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Pinjar - 2003

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Chandraprakash Dwivedi's 2003 period drama film "Pinjar" is based on Amrita Pritam's novel of the same name. The movie is set in 1947, during the turmoil and brutality of India's partition, and it follows the tale of a young Hindu girl named Puro who is kidnapped by a Muslim man. The movie examines gender, identity, and religious themes while showing how the divide affected common people's lives. Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee, and Sanjay Suri are among the ensemble cast members in the movie, which earned positive reviews from critics for its potent narrative and standout performances. In addition, "Pinjar" was India's official submission for the Best Foreign Language category.


Table of contents


Movie name


Directed by

Chandraprakash Dwivedi

Screenplay by

Chandraprakash Dwivedi

Story by

Amrita Pritam

Produced by

Lucky Star Entertainment 


Urmila Matondakar, Manoj Bajpayee Sanjay Suri, Khulbushan Kharbanda, Isha Koppikar, Farida Jalal, Sandali Sinha and Priyanshu Chatterjee


Santosh Thundiya

Edited by

Ballu Saluja

Music by

Uttam Singh and Gulzar

Production company

Lucky Star Entertainment 

Distributed by

20th Century Fox

Release date

24th October 2003




Hindi, Punjabi




"Pinjar," which is set during the chaos and brutality of India's partition in 1947, tells the tale of a young Hindu girl named Puro who is kidnapped by a Muslim man named Rashid. Ramchand, Puro's fiancé, sets out to find her because her family suspects she has been murdered. Meanwhile, Puro struggles to adapt to her new life with Rashid's family, but as time passes, she develops feelings for him. As tensions between Hindus and Muslims continue to escalate, Puro and Ramchand must navigate a complex and dangerous social and political landscape to find each other and bring Puro back home. The film explores themes of identity, religion, and gender, and depicts the impact of the partition on the lives of ordinary


The movie was released on the 24th of October 2003. It grossed a box office collection of 3.9 crores. The movie is available to watchin Hindi and Punjabi. The movie can be enjoyed on Amazon Prime.




Character Analysis







"Shaba Ni Shaba"


Udit Narayan, Kavita Krishnamurthy & Sadhana Sargam


"Maar Udari"


Jaspinder Narula, Preeti Uttam, Amey Date & Nihar S.


"Haath Choote" (Duet)


Jagjit Singh & Preeti Uttam


"Vatna Ve"


Uttam Singh & Roop Kumar Rathod


"Darda Marya"


Wadali Brothers & Jaspinder Narula


"Charkha Chalati Maa"

Amrita Pritam

Preeti Uttam


"Sita Ko Dekhe"

Zehra Nigah

Suresh Wadkar & Sadhana Sargam




Preeti Uttam


"Waris Shah Nu"

Amrita Pritam

Wadali Brothers & Preeti Uttam


"Haath Choote"


Jagjit Singh

Behind the scenes


There is noinformation available

Box Office Collection

The movie grossed a profit of 3.9 Crores in the box office.




Won / Nominated

Film Fare

Best Art Direction Award

Manish Sappal

National Film Award

Special Jury Award

Manoj Bajpayee

Interesting facts

There is no information available


To sum up, "Pinjar" is a strong and emotionally stirring movie that examines the terrible effects of the partition on the lives of common people. The movie's haunting tune, realistic locations, and nuanced representation of its characters' hardships make for an engaging and immersive viewing experience for viewers. The key actors' outstanding performances, especially Urmila Matondkar's, add to the film's emotionalcomplexity and depth. For anyone who want to learn more about the complicated history of the division and its continuing effects, "Pinjar" is a must-watch.

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