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Sukhee 2023

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Sukhee, a comedy drama with the directorial debut of Sonal Joshi is all set to drop in the theaters on 22nd September 2023. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, Shikhaa Sharma the film has starred the proficient Shilpa Shetty Kundra in the lead along with Kush Kapila, Kiran Kumar, Amit Sadh, Nitanshi Goel,Dilnaz Irani, Pavleen Gujral, Chaitanya Choudhry.

The film narrates the story of Sukhprit ‘Sukhee’ Kalra from being a wife, mother to being a woman. The 38 year old woman is set on a journey of self exploration and self love. The film explores the true meanings of feminism.

Sukhee, leaving her household responsibilities behind decides to go Delhi for her school reunion after 20 years whilst experiencing a lot of emotions.

We can see diverse Shilpa Shetty Kundra, in a never seen avatar in the role of Sukhee.

Table of Content


Movie name


Directed by

Sonal Joshi

Written by

Radhika Anand


Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, Shikhaa Sharma.


Shilpa Shetty Kundra,Kush Kapalia, Kiran Kumar, Amit Sadh, Nitanshi Goel,Dilnaz Irani, Pavleen Gujral, Chaitanya Choudhry

Edited by

Vini N Raj

Music by

Badshah, Sagar Desai, Karan Kulkarni, Arko Pravo Mukherji

Production company

Abundantia Entertainment Production 

Distributed by


Release date

22nd September 2023






As seen in the trailer, the movie aims to highlight a housewife and her life who’s trapped in her daily schedule and wants to set out free. Even though her husband's denial she takes a step to go Delhi with her friends for her school reunion where she relives her childhood self. Whilst experiencing a whirlwind of emotions she changes into truly being a woman. We can see a sentiment of feminism and spirit of self love and friendships in the trailer.


'Sukhee' is an ambitious cinematic take that attempts to delve into the intricate realms of femininity and hushed voices. The film unfolds with a storyline by Radhika Anand, with Sonal Joshi as the writer and Paulomi Datta handling the screenplay. The idea of the narrative is an appreciable one, shedding light on the buried aspirations of women, however, the execution falls somewhat short.

The primary character, Sukhee, is projected as a stereotypical 'Adarsh Bahu,' a homemaker by profession. Fundamentally, the exploration of Sukhee's suppressed desires and subtle rebellion against societal norms warrants a commendation. Nonetheless, the storytelling came across as superficial with a lack of depth into the various societal taboos and problems these women face.

The direction by Sonal Joshi feels visually constrained, where her attempt to inject subtlety into the narrative often appears overdone and in-your-face. The pacing of the film feels fast and crammed, exploiting the narrative potential too hastily within four days.

Performances varied with Shilpa Shetty bringing her unique screen presence to play Sukhee. Although central to the movie, her portrayal often seems contrived due to excessive vanity undermining the realism of her character. Chaitannya Choudhry undoubtedly shines with his exemplary portrayal of an entitled man-child. His performance feels relatable and authentically presented. Other actors, including Kusha Kapila, Dilnaz Irani, and Pavleen Gujral, even though having crucial roles, appear somewhat overlooked.

The film's visual composition feels overly sanitized, implying an unrealistic portrayal of settings like local bus stop washrooms that appear too clean and ideal. Graphics and animation, if any, didn't make a significant impact as the overwhelming sanitization overshadowed it.

In terms of editing, the film could have benefited from more precision. The inclusion of unnecessary scenes contributed to the overstuffed feel of the movie. Attention towards more nuanced moments and a deeper exploration of the characters could have given the film an appealing pace and smooth transitions.

The music selection is average, with a disappointing version of Ali Sethi's rendition by T-series.

In conclusion, "Sukhee" will appeal to those viewers who appreciate lighthearted explorations of serious themes. It attempts to portray the less-discussed feminine concerns, providing a modicum of representation. It's a film targeting audience who prefer a modern take on societal norms and the power dynamics that binds a woman. Unfortunately, its lack of depth and character development may disappoint those in search of profound and thoughtful cinema. It's worthy cause, but the execution doesn't quite hold the water it sets out to.


The film was released on 22nd september, only in theatre. 

Shilpa shetty took to her instagram to announce the trailer launch, the trailer has been released on the youtube channel of T-series and it looks absolutely appealing while giving out a strong message with comic relief. 





Shilpa Shetty Kundra 


Shilpa Shetty Kundra is an Indian actress, film producer, dancer, author, and businesswoman predominantly known for her work in Hindi films. She made her debut with the film "Baazigar" in 1993. Shilpa is most recognized for her roles in successful films like "Dhadkan" and "Life in a... Metro," and her winning appearance on the UK television show "Celebrity Big Brother."

Kush Kapila


Kush Kapila is a Fashion editor, social media personality, comedian, actress and a Youtuber from New Delhi. She made her debut with a TV show called Son of Abhish, also appeared in Netflix’s Ghost stories, Case Toh Banta Hai, Plan A Plan B

Kiran Kumar


Kiran Kumar is a veteran Indian actor who has worked in numerous Hindi, Rajasthani, and Gujarati films and television series. He debuted in the film industry with ‘Love in Shimla in 1960 and is remembered for his roles in films like ‘Dhadkan’, ‘Tezaab’ and ‘Khuda Gawah’.

Amit Sadh


Amit Sadh is an Indian film actor who initially gained recognition for his work in television shows before transitioning into films. He made his film debut with ‘Phoonk 2’ in 2010, but is more widely known for his roles in successful films like ‘Kai Po Che!’, ‘Sultan’,and ‘Gold’.

Nitanshi Goel 


Child artist Nitanshi Goel is an Indian actress known for her roles on the small screen and film. Making her acting debut with the TV shoq ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ in 2016, she is commonly recognized for her performances in ‘Kesari’ and ‘Chhoriyan Chhoron Se Kam Nahi Hoti’.

Dilnaz Irani


Dilnaz Irani is an Indian actress who works in theater, films, and web series. She has worked in the films like ‘Jodha Akhbar’, ‘Heroine’ and ‘Aligarh’

lPavleen Gujral 


Pavleen Gujral is an Indian model and actress who achieved recognition for her acting in the critically acclaimed film "Angry Indian Goddesses" which also marked her film debut in 2015.

Chaitanya Choudhry


Chaitanya Choudhry is an Indian television actor who made his debut with the show ‘Kahiin To Hoga’ in 2003. He is best known for his roles in notable TV series like ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, ‘Pavitra Rishta’,and ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.





Sonal Joshi


Radhika Anand


Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vikram Malhotra, Shikhaa Sharma.


Badshah, Sagar Desai, Karan Kulkarni, Arko Pravo Mukherji


R Dee


Recently as song from the movie Sukhee was release named 'Nasha'. Sung by Badshah, Chakshu Kotwal and Afsana Khan, the song is based on Sukhee's reunion. Through her instagram handle, Shilpa Shetty shared the song captioning it as 'Ab sabko chadhega, reuinion ka Nasha!'.

Watch the video song of 'Nasha' here:


Box Office Collection

Sukhee hit the theatres with a lukewarm box office collection with initial collection of 30 lakh and 40 lakh later. Resulting a total of 70 lakh after two days of release.

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