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Kesari - 2019

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Anurag Singh wrote the script and directed the war movie Kesari, which was released in 2019 in India. Under the auspices of Dharma Productions, Cape of Good Films, Azure Entertainment, and Zed Studios, it was co-produced by Aruna Bhatia, Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Sunir Khetarpal.  In addition to Parineeti Chopra, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Sarwar, Vansh Bhardwaj, Jaspreet Singh, Vivek Saini, Vikram Kochhar, and Rakesh Sharma, Akshay Kumar plays the main character in the movie.

The compelling historical drama 'Kesari' enthrals audiences with its tale of bravery, selflessness, and heroism. The Battle of Saragarhi, one of the most amazing last stands in military history, actually happened, and the movie that was released in 2019 was inspired by those actual events. 'Kesari' transports viewers to the turbulent era of the late 19th century by way of an engrossing plot, breath-taking action sequences, and outstanding acting, bringing to life a fascinating tale of bravery and patriotism.

Table of Contents


Movie name


Directed by

Anurag Singh

Written by

Anurag Singh

Girish Kohli

Cinematography by

Anshul Chobey

Edited by

Manish More

Produced by

Aruna Bhatia, Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Sunir Khetarpal


Akshay Kumar

Parineeti Chopra

Music by

Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Chirantan Bhatt and Jasbir Jassi

Production company

Dharma Productions, Zee Studios and Cape of Good Films

Distributed by

Zee Studios

Release date

21 March 2019






₹80 crores


kesari-story3-tringThe Battle of Saragarhi, which took place in 1897, is essential to the storyline of the film 'Kesari.' The movie centres on the brave Sikh soldier Havildar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar), who is serving in the British Indian Army and is stationed at the isolated outpost of Saragarhi in modern-day Pakistan.

Havildar Ishar Singh and his small regiment of 21 Sikh soldiers see themselves heavily outnumbered by an army of 10,000 Afghan warriors as tensions between the British and the Afghan tribesmen escalate. They are vastly outnumbered, yet they are adamant about protecting their station and standing up for their honour and country.

The Sikh troops defend Saragarhi together with extraordinary bravery and unyielding resolve. The ensuing battle is a true test of their bravery as they struggle against insurmountable obstacles while exhibiting astounding bravery and tenacity. The troops' unwavering loyalty, kinship as brothers, and dedication to their mission are all highlighted in 'Kesari'. It explores their backgrounds, motivations, and selfless acts in service of a greater good. The film portrays their valiant last stand dramatically and compellingly, showcasing the brave warriors' unbreakable resolve.


The movie 'Kesari' was released on March 21, 2019, to a lot of excitement from viewers. Anurag Singh served as the film's director, and Dharma Productions and Azure Entertainment served as its producers. Its premiere represented a significant turning point in Indian cinema as it introduced the stirring account of the Battle of Saragarhi on the big screen.

The movie underwent a massive promotional effort before it was released, increasing curiosity and creating anticipation. The film's grandeur and scope were displayed in the teasers and marketing, attracting viewers with its epic war sequences and emotional heft.

'Kesari' was released in a large number of Indian theatres and also received an international release, reaching viewers all over the world. When the movie came out, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation because it had a great story, strong acting, and eye-catching images.

The eagerness of the audiences to see the recounting of this heroic true narrative in theatres demonstrated their interest in historical dramas and heroic tales. For accurately depicting the Battle of Saragarhi and paying homage to the valour and sacrifice of the Sikh soldiers, the movie garnered a lot of attention and appreciation.

When it was first released, 'Kesari' was well-received by critics, who praised it for its compelling story, powerful performances, and capacity to take viewers to the battlefield. Audiences connected with the movie's depiction of the conflict and the characters' emotional journey, which added to its allure.


'Kesari' is a strong and engrossing movie that explores the true narrative of the Battle of Saragarhi, a crucial occasion in Indian history. The bravery and sacrifice of 21 Sikh troops who fought against tens of thousands of Afghan tribesmen are masterfully depicted in the film. As the commander of the Sikh regiment, Havildar Ishar Singh, Akshay Kumar turns in a superb performance. His portrayal of these unsung warriors brings to life their grit and tenacity in a moving and inspirational way. The compelling and aesthetically spectacular action scenes increase the film's overall effect. The screenplay skillfully balances the protagonists' individual journeys and the broader historical setting, keeping the narrative moving along at a good clip. For those who enjoy gripping war dramas, 'Kesari' is a must-watch due to its strong acting, stunning photography, and touching tribute to the bravery of the warriors.

The movie excels in its portrayal of Sikh heritage and culture. The audience is completely submerged in the Sikh community's culture thanks to the cinematography's exquisite representation of the brilliant colours, music, and ceremonies. The film's script deftly incorporates moments of humour and friendship to highlight the troops' bond and undying allegiance to one another. The supporting ensemble gives great performances that give the narrative depth and emotional impact.

A special note should also be made to the film's production design and visual effects. The fight sequences' majesty and realism are astounding, taking spectators right to Saragarhi's untamed landscape. The film's entire cinematic experience is improved by the meticulous attention to detail used to recreate the historical location. The suspense and emotion are effectively increased by the background soundtrack and sound design, which increases the impact of the movie.



Character Analysis






Ek Onkaar

Jasbir Jassi


Ve Maahi

Arijit Singh, Tanishk Bagchi, Asees Kaur


Teri Mitti

Arko, B Praak


Sanu Kehndi

Romy, Brijesh Shandilya


Ajj Singh Garjega

Jazzy B


Deh Shiva (Male)

Sukhwinder Singh


Deh Shiva (Female)

Jasleen Royal


Teri Mitti (Female)

Parineeti Chopra


Teri Mitti (Tribute)

Arko, B Praak

Box Office Collection

In its opening weekend, 'Kesari' collected approximately ₹77.56 crore (Indian Rupees), making it one of the highest-grossing films of 2019 in India. The film continued to maintain its momentum and achieved a lifetime collection of around ₹207 crore in the domestic market. It became one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of that year.

Internationally, 'Kesari' also made a mark by earning around $9.1 million in the overseas market. It performed particularly well in countries with a significant Indian diaspora, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Gulf countries.

Overall, 'Kesari' was a commercial success, grossing a substantial amount at the box office. Its engaging story, powerful performances, and patriotic theme resonated with audiences, contributing to its impressive collection.



Date of ceremony




Filmfare Awards

15 February 2020

Best Actor

Akshay Kumar


Best Music

Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Chirantan Bhatt, Jasbir Jassi, Gurmoh and Jasleen Royal

Best Lyricist

Manoj Muntashir for Teri Mitti

Tanishk Bagchi for Ve Mahi

Best Male Playback Singer

Arijit Singh for Ve Mahi

B Praak for Teri Mitti

Best Action

Parvez Shaikh

Lawrence Woodward

Best Production Design

Subrata Chakraborty

Amit Ray

IIFA Awards

24 November 2021

Best Film



Best Music Director

Tanishk Bagchi, Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Chirantan Bhatt, Jasbir Jassi, Raju Singh, Gurmoh and Jasleen Royal

Best Lyricist

Manoj Muntashir (For Teri Mitti)


Best Male Playback Singer

B Praak (For Teri Mitti)


National Film Awards

25 October 2021

Best Male Playback Singer


Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards India

21 December 2019

Favourite Bollywood Movie Song

Ve Maahi by Tanishk Bagchi, Arijit Singh and Asees Kaur


Interesting Facts

In conclusion, 'Kesari' is a powerful and stirring movie that vividly depicts the remarkable historical narrative of the Battle of Saragarhi. The film honours the bravery, sacrifice, and steadfast spirit of the 21 Sikh troops who confronted overwhelming odds with its potent performances, magnificent images, and compelling narrative. The captivating and uplifting performance by Akshay Kumar as Havildar Ishar Singh shows the character's development from an obedient soldier to an unflappable leader.

The production design, visual effects, and meticulous attention to detail in the movie accurately reproduce the ancient environment and transport the audience to the untamed landscape of Saragarhi. The music and background score enhance the emotional impact, which perfectly capture the spirit of valour and patriotism. 'Kesari' skillfully strikes a balance between the characters' individual experiences and the greater historical background, producing an engrossing and moving cinematic experience.

'Kesari' is ultimately more than just a military drama. It honours the unbreakable spirit of the human spirit and shows the strength of bravery, community, and sacrifice. It has an enduring impact because it serves as a reminder of the bravery and sacrifices made by the warriors who fought for the principles and ideas they cherished. The Battle of Saragarhi will live on and continue to inspire future generations because of the pride and admiration that 'Kesari' instills via its narration.

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