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LGM (Let's Get Married) - 2023

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LGM - Let's Get Married, the 2023 Tamil romance-comedy, graced the screens on July 28, 2023, with an ensemble cast featuring Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadhiya, and Yogi Babu. Produced by Dhoni Entertainment, the film studio owned by the renowned Indian cricket player, MS Dhoni. Known for his excellence on the cricket field, MS Dhoni's entry into the film industry has garnered immense excitement and curiosity among fans and movie enthusiasts alike.

Meera (Ivana), a young lady, makes the decision to spend time with her future mother-in-law (played by Nadiya Moidu) before getting married to her boyfriend, Gowtham (Harish Kalyan), in the film. The story centres on the adventures the three of them go through during this period. The plot revolves around the adventures that the three of them have during this time period.


Table of Contents


Movie Name

LGM - Let's Get Married

Directed by

Ramesh Thamilmani

Screenplay by

Ramesh Thamilmani

Produced by

Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Vikas Hasija


Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadiya Moidu, and Yogi Babu


Viswajith Odukkathil

Edited by

Pradeep E Ragav

Music by

Ramesh Thamilmani

Production Company

Dhoni Entertainment

Distributed by


Release Date

28 July 2023


2 Hours and 32 Minutes








LGM - Let's Get Married revolves around the delightful and comedic journey of three individuals: Gowtham, Meera, and Gowtham's mother. Gowtham and Meera have been in a long-term relationship and are content with their commitment to each other. However, Gowtham's mother, who deeply cares for her son, believes it's time for them to take the next step and get married.

While Meera is open to the idea of marriage, she discovers that the couple will have to live with Gowtham's mother after tying the knot. This revelation makes Meera slightly worried, as she wonders how living with her potential mother-in-law would impact their relationship. 

On the other hand, Gowtham, who lost his father and doesn't want to leave his mother alone, is firm about the idea.

Meera suggests an interesting idea: a trip to Coorg to calm her worries and help them develop a closer bond. The trio agrees, setting off on an adventure-filled journey that promises both ups and downs and lots of laughter.

As Gowtham, Meera, and Gowtham's mother embark on their trip, they encounter a series of amusing situations and unforeseen challenges. From misadventures during travel to hilarious misunderstandings, their journey is filled with comedic adventure. Along the way, they find themselves facing unexpected adventures and bonding over shared experiences.


The Tamil romance-comedy, LGM - Let's Get Married, was released on 28 July 2023. What made this release even more special is that it marked the first movie produced by Dhoni Entertainment, the film studio owned by the renowned Indian cricket player, MS Dhoni.


The main characters, Gautham and Meera, are instantly introduced by Director Ramesh Tamilmani. The concept of Meera wanting to connect with her future mother-in-law holds the potential for a compelling storyline. But the movie drags out this idea into a two-and-a-half-hour script, which leads to forced humour and a story that doesn't make sense.

The main characters' arcs lack development, leaving little room for the audience to witness any significant transformation. Despite this, the cast, including Harish Kalyan, Ivana, and Nadiya, manage to salvage certain sequences with their decent performances and screen presence.

Ramesh Tamilmani, who takes on the roles of both director and music director, fails to create a memorable soundtrack that could have elevated the film's emotional impact. The lack of a compelling score adds to the film's underwhelming nature.

Amidst the film's shortcomings, Yogi Babu shines with his witty one-liners, providing some engagement for the viewers in select scenes. Interestingly, the comedian's honest remark in the movie, stating that the story lacks interest, mirrors the overall sentiment towards the film.

Let's Get Married had the potential to be a fun and relatable romance-comedy, but its execution and plot flaws prevented it from succeeding. While the cast's attempts and a few comic moments provide some relief, the film ultimately fails to provide a memorable experience or anything significant to take away.



Character Analysis

Gowtham, an ordinary working-class man, is deeply attached to his mother and his girlfriend, Meera. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when his mother insists that it's time for him to tie the knot. Despite appearing aloof, Gowtham's strong bond with his mother drives him to prioritise her happiness and ensure she isn't left alone after his marriage.

Meera is a modern, independent woman who is worried about living with Gowtham's mother at first because she doesn't know her. But Meera is driven to find a solution by her respect for old values and her desire to bridge the gap between generations. She suggests that they go to Coorg because she thinks that spending time together will help them learn more about each other and will greatly benefit them.

Gowtham's mother, a traditional yet smart and modern woman, firmly believes that after two years of dating, it's time for Gowtham and Meera to take their relationship to the next level. While she may initially have reservations about Meera, her love for her son and her desire to see him settle into a happy marriage drive her actions throughout the story.








RK Adithya


Grill Chicken

Gana Vinoth


Kaattu Payapulla

Ramesh Thamilmani, Anthony Daasan, and Paal Dabba


Tikki Tikki Tata

Ramesh Thamilmani, Nithyashree Venkataramanan, and Madhu Iyer

Behind the Scenes

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Box Office Collection

MS Dhoni's film LGM, - Let's Get Married, faced a formidable challenge at the box office as it clashed with highly anticipated movies from prominent personalities. Karan Johar's Rocky and Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, featuring Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, created considerable competition with its star-studded cast and buzzworthy storyline.

In the Tamil film industry, LGM encountered tough rivals in the form of DD Returns and Love, both fighting for audience attention and affection. The combination of established stars and engaging plots made these movies strong contenders in the race for box office success.

Moreover, international releases like Barbie by acclaimed director Greta Gerwig and Oppenheimer by renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan added further competition to the mix, drawing diverse audiences to the theatres.

In this challenging scenario, LGM - Let's Get Married managed to earn Rs. 0.80 Crore on its first day, a commendable start given the tough competition it faced


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Interesting Facts

Let's Get Married (LGM) is a great idea that should appeal to a wide range of viewers, but the narrative and technical components of the movie are terrible, leaving us asking what went wrong. The majority of the sequences are awkward filler segments, while there are a few exceptions that generate some interest.

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