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Date : 28-10-2022
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Gaurav Gupta is an Indian comedian. Gaurav Gupta has a stand-up special on Amazon Prime Video known as Market Down Hai.

Gaurav Gupta’s Biography

gaurav gupta comedian

Gaurav Gupta is a comedian in India. Gaurav Gupta's birth date is 10 September 1984. Gaurav Gupta’s birth year is 1984. Gaurav Gupta’s age is 38 years as of 2022. Gaurav Gupta’s birthplace in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Gaurav Gupta’s zodiac sign is Virgo. Gaurav Gupta’s father is Sushil Gupta. Gaurav Gupta’s mother is Asha Gupta. Gaurav Gupta's height is 5 feet 7 inches. Gaurav Gupta’s wife is Ankita Jhalani. Gaurav Gupta’s daughter is Advika Gupta.

Dr Gaurav Gupta is a highly well-known stand-up comedian and a dentist by trade. He rose to fame after competing in the top 12 in the 2017 season of the reality competition The Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Indian television, which was judged by superstar Akshay Kumar. He is well-known for his stand-up comedy and is a well-known YouTube celebrity with a sizable fan base on several social media sites.

Gaurav Gupta actively uses social media sites. He makes use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On Twitter, he has more than 875 followers, and 162Kpeople follow him on Instagram.

Gaurav is an extremely gifted comedian who has garnered numerous honors for his work. He won the 2015 94.3 Radio One FM LOL competition. He additionally won Piano Man Tongue in Cheek in Delhi. Gaurav enjoys watching Bollywood films. He enjoys extreme sports including skydiving, hiking, and jumping.

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Gaurav Gupta's Family and Education

gaurav gupta wife

On September 10, 1984, in Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, he was born. 

In 2004, he earned his bachelor of dental surgery degree from ITS Dental College in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, after finishing his education at the Andhra Education Society Sri DurgaBai Deshmukh Memorial School in New Delhi. 

Sushil Gupta is his father, and Asha Gupta is his mother.


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Gaurav Gupta's wife Ankita Jhalani Affair and Relationship

In terms of his personal life, Gaurav Gupta is a married guy who married Ankita Jhalani on February 17, 2012, who also happens to be a dentist by trade. Advika Gupta is the name of their daughter.


Gaurav Gupta Comedian


Gaurav Gupta's first stand-up Being Baniya

Being Baniya is a comedy video performed by Gaurav Gupta. In this video, Gaurav Gupta tells jokes about the Baniya caste and makes humorous jokes about how they do things. 

He himself being Baniya takes the jokes on him, he is making fun of himself without hurting anyone’s sentiments. 

The comedy setup doesn't have any adult or vulgar jokes. It is a clean comedy.

The video was uploaded in 2017 and has 2.8 million views as of September 2022.


Gaurav Gupta’s Stand-up comedy Baniya and his Punjabi dost.

This video went viral and Gaurav Gupta became popular after this video. The video basically shares the differences between Baniya and Punjabi people in humorous ways. The video was liked by lakhs of people and shared on social media. It is a 9-minute video. 

Jokes about the caste and community are fresh and new and don't sound offensive and taunting. The jokes seem natural and so is the flow of the jokes. 

The comedy set was very well written and impresses everyone. It was one of his perfect comedy sets.

The video was uploaded in 2018 and has 9.8 million views as of September 2022.


Gaurav Gupta’s Market Down Hai

The one-hour Stand-up comedy Market Down Hai by Gaurav Gupta perfectly captures his years of research and personal tales on the Baniya Way of Life. He derives his humor and relatability from his own personal experiences, which not only make it interesting but also provide us ideas on techniques to survive the world of business conquering baniyas, as he likes to put it. He has experienced this since he was a little child. In this one hour, Gupta amuses us all in his own effortless manner and approach, calling out and making the most of his own personal experiences. It's anything from ordinary.

Hello, I'm Gaurav Gupta, and I'm a baniya. Gaurav, a stand-up comedian 35 years old, uses that opening line to introduce himself to a crowded theater or club. The humorous insights that follow are on baniyas (a community of business class people), Delhi and all of its peculiarities, the conversations at home, and his childhood and how it differed from his Punjabi friends' childhoods.

Gupta expressed his happiness about joining together with Amazon Prime Video. I'm excited to collaborate with an international platform like Amazon Prime Video and entertain stand-up fans everywhere with my comedy special. They helped a number of comedians get into the spotlight, and I look forward to expanding my audience and gaining more followers. 

In a statement, Gaurav Gupta added Market Down Hai' is really meaningful to me because it is my first stand-up performance on Amazon Prime Video and because I incorporated humorous personal events in the stand-up. I'm hoping that "Market Down Hai" will be as well received by the audience as my other stand-up material.


In Market Down Hai, Gaurav Gupta discusses the peculiarities of his neighborhood and doesn't hold back while expressing his opinions. 

After a while, you realize that these behaviors are typical of the country as a whole, where mothers get upset over seemingly insignificant things and families excessively revere Goddess Lakshmi. You'll definitely enjoy watching this because of his contagious enthusiasm.

The video can be streamed now in Amazon Prime Video.


Gaurav Gupta’s Career Timeline

Gaurav Gupta Comedian VideoYear the video was uploadedWhere can you stream video
Khaana Kaun Banayegaa2022Youtube
Market down hai2021Amazon Prime Video
Baccha hum Paal lenge2021Youtube
Baniya wedding mein Punjabi flavour2019Youtube
Baniya and his Punjabi dost2018Youtube
Being Baniya2017Youtube


Gaurav Gupta’s Net worth

Gaurav Gupta’s net worth is $1 million. 

Gaurav Gupta has more than 7 lakhs subscribers on his youtube channel. He has more than 8 million video views on his youtube videos. He has been on youtube since 2012. Gaurav Gupta has uploaded more than 30 videos on his channel. He is a stand-up comedian and many of his videos have gone viral earning him lakhs of rupees.

Gaurav is an extremely gifted comedian who has garnered numerous honors for his work. He won the 2015 94.3 Radio One FM LOL competition. He additionally won Piano Man Tongue in Cheek in Delhi. Gaurav enjoys watching Bollywood films. He enjoys extreme sports including skydiving, hiking, and jumping.


Gaurav Gupta’s Awards & Nominations

gaurav gupta awards

  • 94.3 FM LOL Contest - 2015 - Won

  • Piano Men Tongue in Cheek - Won

  • Chalta Hai Comedy - Won

  • Great Indian Laughter Challenge - 2017


Gaurav Gupta’s Interesting Facts and Trivia.

gaurav gupta facts

  • Gaurav Gupta made his television debut in India in 2017 with the Star Plus comic reality series The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.
  • Gaurav Gupta has received numerous honors for his exceptional writing and comedy, including the Chalta Hai Comedy Award, the Piano Man Tongue in Cheek, and the 94.3 Radio FM LOL Contest in 2015.
  • After one of his stand-up comedy videos went viral on YouTube and WhatsApp, Gaurav Gupta gained notoriety.
  • In 2015, Gaurav Gupta came to the realization that he could also succeed as a comedian. He made his debut at a disastrous open mic at the Summer House Cafe in Hauz Khas, Delhi.
  • Gaurav Gupta rose to fame online because to his viral comedy clip Being Baniya, which broke numerous YouTube records.
  • In addition to being a dentist and a stand-up comedian, Gaurav Gupta is a well-known actor and author.


Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Gaurav Gupta is a comedian in India.
Gaurav Gupta's wife is Ankita Jhalani.
Gaurav Gupta’s daughter’s name is Advika Gupta .
Gaurav Gupta's age is 38 years as of 2022.
Gaurav Gupta's Father’s name is Sushil Gupta.
Yes. Gaurav Gupta has a total net worth of $1 Million.
Gaurav Gupta’s Instagram is @gaurav_comic
Gaurav Gupta’s salary is 13.2 thousand dollars per month.
Gaurav Gupta's net worth in Indian rupees is $1 million in 2022.
Gaurav Gupta’s best comedy is Market Down Hai
Gaurav Gupta’s birthdate is 10 September 1984.
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