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Zeenat Sayyed
Date : 30-12-2022
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Shirley Setia’s Biography

Shirley Setia’s Biography Tring

Shirley Setia is a singer and actress from New Zealand. The Forbes Magazine profiled Setia, describing her as Bollywood's Next Big Singing Sensation. Always be modest. Shirley Setia was raised in poverty and has maintained her humility throughout her career. She has had the chance to collaborate with both domestic and foreign musicians. 

This demonstrates how crucial it is to understand how to interact with others. Fans of music are also aware of her good reputation. Another element of success is having good character. 

It matters how you interact with friends, coworkers, and fans. Successful projects are the result of a positive work environment. So it is wise to show them kindness.

In the 2020 Hindi film Maska, which was made available on Netflix, Setia made her acting debut. She made her big-screen debut in 2022 with Nikamma and will also be seen in the Telugu movie Krishna Vrinda Vihari, which was supposed to be out on June 24, 2022, but hasn't yet been released as of July 2022.


Shirley Setia's Age

Shirley Setia’s Birthday is on the 2nd of July. Shirley Setia’s Birthplace is Daman. Shirley Setia’s Birthyear is 1995. Shirley Setia’s Zodiac Sign Cancer. As of 2022, Shirley Setia’s age is 27 years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Shirley Setia is a well-known Youtuber, Singer, and Emerging Actress.
Shirley Setia was born on 2 July 1995.
The Birthplace of Shirley Setia is Daman.
Shirley Setia's debut Movie in Bollywood was Maska (2022).
Shirley Setia is not married as of 2022.
As of 2022, Shirley Setia is Single.
Shirley Setia’s Father’s name is Raj Setia.
Shirley Setia's brother's name is Shane Setia.
@ShirleySetia is the Twitter Handle of Shirley Setia.
Shirley Setia's Height is 1.61 meters i.e. 5.3 ft.
Shirley Setia Graduated with a B.Com focusing on marketing and information systems. Additionally, he enrolled in the New York Film Academy to further her acting career
Shirley Setia makes a Monthly Income of $4.5 K.
Shirley Setia's height is 5'3" (163 cm)
The Nick Name of Shirley Setia is Pyjama Popstar.
Shirley Setia's age as of 2022 is 27 years.
Shirley Setia is famous for her Singing Talent and her Charming Personality.
Shirley Setia’s First Song was Thode Se Hum.
Shirley Setia is rumored to be dating Hritath Sharm, an Engineer by Profession.
Shirley Setia’s Mother’s name is Firoza Setia.
Shirley Setia doesn’t have any sisters.
@shirleysetia is the Instagram Id of Shirley Setia.
Shirley Setia Follows Hinduism.
Shirley Setia Completed her graduation from the University of Auckland.
Shirley Setia’s Zodiac Sign is Cancer.
Shirley Setia’s net worth is $1 million.
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