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Padosan - 1968

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Padosan is a vibrant and iconic Bollywood film released in 1968. Directed by Jyoti Swaroop and produced by Mehmood, this musical comedy is a delightful portrayal of love, friendship, and the humorous complications that arise from the pursuit of romance. With its infectious music, brilliant performances, and witty dialogues, Padosan continues to be celebrated as a timeless classic.

Set against the backdrop of a bustling neighbourhood, the film revolves around the endearing love of Bhola, played by Sunil Dutt, for his Padosan (female neighbour) Bindu, portrayed by Saira Banu. However, she does not return his feelings. Bhola eventually goes to his friend Vidyapathi (Kishore Kumar) for help. What follows is a series of hilarious encounters, musical showdowns, and a story filled with laughter.

Padosan is known for its unforgettable music, composed by R.D. Burman with lyrics penned by Rajendra Krishan. The film introduced evergreen melodies like Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein and Ek Chatur Naar, which became instant favourites among audiences and continue to be hummed even today.

The wonderful cast, including Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, and Om Prakash, brought their characters to life with flawless comic timing and charm. Their performances, coupled with the film's lively direction, ensured that Padosan became a classic that has stood the test of time.


Table of Contents


Movie Name


Directed by

Jyoti Swaroop

Screenplay by

Rajinder Krishan

Produced by

Mehmood and N. C. Sippy


Sunil Dutt, Saira Banu, Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, and Om Prakash

Based on

Pasher Bari by Arun Chowdhury


K. H. Kapadia

Edited by

D. N. Pai

Music by

R. D. Burman

Distributed by

Kailash Dossani Investments Pvt. Ltd. and Mehmood Productions

Release Date

29 November 1968


2 Hours 37 Minutes








A young man named Bhola lives with his uncle, Kunwar Pratap Singh. Pratap Singh has been looking for a girl to marry despite the fact that his wife is still alive, which has angered Bhola. He moves out of his uncle's house and into his aunt's (Pratap's wife's) home out of rage. 

He discovers the lovely neighbour Bindu there and develops feelings for her. Bindu, on the other hand, finds Bhola annoying and rejects his approach. Bhola's friend and mentor, Vidyapati, a singer and theatre performer, comes to his rescue and obtains information on Bindu.

Master Pillai, her South Indian music instructor, makes approaches, but Bindu puts up with them as well. Vidyapathi understands that Bindu's passion for music is the cause of her connection to Master Pillai. He makes an unsuccessful attempt to teach Bhola to sing.

He comes up with an idea after listening to dub tunes and asks Bhola to imitate song lyrics while he performs the actual singing in the background. To Pillai's displeasure, their attempt to impress Bindu is successful, as Bindu gradually begins to develop feelings for Bhola.

One of Bindu's friends questions Bhola's singing at Bindu's birthday party after hearing her voice. She helps Bindu to uncover Bhola's dishonesty. As a result, Bindu becomes furious and, in the act of vengeance, accepts Kunwar Pratap Singh's marriage proposal, which she had earlier rejected after learning that he was Bhola's maternal uncle. 

Pratap Singh is visited by Vidyapathi and his gang, who beg him to reject the request for his nephew's love. Pratap Singh complies. This immediately annoys Bindu, who vows to wed Pillai in order to take revenge on Bhola.

Unable to prevent the wedding, Vidyapathi sets up a last-ditch strategy to pretend that Bhola committed suicide. They set up a suicide scene and begin crying and screaming over Bhola's "death". Everyone comes, including Bindu, who tries to wake him up while being extremely horrified. She is urged to try harder by Vidyapathi, who explains that only her passionate affection has a chance of bringing the dead back to life. Following some more acting, Bhola finally tears up and gets up embracing Bindu. Everyone is delighted and astounded to see the power of pure love, especially Master Pillai. Finally, Bhola's uncle and aunt reconnect and give the newlyweds their blessing. Master Pillai is seen playing Shehnai in the film's final scene while crying.


Padosan, the iconic Bollywood film, was released on November 29, 1968, captivating audiences with its humour, music, and unforgettable performances. The movie quickly became a sensation, leaving a lasting impact on Indian cinema.

When Padosan hit the silver screen, it was met with widespread anticipation and excitement. Audiences eagerly flocked to theaters to witness the unique blend of romance and comedy that the film promised. The release date marked the beginning of a cinematic journey that would resonate with viewers for generations to come.


Padosan-Reviews-Image.tring.jpgPadosan, released in 1968, is a true gem of Indian cinema that has stood the test of time. This iconic Bollywood film delivers a delightful blend of comedy, romance, and music, leaving audiences entertained and charmed.

The plot unfolds in a vibrant neighbourhood setting, where the pursuit of love leads to hilarious and heartwarming encounters. The witty and well-crafted dialogues add to the film's comedic brilliance, generating laughter throughout.

The movie features a stellar cast, with each actor delivering their best. Sunil Dutt shines as the lovable and innocent Bhola, while Saira Banu's portrayal of Bindu exudes grace and charm. However, it is Mehmood who steals the show with his impeccable comic timing and eccentric portrayal of Master Pillai, the high-spirited neighbour. His electrifying chemistry with the rest of the cast is a joy to watch.

The music of Padosan is an undeniable highlight, with the legendary R.D. Burman composing a soundtrack that still remains in the hearts of audiences. From the melodious Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein to the infectiously playful Ek Chatur Naar, the songs not only elevate the storytelling but have become timeless classics that continue to resonate with music lovers even after several decades.

Director Jyoti Swaroop deserves praise for his skillful direction, seamlessly blending comedy, romance, and music into a united and engaging narrative. The film's pacing keeps the audience engaged from start to finish, never missing a beat in delivering entertainment and laughter.

While the movie is a masterpiece in many respects, it does have a few minor flaws. The plot, at times, becomes predictable, and certain comedic sequences could have been trimmed for a tighter narrative. Nevertheless, these minor shortcomings do little to overshadow the film's overall brilliance.

Overall, Padosan is a timeless Bollywood classic that continues to bring joy to audiences of all generations. Its stellar performances, hilarious dialogues, and unforgettable music make it a must-watch for fans of Indian cinema. Whether you're seeking a good laugh or a heartwarming love story, Padosan delivers on all fronts, cementing its place as an enduring favourite in the collection of Bollywood's finest offerings.



Character Analysis




Bhai Battur, Bhai Battur

Lata Mangeshkar

Sharm Aati Hai Magar

Lata Mangeshkar

Main Chali, Main Chali Dekho Pyar Ki Gali

Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle

Aao Aao Sanwariya

Manna Dey and Mehmood

Ek Chatur Naar Karke Shringar

Manna Dey, Mehmood, and Kishore Kumar

Mere Samnewali Khidki

Kishore Kumar

Mere Bhole Balam

Kishore Kumar

Kehna Hai

Kishore Kumar

Box Office Collection

The worldwide box office collection for the movie was a total of ₹2.8 Crore. The film did extremely well at the Indian box office, recovering its entire budget and making an impressive profit. It was the sixth most successful Indian film of 1968.

Interesting Facts


Even today, Padosan remains a beloved film that brings smiles to the faces of viewers. Its timeless humour, endearing characters, and memorable moments make it a must-watch for anyone seeking a delightful cinematic experience. Whether it's the playful banter or the enchanting melodies that have become cultural treasures, the movie continues to capture hearts and leave a lasting impact.

For generations to come, Padosan will remain a beloved classic that continues to spread laughter and joy, forever etching its name in the pantheon of Bollywood's finest offerings.

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