16 March 2022

Kyun Ho Rahe Jail Mein Personal Attacks?

17 March 2022

KV Ke Saath Jhol Ghar Ka Khel

18 March 2022

Lock Upp Mein Holi

19 March 2022

Will KV's Stupidity come back to Haunt Him?

20 March 2022

Saisha ko orange team ne kyu kiya target

21 March 2022

Kya blue team apne shatir game se jetegi?

22 March 2022

Anjali ne diya Payal ko Mooh Tod Jawab

23 March 2022

Azma Ne Aate Hi Apna Khel Shuru Kar Diya

24 March 2022

Nisha Aur Mandana Ka Jal Yudh

25 March 2022

Chetan Ke Bartav Ka Kya Hoga Natiza

26 March 2022

Aaj Kiska Secret Hoga Out

27 March 2022

Koun Hai Jail Ka Sabse Weak Kaidi?

28 March 2022

Calories Burn Ke Chakkar Me Ho Gai Halat Kharab

29 March 2022

Left Block Ne Rachi Coins Ki Saazish

30 March 2022

Atyachaari Arena Mein Kaidiyon Ne Lagayi Aag!

31 March 2022

Kya Left Block Ubhar Payega Aag Ke Khel Se?

1 April 2022

Kaidiyon Ko Mila Reality Check

2 April 2022

The Ultimate Jhol

3 April 2022

Secret Ballot Ka Khel

4 April 2022

Hands Up

5 April 2022

Kuch Kuch Hone Laga Hai

6 April 2022

Kheench Ke Bunty Bajade Ghanti

7 April 2022

Ticket To Temptation

8 April 2022

Aaj Hoga Pappi Ka Khel

9 April 2022

Kiska Secret Niklega Aur Kaun Hoga Safe?

10 April 2022

Golden Ticket Ki Chargesheet

11 April 2022

Kahin Pe Nigahen Kahin Pe Nishana

12 April 2022

Emotional Damage!

13 April 2022

Kaun Hai Farzi Actor?

14 April 2022

Temptation Ki Fight

15 April 2022

Lock Upp Mein Ekta!

16 April 2022

Kaun hai Queen ka Hukum ka Ikka?

17 April 2022

An Eye For An Eye - 1

18 April 2022

An Eye For An Eye - 2

18 April 2022

Yeh Toofan Kab Rukega?

19 April 2022

Ticket to Finale - 1

20 April 2022

Ticket to Finale - 2

21 April 2022

Gubbara Bachao!

22 April 2022

Kya Kalik Badlegi Game?

23 April 2022

Kiska Hua Time Up?

24 April 2022

Palang Tod Entertainment

25 April 2022

Family Karenge Lock-In

26 April 2022

Chargesheet Ki Jung!

27 April 2022

Bomb Squad

28 April 2022

Arena Showdown

29 April 2022

Jail Mein Lagi Queen Ki Kacheri

30 April 2022

Keechad Uchlega

1 May 2022

Jeena Haram Kar Dunga

2 May 2022

Lock Upp Ka Dangal

3 May 2022

Aakhri Chaap

4 May 2022

Chhoti Bacchi Hai Kya?

5 May 2022

Finale Ki Race

6 May 2022

Grand Finale

7 May 2022


Lock Upp: Badass Jail, Atyaachari Khel! is streaming on MX Player & ALTT (ALTBalaji). It is the biggest and most courageous reality show in India.

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