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Nilkanth Master - 2015

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Under the prestigious name of Akshar Films Pvt Ltd, Meghmala Pathare and the skilled Gajendra Ahire have created the captivating Marathi movie, Nilkanth Master. Omkar Govardhan, Pooja Sawant, Adinath Kothare, and Neha Mahajan are among the outstanding actors in the film, which transports viewers on a mesmerizing trip into a realm of love, revolution, and sacrifice. Nilkanth Master, which was released on August 7th, 2015, has fundamentally changed the Marathi film industry.


Table of contents


Movie name

Nilkanth Master

Directed by

Gajendra Ahire

Produced by

Meghmala Pathare


Omkar Govardhan, Pooja Sawant, Adinath Kothare, Neha Mahajan


Krishna Soren

Edited by

Ballu Saluja

Music by

Ajay - Atul

Release date

30 October 1997






The movie introduces us to Vishwanath, a devoted individual who joins a revolutionary gang led by the charismatic Vyankatesh, amid the backdrop of the British colonial era. As the group begins to trust Vishwanath, tragedy strikes when Vyankatesh dies in a battle against the British troops. Given the grave responsibility of breaking this terrible news to Vyankatesh's fiancée, Vishwanath sets out on a risky journey while pretending to be a teacher. 

The film's emotionally powerful plot captivates spectators as it skillfully weaves together themes of love, sacrifice, and the struggle for freedom. Vishwanath is forced to stay with the senior member of the group ( Vikram Gokhale )  in order to conceal himself from the British. He is given the false identity of Nilkanth, a teacher. And now known as Nilkanth Master as a result. His first responsibility is to inform Yashoda (Neha Mahajan), his lover, about Vyenkatesh's passing.


 Nilkanth Master was released on 7 August 2015. On August 7, the movie was shown in theatres throughout Maharashtra. Balbheem Pathare, the movie's producer, informed PTI  that the film will also be released at five places throughout London on the same day.

The recently completed Goa Marathi Film Festival took place in Panaji, with Nilkanth serving as its closing film. 


Nilkanth-Master-Review-tringWhile Nilkanth Master has received mixed reviews from critics, its performances and thematic elements have left a lasting impact on audiences. Mihir Bhanage of The Times of India, although rating it 2 out of 5 stars, acknowledges the film's sustained performances.

However, Bhanage also notes the plot's hasty execution, suggesting that improved editing and storytelling could have elevated the film. Ganesh Matkari of Pune Mirror rates the film two and a half stars out of five, deeming it a mildly curious yet occasionally frustrating experience. Matkari suggests that although the film starts off well, it loses its way along the narrative.

Soumitra Pote of Maharashtra Times, rating it 2.5 out of 5 stars, highlights the commendable art direction but suggests that the exploration of the characters' relationships could have been more nuanced. Jayanti Waghdhare of Zee News also gives it a 2.5-star rating, remarking on the difficulty of fully assessing the film's justice to the love story and its characters. Many good actors have contributed to the film and their acting has lifted the overall movie experience.



Character Analysis

Nilkanth-Master-character-analysis-tringOmkar Govardhan brings Vishwanath to life with his compelling portrayal, embodying the character's dedication and courage.

Adinath Kothare mesmerizes as Vyankatesh, leaving a lasting impression with his powerful performance.

Neha Mahajan shines as Yashoda, capturing the essence of her character's emotional journey.

Pooja Sawant delivers a remarkable performance as Indu, showcasing her versatility and depth as an actress.




Adhir Man Jhale

Shreya Ghoshal

Paratun Ye Na

Javed Ali , Shreya Ghoshal

Kaunse Des Chala


Vande Mataram


In conclusion, the thought-provoking Marathi movie Nilkanth Master blends themes of sacrifice, revolt, and love to leave its audience with a lasting impression. The film transports viewers to a period of intense instability and emotional turmoil thanks to its outstanding cast, compelling plot, and intriguing photography. Nilkanth Master resonates as a tribute to the strength of love, the spirit of revolution, and the sacrifices made for a greater cause via the successes and failures of its protagonists.

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