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Minus 31 - 2023

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Minus 31 is a gripping criminal thriller directed by Pratik Moitro. A brilliant ensemble cast, including Shivankit, Kaam Bhaari, Rajesh Sharma, Raghubir Yadav, and Rucha Inamdar, is featured in the film. The film, which was written by Pratik Moitro, Charulata Maitra, and Ankit Bhuptani, goes into the suspenseful realm of crime. 

Minus 31 is a collaborative project of Altair Media and Darshani Entertainment and is produced by Pratik Moitro, Karan Konde, and Nisheeta Keni. The film tells the tale of a murder that occurred during the COVID era, and the female police officer is tasked with solving the crime.


Table of Content

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Movie name

Minus 31

Directed by

Pratik Moitro

Written by

Pratik Moitro, Charulata Maitra, Ankit Bhuptani


Crime Thriller

Produced by

Pratik Moitro, Karan Konde, Nisheeta Keni


Rucha Inamdar, Raghubir Yadav, Kaam Bhaari, Rajesh Sharma, Shivankit

Music by

Udayan Dharmadhikari

Cinematography by

Sulabh Bangale

Edited by

Abhishek Sharma

Production company

Altair Media, Darshani Entertainment

Release date

July 21, 2023








The murder mystery occurs amid the COVID-19 epidemic, heightening the already difficult case's tension and anxiety. The female police officer assigned to the case is desperate to catch the killer, but she must overcome several obstacles, including a lack of resources and the extra difficulty of conducting an investigation during a pandemic.

The police officer learns as she digs more into the inquiry that there are several suspects, each with a multi-layered and intricate tale. The movie's trailer introduces the spectator to these suspects by providing snippets of information about their personal histories, difficulties, and potential murderous intentions.

The film covers numerous topics including poverty, corruption, prejudice, and mental health via these characters and their lives, providing the spectator with a glimpse into the reality experienced by many people regardless of the epidemic.

Tensions increase as additional suspects are identified throughout the course of the inquiry, and the female police officer is put under pressure to find the truth fast by both her coworkers and the families of the accused. But even at the expense of her personal safety, the officer is committed to following the evidence wherever it goes.

For those who enjoy a good mystery and an interesting tale, the film promises to be a must-watch thanks to a gripping and exciting premise and strong performances by the actors.


The Hindi crime thriller Minus 31 - The Nagpur Files made its way to the big screen on 21 July 2023, offering audiences a captivating experience filled with suspense, mystery, and captivating performances. The movie's trailer, which came out a few weeks before the premiere, showed exciting action scenes, intense conversations, and a real feeling of anxiety.


The mystery is not exactly the type of whodunit that keeps you on the edge of your seat. However, it is more of a watch with multiple layers since it displays youth from lower middle-class families who are hustling to make ends meet and family interactions that are stressed because the older generation does not regard the perspectives, aspirations, or requirements of the younger generation.

The director, Pratik Moitro, gives us an edgy and gloomy crime drama set against the backdrop of the horrific COVID-19 lockdown environment and the medical emergency. From the beginning to the end of the movie, the atmosphere is tense, whether it's the dark lanes of slums, the characters' personal lives, corruption during the worst times for humanity, or the background of the murder itself.

If you enjoy dark and rough criminal dramas, then you should definitely check out Minus 31.



cast and crew of minus 31

Character Analysis

Preksha Sharma is a serious, no-nonsense police officer who works in Nagpur's crime division. She is always committed to doing what is right. 

Preksha's fierce dedication to her job often puts her at odds with her coworkers and bosses, but she never gives up on finding the truth and doing what's right. Beyond her professional life, Preksha embodies the qualities of a dutiful and caring daughter.

In the crime mystery movie Minus 31, Anupam Sharma emerges as a central and compelling character. Raghubir Yadav, a skilled actor, plays him with depth and energy. Anupam is a bitter, injured ex-cop who adds depth and feeling to the story of the movie.


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Behind The Scenes

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Box Office Collection

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Interesting Facts

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Minus 31 - The Nagpur Files presents a captivating and multi-layered narrative that goes beyond the typical whodunit mystery. Director Pratik Moitro masterfully crafts an edgy and gloomy crime drama, skillfully exploring the struggles of youth from lower-middle-class families and the strained family dynamics during the challenging backdrop of the COVID-19 lockdown and medical emergency.

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