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Sonali Bendre is a well-known Bollywood actress and one of India's most beautiful women overall. Sonali Bendre previously worked as a model. Sonali Bendre has appeared in movies in languages of Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada and Marathi.

Sonali Bendre began her professional life as a model. She was then chosen for the 'Stardust Talent Search.' Sonali Bendre received an invitation to Mumbai where she received training from numerous renowned film fraternities. Sonali was born into a Marathi family from Maharashtra.

Sonali Bendre made a name for herself as a top Indian actress of the 1990s and is well known for her fashion choices. Before making her acting debut in 1994 with the movie Aag Bendre worked as a model and appeared in a number of television commercials. The action-romance Diljale marked her first commercial success and career breakthrough (1996).

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Sonali Bendre was born in Mumbai on the 1st of January. She was born in the year 1975. Sonali Bendre's age is 48 as of 2023.


Sonali Bendre’s FamilySonali Bendre’s father is Jeet Bendre and her mother is Roopsi Bendre. Sonali Bendre has two sisters. Her father worked for the government at the Central Public Works Department Government of India (CPWD). 

Education and Childhood

Sonali Bendre went to Ramnarain Ruia College in Mumbai to study. Sonali Bendre attended Holy Cross Convent High School in Thane Mumbai and also attended Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram for her education in Bengaluru respectively. She also attended Dehradun's Welham Girls School. Sonali is one of three sisters. 


Sonali Bendre - Raj Thackeray

One of the most well-known actresses in the 1990s was Sonali Bendre. Back then the 46-year-old actress had a huge fan base and was very talented. Her fans adored her for her beauty and grace the most. There were rumours and reports about someone who adored Sonali in addition to her fans. It was none other than Raj Thackeray. 

Even though he was married to Sharmila Thackeray at the time Raj was allegedly deeply in love with Sonali. In fact, this pair met the late pop king Michael Jackson at the airport when he travelled to India. Sonali wore traditional Marathi clothing and Raj wore a bandh-gala Nehru jacket over a kurta-pyjama. Whoa! The glory days of Raj Thackeray and Sonali Bendre with Michael Jackson!

There was a lot of commotion when Raj Thackeray first began his political career. He allegedly pushed Sonali Bendre's Bollywood career and later fell in love with her according to News24. And according to some reports Raj fell in love with Sonali after seeing her in the movies. The politician was madly in love with the actress despite the fact that there is no official confirmation of that. According to reports Raj Thackeray wanted to wed Sonali Bendre but his uncle Bal Thackeray advised him against it because it would severely harm his political career. Raj had already wed Sharmila Thackeray at that point.

Sonali Bendre - Sunil Shetty

In the 1990s Sonali Bendre and Suneil Shetty were among the most well-known couples. The two were so well-liked by the audience that they worked on several films together including 'Bhai ' 'Rakshak ' and 'Sapoot ' to name a few. Soon rumours that they were dating each other spread widely. According to rumours Sonali was ecstatically in love with Suniel and intended to wed him. 

Reports state that their relationship ended when Sunil who was already married to Mana declined the proposal. When Sonali Bendre was single and Suniel Shetty was married to Mana Shetty there were rumours of their romance. The actress discussed how the rumours affected their friendship and both of their lives in an interview with Stardust. Yes, Suniel and I are beginning to feel tension. We both initially dismissed the rumours with humour. It was very humorous.

But eventually, the humour wore off. It began to interfere with our personal lives and all of a sudden it ceased to be amusing. Sonali Bendre remembered how the rumours affected a tense photo shoot. Sunil and I once took part in a photo shoot and everyone commented on how well-suited they were to one another. 

Why can't we just act like two good models who are following the rules? We even started becoming aware of it at one point. Recently we had to give each other hugs in order to complete the shot. Sunil refused to touch me and I continued to pull away. We were separated from one another by one foot. That's when we both realized how much these rumours had impacted us. And we seriously discussed what to do.

Sonali Bendre - Goldie Behl

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl's love story which was predestined to happen can be described as passionate persistent pleasant and eternal. Their souls sparkled with 'love at first sight ' paving the way for an enduring devotion to each other as they went from being diametrically opposed to becoming enamoured by the bond of togetherness. 

Their unwavering love and support for one another grew into an inspiration during difficult times. When Goldie first set eyes on Sonali in 1994 while working on the set of the movie Naaraaz it was love at first sight. Sonali was a well-known actress in Bollywood and the South due to the fact that she worked with almost all notable actors.

Goldie had to win over the affections of a diva who was the object of desire for millions of men. The only shared connection that connected Goldie and Sonali was Shrishti Arya his sister. When he first met her he thought she was very attractive but her slow-eating style appealed to him more than her appearance.

Even if they don't stay in your life people are supposed to cross your path for a reason and some of them leave a permanent mark. A notable example of a 'boy meets girl' tale involves a Punjabi Munda who in his heart and soul was a member of a typical Bollywood family. He had high expectations and the fervour in his eyes shone like stars in a starry sky. 

He was putting a lot of effort into his goal of becoming an accomplished filmmaker like his father (Ramesh Behl). On a film set he once came across a modest and reserved Marathi mulgi. The most stunning damsel on earth caught his attention as he turned to look at her. He realized right then and there that the Humma Humma girl was the love of his life.

He was in awe of her charisma and had no idea how to approach her but luck was on his side in many ways. In 1998 Sonali was proposed by Goldie. Even the actress would have accepted this offer. In 2002 Sonali Bendre wed filmmaker Goldie Behl; the couple has a son named Ranveer.


Sonali Bendre made her film debut in 1994 with Govinda in the film 'Aag.' Sonali struggled for a long time to establish herself as an actress. Her early films included Naaraaz, The Don, Gaddar, Takkar, Rakshak, and English Babu Desi Mem among others. In Mani Ratnam's Bombay, she made an appearance in the item song Humma Humma.

Sonali Bendre later received critical acclaim for her roles in films such as Diljale, Bhai, Sarfarosh, Zakhm, Duplicate, Hum Saath-Saath Hain, Tera Mera Saath Rahein, Anahat, and others. Sonali is one of the few actresses who has worked with all of the major Khans (Aamir Salman Shahrukh and Saif).

Sonali Bendre has worked with top actors such as Suniel Shetty Akshay Kumar Ajay Devgn Sanjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor. Sonali Bendre has also appeared in films alongside Telugu superstars Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna as well as Kannada superstar Upendra. She appeared in films such as Indra Shankar Dada M.B.B.S. Khadgam Manmadhudu Murari Angaaray Preethse and others.

Aside from that she demonstrated her dancing abilities in films such as 'Sapoot ' 'Gaddar ' 'Lajja ' and 'Major Saab ' among others. She made a cameo appearance in Nikhil Advani's 'Kal Ho Naa Ho.' She appeared in the stage production Aap Ki Soniya. Sonali hosted the dance show Kya Masti Kya Dhoom. She has served as a judge on shows such as Indian Idol Mr & Ms Television Indian Idol 4 India's Got Talent Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz and Best Dramebaaz among others.

After a long break, Sonali made a comeback in Akshay Kumar's 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again.' Milan Luthria the director described her role as follows: 'Mumtaz is the name of Sonali's character. The name connotes mystery and is crucial to the plot of the film. The character does not fit into the typical mould of a mother sister or bhabhi but instead has its own identity. 

That is what distinguishes it. That is why Sonali agreed to participate in the film.' Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again. On February 26 2005 she co-hosted the 50th Filmfare Awards with Saif Ali Khan and Farida Jalal. In 2014 she narrated the Colors TV show Mission Sapne. Sonali made her television acting debut in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh a Star Life OK series. Shobha Sachdev was played by her.

In addition, Sonali Bendre has graced the television screens as one of the esteemed judges on the highly popular dance reality show India's Best Dancer 3. The upcoming installment India's Best Dancer 3: Har Move Se Karenge Prove is set to premiere on 8th April 2023. As a judge Sonali Bendre brings a lot of knowledge and a good eye for talent to the panel which also includes Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis both of whom have been in the business for a long time.

Best Movies


A young medical student abandons his studies to join the Indian Police Service in order to hunt down terrorists after his brother is killed and his father is seriously injured by terrorists.

The clothing store 'Rajri' is owned and run by Ajay Singh and his family in South Bombay. Gulfam Hussain a ghazal singer is a favourite of Ajay's and the two were thrilled to actually meet while he was performing.

He meets Seema at this performance and they both fall in love. When Seema is introduced to Ajay's family everyone in the group likes her. Seema is unaware that Ajay is actually Ajay Singh Rathod Assistant Commissioner of Police who has been tasked with rounding up a group of terrorists who are being protected and housed by dishonest parliamentary representatives and receiving their weapons from Pakistan.

Ajay is unaware that the path he is taking will take him to Rajasthan and right to the home of the person running this business someone he knows.


Abhiram (Nagarjuna) runs his own advertising agency. He despises women and considers all women to be traitors. Abhiram's uncle (Tanikella Bharani) the ad agency's chairman hires Harika (Sonali Bendre) as an assistant manager. Even though Abhiram does not want a girl to join his company he must accept the appointment because it was made by his uncle (Tanikella Bharani). 

He begins to mistreat her. Harika irritated by Abhiram's actions submits her resignation to Abhi's uncle who then narrates Abhiram's flashback to Harika. Abhi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Abhi is raised by his grandfather (Balayya) after his parents died shortly after his birth. Abhi falls in love with Maheswari (Anshu) the niece of one of Abhi's grandfather's employees (Chandra Mohan). 

Chandra Mohan alarmed by this whisks her away to his hometown and arranges Pelli choopulu with another guy. Abhi travels all the way to the location and abducts Maheswari. They were involved in an accident on their way back. When Abhi awakens from his coma after 10 days he learns that Maheswari is about to marry someone else. Abhi develops a hatred for women after hearing this news. Following the narration of the flashback Abhi's uncle promotes Harika to Manager and demotes Abhi to Assistant Manager. The rest of the story revolves around Abhi's love for Harika.


Anaahat PosterBy asserting her right to sexual fulfillment a woman challenges social norms. Anant Nag Sonali Bendre and Deepti Naval star in Amol Palekar's 2003 Marathi film Anahat (Unhurt). Anahat won the Best Artistic Direction award at the World Film Festival in Bangkok in 2003. Anahat was the opening film at the 2003 Indian Panorama International Film Festival.

It was also shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2011 alongside five other films. Anahat is set in Shravasti the capital of the Kingdom of Malla in the 10th century AD. It is centred on two people: the king of Malla (Anant Nag) who is unable to father an heir and the Queen Sheelavati (Sonali Bendre) who is forced to choose a powerful mate for one night.

However, despite being ordered by Niyoga to simply produce an heir the queen enjoys the sexual act without hurting her husband and realizes what her life was lacking in terms of sexual fulfilment.


Mrs. Desai is a widow living in Bombay with her singer son Ajay his pregnant wife Sonia and a second son Anand who is currently involved in a right-wing organization led by Subodh Malgaonkar. Things take a turn for the worse when militants storm and demolish the Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh. Anger is high among the Muslim community resulting in riots even in far-flung Bombay. 

The Bombay police are quick to respond and curfews are imposed in sensitive areas such as Mohammed Ali Road Jogeshwari and Dharavi. Mrs. Desai goes to her usual place of worship on this day and it is here that she is attacked by militants set ablaze and admitted to the Holy Family Hospital with more than 80% burns and little chance of survival. On the one hand Ajay must deal with conflicts with Sonia who wants to leave India and re-locate to England where she wants to give birth to her child without regard for religion or caste and on the other he must try to calm a vengeful Anand from attacking other innocent Muslims. 

But the most important thing for Ajay to do is to carry out his mother's final request which is consistent with the Christian and Muslim religions. Ajay is the only one who knows the answer and must ensure that her final request is met despite Subodh Malgaonkar's increasing pressure for his mother to be cremated according to Hindu rites.

Hum Saath Saath Hain

Vivek Prem and Vinod are Ramkishen and Mamta's three sons and Sangeeta is their daughter. A misunderstanding threatens the close-knit bond of this family which is part of a joint family. In Bombay India, an extended family consists of Ramkishen and his wife Mamta (Reema Lagoo) and their three sons Vivek Prem and Vinod.

Because Vivek has been disabled since birth his family has been unable to find a suitable match for him. Prem and Vinod on the other hand fall in love with Preeti and Sapna. But then a very nice family appears on the scene and decides to marry off one of their daughters Sangeeta to Vivek.

Since Ramkishen's wife is no longer alive Vivek decides to marry Mamta and she plots with Dhanraj her daughter's father-in-law to insult and humiliate Vinod in front of the family in order to inherit the family's vast estate. Soon after Mamta revealed that her own sons do not want to work with her and are sick of her treatment of the entire family. 

Seth Ramkishenji and Mamta want to keep their joint family which includes their sons and daughters-in-law together forever. Sangeeta their daughter is married into another large family but when problems arise she and her husband are forced to leave. Ramkishen is taken aback when he discovers that his family is also susceptible to the deterioration of values instilled in them.

Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai

The plot is based on the Telugu film 'Pelli Chuskundam ' and it follows the life of a rape victim (Aishwarya Rai). She is now turned away from her home a disgrace to her family as a result of the sexual assault.

However, she finds refuge in the character played by Anil Kapoor. Preeti Virat naive yet bold and daring comes forward as a witness to a heinous assault carried out by Bhavani Choudhry and his men on a person who owes them money. Bhavani has been arrested and is being held for trial. 

This infuriates the Choudhrys. After being threatened with dire consequences the victim withdraws his complaint Bhavani is released and all charges are dropped. Preeti is then raped by one of the Choudhry men and her own family abandons her. She finds refuge with Avinash another do-gooder who even takes her to his apartment. But the story does not end there because the neighbourhood is soon up in arms about her and wants her to leave. 

The only solution is for Preeti to marry Avinash which she agrees to do until she learns that Avinash has two children who call him 'daddy ' and she has no idea if there is another woman or even a wife involved. The police then arrest Preeti on the charge of prostitution based on a complaint filed by none other than Avinash's father.

Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara

A gangster gains control of Mumbai after killing his mentor. In the process, he develops feelings for an aspiring actress but he discovers that his mentee has also become interested in her which causes tension between them.

The film picks up where the previous film left off with Shoaib Khan (Akshay Kumar) as the reigning don after successfully assassinating his mentor as well as his predecessor Sultan Mirza (Ajay Devgn) earning the people's respect and reverence. 

He is a charismatic and suave man with womanizing abilities who has expanded his empire all the way from the Middle East to the West. His only companions and friends are Javed who supervises his illegal and shady work for him his old flame Mumtaz (Sonali Bendre) and Aslam (Imran Khan) a youth spotted by Shoaib during one of his visits to the slums where he spent his early years. 

Vardha and Arun two of Shoaib's enemies are the only people standing in the way of his ascent to power in Bombay. Police officer Sreenu joins forces with Vardha and Arjun as the trio's plans to ruin Shoaib come together. Jasmin has Shoaib's attention despite the city still being his first love and a rising starlet. As they both compete for Jasmin's love this passion eventually transforms into obsession and causes a rift between Shoaib and Aslam.

The Broken News

The Broken News portrays the rivalry between two Mumbai-based Indian news outlets 'Awaaz Bharati' and 'Josh 24/7.' The struggles lies loves and lives of a vibrant group of journalists are revealed. Amina Qureshi an extremely credible editor who upholds journalistic ethics is the editor-in-chief of the news organisation Awaaz Bharati. However, channel is constantly broken and bleeding. According to TRPs Josh 24/7 run by Dipankar Sanyal is India's top channel but it is sensationalist and frequently ignores fact-checking. Josh only cares about viewers and eyeballs so they are powerful and making money all the time. Radha Bhargava lies halfway between these two extremes.

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre will soon make her online debut with the Indian adaptation of the well-liked British series 'Press ' 'The Broken News.' Sonali will be in front of the camera for the first time since she recovered from metastatic cancer which she was diagnosed with in 2018. Jaideep Ahlawat Shriya Pilgaonkar Indraneil Sengupta Taaruk Raina Aakash Khurana and Kiran Kumar will also appear in the Vinay Waikul-directed series. 

The show's plot revolves around two competing news organisations with offices in Mumbai: Josh 24/7 News which offers intrusive and sensational journalism and Awaaz Bharati an independent ethical news organisation. The project is a result of a collaboration between BBC Studios India and ZEE5 which will stream it on ZEE5. Manish Kalra Chief Business Officer of ZEE5 India commented on the collaboration saying 'This year we have a fantastic line-up with many big titles announced in the first quarter of the year. 

The goal for 2022 is to spread high-quality content. Award-winning author Mike Bartlett (Doctor Foster King Charles III) created and wrote the original UK series 'Press ' which is a Lookout Point BBC Studios and Deep Indigo production that was co-produced with Masterpiece. In 2018 it aired on PBS Masterpiece in the US and BBC One in the UK with the original series taking place in a print newsroom as opposed to a TV newsroom.

Career Timeline

Year Sonali Bendre Movies Sonali Bendre Character
2022 The Broken News Amina Qureshi
2013 Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara! Mumtaz Khan
2004 Shankar Dada MBBS Dr. Sunita / Chitti
2004 Aga Bai Arrecha! Herself
2003 Anahat Queen Sheelavathi
2003 Pyaar Kiya Nahin Jaatha Disha
2003 Palnati Brahmanayudu Siva Nageswari
2003 Chori Chori Pooja
2003 Kal Ho Naa Ho Priya
2002 Indra Pallavi
2002 Khadgam Swathi
2002 Manmadhudu Harika
2001 Murari Vasundhara
2001 Love You Hamesha Shivani
2001 Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega Sapna Chopra
2001 Lajja Herself
2001 Tera Mera Saath Rahen Madhuri
2000 Chal Mere Bhai Piya
2000 Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai Khushi
2000 Dhai Akshar Prem Ke Nisha
2000 Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain Saawni
2000 Preethse Kiran
1999 Sarfarosh Seema
1999 Kadhalar Dhinam Roja
1999 Kannodu Kanbathellam Kalyani
1999 Hum Saath Saath Hain Dr. Preeti Shukla
1999 Dahek Sabina/Neelima
1998 Keemat - They Are Back Mansi
1998 Duplicate Lily
1998 Humse Badhkar Kaun Anu
1998 Major Saab Nisha
1998 Angaaray Roma
1998 Zakhm Soniya
1997 Bhai Meenu
1997 Tarazu Pooja
1997 Qahar Neelam
1996 Rakshak Dr. Pooja Malhotra
1996 English Babu Desi Mem Bijuriya
1996 Diljale Radhika
1996 Apne Dam Par Herself
1996 Sapoot Kajal
1995 The Don Anita Malik
1995 Gaddaar Priya
1995 Takkar Mohini
1995 Bombay Herself
1994 Aag Parul
1994 Naaraaz Sonali

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Fight With Cancer

Sonali Bendre a Bollywood actor has been outspoken about her battle with cancer and how she overcame it. The actor revealed in 2018 that she had been given a metastatic cancer diagnosis and was receiving treatment at a hospital in New York.

After a five-month treatment, she left for India in December of that same year. Here is a look back at Sonali Bendre talking about her cancer battle and adjusting to life after she returned from the US. 

After receiving treatment in New York Sonali Bendre returned to India and shared her journey on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. sharing the magazine's front cover that she wrote 'The way our experiences affect or mould us cannot be determined in a single way.

Even though some transformations are not immediately apparent they always have an effect. I've come to realise that I should never let it stop me. I'd rather put on some clothes and go! I would characterise my day as 'shooting for the @bazaarindia cover' in that way.'

In her interview with the magazine, Sonali recalled the day her doctor first told her that she had cancer in her body. So when my PET [Positron Emission Tomography] scan showed up cancer had spread all over my abdomen like fairy lights scattered all over and when the doctor in New York said that there was about a 30% chance of it all going away we were shattered the actor continued she and her family never lost hope even though she had only a 30% chance of survival.

'But the thought of death didn't come to me. I thought this was going to be a long struggle but I never thought I'd die ' she remarked. Sonali Bendre further explained that the changes to her physical appearance during her battle with cancer were the worst experience of her life in an interview with Mashable India. She discussed the surgical procedure she had in New York which left her with a 23–24 inch scar all over her body. Her doctors advised her to start walking as soon as possible because they were worried she might contract a disease that wouldn't respond to treatment. She said 'The first thing my doctors told me is that we want you out of the hospital as quickly as possible.

We are always impressed by Sonali Bendre's upbeat attitude and good spirit. She described how challenging the entire experience had been for her and her husband. 'Goldie and I refer to BC and AC which stand for before and after cancer respectively. You experience something and pick up some lessons. And it's really sad if you haven't learned them. I believe there were a few lessons to be learned from it (the cancer diagnosis). 

The key is to constantly remind one another that the process and the journey are what matter not the end result. She explained that after experiencing these times they have learned many lessons including the importance of reminding one another that the process is just as important as the end result. 

Sonali shared her experience of receiving a cancer diagnosis. The actor understood she had to get well quickly. Sonali started to walk despite the fact that her surgery left a 23–24 inch scar. She described walking down the hall while holding her IV. 'My surgeon told me after the procedure that I want you to walk in 24 hours. I was carrying my IV and moving through the hallway in 24 hours.



The amount of assets that exceed liabilities is referred to as net worth. Cash real estate and anything else of value are examples of assets. It is the value of everything you own less everything you own. Net worth is not calculated on a yearly basis. So how much is Sonali Bendre currently worth? Sonali Bendre's net worth is estimated to be Rs 140 crores ($20 million) in 2021 with brand endorsements and acting being his primary sources of income. 

Sonali Bendre owns a large collection of high-end vehicles including BMW and Audi A6. For each film, Sonali Bendre charges approximately more than 1 crore INR. Sonali Bendre also promotes a number of brands charging approximately more than 15 lakhs INR for each endorsement.


Colors Golden Petal Awards

Filmfare Awards

GR8! Women Achiever Awards India

Indian Telly Awards

Screen Awards IN

Vogue Beauty Awards

Zee Rishtey Awards

Interesting Facts

Profile Summary

Sonali Bendre Details
Profession Actor
Celebrity Type Movie Star
Age 48 years as of 2023
Date Of Birth 1st January 1975
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birthplace Mumbai Maharashtra India
Nationality Indian
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Weight 55kgs
Notable Work Dil Jale Sarfarosh
First Film Aag
Total Films 41
Net Worth in rupees Rs 24 crores as of 2023
Net Worth $3 million as of 2023
Instagram @iamsonalibendre
Twitter @iamsonalibendre

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