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The two-wheeler industry holds immense significance within India's automotive sector, comprising the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of motorcycles, scooters, and electric two-wheelers. As one of the largest two-wheeler markets globally, India offers abundant opportunities for manufacturers, contributing substantially to employment and economic growth. Recognising the potential of celebrity endorsements to promote your bike brand results in abundant growth. We specialize in connecting bike brands with popular celebrities. Bringing celebrities into the scene gives your brand an exclusive chance to amplify your promotional activities

In an industry where competition is fierce and differentiation is crucial, our objective is to assist you in leaving a lasting impact. Because of the influence and reach of these celebrities and influencers, we ensure that your bikes and bike products receive the attention they rightfully deserve. From celebrity-endorsed advertisements to featured social media promotions, our celebrity collaborations are carefully created to increase your brand's awareness and the target audience that your brand desires.

To fully appreciate the impact and potential of marketing and advertising with celebrities in the bike industry, it is important to have a clear understanding of the industry itself. The two-wheeler industry in India plays a vital role in the automotive sector, encompassing the manufacturing, sales, and distribution of motorcycles, scooters, and electric two-wheelers. 

Industry Overview

Market Size and Growth

The Indian two-wheeler industry has experienced remarkable growth over the years, driven by various factors such as increasing population, rising income levels, urbanization, and improved infrastructure. The market comprises of motorcycles, scooters, and electric two-wheelers, each catering to specific consumer preferences and needs.

Key Players

The Indian two-wheeler market is highly competitive and features a diverse range of domestic and international players. These companies have established strong market presence and brand recognition.

Manufacturing Hubs

India serves as a major manufacturing hub for two-wheelers, supplying both domestic and international markets. Manufacturing facilities are concentrated in regions such as Gurugram, Chennai, Pune, and Hosur. These hubs house production plants, research and development centers, and ancillary industries, contributing to job creation and economic development.

Market Segments and Trends

Indian Bike Market Share in 2023


Motorcycles have constituted a significant portion of the Indian two-wheeler market in the past years. They are available in various categories, including commuter bikes, sport bikes, imported bikes, cruisers, and mountain bikes. Commuter bikes with smaller engine capacities have catered to the mass market, whereas premium bikes offer advanced features and performance for enthusiasts. The market has witnessed a growing demand for higher-displacement motorcycles and a shift towards premium segments.


Scooters have gained popularity in urban areas due to their convenience, ease of use, and automatic transmissions. They are particularly favored by women and young riders. Scooters offer better storage options and are known for their maneuverability in congested city traffic. Manufacturers have been introducing innovative designs, features, and engine technologies to meet the ever-changing preferences of buyers.

Electric Two-wheelers

With the growing focus on sustainability and environmental concerns, the adoption of electric two-wheelers is gaining momentum in India. Electric scooters and motorcycles have offered a cleaner and more energy-efficient alternative to conventional petrol-powered vehicles. The government has been introducing favorable policies, subsidies, and incentives to promote electric mobility, driving the growth of this segment.

Sports Bikes

The sports bike market consists of diverse segments, including performance-oriented riders who seek high-speed and agile bikes, enthusiasts valuing sporty aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, and adventure sports enthusiasts who desire versatile on- and off-road bikes. Trends include the increasing demand for electric sports bikes and customization options for individual preferences.

Imported Bikes

The market for imported bikes has been catering to consumers who seek unique, high-quality, and prestigious models that are not readily available locally. Over the years, the market has witnessed growing interest in retro and vintage bikes, a rising demand for adventure and touring bikes, and a surge in the popularity of electric imported bikes, as consumers prioritize sustainability. Various factors, such as import regulations and currency exchange rates, have been influencing pricing and availability in the market.

Bike Accessories

The market for bike accessories has been evolving with various market segments and notable trends. One key segment is the safety segment, which includes accessories such as helmets, reflective gear, and bike lights, catering to consumers who prioritize safety during their biking activities. Another segment is the comfort and convenience segment, comprising of accessories like padded seats, ergonomic handlebars, and bike racks, targeting individuals who seek comfort and practicality while riding. The performance bike accessories market has been seeing a rise in demand for tech-enabled accessories, such as bike-mounted GPS devices, fitness trackers, and smart bike locks, indicating a shift towards more advanced and connected biking experiences. 

Rural Market Potential

The rural market in India presents significant opportunities for two-wheeler manufacturers. Rising rural incomes, improved connectivity, and government initiatives focused on rural development have contributed to increased sales in rural areas. Manufacturers have been developing affordable and durable two-wheelers designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of rural customers.

What Factors Have Driven the Growth of India's Bike Market: A Statistical Analysis

The motorcycle market in India has been witnessing a consistent upward trend, as evidenced by a 2.4% increase in sales in December. This growth represents the 14th consecutive period of expansion, bringing the total number of motorcycle registrations for 2023 to approximately 17.5 million units, which is an 8.5% increase from the previous year. It's important to note that, unlike other countries, these figures reflect wholesale data.

Bike Units Over The Last Five Years

Factors Contributing to the Growth of the Indian Motorcycle Market

How Has Bike Advertising Affected The Growth Of The Bike Market?

Bike advertising featuring celebrities or influencers has played a significant role in the growth of the bike market. By leveraging the popularity and influence of well-known individuals, bike brands can reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Celebrity endorsements create a sense of credibility and aspiration, associating bikes with the lifestyle and values represented by the celebrity. This form of advertising helps build trust and increases the perceived value of bikes, ultimately driving sales and market growth.

Additionally, featuring celebrities and influencers in bike advertising campaigns helps create engaging and relatable content, attracting attention and generating excitement among consumers. The influence and reach of these personalities can extend the visibility of bike brands beyond traditional marketing channels, leveraging their large followings on social media platforms. Overall, bike advertising with celebrities and influencers has proven to be an effective strategy in driving the growth of the bike market, providing brands with heightened visibility, credibility, and the ability to connect with a broader audience.

How To Do Bike Promotions With Celebrities?

Videos Featuring Celebrities With Your Brand's Bike:

We specialize in collaborating with celebrities to create high-quality videos that showcase their biking experiences, adventures, and insights. This involves featuring celebrities test-riding new bike models, sharing their feedback, and highlighting key features and benefits. We also assist in organising celebrity-led biking events, challenges, or races and documenting the excitement and camaraderie that takes place.

Featured Celebrity Photos With Your Brand's Bike:

Capture high-quality photos of celebrities riding bikes in scenic locations or urban settings, evoking a sense of freedom, adventure, and lifestyle. We arrange professional photoshoots with celebrities posing alongside bike models, showcasing the bikes' design, performance, and style. Candid snapshots of celebrities casually using bikes in their daily lives, reinforce the bikes' practicality and accessibility.

Celebrity Endorsements on Bikes:

Integrate celebrity endorsements into bike advertisements, commercials, and print campaigns to add star power and credibility. Our services include showcasing celebrities endorsing specific bike models or brands through product placements in movies, TV shows, and music videos. We also collaborate with influential athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and lifestyle influencers who have a genuine affinity for biking to genuinely endorse bike brands to their followers. This helps to create an authentic connection and increase the appeal of the endorsed brands to their fans.

Social Media Promotion:

Our strategy involves collaborating with celebrities to create engaging content for their social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, that features bikes and biking experiences. The celebrities will share their biking adventures, tips, and recommendations with their followers, promoting organic conversations and user-generated content. We will organise social media campaigns and reel challenges with the celebrities, encouraging fans to share their own biking stories, photos, and reels using branded hashtags. This approach will help to promote the brand and generate interest in biking among fans.

Event Sponsorship and Appearances:

Collaborate with celebrities to sponsor biking events, charity rides, and fundraisers, enhancing brand visibility and community engagement. Invite celebrities to make guest appearances at bike expos, trade shows, and dealership events, attracting media attention and drawing crowds. Host exclusive VIP biking experiences and meet-and-greets with celebrities for loyal customers and brand ambassadors, creating memorable moments and fostering brand loyalty.

Brand Strategy For Your Bike Brand

Developing a brand endorsement strategy for bikes and motorcycles involves careful planning and consideration of various factors. Here is a helpful guide to creating an effective brand marketing strategy in this context:

Bike Marketing

  1. Consider popular biking events, races, and cycling clubs that resonate with your target audience.
  2. Craft compelling marketing materials showcasing bikes in action, endorsed by bikers or bike influencers, to improve authenticity and appeal.
  3. Incorporate a compelling CTA endorsed by biking influencers, encouraging engagement and participation in biking-related ads.

Bike Branding

  1. Collaborate with celebrities or influencers who specialise in the biking community and those who align with your brand's message.
  2. Highlight biking influencers using and endorsing your bikes in advertisements to establish a stronger emotional connection and build credibility with your audience.
  3. Use this aspirational appeal of biking influencers to reinforce your brand identity and cultivate loyalty among biking enthusiasts.

Bike Advertising

  1. Popular biking influencers will help co-create authentic content and promote your bikes.
  2. Feature biking influencers using and recommending your bikes in advertising campaigns to demonstrate their performance and value.
  3. Capture the engaged audiences and credibility of biking influencers to increase brand awareness, consideration, and trust among the biking community.

Bike Promotions

  1. Design time-limited promotions and exclusive deals for bike advertisements, endorsed by influential bikers and influencers.
  2. Utilise captivating visuals and persuasive messaging, featuring biking influencers, to highlight unique bike features, benefits, and create a sense of urgency.
  3. Use the influencer's dedicated following within the biking community to drive immediate viewers and participation in bike promotions.

Best Celebrities To Promote Your Bike Brand

TV Celebrities

TV celebrities are powerful brand ambassadors for bike brands. By featuring them in bike advertising campaigns, brands get to use their popularity and fame to increase brand awareness and credibility. TV celebrities can participate in promotional events, endorse bikes through advertisements, and share their biking experiences on social media platforms. Their presence in bike branding and marketing efforts can attract attention and generate interest among their fan base, leading to increased market growth in the two-wheeler industry for your brand.

Movie Celebrities

Movie stars have a significant influence on consumer behavior and are proven to be very effective in marketing bike brands. Collaborating with such established movie stars for bike advertising is an opportunity for your brand to tap into their fan following for a wider audience reach. Your brand gets to feature famous movie stars in commercials, digital ads, or endorsements, showcasing bikes in TV commercials or advertisements. This form of bike marketing and promotion will create a strong impact and by promoting in this unique way the brand's image will improve in the two-wheeler market leading to an increase in awareness about your brand. 

Indian Celebrities

Collaborating with Indian celebrities can be a powerful strategy for bike brands targeting the Indian market. Indian celebrities enjoy a massive following and hold an influence across various industries. By featuring Indian celebrities in bike branding and advertising, brands can tap into the fame of such celebrities and connect with a diverse audience. Indian celebrities can endorse bikes through commercials, participate in promotional events, and bike launch events, and engage with fans on social media. Their association with bike brands enhances brand visibility, credibility, and resonance among Indian consumers, contributing to increased market share and brand loyalty.

OTT Celebrities

OTT celebrities, who gain popularity through digital streaming platforms, can be valuable assets for bike marketing. Collaborating with these influencers allows bike brands to capitalize on their online presence and engage with the desired audience. OTT celebrities create sponsored content, share their biking experiences on social media, or collaborate on digital campaigns, amplifying bike marketing efforts and reaching a wide range of viewers. By using the influence of OTT celebrities, bike brands can effectively promote their products, increase brand visibility, and target the digital-savvy segment of the two-wheeler market.

Web Celebrities

Collaborating with web celebrities can be a game-changer for bike brands. Web celebrities, who gain fame through platforms like YouTube and social media, have a dedicated online following. By collaborating with web celebrities, bike brands can tap into their digital influence. Web celebrities create engaging content featuring bike models, offer reviews and recommendations, and showcase their biking experiences through videos and reels on social media. Web celebrities' authenticity and relatability greatly impact consumer perception, driving brand awareness and creating a strong connection with the target audience.

International Celebrities

Promoting with international celebrities can provide bike brands with global exposure. International celebrities have a massive fan following across different countries and cultures. By collaborating with international celebrities for bike promotions, brands get to expand their reach beyond local markets, attracting a wider audience. International celebrities feature in global ad campaigns, participate in promotional bike events, and share their love for biking on social media platforms. Their partnership with bike brands adds prestige and aspirational value, improving the brand's reputation and driving international growth.

Bollywood Celebrities

Collaborating with Bollywood celebrities can be highly advantageous for bike brands in the Indian market. Bollywood is one of the largest film industries globally, and Bollywood celebrities enjoy immense popularity and influence. By featuring Bollywood celebrities in bike promotions, brands tap into their star power and connect with a vast audience. Bollywood celebrities can endorse bikes through commercials, participate in promotional events, and share their biking experiences on social media. Their association with bike brands creates excitement, generates buzz, and fosters a strong emotional connection with consumers, contributing to increased sales and brand loyalty.

Tollywood Celebrities

For bike brands targeting the Telugu film industry, collaborating with Tollywood celebrities can be a strategic move. Tollywood celebrities enjoy a dedicated fan base in the Telugu-speaking regions of India. By featuring Tollywood celebrities in bike advertising campaigns, brands can leverage their popularity and connect with the local audience. Tollywood celebrities can endorse bike brands, participate in promotional events, and create engaging content featuring bikes. Their association with bike brands enhances brand visibility, credibility, and resonance among Telugu-speaking consumers, driving market growth in this specific regional market.

Marathi Celebrities

Partnering with Marathi celebrities can be advantageous for bike brands targeting the Marathi-speaking regions of India. Marathi celebrities enjoy a strong fan base and influence in Maharashtra and surrounding areas. By collaborating with Marathi celebrities in bike marketing and promotion, brands can effectively connect with the local audience. Marathi celebrities can endorse bikes, participate in promotional campaigns, and engage with fans through social media. Their association with bike brands not only enhances brand visibility but also creates a sense of cultural affinity and relatability, fostering a strong connection with Marathi-speaking consumers.

Punjabi Celebrities

Collaborating with Punjabi celebrities can be a strategic move for bike brands targeting the Punjabi-speaking regions of India. Punjabi celebrities have a significant influence on consumer behavior in Punjab and other regions with a large Punjabi-speaking population. By featuring Punjabi celebrities in bike advertising, brands can tap into their popularity and connect with the local audience. Punjabi celebrities get to endorse bikes, participate in promotional events, and create content showcasing their biking experiences. This association with bike brands increases your brand recognition, helps resonate with Punjabi-speaking consumers, and contributes to market growth in these specific regional markets.

Gujarati Celebrities

For bike brands targeting the Gujarati-speaking regions of India, partnering with Gujarati celebrities is beneficial. Gujarati celebrities have a strong fan base and influence in Gujarat and other Gujarati-speaking areas. Collaborating with Gujarati celebrities in bike branding and advertising allows brands to connect with the local audience effectively. Gujarati celebrities can endorse bikes, participate in promotional campaigns, and engage with fans on social media. Their association with bike brands increases your brand visibility and creates a sense of cultural connection, establishing a strong presence in the Gujarati-speaking market and driving market growth.

Telugu Celebrities

Collaborating with Telugu celebrities can be advantageous for bike brands targeting the Telugu-speaking regions of India. Telugu celebrities enjoy a loyal fan base and significant influence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. By featuring Telugu celebrities in bike advertising campaigns, brands can tap into their popularity and connect with the local audience. Telugu celebrities can endorse bikes, participate in promotional events, and engage with fans through social media. Their association with bike brands enhances brand visibility, resonates with Telugu-speaking consumers, and contributes to market growth in these specific regional markets.

A-Lister Celebrities

Collaborating with A-Lister celebrities can elevate bike brands to new heights. A-lister celebrities are highly sought-after and possess a massive following worldwide. By featuring A-Lister celebrities in bike branding and advertising, brands can benefit from their fame, credibility, and global appeal. A-lister celebrities endorse bikes through high-profile marketing campaigns, participate in exclusive promotional events, and create engaging content. Such association with your brand not only increases your brand visibility but also adds a sense of prestige to your brand name, attracting a wide range of consumers and driving market growth.

Celebrity Singers

Partnering with celebrity singers can bring a unique advantage to bike brands. Celebrity singers have a strong influence on popular culture and enjoy a dedicated fan base. By collaborating with celebrity singers in bike marketing and promotion, brands can tap into their musical prowess and connect with fans through shared interests. Singers will feature bikes in their music videos, participate in brand campaigns, and create engaging content showcasing their biking experiences. Such collaborations with your bike brand add a touch of entertainment and glamour, increasing brand appeal and impressing music lovers.


Featuring in YouTube videos of famous YouTubers is a highly effective strategy for your bike brand to engage with a digital-savvy audience. YouTubers have cultivated a loyal following on the video-sharing platform and possess expertise in creating engaging content. By partnering with YouTubers, your bike brand gets to tap into your niche audience and benefit from their authenticity and relatability. YouTubers can create bike-centric content, such as reviews, tutorials, and travel vlogs, showcasing the brand's bikes to their engaged viewers. This collaboration with your bike brand amplifies brand visibility, drives online engagement, and influences consumer purchase decisions.

Content Creators

Collaborating with content creators can be a strategic move for bike brands. Content creators are individuals who produce various forms of digital content, such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and social media posts. By partnering with content creators, your brand gets to benefit from their creativity and ability to connect with niche audiences. Content creators will feature bikes in their content, provide in-depth reviews, and share their biking experiences. Their association with bike brands increases brand visibility among their dedicated followers and creates opportunities for organic brand advocacy, contributing to increased brand recognition and market growth.


Featuring in vlogs proves to be highly beneficial for bike brands. Vloggers create video content documenting their daily lives, experiences, and interests. By partnering with Bike Vloggers, Moto Vloggers, and Bike Influencers, your brand gets an opportunity to tap into their storytelling abilities and engage with their loyal viewers. Vloggers will feature your brand’s bikes in their vlogs, document their biking adventures, and provide insights into the biking lifestyle. This association with your bike brands creates a sense of authenticity and relatability, appealing to their dedicated fan base and driving brand awareness and loyalty.

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