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Mera Naam Joker : 1970

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"Mera Naam Joker" is a 1970 Hindi film directed by famed filmmaker Raj Kapoor. The story follows Raju, a clown who works in a circus and entertains others, but his personal life is riddled with misery and loneliness. Raj Kapoor plays the major part, and the film contains a talented ensemble cast that includes Simi Garewal, Padmini, Manoj Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, and Dharmendra. "Mera Naam Joker" is regarded as an Indian cinema masterpiece, known for its ageless melody, emotional depth, and moving storytelling

Table of contents 


Movie name

Mera Naam Joker

Directed by

Raj Kapoor

Screenplay by

    K A Abbas 

Story by

    K A Abbas 

Produced by

Raj Kapoor


Raj Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Kseniya Rayabinkina, Padmini, Manij Kumar, Dharmendra,Dara Singh, Rajendra Kumar


Radhu Karmakar

Edited by

Raj Kapoor

Music by

Shankar Jaikishan

Production company

R K Films

Distributed by

R K Films

Release date

18th December 1970






1 crore


"Mera Naam Joker" is a Hindi film that chronicles the story of Raju, a famous clown. The film follows Raju's life in three parts, from his childhood to adulthood. Throughout the movie, Raju struggles with his own identity as a clown and his personal relationships, including his unrequited love for Mary and his heartbreak over Marina leaving the circus. In the end, Raju realizes that he must find his own happiness and that life is like a circus, where people come and go, but the show must go on.


The movie was released on 18th December 1970. It was made with a budget of 1 crore. It gained a cult following and to date is settled in the hearts of the Indian audience. The movie is available to watch on Prime Video.




Character Analysis







"Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo"


Manna Dey


"Ang Lag Jaa Balma"


Asha Bhosle


"Daagh Na Lag Jaye"

Hasrat Jaipuri


Asha Bhosle


"Jane Kahan Gaye Wo Din"

Hasrat Jaipuri



"Kehta Hai Joker Sara Zamana[5]"




"Sadke Heer Tujh Pe"

Prem Dhawan

Mohammed Rafi


"Kaate Na Kaate Raina"


Asha Bhosle

Manna Dey


"Teetar Ke Do Aage Teetar"

Hasrat Jaipuri


Asha Bhosle


"Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan"

Shaily Shailendra


Behind the scenes


Mera Naam Joker was highly panned in India for its length and the experimental character of its plot, and it was a critical and commercial flop. There were two intermissions in the picture. It later became a cult favourite and is regarded as one of Kapoor's best films.

Box Office Collection

There is no information available 






Raj Kapoor

Best Director

Film Fare Award

Shankar Jaikishan

Best Music Director


Radhu Karmakar

Best Cinematographer


Allauddin Khan Qureshi

Best Sound Design

Interesting facts


"Mera Naam Joker" is a traditional Indian film directed and produced by Raj Kapoor, who also played the lead role. The film took six years to make and has one of the longest running lengths for an Indian film. Despite being a commercial failure at the box office, the film has since gained a cult following and is widely regarded as a classic in Indian cinema. The film's soundtrack, composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, is regarded as one of the best in Indian cinema history. The film's iconic poster and its climactic circus sequence are just some of the elements that have contributed to its lasting impact on Indian cinema. Overall, "Mera Naam Joker" is a must-watch for any fan of

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