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Masaba Gupta Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Networth

Know more about Masaba Gupta Keep reading & get information about Masaba Gupta’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Masaba Gupta  Details
Profession Fashion Designer
Celebrity Type Fashion Industry Star
 Age 33 Years
Date Of Birth 2 November 1989
 Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Birthplace New Delhi
Height 5.4 Feet
Weight 60 Kgs
Notable Work N/A
Total Movies N/A
Net Worth $9 million
 Instagram  @masabagupta
Twitter  @masabag


Masaba Gupta’s Biography

Masaba Gupta is an Indian fashion designer who owns the House of Masaba label. Masaba Gupta's place of birth is in Mumbai Masaba Gupta's mother is Neena Gupta and Masaba Gupta's father is West Indies cricketer Viv Richards. 

Masaba Gupta's parents never married and she was raised by Neena Gupta after the family relocated from New Delhi to Mumbai. Masaba Masaba is a semi-fictional series in which Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta share snippets of their lives through design and film. 

Based on the life of Masaba Gupta Masaba Masaba is a streaming biographical drama series from India. It is produced by Ashvini Yardi's Viniyard Films and written and directed by Sonam Nair. Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta play themselves in the film. 

The show debuted on Netflix on August 28 2020.  Masaba Masaba made a comeback for Season 2. On July 29 2022 Season 2 of ‘Masaba Masaba ’ starring Masaba Gupta and Neena Gupta premiered on Netflix. 

Keep reading to know more about Masaba Gupta's biography family age birthday affairs husband height new movies upcoming shows career timeline school college education and to see exclusive Masaba Gupta photos.


Masaba Gupta's birthday date is on November 2 Masaba Gupta's birthyear is 1989. Masaba Gupta’s age is 33 years as of 2023. Masa Gupta’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. 


Masaba Gupta started practising to play tennis when she was 8 years old but quit when she was 16 years old. Masaba Gupta who had a strong love for both dance and music wanted to join Shiamak Davar's dance group but decided against it when her mother advised it. Masa Gupta then enrolled in a music and dance course in London but left early due to loneliness and homelessness. 

Later Masaba Gupta's college name is SNDT Women's University's Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic. Masaba Gupta aspired to be a tennis player until she was 16 years old when she decided to channel her creative energy into music and dance. 

She then channelled that energy into creating clothing that was distinct from the existing styles and silhouettes. Even so her passion for all three art forms is mutual. Masaba Gupta is currently one of India's top designers and is widely regarded for her outstanding work as a designer.


Masaba Gupta Family

Masaba Gupta is the daughter of Sir Viv Richards and Neena Gupta. Neena Gupta is an Indian actress and television director who works primarily in Hindi films. Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards is a retired Antiguan cricketer who played for the West Indies from 1974 to 1991. 

Masaba Gupta is married to Madhu Mantena. Madhu Varma Mantena is an Indian film producer and entrepreneur who works in Hindi Telugu and Bengali film production and distribution. Masaba Gupta's husband is Madhu Varma Mantena. Masaba Gupta's marriage date was 2 June 2015. But their marriage did not last for long as they got divorced in the year 2020.


Ex Husband Madhu Varma Mantena

Masaba Gupta's husband was Madhu Mantena a producer from 2015 to 2019. Masaba Gupta married filmmaker Madhu Mantena in a court wedding on June 2 2015 in Mumbai. Masaba's marriage to Madhu Mantena had created quite a stir on social media at the time. 

Everything made headlines from Masaba's unconventional bridal gown to the lavish reception. Another Bollywood marriage has come to an end. Masaba Gupta and Madhu Mantena the designer and producer have decided to part ways. Masaba Gupta announced their trial separation on Instagram ‘We both made this decision after consulting with professionals and our parents. What we both want out of life individually is putting undue strain on our marriage and love.’

Satyadeep Misra

Masaba Gupta and producer Madhu Mantena previously wed whereas Satyadeep and Aditi Rao Hyadri were partners for five years. Madhu Varma and Masaba Gupta received a divorce decree in September of 2022. Contrarily Satyadeep and Aditi Rao Hydari separated in 2013. We enquire as to whether Masaba and Satyadeep will soon make their romance public.

Masaba Gupta a fashion designer and the daughter of actress Neena Gupta and former cricketer Vivian Richards announced her engagement to lawyer-actor Satyadeep Misra on Friday January 27 2023 on social media. The pair who have been dating for the previous few years was married in a private ceremony attended by just their immediate family.

Sharing the news Masaba wrote “Married my ocean of calm this morning. Here’s to many many lifetimes of love peace stability & most importantly laughter. And thanks for letting me pick the caption – this is gonna be great! 

Talking about her look at the ceremony she wore designer dressed for the occasion in a rani pink "open hearts" lehenga with a rani pink "paan-patti" dupatta and a barfi pink "paan-patti" lehenga with a lime green wallflower print. According to her "the custom border features the first-ever Masaba Motif—"the palm" and the "chidiya " which honours the merger of tradition and freedom—a sign that women can believe in the institution of marriage yet follow their hearts and voice their opinions freely.

Her modest wedding ensemble was enhanced with jewellery from her mother Neena's collection. It had a chunky stone-studded choker layers of gold jewellery around the neck hanging earrings and bracelets. The gorgeous gold and pearl hair decorations in the shapes of stars and moons also drew our attention. Because the sun is energy and is the giver and guardian of life I wanted a specially made "Chand Taara" that was modelled after South Indian headdresses. And the moon's phases have an impact on us in ways we aren't even aware of. We are inspired and motivated by nature. May we always remember that" she said. In a barfi pink kurta and pyjama combination from his wife's clothing line Satyadeep is appreciated for his appearance. The outfit came with a matching bandi and included designs in mint green and lined textures.


Masaba Gupta got his start young at the tender age of 19. With a degree in apparel manufacturing and design she began with looks that spoke to her personally. She made care to express her message through her design since she had a narrative to tell. 

She didn't initially consider fashion to be important but she wanted to establish herself in the dancing community. Masaba realized that fashion was her vocation after taking home a few significant accolades during her college years. She developed the capacity to successfully combine and strike a balance between originality usability and financial viability to manage her brand ‘House of Masaba'.

Masaba Gupta's style has been described as a fusion of traditional and modern with modernity dominating. She specialises in ethnic clothing for ladies and works with silk chiffon cotton and elaborate embroidery. She is renowned for her unique prints feminine drapes and feminine silhouettes. The Mumbai daily broadsheet dna noted her ‘Tamil script sarees and jackets and the way she employs cotton and muslin as examples of how her work has a unique Indianness in a very modern milieu’. 

Masaba Gupta collaborated with Maybelline New York in 2016 to create a collection of clothes inspired by the company's new lipstick line but the project fell through due to a variety of logistical issues. Her Stylista collection was her biggest regret in her career according to her.

In 2017 she was tasked with representing India in an exhibit featuring re-designs of Levi's iconic trucker jacket. She went with her trademark cow motif. The exhibit also included a re-design by Justin Timberlake and other celebrities. Masaba Gupta is credited with being the first Indian designer to host a fashion show on Instagram. 

She claims that WhatsApp accounts for approximately 60% of her sales. In order to cater to Muslim ladies who desire to wear Indian high fashion she established a hijab-saree brand in 2018. Masaba Masaba a semi-fictional series in which Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta share snippets of their lives through design and film madel debut on Netflix in 2019.

Career Timeline

Year Masaba Gupta's Shows Masaba Gupta's Role
2019 MTV Supermodel of the Year Judge
2020 Masaba Masaba Herself
2022 Masaba Masaba Herself
2022 Modern Love: Mumbai Saiba

Networth and Income

Masaba Gupta Networth and Income

The amount of assets that exceed liabilities is referred to as net worth. Cash real estate and anything else of value are examples of assets. It is the value of everything you own less everything you own. Net worth is not calculated on a yearly basis. Masaba Gupta's networth has had a lot on. Entrepreneur Chameleon and Founder of The House of Masaba according to her Instagram account. She most recently added actress to her array of identities. 

The Daily Hunt estimates Masaba Gupta's net worth at a gross $9 million or around Rs 65 crores thanks to the success of the House of Masaba her numerous partnerships and her recent entrance into acting. And it appears like she is just getting started.

Awards and Achievements

Masaba Gupta Awards and Achievements

Masaba Gupta is the only designer in the country to have a series on her life this is one of Masaba Gupta's Achievements That She Takes Pride In. Masaba Gupta is a well-known fashion designer in the industry. Masaba Gupta began her career in the fashion industry when she was 19 years old. Soon after she established her own fashion empire the House of Masaba and rose to become one of the industry's top designers.

5 Interesting Facts about Masaba Gupta

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