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Celebrity Megha Bajaj - Tring India
Celebrity Tanvi Thakker - Tring India
Celebrity Tarun Wadhwani - Tring India
Celebrity Sahil Shergill - Tring India
Celebrity Sunny Parmar - Tring India
Celebrity Jay Wadhwani - Tring India
Celebrity Kannan Sharma - Tring India
Celebrity Afsha Shaikh - Tring India
Celebrity Poojan Solanki - Tring India
Celebrity Florence Vohera - Tring India
Celebrity Mamta R Soni - Tring India
Celebrity Esha Shroff Shah - Tring India
Celebrity Koyal Dalal - Tring India
Celebrity Jitender Rajput - Tring India
Celebrity Aakib Khan - Tring India
Celebrity Zakir Mongal - Tring India
Celebrity Shweta Singhvi - Tring India
Celebrity Shreya Srivastava - Tring India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prices on B2C are for non-commercial usage and hence are highly subsidized by the celebrity so that they can be made more affordable to people across all age-groups as a means for gifting (limited to personal gratification only). For brands, because commercial usage is involved, the prices are slightly higher than the B2C pricing.
The video shot by the artist is usually a minute to a minute and a half. In case a brand wants longer videos, there would be additional charges for the same.
Professional shoot involves a videographer going to a celebrity's place and doing the entire shoot. Professional shoot ensures better quality and better output, providing an interesting way of story-telling. It helps avoid a single-frame video as would be the case in a self-shot one.
Generally we share the video within 2-3 days once the request is booked.
Absolutely. We want your content to be as relevant as possible and you can send across your products to the following address
Tring India,
15th floor,
1501 B,
Universal majestic,
PL Lokhande Marg Chembur,
Maharashtra 400043. Contact number: 7208855641 Email: [email protected]
Yes, you can add the brand logo to the final content. You have the option of adding the logo during the booking process.
Yes, you can select multiple celebs for the same campaign. However, if you merge the content shared by Tring, you will have to check with the Tring team before the final content is used by the brand commercially.
By default, the celebrity would only give the recorded video asset with digital usage rights for a said duration. They wouldn’t make a social media post. The charges for social media post are mentioned separately.
Tring works with multiple artists from across the industry across different products, whether they are onboarded on the platform or not. Contact our team and we will help you get the right celebrity delivering the right product for your brand.
Yes, after the commercial license expires (typically one year from buying the video), you are expected to remove the video from your social media channels. Failure to do so, may result in penal action.
Currently, the license issued for brand content only covers digital media (Social media platforms). In case you want the video to be used on your website or e-commerce platforms, you would have to pay extra for the rights and this cost depends on the celebrity. Contact the expert team to know more.
The answer to this question is a yes and a no. Celebrities would try to stick to the script as much as possible once they record a commercial video as long as the content is legal. However, there are occasions when celebrity might not be in a position to make a certain claim. Only in those cases celebrity would highlight the issue and we would share the issue with you before we go ahead with the shoot.
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