How does Celebrity Brand Promotion help businesses?

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Shalin Marry Koshy

8 MIN Read | 14-01-1022

Blog Audio - How Does Celebrity Brand Promotion Help Businesses?
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What is market reach?
How to promote a brand?
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What is a Market Reach?

Market Reach refers to the quantity of prospective customers a company can contact via any promotional strategy or campaign. For example, if you're advertising your firm on television, your marketing reach is the amount of people who will view the commercial. Market Reach will ensure that the viewers are the target audience for the company and thus being a potential customer for them.

Now you must be wondering about how Market Reach helps a company? Well, With Market Reach you can make better judgments about where you spend your money provided you know how many potential customers you might reach. This definitely reduces the danger of overspending on inefficient marketing and assists in the creation of campaigns that increase profitability. In short, Marketing Reach helps you in pre-execution by giving you an insight on the audience, number of audience, and in taking estimated budget decisions.

What are the different ways to attain Market Reach?

There are many ways to attain Market Reach. Some of them need great skills, some are difficult to achieve while others are comparatively simpler. Here are top 5 ways of attaining market reach with the help of different tools & resources.

1. Expand your network and collaborations.

When you expand your network and form partnerships with companies that provide complementary products or services, you're putting yourself in a position to reach a new audience and perhaps grow your client base. One can also collaborate with personalities for celebrity brand promotions or celebrity product promotions. Celebrity Brand Partnership is a proven technique. Expanding your network needs great skills and can be difficult to attain.

2. Celebrity Brand Promotions / Celebrity Product Promotion

Celebrity Brand Promotions / Celebrity Product Promotion is a technique of social media marketing that focuses on Celebrity brand promotions and celebrity product promotions through celebrities with a large social following who are supposedly experts in their field. Celebrity Brand Promotions work because social influencers or celebrities have a high level of trust with their followers, and their suggestions act as a sort of social confirmation about the brand's authenticity to your brand's potential customers. Celebrity Brand Promotions are one of the most reliable ways of boosting up your business. Most brands are always up for celebrity brand partnerships.

3. Make use of social media

Many companies utilise social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc to create new leads and communicate with their customers. One of the key advantages of social media sites is, they help in reaching audiences especially through the display of their brand products. The use of the modern day features of social media platforms like short videos, stories, reels etc help in grabbing attention of potential customers. This is one of the major reasons why companies have their account on such social media platforms; to increase the brand awareness and also to showcase their products. Some businesses even opt for celebrity brand promotions which are done through the social media accounts of these celebrities. One can easily increase their reach through celebrity brand partnerships.

4. Become an expert at referral marketing

According to consumer trust research, 84 percent of customers either partially or entirely believe brand products and service recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family. Word-of-mouth advertising and referral marketing are strongly interconnected. Existing customers and brand advocates promote your brand products through referral marketing.

Referral marketing can also be done through celebrity brand partnerships. Ever seen Youtubers provide referral codes to get additional discounts on sites? That exact thing is called referral marketing. It is also one of the ways of Celebrity Brand Promotions. Referral Marketing is a win-win situation for everybody. The viewers get additional discounts with the given referral code, the celebrity/influencer gets benefits too and the brand gets new customers.

What is referral-marketing? Learn referal marketing

5. Provide free trial periods

Offering free trials for a limited time or in a limited quantity is an effective marketing strategy for converting leads. When you are sure of the quality of your brand products/service and are promoting new products, free trials are a great way to go. The best example for Free trial marketing is the app named Smytten. Smytten App offers its customers with 6 free trial options of any products that are available sitewide. The customers get mini free trial packaged products delivered to them. This is a great way to gain potential customers. Providing free trials helps in getting data of potential customers.

One of the ways to get your brand promoted by the celebrities are by the way of Celebrity brand Promotions, as mentioned above. Tring For Business is one such platform. It offers many different options

What is Tring for Business?

Tring for Business is a technology-enabled platform that helps brands to utilise the potential of celebrities at scale, allowing them to reach out to numerous audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is a one stop platform for brands to get celebrity brand partnerships. Tring is backed by established partners like ALTBalaji, Kalyan Krishnamurthy (CEO- Flipkart), Gaurav Munjal (Co-Founder – Unacademy), Sujeet Kumar (Co-Founder – Udaan), Atul Kasbekar. Want to know more about Tring for Business’ offerings, features, reach, etc? Keep Reading!

What are the Key Features of Tring?

Fastest Turnaround Time

Tring has the Fastest Turnaround time in the celebrity brand promotions. Tring delivers the celebrity brand promotion videos to their client in a matter of a week. This aspect of this Celebrity Product Promotion Platform makes it stand out from the others. The clients are thoroughly guided by the experts of the team throughout the process. Tring takes care of the whole process from scripting to shooting, editing the videos, adding the logos and much more in the matter of just 7 - 10 days.

Lowest Cost

Tring offers its customers with maximum benefits at a very budget-friendly cost, which means, premium celebrity brand promotion Videos at an affordable range. It believes in helping the brands grow whether they are big or small. Tring’s Celebrity Product Promotions / Celebrity Brand Promotion services start for less than ₹ 10,000.

Advantages of celebrity brand promotion platform Tring

Wide range of Celebrities

Tring is the Largest Celebrity Engagement Platform in India. It has over 9000+ celebrities that one can choose from. There are celebrities ranging from Movie stars to TV stars, from Sports Personalities to Instagram Influencers and much more. One can choose from famous celebrities like Dia Mirza, Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah, as well as from Instagram Influencers who excel in different niches like Health, Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle and much more. Which means, you get a great reach as well as the right target audience for your brand.

What are the different services offered by Tring?

Celebrity Brand Promotion Video

You can get a video recorded by your choice of celebrity/influencer exclusively giving information and genuine testimonials about your brand. This video can then be circulated by you amongst your community. You can also get the same video posted on the celebrity’s social media account in the form of a story or post. Thus increasing the reach of your brand vastly.


As the word suggests, you can now book a live performance by celebrities be it singers or comedians. These gigs can be organised for a smaller group or even a larger one. With Tring you can organise your very own gigs for parties with singer Salim Merchant, Rajdeep Chatterjee, Comedians, Kiku Sharda, Cyrus Broacha, Ali Asgar and many more. So, the next time you have a function in your society, a casual day in your office or a party with your loved ones, you know what to do!

Tring for Business brand live experience


Tring wants it’s customers to get the best out of all. With the experience service of Tring you can book sessions based on what you want to do! For example, If you wish to experience a magical show by MTV's famous Jerry Magician or meditation sessions with yoga educators like Swami Amit De. As simple as that! It is a great way to celebrate different days like International Yoga Day, International Dance Day, etc in your office with celebrities.

Tring offerings, book a celebrity for event, brand endorsement


As you know, in this modern era, everything is just a click away and so are the Invitations. E-Invites are one of the most convenient ways to send an invitation to anybody anywhere. These are also good for the environment as it is paperless. Tring offers you with recorded videos from celebrities inviting your loved ones to your event/ party. You can even send E-invites to your company employees wishing them on festivals and occasions. So, the next time you have an office party, you know how to invite your employees, right?

Corporate Events

Well, let’s just agree that corporate events can be boring at times. If you are a boss or a company’s founder who wants their employees to be happy and energetic while also boosting morale, Tring’s Corporate Events service is what you need. With this you can invite a celebrity at one of your company’s events, be it a Diwali Party or your 25th Year Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

Corporate Events with celebrities, Tring for Business

Studio Setup shoots

Tring also offers its clients with professional shoots featuring their brand / brand products. A brand can simply get a celebrity product promotion in a studio set-up. This gives the brand a very high quality video with a storyline as well if need be. Studio setup shoots are one of the best ways of celebrity product promotions.

Outdoor Shoots

The celebrity brand promotion platform, Tring for business has now made it possible for brands to promote their brand the way they prefer! With outdoor shoots, a brand can easily show off their products or services in an outdoor setting. This is a great way to let your customers witness the place or product by themselves rather than through an image. In outdoor shoots, the Celebrity brand promotion / celebrity product promotion video will be shot in the place that the brand prefers.

Advantages and offerings of Tring, Celebrity Brand Promotion reach, Largest no of celebrities

Celebrity product promotions through Images

A brand can now get their products featured by celebrities in the form of images. Celebrity product promotions by celebrities is one of the simplest ways of celebrity brand promotions. These images can then be used by the brand on their social media accounts or even to run Ads on the social media platforms. Many brands do celebrity brand partnerships to engage and get the attention of their target audience.

Why do Brands Trust Tring?

Now that you know of the different services that Tring provides you with to grow your business. Here’s why brand’s trust Tring. Huge Reach, 24x7 Customer service, Budget-friendly cost and Wide range of Celebrities.


Tring has a huge reach of over 750 million people. With the widest range of celebrities in India, Tring’s reach is in millions. Celebrities on Tring have about 500K followers on an average. As far as Market reach for a business is concerned, Tring offers a variety of celebrities with different niches. The clients get their target audience based on the reach of the celebrity and the niche they choose. The filters option on Tring helps in choosing the right celebrity of your choice based on your niche.

24x7 customer service

‘Customers are the Gods of the businesses’

Tring is a firm believer in the sentence mentioned above. Tring’s customer service team is available to help it’s clients at all times. Tring always resolves it’s customers' doubts on a timely basis. It's customer assistance is available 24x7 all around the year. It instantly handles the concerns or doubts that its clients have and gives them proper solutions. It is available to help it’s customers through Mails, calls as well as Whatsapp Messages.

Brands Trusting Tring

This Celebrity Brand Promotion Platform is trusted by numerous brands. Tring for business has worked with over 500 different brands throughout it’s journey so far. Some of the Industry famous brands are Healthifyme, Flipkart, Daniel Wellington, ALT Balaji, Make my Trip, Unacademy and many more. Tring believes in supporting all kinds of brands, big or small, established or unestablished.

Heart Brands Trusting Tring

makemytrip fernsnpetal1 healthifyme flipkart unacademy makemytrip makemytrip makemytrip makemytrip makemytrip flipkart unacademy kiddopia makemytrip unacademy

How to Grow your Business & Sales 5x

Want to know how you can grow your business? Check out our video on ‘How to Grow your Business & Sales 5x?’

Now that you know how to Boost up your Business and Sales, let me tell you about how to book a celebrity service for your brand.

How to book a celebrity video for your brand?

Check out our video on How to book a Tring celebrity for your brand?

To book a celebrity video, all you have to do is

  • Go to www.tring.co.in/tring-for-business
  • Select filters based on your preferences (Budget, Product, Business Genre, Gender, Social Presence, Reach, Age, Region)
  • Select the celebrity based on the results
  • Book your Video!

Yes! It’s as simple as that. And then what? Within 7 - 10 days you will receive your personalised celebrity video for your brand.

How does tring work?

Hope this helped you in knowing how celebrity brand promotions help businesses and has shown you the way to boost up your business and sales through Celebrity brand promotion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices on B2C are for non-commercial usage and hence are highly subsidized by the celebrity so that they can be made more affordable to people across all age-groups as a means for gifting (limited to personal gratification only). For brands, because commercial usage is involved, the prices are slightly higher than the B2C pricing.
The video shot by the artist is usually a minute to a minute and a half. In case a brand wants longer videos, there would be additional charges for the same.
Professional shoot involves a videographer going to a celebrity's place and doing the entire shoot. Professional shoot ensures better quality and better output, providing an interesting way of story-telling. It helps avoid a single-frame video as would be the case in a self-shot one.
Generally we share the video within 2-3 days once the request is booked.
Absolutely. We want your content to be as relevant as possible and you can send across your products to the following address
Tring India,
15th floor,
1501 B,
Universal majestic,
PL Lokhande Marg Chembur,
Maharashtra 400043. Contact number: 7208855641 Email: [email protected]
Yes, you can add the brand logo to the final content. You have the option of adding the logo during the booking process.
Yes, you can select multiple celebs for the same campaign. However, if you merge the content shared by Tring, you will have to check with the Tring team before the final content is used by the brand commercially.
By default, the celebrity would only give the recorded video asset with digital usage rights for a said duration. They wouldn’t make a social media post. The charges for social media post are mentioned separately.
Tring works with multiple artists from across the industry across different products, whether they are onboarded on the platform or not. Contact our team and we will help you get the right celebrity delivering the right product for your brand.
Yes, after the commercial license expires (typically one year from buying the video), you are expected to remove the video from your social media channels. Failure to do so, may result in penal action.
Currently, the license issued for brand content only covers digital media (Social media platforms). In case you want the video to be used on your website or e-commerce platforms, you would have to pay extra for the rights and this cost depends on the celebrity. Contact the expert team to know more.
The answer to this question is a yes and a no. Celebrities would try to stick to the script as much as possible once they record a commercial video as long as the content is legal. However, there are occasions when celebrity might not be in a position to make a certain claim. Only in those cases celebrity would highlight the issue and we would share the issue with you before we go ahead with the shoot.
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