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Citadel 2 - 2023

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The highly pricey Prime Video series' first season debuted with a twist and featured a sneak peek at its future Italian spin-off. The action-packed Russo siblings produce it.

The day before superspies Nadia and Mason faced off against Manticore in the season one finale, Prime Video responded to the query of whether we will see what happened next. Citadel will return as a result. On May 25, 2023, Prime Video announced that they had approved a second season of the popular international spy drama, with Joe Russo slated to helm each installment.

Just two episodes into its six-part run, the programme shattered records for the network, surpassing Rings of Power to become the second-most watched series ever on the service.

Table of content


Web series name

Citadel 2

Directed by

Joe Russo

Created by

Josh Appelbaum, Bryan Oh, and David Weil

Edited by


Written by


Cinematography by

Newton Thomas Sigel and Michael Wood



Produced by

Jake Aust, Chris Castaldi, Scott Nemes and Newton Thomas Sigel


Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Stanley Tucci, Olegar Fedoro, Lesley Manville

Production Company

Gozie AGBO, Midnight Radio, PKM, Picrow and Amazon Studios

Release Date


Based on

Action-adventure, Drama

No.of Seasons


No.of Episodes


Original network

Amazon Prime Video


$300 million



The first season ended with Mason regaining his memories and realising that he was the one who had betrayed Citadel, despite the fact that a summary had been made available. Additionally, he is aware that Dahlia Archer is his mother, and he abandoned Citadel after she threatened to hold them responsible for his father's passing by bringing the matter before a UK high court to open an investigation. Instead, in an effort to exact retribution, she chose to annihilate the intelligence agency.


There is no set date or time frame for the release of Season 2. After the first season's conclusion, a clip from Citadel: Diana, the international franchise's intended Italian spin-off, was aired. The debut of that programme is scheduled for 2024. The sophomore season of the main show may air following the premiere of the Italian programme. As a result, it might make a comeback later in 2024 or in 2025.


Season 1 of Citadel had great reviews and viewers loved the show, whereas people are expecting the second season to match the same amount of action.





Release Date



Town & Country reports that no actual production has started. Season 2 is scheduled to shoot in California, but given that the writers' strike has halted production on films and TV shows, there may be production delays or suspensions until the strike is over in some circumstances. We were left wanting more from the Citadel season 1 finale, a plot-changing spy thriller that changes every episode. For Citadel's second act, the audience is energised and anticipatory.

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