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Pak Pak Pakaak - 2005

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Pak Pak Pakaak is a delightful Marathi movie, released in 2005, that beautifully blends elements of drama, comedy, and fantasy into a heartwarming tale. Directed by Gautam Joglekar and produced by Ramdas Padhye, the film boasts an ensemble cast, including Nana Patekar, Usha Nadkarni, Narayani Shastri, Saksham Kulkarni, and Jyoti Subhash. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque rural Maharashtra, the movie delves into themes such as friendship, courage, personal growth, and overcoming fears.

The story revolves around Chikhloo, a young boy living in a small village who is plagued by various fears. He is terrified of the dark, ghosts, and even his own shadow. His life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a mysterious stranger named Ram, portrayed by Nana Patekar, who claims to be a ghost. Ram helps Chikhloo confront and overcome his fears while imparting valuable life lessons along the way.

Pak Pak Pakaak is a family entertainer that appeals to audiences across generations. The film's captivating storyline, powerful performances, and engaging screenplay make it an unforgettable cinematic experience. Nana Patekar's portrayal of Ram, in particular, adds depth and nuance to the film.

The movie's central message of overcoming one's fears and embracing personal growth is both inspiring and heartening. With its unique combination of humour, emotion, and fantasy, Pak Pak Pakaak has carved a special place in the hearts of Marathi cinema lovers and continues to be cherished for its timeless appeal.


Table of Content 



Directed by

Gautam Joglekar

Written by

Sanjay Mone

Story by

Gautam Joglekar

Produced by

Aashish Rego


Saksham Kulkarni, Narayani Shastri, Nana Patekar, Jyoti Subhash


Sanjay Jadhav

Edited by

Imaran Khan, Faisal Khan

Music by

K.C.Loy, Aashish Rego



SOC Films Private limited

Release date

15 April 2005

Running time

138 minutes







Pak Pak Pakaak is a Marathi film that tells the story of a mischievous boy named Chikhloo (played by Saksham Kulkarni) who lives with his grandmother in a village that people believe is haunted.

Chikhloo is constantly tormented by his fears and goes to a big forest, which is said to be haunted by a demon called Bhutya (played by Nana Patekar). Through many encounters, Chiklu befriends Bhutya, the ghost, and their lives change forever.

Bhutya transforms Chikhloo from a mischievous kid to a sincere student. The movie underlines the importance of education, not just restricted to the four walls of a school, but an overall education that builds the character of a student and imparts thorough knowledge.

As Chikhloo's character develops and the whole village undergoes a transformation, the story unfolds, highlighting the importance of confronting one's fears and embracing personal growth.



Character Analysis 


  1. Chikhloo (Saksham Kulkarni): Chikhloo is the protagonist of the movie, a young boy who is mischievous and fearful. Throughout the film, his character undergoes a transformation as he learns to face his fears, embrace education, and develop a strong sense of responsibility. Chikhloo's journey is central to the movie's theme of personal growth and overcoming fears.

  2. Bhutya (Nana Patekar): Bhutya is a mysterious figure who is initially thought to be a ghost haunting the village. He befriends Chikhloo and becomes his mentor, helping the boy confront his fears and instilling valuable life lessons. Bhutya's character adds depth and nuance to the film, and his relationship with Chikhloo is a crucial aspect of the story.

  3. Chikhloo's Grandmother (Jyoti Subhash): Chikhloo's loving and caring grandmother plays a significant role in his life. She is a wise figure who supports Chikhloo throughout his journey of personal growth and encourages him to face his fears.

  4. Narayani Shastri: She portrays a school teacher who is dedicated to her profession and plays a crucial role in Chikhloo's transformation. She is a symbol of the importance of education and the impact a good teacher can have on a student's life.

  5. Jyoti Subhash: She plays a supporting character in the movie, contributing to the overall dynamics of the village and the story. Her character adds to the film's depiction of rural life and the challenges faced by the villagers.

Overall, the characters in Pak Pak Pakaak are well-developed and contribute significantly to the movie's themes of personal growth, overcoming fears, and the importance of education. Each character's journey adds depth to the story, making it an engaging and heartwarming experience for the audience.


Pak Pak Pakaak is a heartwarming Marathi film that skillfully blends elements of drama, comedy, and fantasy to deliver a powerful and inspiring message. The movie revolves around the young protagonist, Chikhloo, who learns to confront his fears and embrace personal growth under the guidance of his mysterious mentor, Bhutya. The film emphasises the importance of education, not just in the academic sense but also in terms of character development and life lessons.

With stellar performances from the ensemble cast, including Nana Patekar, Saksham Kulkarni, Usha Nadkarni, and Narayani Shastri, the movie captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression. The picturesque rural setting of Maharashtra adds to the movie's charm and authenticity.

Pak Pak Pakaak is a family entertainer that appeals to viewers across generations, making it a timeless classic in Marathi cinema. The film's central themes of overcoming fears, personal growth, and the significance of education resonate with audiences, making it a must-watch movie for anyone seeking a heartening and inspiring cinematic experience.

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