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Ragini MMS - 2011

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A 2011 Indian found footage horror movie titled Ragini MMS was produced by Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms and directed by Pawan Kripalani. It was made available on May 13, 2011.The movie is partially based on the true account of a Delhi-born girl named Deepika and was inspired by the 2007 American supernatural horror film Paranormal Activity.

Table of Contents


Movie name

Ragini MMS

Directed by

Pavan Kirpalani

Screenplay by

Pawan Kirpalani and Vaspar Dandiwala

Cinematography by

Tribhuvan Babu Sadineni

Edited by

Pooja Ladha Surti

Produced by

Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, Amit Kapoor and Sidhartha M. Jain


Rajkummar Rao and Kainaz Motivala

Music by

Shamir Tandon, S D Burman, Bappi Lahri and Faizan Hussain

Production company


Distributed by

ALT Entertainment, Balaji Motion Pictures and iRock Films

Release date

13 May 2011






₹13 Million


ragini-mms-story4-tring]'Ragini MMS' is a Bollywood horror film released in 2011. The movie revolves around a young couple, Ragini and Uday, who spend a weekend at a secluded house to explore their relationship and have fun. As a mischievous and adventurous person, Uday plans to capture their intimate moments on a hidden camera.

As they arrive at the house, strange occurrences begin to unfold. They soon discover that the house has a haunting history and is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman named Ragini. Unbeknownst to Ragini and Uday, the hidden camera is recording their intimate moments, and the camera's presence seems to provoke the supernatural activities in the house.

The couple's romantic getaway takes a terrifying turn as they encounter paranormal activities, including strange noises, apparitions, and unexplained events. As the night progresses, Ragini becomes increasingly disturbed by the sinister presence in the house, while Uday dismisses her fears, believing it to be a prank or a figment of her imagination. As the horror intensifies, Ragini and Uday find themselves trapped in a nightmare, desperately trying to escape the clutches of the supernatural entity haunting the house. Their relationship is tested as they face the wrath of the vengeful spirit and struggle to survive the night.

The movie blends found footage elements and traditional horror storytelling, creating a suspenseful and eerie atmosphere. It explores themes of love, trust, and the consequences of invading privacy. The plot unfolds through a series of terrifying encounters, building tension and suspense until the final shocking revelation.


'Ragini MMS' was released on May 13, 2011. Directed by Pawan Kripalani and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, the film marked the debut of the 'Ragini MMS' franchise. It was released under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures.

The film generated significant buzz prior to its release due to its unique blend of found footage and horror elements. The promotional campaign focused on creating intrigue and suspense around the film's storyline, piquing the curiosity of audiences.

'Ragini MMS' hit the screens with moderate expectations, targeting both horror enthusiasts and fans of experimental cinema. The filmmakers aimed to deliver a fresh and thrilling experience within the Indian horror genre, which was relatively unexplored at the time.

The film received a wide release across India and garnered a positive response from audiences and critics alike. It was appreciated for its innovative approach to storytelling, combining elements of found footage and traditional horror techniques. The film's effective scares, atmospheric cinematography, and engaging performances contributed to its success.

'Ragini MMS' proved to be a commercial success at the box office, surpassing expectations and gaining a loyal fanbase. It received praise for its ability to create tension and deliver genuine scares while incorporating romance and suspense elements.


"Ragini MMS" is a spine-chilling horror film that perfectly blends suspense, thrills, and supernatural elements. The found footage format adds an extra layer of realism and immersion, making the scares even more impactful. The performances by Kainaz Motivala and Rajkummar Rao are commendable, as they bring their characters to life with authenticity and vulnerability. The movie keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, with clever twists and a gripping narrative. Director Pawan Kripalani succeeds in creating a haunting atmosphere that lingers long after the film ends. Overall, "Ragini MMS" is a must-watch for horror enthusiasts craving a unique and chilling cinematic experience.








Itne Kareeb Aao



Raat Akeli Hai

Asha Bhosle



Faizan Hussain, Agnel Roman


You Are My Chicken Fry (Remix)

Bappi Lahiri, Shweta Shetty

Box Office Collection

'Ragini MMS' achieved considerable success at the box office upon its release in 2011. Despite being a low-budget film, it managed to make a significant impact and exceeded expectations in terms of commercial performance.

The movie opened to a positive response from audiences and gained momentum over its theatrical run. It garnered attention for its unique blend of found footage and horror elements, contributing to its appeal among horror enthusiasts and fans of experimental cinema. 'Ragini MMS' performed well at the box office, grossing approximately ₹18 crores (Indian rupees) in India. The film's success can be attributed to its effective marketing campaign, gripping storyline, and the buzz it generated within the horror genre.

Given its modest production budget, the 'Ragini MMS' box office collection was considered highly successful. It earned back its investment and yielded substantial profits, further establishing its position as a profitable venture for the filmmakers and production company.

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