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Maamannan - 2023

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The political thriller film Maamannan was finally released on June 29, 2023, to the audience's tremendous anticipation and enthusiasm. The film was helmed by the well-known director Mari Selvaraj and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin. It features an ensemble cast that includes some of the most gifted actors in the business, such as Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, and Keerthy Suresh, among others.

The storyline of Maamannan centres around the character of the titular role, which is portrayed by Udhayanidhi Stalin as a charismatic and important political leader. An exhilarating and thought-provoking cinematic experience is provided by the movie since it digs into the nuances of politics, power battles, and societal issues.


Table of Content

poster of Maamannan


Movie name


Directed by

Mari Selvaraj

Written by

Mari Selvaraj


Political thriller film

Produced by

Udhayanidhi Stalin


Vadivelu, Fahadh Faasil, Udhayanidhi Stalin, Keerthy Suresh


Theni Eswar

Edited by

Selva R. K.

Production company

Red Giant Movies

Music by

A. R. Rahman

Release date

29 June 2023






₹35 crore


Maamannan, a motivated MLA from a group that has been mistreated, has had a hard time getting to where he is now. Starting out as a hardworking party member in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, he worked hard to move up in politics and serve his community's needs.

But Maamannan's son, Athiveeran Veera, went through a traumatic event as a child that has left him with mental and physical scars that will never go away. Members of the powerful group in the area attacked Veera in a cruel way because of his caste. This caused a big rift between Veera's father and son. Veera, who is now an Adimurai practitioner, has grown apart from his father and still has trouble dealing with the pain he felt at that time.

As the district leader of the party, Rathnavelu is an important part of the political scene. Rathnavelu is part of the main group, and because he is rude and aggressive, he often fights with Maamannan. Their constant disagreements cause tension and conflict within the party and widen the gap between the oppressed and dominant groups. When Rathnavelu hits his boiling point, it's because his colleagues and other party members have treated Maamannan's father, Sundaram, badly. In a fit of rage, Rathnavelu lashes out at the people who treated him badly by saying hurtful things. This event is a turning point that sparks something inside Maamannan and Veera.

Rathnavelu's rage makes Maamannan and Veera realise that something needs to change, and they go from being passive pieces in the political game to becoming active players. They see this as a chance to question the status quo and fight against discrimination based on caste and other wrongs that have been a part of their lives. Maamannan and Veera work together because they have had similar experiences and want to see justice done. They are driven to make real changes in their community and beyond. By working together, they hope to fix the problems that have been going on for a long time and stand up to the forces that have been holding them back.

As the story goes on, Maamannan and Veera go on a strong journey of self-discovery, strength, and resistance. They become symbols of hope for their community. Their journey of change not only changes their own lives, but also encourages others to question the way power is currently distributed and work towards a more fair society.


Maamannan was released on June 29, 2023, and critics praised it. The first round of filming was finished within the same month that the movie was announced. After a five-year ban from the film industry was overturned, Vadivelu later joined the crew and was given a warm welcome. Fahadh joined the team in May 2022, when the second schedule started. Udhayanidhi tweeted in June 2022 that a cake-cutting party marked the end of the second programme. Udhayanidhi started filming again in August 2022 in preparation for the finish line. On Twitter, he also posted a picture of Selvaraj and himself. Keerthy Suresh had finished filming her scenes for the movie in September 2022. The shooting of the movie had come to an end with a little party later that same month.


The intriguing story Maamannan examines the complexity of caste-based prejudice and the unyielding tenacity of individuals who overcome it. Viewers will have an emotional and captivating experience with this thought-provoking story, which is set against the backdrop of Tamil Nadu's political environment and digs deeply into the lives of its characters, Maamannan and Veera. The narrative expertly captures the terrible realities that marginalised populations must contend with, highlighting the serious effects that caste-based violence has on people and their families. Athiveeran Veera is a representation of the psychological and physical scars left behind by such terrible events. The writer highlights the caste system's ongoing effects via Veera's experiences, highlighting how urgent change and justice are.

One of this story's best elements is the character development. Maamannan's ascent from a lowly party cadre to an MLA is an illuminating journey that emphasises the persistence and resolve needed to go beyond social hurdles. Veera's isolation from his father adds a level of intricacy and expands on the casteism's effects on successive generations. Rathnavelu's outburst caused their friendship to develop in a lovely way, underscoring the strength of shared experiences and empathy. The story is given depth by the vivid depictions of Tamil Nadu's political scene and the palpable tension between Maamannan and Rathnavelu. The writer paints a realistic picture of the challenges involved in addressing social justice concerns within current power structures by skillfully capturing the clash of ideologies and internal struggles within the political party.



Maamannan movie stars

Character Analysis

Vadivelu as MLA Maamannan 

Vadivelu's portrayal as MLA Maamannan in the movie "Maamannan" exemplifies his acting abilities. Vadivelu, who is renowned for his superb comic timing, takes on a more serious and intense role to show off his versatility and capacity to go under the skin of difficult characters. Vadivelu captures the essence of a charismatic and powerful political figure like Maamannan. He commands attention on film and exudes charisma and confidence in each shot. Vadivelu's performance in Maamannan showcases his skill at adjusting to various genres and providing a convincing representation despite the departure from his regular humorous roles.

Udhayanidhi Stalin as Athiveeran "Veera"

In the movie Maamannan, Udhayanidhi Stalin's depiction of Athiveeran "Veera" shows off his acting development as he takes on a difficult and emotionally packed role. Udhayanidhi fully inhabits the complexity of Veera's journey and lends depth, vulnerability, and intensity to the part. A casteist attack on Veera as a child left him mentally and physically wounded. Veera is an Adimurai practitioner. Veera's emotional struggle that has moulded his character is skillfully conveyed by Udhayanidhi, who successfully catches the essence of his trauma and pain. His portrayal of Veera's wounded soul enables viewers to identify with his plight and support his recovery.






Kodi Parakura Kaalam

Kalpana Raghavendar, Rakshita Suresh, Deepthi Suresh, Aparna Harikumar


Nenjame Nenjame

Vijay Yesudas, Shakthisree Gopalan



Deepthi Suresh, Sireesha Bhaguvatula, Pavithra Chari


Manna Maamanna




A. R. Ameen


Raasa Kannu



Jigu Jigu Rail

A. R. Rahman

Behind the Scenes

The entire cast and crew put a lot of effort, devotion, and hard work into the production of Maamannan. The film's production was a labour of love from the beginning to the end, propelled by the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved.

The critically acclaimed Pariyerum Perumal director Mari Selvaraj brought his distinctive style and storytelling skills to Maamannan. Throughout the making of the movie, Selvaraj's rigorous attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of political thrillers were on display.


On June 29, Maamannan was made available to cinemas. The movie has, nonetheless, been in the news. The legal issue involving Maamannan is between Udhayanidhi Stalin, the film's star and producer, and the creator of another movie named Angel. Ramasaravanan, the producer of Angel, asserted that he and Stalin had an oral arrangement in 2018 for Stalin to perform in his film, and that he had given Stalin an advance of Rs 30 lakhs as part of his overall compensation of Rs 1.25 crore. Ramasaravanan claims that while Angel was being filmed in several cities, including Chennai and Fiji, it was halted thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak and Stalin's subsequent political engagement as a minister. After Stalin officially proclaimed that Maamannan would be his final picture, signalling that he would no again act in films, Ramasaravanan addressed the court.

80% of the work on the movie Angel had already been finished when Ramasaravanan told the court that he had already spent Rs 13 crore on it. He expressed anxiety that he would lose Rs 25 crore if Angel wasn't freed. Ramasaravanan consequently asked the court to become involved in the situation.

Box Office Collection

On the first day of the movie's release, it brought in an overall profit of 6 crores.


There is no information available. 

Interesting Facts

The story of Maamannan, as a whole, is a riveting and thought-provoking work that shines light on the lasting impacts of caste-based prejudice. It is a potent reminder of the significance of resiliency, solidarity, and the ongoing struggle for justice. Viewers who are interested in a profound investigation of societal concerns and the capacity of the human spirit to prevail over hardship should give serious consideration to picking up this captivating movie.

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