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Nargis Fakhri | Biography, Movies, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age

Know more about Nargis Fakhri Keep reading & get information about Nargis Fakhri’s age, family, biography, relationships, career, interesting facts & more.

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Profile Summary

Nargis Fakhri Details
Nargis Fakhri Profession Actress
Nargis Fakhri Celebrity Type Movie Star
Nargis Fakhri Hometown Queens New York City USA
Nargis Fakhri Birthplace Queens New York City USA
Nargis Fakhri Age 43 years as of 2022
Nargis Fakhri Date of Birth 20th October 1979
Nargis Fakhri Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Nargis Fakhri Notable Work Main Tera Hero
Nargis Fakhri First Movie Rockstar (2011)
Nargis Fakhri Net Worth $12 Million as of 2022
Nargis Fakhri Net Worth in Rupees 88 Crores INR
Nargis Fakhri Nationality American
Nargis Fakhri Instagram @nargisfakhri
Nargis Fakhri Twitter @NargisFakhri
Nargis Fakhri Zodiac Sign Libra

Nargis Fakhri’s Biography

Nargis Fakhri’s Biography Tring

Nargis Fakhri is an American actress and model who predominantly appears in Hindi-language movies from India.  Nargis’s first acting performance was in the 2011 romance movie Rockstar for which she received a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Female Debut. 

Later she appeared in the critically acclaimed comedies Main Tera Hero (2014) Spy (2015 her first Hollywood production) and Housefull 3 in which she played a war correspondent in the political thriller Madras Cafe (2013). (2016). 

Nargis Fakhri is a model and Actress who is half Czech and half Pakistani. She was a New York native. Her mother was Czechoslovak while her father was Pakistani. Fakhri had an appearance in season two of America's Next Top Model in 2004. She also appeared in the Kingfisher swimsuit calendar from 2009. 

Nargis acted alongside Ranbir Kapoor in the upcoming Bollywood film Rockstar directed by Imtiaz Ali. In 2013 Fakhri and actor Uday Chopra started dating. In India the couple received a lot of media attention and there was talk of an approaching wedding. But the couple parted ways at the end of 2017. Fakhri disclosed and confirmed her romance with director Matt Alonzo on Instagram in May 2018.

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Nargis Fakhri’s Age

Nargis Fakhri’s Birthday is on October 20. The Birthyear of Nargis Fakhri is 1979. Libra is Nargis Fakhri’s Zodiac Sign. Nargis Fakhri's age is 42 years as of 2022.

Nargis Fakhri's Family

Nargis Fakhri's Childhood  Tring

Mohammed Fakhri ex-police officer and Nargis Fakhri’s mother Marie welcomed Fakhri into the world on October 20 1979 in Queens New York City. Her mother is Czech and Nargis Fakhri’s father is Pakistani. Aliya is Nargis’s younger sister. When Fakhri was six years old her parents separated and a few years later her father passed away. Fakhri calls herself a global citizen due to her mixed heritage of Pakistani and Czech descent and American citizenship.

At the age of 16 Fakhri began a modeling career. She participated in America's Next Top Model's second and third cycles in her older years (2004). Fakhri was chosen for the first two tasks of both cycles but she was eliminated before the top twelve participants reached the third challenge. She then became a professional model in America working for independent agencies and frequently participating in fashion events. 

When Fakhri was featured in a well-known Indian print advertisement for the 2009 Kingfisher Calendar her notoriety grew. Indian director Imtiaz Ali was drawn to her after seeing her in the Kingfisher Calendar. She was chosen by him for the lead in the Hindi romantic comedy Rockstar. In a later interview Fakhri claimed that the reason she chose to work in India was so she could relate to her culture and get close to her roots in Pakistan as the cultures of India and Pakistan are comparable.

Nargis Fakhri's Boyfriends

Uday Chopra

Long-term lovers Nargis Fakhri and Uday Chopra were together. Although they avoided discussing it in public there were rumors that Nargis was residing with Uday. Along with Uday's mother Pamela Chopra they all lodged in Yash Chopra's bungalow.

Before Banjo received his promotions Nargis flew away covertly to the US without informing anyone. According to rumors her breakup with Uday could be the blame. Later in 2017 when Nargis returned to the nation she was spotted at the airport with her face covered. Some of them even said that she and Uday might be making up and perhaps thinking about getting married. However nothing of the sort happened. Additionally according to a BollywoodLife.com article Uday allegedly dumped Nargis over WhatsApp and opposed their plans to wed.

However after breaking off his relationship with Nargis Uday appeared to be inconsolable. He even continued to tweet on his Twitter profile about how depressed he was: I wish I could love as passionately as I did a few years ago. I was in love with this girl and it made me feel alive. That's gone now. Just give me that passion again. That might be all I require.

Actress Nargis Fakhri has at long last admitted that she did date actor-producer Uday Chopra after years of their breakup. According to Nargis in a recent interview she was instructed to keep their relationship a secret from the public and their followers.

Speaking to a prominent newspaper Nargis described Uday as a wonderful soul and expressed regret for not speaking highly of him. Uday was the most attractive person I met in India during our five-year relationship. I regret not having revealed our connection to the media since I was advised to keep it private by several individuals. Instead I should have shouted from the mountaintops how lucky I was to be with such a lovely soul. 

Matt Alonzo

Since December 2017 Nargis has been dating American director Matt Alonzo. In Los Angeles they even started residing together. Although Nargis and Matt originally refrained from confirming their relationship they were seen exchanging images on social media.

They then had their initials tattooed just above their palms. In relation to this a source had previously told Mumbai Mirror Matt convinced Nargis to have the tattoo despite her strong reservations. Holding hands and ecstatic that they had made another significant step in their relationship the couple left the parlor.

After nearly two years of cohabitation Nargis and Matt made the decision to part ways. The Rockstar actor has been keeping a low profile for a while now and erased any of her posts that mentioned Matt.

Many questioned whether Uday was the cause of Nargis' refusal to discuss her relationship status even throughout the marketing for her most recent Bollywood film Amavas.

After an unpleasant breakup with Matt Nargis turned to spirituality and started practicing yoga. One source said Nargis is once more in pain. The actress and her boyfriend Matt Alonzo broke up and things got quite nasty. She has grown quite spiritual and practices yoga and prays to God for hours.

Nargis Fakhri’s Struggle

Nargis Fakhri’s Struggle Tring

Nargis Fakhri has frequently drawn attention to factors other than acting. In 2011's Rockstar directed by Imtiaz Ali the American actress and model debuted in Hindi alongside Ranbir Kapoor. In a previous interview Nargis disclosed that she had often faced the casting couch and had been fired from numerous positions for refusing to do certain things. Additionally Nargis disclosed that she turned down a significant offer that required her to engage in a nude photo shoot.

I always knew what I was hungry for continued Nargis. I have no desire for notoriety. Nothing can therefore be decided to accomplish. can't be naked. or is unable to slumber with the director. Due to not doing certain things I have lost many jobs. Additionally it was tragic. I had a benchmark. I had a limit. However it hurt when I was dismissed for stealing these items more than once. However I later realized that good people prevail. Of course winning by holding a path is not the same as winning by holding their way.

The Bollywood actress continued by mentioning that her agency had told her that she had been given a significant sum for a nude shoot with Playboy magazine. Nargis had declined the project despite being enthusiastic about it and the compensation because she would have to pose naked for the photo session.

Nargis Fakhri's Best Movies and Career

In the 2011 movie RockStar Nargis made her Bollywood debut as Heer Kaul. She played Jaya Sahni in the 2013 film Madras Café. She appeared in Phata Poster Nikhla Hero the same year. She appeared in the movies Main Tera Hero and Kick in 2014. She will play the lead in the next Spy movie in 2015. She received three Ghanta Awards for her performance in RockStar for the worst actress worst on-screen couple and worst breakthrough. For Star Plus Hottest Pair in 2012 Fakhri also received a Special Award from the International Indian Film Academy. Let's Revisit some phenomenal movies of Nargis Fakhri.

Nargis Fakhri's First Movies: Rockstar (2011)

In 2011's musical romance drama Rockstar directed by Imtiaz Ali Nargis Fakhri made her acting debut as the female lead along with Ranbir Kapoor. After the loss of his ardent lover the movie traces the journey of an ambitious singer from a lowly upbringing to global stardom. The first movie in India to depict a Kashmiri Pandit wedding was Rockstar which portrayed Fakhri as a spoiled affluent kid with a wild side. Fakhri's voice was dubbed over by voice actress Mona Ghosh Shetty due to her weak command of Hindi. Although she was acclaimed for her beauty the critics' reactions to the movie got overwhelmingly positive reviews. 

While praising her on-screen chemistry with co-star Ranbir Kapoor film reviewer Taran Adarsh stated: Nargis is a knockout as far as looks are concerned but isn't persuasive at tragic moments. While Nikhat Kazmi commended her performance and claimed that Fakhri stands tall as the beautiful Heer who sizzles on screen with her unusual ways Raja Sen of Rediff commented that she is an exotically stunning heroine one so pretty we overlook her occasionally stilted speech. Rockstar was among the top-grossing Hindi movies of the year with a gross income of 1.07 billion (US$13 million). Fakhri's portrayal in the movie won her multiple accolades for Best Female Debut at different award shows including a Filmfare nomination.

Nargis Fakhri's Movies- Madras Cafe (2013)

Her subsequent film Madras Cafe (2013) starring John Abraham was directed by Shoojit Sircar and is a political thriller set during the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and the Indian military incursion in Sri Lanka. Many war correspondents like Anita Pratap served as inspiration for her portrayal of a British war correspondent in Sri Lanka. Since Sircar wanted a female who looked Indian but had an English accent Fakhri unlike in her debut film dubbed her own dialogue. 

When Madras Cafe was first released it was well-received by critics who also gave the major actors high marks for their work. Fakhri strikes the correct chords according to Saibal Chatterjee while Rajeev Masand described her as pleasantly competent. The Hindu Anuj Kumar expressed his admiration for the movie and felt that Fakhri had demonstrated that she was more than just a prominent pout.

Nargis Fakhri's Movies- Main Tera Hero (2014)

Fakhri worked on the romantic comedy Main Tera Hero a Balaji Motion Pictures production and David Dhawan-directed version of the 2011 Telugu film Kandireega alongside Varun Dhawan and Ileana D'Cruz. She portrayed Ayesha Don's daughter who falls for a brash brat in the Bangkok-based drama. Although the movie was a commercial success critics gave it varying ratings. Rohit Khilnani praised Fakhri for her role in the movie saying that she is not awful and fits nicely in this masala comedy and doesn't disappoint. Though she looks terrific Taran Adarsh disagreed and stated she needed to improve her acting talents.

The Plot of the movie centers around Sunaina and Seenu falling in love when he protects her from dishonest police officers who want to marry her. Ayesha a girl Seenu meets on a train ride is interested in getting married to him.

Nargis Fakhri's Movies- Azhar (2016)

Mohammad Azharuddin's second wife was the character she played. Azharuddin claimed that the movie is about his God marriage and match-fixing in an interview with Mid-Day. A CBI officer who was looking into Azhar's case during the match-fixing claimed to have a videotape on which Azharuddin confessed to being involved in the match-fixing but he was unable to back up his allegation. Critics gave the narration of the movie high marks although they had mixed feelings about her acting. 

She was likable in her role according to Namrata Joshi of Outlook however Devesh Sharma of Filmfare commented that she brought plasticky expressions. The movie had a mediocre commercial performance at the box office.

Tony D'Souza is the director of the 2016 Indian Hindi biographical sports drama film Azhar. Mohammad Azharuddin a former captain of India's cricket team served as an inspiration for the narrative. The movie did okay at the box office earning only 508 million dollars overall vs a 380 million dollar budget.

Nargis Fakhri's Movies- Banjo (2016)

Fakhri's final performance in 2016 was as Christina in Ravi Jadhav's musical Banjo. Christina is an American citizen looking for a musician who can play the banjo. The movie which also features Riteish Deshmukh was hailed as a tribute to rappers who reside in Mumbai's shantytowns. When it was first released the movie got mixed reviews and did poorly at the Indian box office. 

Renuka Vyavahare writing for the Times of India stated that she overdoes the American accent but finally grows on you. Why would you waste your money watching Riteish switch between his Lai Bhaari and Rockstar characters and Nargis' acting Koimoi asked. According to Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV her role in the drama is the movie's greatest undoing. Ravi Jadhav and Krishika Lulla's 2016 Hindi-language musical action drama titled Banjo was produced by Eros International and directed by Ravi Jadhav. At the box office the movie has deemed a failure after receiving a number of critical mixed reviews.

Nargis Fakhri's Upcoming Movies

Hari Hara Veera Mallu

Krish Jagarlamudi is the author and director of the upcoming Telugu-language historical action-adventure movie Hari Hara Veera Mallu. The movie which stars Pawan Kalyan as the title character along with Nidhhi Agerwal Arjun Rampal and Nargis Fakhri tells the story of the renowned bandit Veera Mallu. The Mughal Empire serves as the backdrop for the story's 17th-century setting.

Production on the movie started in September 2020 with Hyderabad serving as the primary location for filming. The movie was originally slated for release on April 29 2022 in Telugu Tamil Malayalam and Hindi however the COVID-19 epidemic caused that date to be postponed. Due to Kalyan's involvement in other films and his political obligations the production also encountered delays.

The Fil is slated to release in the Summer of 2023.

Nargis Fakhri's Movie List and Career Timeline

Year Nargis Fakhri's Movies Nargis Fakhri's Characters Name
2022 Hari Hara Veera Mallu Roshanara
2020 Torbaaz Ayesha
2019 Amavas Ahaana
2018 5 Weddings Shania Dhaliwal
2016 Saagasam Not Available
2016 Azhar Sangeeta Bijlani
2016 Housefull 3 Saraswati (Sarah)Patel
2016 Dishoom Samaira Dalal
2016 Banjo Christina (Chris)
2015 Spy Lia
2014 Main Tera Hero Ayesha Shingal
2014 Kick Angel
2013 Madras Cafe Jaya Sahni
2013 Phata Poster Nikhla Hero Cameo
2011 Rockstar Heer Kaul

Nargis Fakhri's Controversies

Breakup with Uday Chopra Controversy

When Nargis and Uday Chopra were involved in a controversy and numerous images were made public as a result it caused a significant problem. In the industry rumors of a relationship between Nargis and Uday first surfaced in 2014. The two however were secretive about their relationship. She did however finally admit to dating Uday Chopra for almost 5 years last month. She praised Uday as having a lovely soul. She did however regret not disclosing her connection sooner as she had been instructed to do so in order to protect it from the media and their followers. Many people believed that Nargis made the decision to leave Bollywood and move to New York after her breakup with Uday Chopra. But according to her spokeswoman she quit due to health problems.

Cosmetic Surgery Controversy

Nargis stated that she has no problems with cosmetic surgery Nargis declared so without any hesitation. No one likes augmenting. If I want one I'll acquire one. Trauma victims are the perfect candidates for cosmetic surgery. for individuals who no longer feel young and vibrant. Why suffer if you can use an extra boost? Men age well whereas women struggle after having children. The body undergoes modifications. These women would be ignored and no longer be seen as lovely if it weren't for science. She had said to Filmfare Why should a woman be denied a life of excitement just because she is 60 older wiser and her periods have stopped?

Nargis Fakhri's Net Worth

Nargis Fakhri's Net Worth Tring

Fakhri Nargis Professionally Nargis Fakhri is one of the most well-known American actresses. Nargis Fakhri primarily appears in Hindi-language films. The main reason for Nargis' fame is her performance in the romantic film Rockstar.

 Her career generates the majority of her money. Nargis Fakhri's estimated net worth based on a number of sources is Rs 88 crore or $12 million. This is a result of her dedication to her craft as an actress and model from her adolescent years onward.

Additionally Nargis Fakhri works as a brand ambassador in numerous TV advertisements a role that pays well. However Nargis Fakhri's movies account for most of her wealth. Nargis reportedly receives Rs 2 crore for each film. 

Depending on the obligations the director demands Nargis Fakhri's remuneration could increase. Even yet earnings and assets fluctuate over time. Nargis Fakhri earns between 3 and 5 million dollars annually.

Nargis Fakhri's Awards and Achievements

15+ Interesting Facts About Nargis Fakhri


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