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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan - 2011

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In 2011, Ali Abbas Zafar made his directorial debut with the romantic comedy Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. It was written and produced by Aditya Chopra under the umbrella of Yash Raj Films. Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar, and Tara D'Souza all appear in the movie.

'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan,' a delightful romantic comedy that explores the bonds of family, love, and the joys and challenges of finding the perfect match.'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' introduces us to Kush, a charismatic and carefree young man who embarks on a mission to find the perfect bride for his elder brother, Luv. Directed by a seasoned filmmaker, 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' combines elements of humor, romance, and family dynamics, creating a joyful and entertaining cinematic experience. The film's colorful and energetic musical numbers, coupled with its witty dialogues, add an extra layer of charm and liveliness.

The talented cast brings the characters to life, with their sparkling chemistry and brilliant performances. From the endearing charm of Kush to the effervescent presence of Dimple, each character contributes to the film's warm and engaging narrative, creating moments of laughter, love, and heartfelt emotions.

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Movie name

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Directed by

Ali Abbas Zafar

Written by

Ali Abbas Zafar

Cinematography by

Sudeep Chatterjee

Edited by

Ritesh Soni

Produced by

Aditya Chopra


Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar and Tara D'Souza

Music by

Sohail Sen

Production company

Yash Raj Films

Distributed by

Sony Pictures Networks

Release date

9 September 2011






₹220 million


mere-brother-ki-dulhan-story2-tring'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' is a romantic comedy that follows the lively and entertaining journey of Kush, who sets out to find the perfect bride for his elder brother, Luv. However, amidst the wedding preparations, unexpected twists and turns lead Kush to question his feelings and discover a connection he never anticipated.

The story begins with Kush's determination to find an ideal match for Luv, who is settled abroad. After numerous failed attempts, Kush stumbles upon Dimple, a vibrant and unconventional woman who possesses infectious energy and a zest for life. Fascinated by her free-spirited nature, Kush is convinced that Dimple is the perfect match for his brother.

As Kush and Dimple spend more time together planning Luv's wedding, an unexpected bond develops between them. The more they interact, the more they realize their compatibility and growing affection for each other. Caught between his loyalty to his brother and his own burgeoning feelings, Kush finds himself in a complex love triangle. While Kush tries to navigate his emotions, Luv remains unaware of the blossoming romance between his brother and Dimple. As the wedding day approaches, Kush must decide whether to confess his feelings or sacrifice his happiness for his brother's marriage.

'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' explores the dynamics of love, loyalty, and sibling relationships. It delves into the complexities of modern-day relationships, challenging societal norms and expectations. The film highlights the importance of following one's heart, even if it means confronting difficult choices and potentially risking the bond between siblings.


'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' was released with much anticipation and fanfare, captivating audiences with its light-hearted charm, catchy music, and entertaining storyline. The film's release generated excitement among Bollywood enthusiasts, who eagerly awaited the on-screen magic created by a talented cast and crew. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan was released on 9 September 2011.

Prior to its release, the film's promotional campaign created a buzz, with teaser trailers, colorful posters, and engaging music videos. The foot-tapping soundtrack, composed by popular music director duo Vishal-Shekhar, became an instant hit, adding to the anticipation surrounding the film.

As the release date approached, the cast and crew actively engaged in promotional activities, including interviews, appearances on popular television shows, and interactive sessions with fans. Their enthusiasm and infectious energy added to the overall anticipation and helped build a strong connection with the audience.


'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' garnered a mixed response from critics and audiences alike, with positive and lukewarm opinions. The film, which aimed to be a light-hearted romantic comedy, generated varying reactions based on its entertainment value, performances, and storyline.

Some reviewers praised the film for its energetic and charismatic performances. The chemistry between the lead actors, the talented trio of Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Ali Zafar, was appreciated for its natural charm and on-screen camaraderie. Their lively performances brought depth and relatability to their respective characters, making them endearing and engaging.

The film's music received favorable reviews, with the soundtrack being hailed for its catchy tunes and foot-tapping numbers. Songs like 'Dhunki' and 'Isq Risk' became popular chart-toppers, enhancing the overall entertainment quotient of the film. The vibrant cinematography and colorful visuals were also praised for their visually appealing presentation, capturing the essence of the film's light-hearted tone and adding to its overall charm.

On the other hand, some critics felt that the film fell short in terms of its screenplay and narrative execution. They expressed concerns about the predictability of the storyline and the reliance on clichéd plot elements, suggesting that the film could have offered a more refreshing and innovative take on the romantic comedy genre. While the film aimed to strike a balance between comedy and romance, some reviewers found the humor to be inconsistent and lacking the desired impact. They felt that certain comedic sequences and dialogues did not land as effectively as intended, diminishing the overall comedic impact of the film.

Despite the mixed reviews, 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' resonated well with audiences who sought light-hearted entertainment. The film's appealing blend of romance, comedy, and catchy music appealed to a wide range of viewers, resulting in its commercial success at the box office.



Character Analysis






Mere Brother Ki Dulhan




Neha Bhasin



Benny Dayal, Aditi Singh Sharma


Isq Risk

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan



Ali Zafar, Sreeram Chandra, Shweta Pandit


Do Dhaari Talwaar

Shahid Mallya, Shweta Pandit


Choomantar (Remix)

Benny Dayal, Aditi Singh Sharma


Isq Risk (Risky Mix)

Sreeram Chandra, Neha Bhasin

Box Office collection

The first day of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan brought in 75.0 million net, and the first weekend brought in 255.0 million net. The movie did well on Monday, earning 37.5 million net and bringing its four-day total to Rs 290 million net. In the first week following its release, it made 378 million in net sales. As a result, it rose to the ninth-highest earning movie of 2011. Despite having a 320 million dollar budget, the movie ended up making 772 million crore in India and 938 million worldwide.

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