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Heropanti 2 - 2022

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Heropanti 2 is a Hindi-language action film released in 2022 and directed by Ahmed Khan, with a script written by Rajat Arora. The film starred Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Tara Sutaria and was produced by the production house Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment.

Table of Contents


Movie name

Heropanti 2

Directed by

Ahmed Khan

Screenplay by

Rajat Arora

Story by

Sajid Nadiadwala

Produced by

Sajid Nadiadwala



Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, & Tara Sutaria


Kabir Lal

Edited by

Rameshwar S. Bhagat

Music by

A. R. Rahman

Production Company

Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Distributed by

AA Films

Release date

29 April 2022






₹70 crore


RJ is a young man living in Yorkshire with his mother, Hema, and working as a bouncer at a bar. When he attends a job interview, he meets Inaaya, a successful millionaire in the gaming industry. Inaaya mistakenly believes that RJ is her former boyfriend, Babloo Ranawat. RJ denies any knowledge of her, but Inaaya's suspicion proves to be true. Babloo, once an infamous hacker, was recruited by CBI officer Azaad Khan to help thwart the plans of Laila, a psychopathic magician and cyber-criminal. Laila has created an app that steals user's personal data and financial information.

Babloo infiltrates Laila's gang by posing as a romantic interest to Laila's sister, Inaaya, and begins to work against Laila. However, he soon realises that Laila's actions are causing harm and destruction and joins forces with Azaad again. Babloo, now using the identity of RJ, starts a new life with his foster mother Hema.

Years later, Laila discovers that Babloo is hiding in Yorkshire and sends his henchmen after him. Babloo fights back and fakes his own death, then joins hands with Inaaya to bring down Laila's criminal empire. The two of them travel to Egypt, Russia, and China to dismantle Laila's syndicate. Upon their return to Heathrow Airport, they find that Laila has kidnapped Babloo's mother. Laila challenges Babloo to stop the extortion of money through a series of obstacles, but Babloo overcomes each one and eventually defeats Laila. Six months later, Babloo, Inaaya, and Hema are living in Vietnam, where a new mission awaits Babloo.


Heropanti 2 was released in theatres on April 29, 2022, and distributed by AA Films. The film made its way to home media through a premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 27, 2022, allowing fans to enjoy the action-thriller from the comfort of their own homes.


IMDb Rating: 2.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 18%

Heropanti 2, an offering from director Ahmed Khan, is a high-action film that aims to please the masses with its over-the-top and often nonsensical stunts. Starring Tiger Shroff as the lead, the film is criticised for its lack of story, weak acting and dialogue, and cringe-worthy special effects. The acting performances of both Tara Sutaria and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are also criticised, with many feeling that the talented Siddiqui's role was a misfit for his calibre.

The screenwriting, full of outdated jokes from the 2014-2015 era, is also deemed a major weakness in the film. The direction by Ahmed Khan is seen as outdated and lacking in vision.

While Heropanti 2 may be entertaining for some fans who prefer high-octane action, for many others, the film falls flat. The movie may please some single-screen masses, but for most viewers, the formulaic and unoriginal content makes it a forgettable experience. 




Tiger Shroff

Babloo Ranawat / RJ

Nawazuddin Siddiqui


Tara Sutaria


Zakir Hussain

Azaad Khan

Amrita Singh

Hema, Babloo's mother

Naresh Gosain





Zahid Malik

Vikas Verma


Udayabhanu Maheshwaran


Mark Smith


Sajjad Delafrooz

Ranjit Shenoy

Saharsh Kumar Shukla

Babloo's Friend

Kanwalpreet Singh

Babloo's Friend

Nikul Bhupinder Singh Sachdeva

Babloo's Friend

Pankaj Kansara

Babloo's Friend

Navneet Malik

Inaaya's Boyfriend

Kriti Sanon

Special appearance in "Whistle Baja 2.0"


Director - Ahmed Khan

Producer - Sajid Nadiadwala

Cinematographer - Kabir Lal

Music By - A. R. Rahman

Production House - Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Editor - Rameshwar S. Bhagat

Written By - Rajat Arora

Character Analysis

Babloo Ranawat / RJ

Babloo is a complex character with a significant transformation throughout the story. Initially an innocent young man, he is hardworking and tries to make ends meet. He once was a notorious hacker but turned his life around after realizing the consequences of his actions. He joins forces with CBI officer Azaad Khan to stop the cyber-criminal Laila, showing his strong sense of justice. However, Babloo is tempted by the money offered by Laila and betrays Azaad, but his guilt catches up with him, and he returns to the side of justice, showing his sense of responsibility. Babloo faces various challenges and overcomes them with his courage, determination, and intelligence, making him an admirable character.


Laila is a cunning and ruthless cyber-criminal who created an app to steal money and data. He operates a vast crime syndicate across several countries, and he is willing to resort to kidnapping and violence to achieve his goals. Despite his cunning, Laila is also vulnerable and driven by his ego and pride. This is evidenced by his defeat at the hands of Babloo and eventual suicide. Overall, Laila is a complex character with a mix of wit, ruthlessness, vulnerability, and a need for validation.


Inaaya is a self-made millionaire in the gaming industry who first met RJ at a job interview. Despite RJ's denial, Inaaya realizes he is actually her ex-boyfriend, Babloo, an infamous hacker. Despite his past, Inaaya's love for Babloo and her strong sense of justice draws her towards him, and she joins him in the fight against cyber-criminal Laila. Inaaya proves to be a strong, intelligent, and compassionate person who forgives Babloo and supports him in his mission. In the end, she is seen living happily with Babloo and his foster mother in Vietnam. Overall, Inaaya's character is fearless, compassionate, and determined.






Dafa Kar

A.R. Rahman, Hiral Viradia



Pooja Tiwari, Javed Ali


Miss Hairan

Tiger Shroff, Nisa Shetty


Whistle Baja 2.0

Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan



A.R. Rahman, Swagath Rathod, Faiz Mustafa


Mauka Parast

Mayank Kapri, Thoughts For Now

Behind The Scenes

In behind-the-scenes footage released last year during the film's release, Tiger Shroff showcased the action sequences for his film Heropanti 2. The footage provided an exciting glimpse into the rigorous combat and action training that Tiger underwent under the guidance of renowned choreographer Ahmed Khan. It also showcased some of the most challenging moments during filming, including a dangerous stunt performed by Tiger on a moving train. Despite the difficulties, Tiger and the crew were able to capture incredible shots, and the behind-the-scenes footage offered a thrilling look at the making of this highly anticipated film.

Tara Sutaria revealed that the music video for 'Dafa Kar' was filmed amidst frigid temperatures, highlighting the unwavering dedication of both her and Tiger Shroff in maintaining the charm of the Heropanti franchise despite enduring challenging weather conditions.


Despite the buzz surrounding Heropanti 2, the film fell short in terms of storyline, execution, and performance. Critics and audiences alike were disappointed with the movie's lacklustre plot, subpar action sequences, and mediocre acting. However, it is worth noting that the film did not spark any significant controversies during or after its release. While some viewers expressed their disappointment on social media and online forums, there were no major controversies surrounding the movie.

Box Office Collection

Heropanti 2 had a strong opening at the domestic box office, earning ₹6.50 crore on its first day. Despite a slight dip on the second day with ₹5.50 crore, the film managed to bounce back on the third day with a collection of ₹4 crores. This brought its total domestic weekend collection to a solid ₹16 crore.

As of May 12th, 2022, the film had grossed a total of ₹29.11 crores within India and an additional ₹6.02 crore internationally, resulting in a worldwide gross collection of ₹35.13 crores.


This information is not available.

Interesting Facts


While Heropanti 2 offers a range of commercial cinema elements, the movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film's storyline and execution were heavily criticised, and it may not be suitable for those looking for a well-developed plot. However, the action sequences are undeniably impressive and showcase Tiger Shroff's skill and dedication to his craft. If you're a fan of Tiger Shroff or looking for an action-packed movie, Heropanti 2 may still be worth a watch.

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