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Half CA - 2023

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Half CA is a compelling web series streaming on Amazon MiniTV that brings to life the intricate and multi-faceted journey of students aspiring to become Chartered Accountants (CAs). Set against the backdrop of the challenging world of CA exams, the series delves into the lives of these ambitious individuals and their relentless pursuit of success.

Archi, portrayed by the talented Ahsaas Channa, serves as our relatable protagonist, offering a unique perspective on the rollercoaster ride of preparing for and pursuing a career in the world of accounting. With Prit Kamani, Gyanendra Tripathi, Anmol Kajani, and Rohan Joshi rounding out the stellar cast, the series promises a compelling ensemble of characters, each bringing their own quirks and struggles to the table. 

With a perfect blend of drama, humour, and emotional moments, Half CA sheds light on the challenges faced by CA applicants. It delves into the complex web of relationships, friendships, and rivalries that form within this competitive environment. The series explores the resilience and determination required to overcome setbacks, the sacrifices made to achieve success, and the personal growth experienced throughout the journey.

Moreover, Half CA goes beyond the surface of the profession and unravels the reasons why becoming a Chartered Accountant is regarded as one of the toughest professions in the world. It highlights the tough nature of the exams, the extensive knowledge and skills required, and the immense dedication necessary to excel in this field.


Table of Contents


TV Show Name

Half CA

Directed by

Pratish Mehta

Writter by

Khushbu Baid, Arunabh Kumar, Tatsat Pandey, and Harish Peddinti

Produced by

Arunabh Kumar


Ahsaas Channa, Prit Kamani, Gyanendra Tripathi, Anmol Kajani, and Rohan Joshi


Ashwin Kadamboor

Edited by

Nirmal Sharma

Music by

Arabinda Neog

Created by

The Viral Fever

Distributed by


No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes


Release Date

28 July 2023






The story revolves around Archi, a determined and ambitious young woman, and her group of friends, who embark on this arduous journey together. Through their experiences, the series offers a unique and authentic portrayal of the lives of CA applicants, showcasing the trials and tribulations they face on a daily basis.

The series captures the essence of the CA preparation process, from the rigorous study sessions to the intimidating exams. It provides an intimate and relatable glimpse into the lives of these students as they navigate through the demanding curriculum, cope with exam pressure, and sacrifice personal and social lives for their ambitions.

Through the lens of Archi and her friends, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by CA applicants and the sacrifices they make to fulfill their dreams.


The much-awaited series, Half CA was released on Amazon MiniTV on July 26, 2023. It promises to be an entertaining ride for viewers. On July 20, 2023, the series presented its official trailer on YouTube, which brought the level of excitement to its highest point.


Half CA is a new and well-made web series by TVF that shows how hard it is to be a commerce student. It shows that commerce students have just as many problems as science students. The five-episode series with half-hour episodes gets people interested because it is different from what they usually watch.

Creators Arunabh Kumar and Harish Peddinti, who are known for their hit shows Pitchers and Hostel Daze, work with a skilled group of writers to make a story with characters that people can relate to. Ashwin Kadamboor's photography does a great job of capturing the spirit of Mumbai and the problems that students who want to follow their dreams face when they move there. Half CA is definitely a show that you can watch all at once. It has a good message that encourages viewers to stick with their goals and have a positive attitude.



Character Analysis

Archie is a determined young woman who has her heart set on becoming a Chartered Accountant. Her conviction is unwavering, and she firmly believes that dealing with assets and liabilities is far more appealing than handling chemicals. Despite moments of anxiety, Archie's determination never falters, propelling her forward in pursuit of her dreams.

Neeraj's path to becoming a CA has had some obstacles. Even though he worked hard, he failed the CA tests twice. But this turns out to be the turning point in his character's story. Neeraj's change is interesting to watch as he deals with the shame and anger that come after he fails. Even with all of these problems, Neeraj stays an optimistic and helps Archie as well.

Vishal, Archie's best friend, plays a crucial role in her life. He is the strong supporter who follows Archie's lead and sticks by her through good times and bad. Their bond is the perfect example of loyalty and friendship, which makes Vishal one of the most likeable characters in the series.


Archie made the decision to pursue CA following his 12th grade, but she didn't realise how difficult it would be until he started. In the meantime, Niraj is unsuccessful in his attempts to pass his CA Final exams. Now, he must choose whether to stay in CA and continue his studies or to drop out and join the family business.

Archie has arrived in Mumbai to pursue her IPCC studies, but she is having difficulty adjusting to life in such a large city as well as locating a competent IPCC coach. During this time, Niraj is attempting to come to terms with the fact that his new company in Mumbai only recognises him as a Half CA.

Archie's desire to assist at a festival held at the B. Com. College where she is currently enrolled causes her to become sidetracked from her study for the CA Inter. In the meantime, Niraj hands in his notice at the firm so that he can devote his whole attention to his third and most likely final effort at the CA final examinations.

After finding she wasn't putting in enough time studying for the CA Inter examinations, Archie decided to take both sections. On the other hand, Niraj tries the CA Final for the third time, and this time it seems to go well.

Archie takes her CA Inter examinations, but she experiences a nervous breakdown after the first paper doesn't go as well as she had hoped. In the meantime, Niraj makes an effort to readjust to his new life at home.


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Interesting Facts

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Half CA is a captivating web series that offers a realistic and insightful portrayal of the lives of CA applicants. It provides an immersive experience of their day-to-day struggles, triumphs, and rollercoaster of emotions. With its authentic storytelling and relatable characters, the series offers a fresh perspective on the world of Chartered Accountancy, making it a must-watch for those curious about the realities of this challenging profession.

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