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Inspirational Trust Break Quotes

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When trust breaks, it can leave you feeling empty and lost. However, trust-break quotes can help you understand and express your feelings better. These quotes offer comfort in distressing times, assuring you that you're not alone in this struggle.

The power of words is evident in such quotes. They highlight our ability to heal and recover. Each quote can help you heal, encouraging resilience and inner strength.

Using these quotes, you can start to view your situation differently. They can help you regain lost trust or find the courage to move on and accept the past. So, let these trust-break quotes inspire you to transform your pain into strength.

Table Of Contents

Trust Break Quotes In English

  1. Trust Break Quotes In EnglishIt is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. - William Blake
  2. Trust, once lost, could not be easily found. Not in a year, perhaps not even in a lifetime. - J.E.B. Spredemann
  3. To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. - George MacDonald
  4. For every good reason, there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth. - Bo Bennett
  5. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. - Unknown
  6. The worst thing about being lied to is simply knowing that you weren't worth the truth. - Jean-Paul Sartre
  7. Betrayal is the only truth that sticks. - Arthur Miller
  8. It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them. - Confucius
  9. Broken trust is like melted chocolate, no matter how hard you try to freeze it, it will never return to its original shape. - Unknown
  10. Sometimes it's not the people who change; it's the mask that falls off. - Haruki Murakami

Trust Break Quotes In Marathi

  1. Trust Break Quotes In Marathiएका मित्राकडील माफी मागण्यापेक्षा एका शत्रूकडील माफी मागणे कितीतरी सोपे आहे.
  2. एकदा गमावलेले विश्वास, ते सोपे तरी परत मिळवायला मिळत नाही. ना एक वर्षात, कदाचित ना तरी संपूर्ण जीवनात.
  3. तुमच्या कडे विश्वास आहे असे म्हणण्यापेक्षा तुमच्या वर प्रेम करणे मोठे सन्मान आहे.
  4. सत्य बोलण्याच्या प्रत्येक कारणापेक्षा खोटं बोलण्याचे उत्तम कारण असते.
  5. विश्वास तयार करण्यासाठी वर्षे लागतात, तोडण्यासाठी सेकंद, आणि आयुष्यभर पुनर्स्थापित करण्यासाठी.
  6. खोटं बोलल्याने येणारी सर्वात मोठी वेदना येते आहे म्हणजे मात्र तुम्ही सत्यभामाचे योग्य ठरलेले नाहीत.
  7. विश्वासघात हे एकच सत्य आहे ज्याची किंवा ज्याच्यात चिकटलेली घेतली जाऊ शकते.
  8. आपल्या मित्रांवर विश्वासविस्वास ही त्यांच्याकडून वांचल्यापेक्षा अधिक लज्जास्पद असते.
  9. भंगार झालेल्या विश्वासाला गळणारी चॉकलेटसारखे आहे, कितीही प्रयत्न करा ती मूळ आकारात परत येणार नाही.
  10. कधीकधी लोकच बदलत नाहीत; फक्त मास्कच पडत असतो.

Trust Break Quotes In Hindi

  1. Trust Break Quotes In Hindiदुश्मन की माफ़ी मांगने की तुलना में दोस्त की माफ़ी मांगना कहीं अधिक कठिन होता है।
  2. एक बार टूटा हुआ भरोसा आसानी से वापस नहीं मिलता। न तो एक साल में, शायद न ही किसी के जीवन में।
  3. भरोसे के योग्य होने का सम्मान, प्यार होने की तुलना में ज्यादा होता है।
  4. झूठ बोलने के हर अच्छे कारण की तुलना में सच बोलने के लिए बेहतर कारण होते हैं।
  5. भरोसा बनाने में सालों लगते हैं, टूटने में सेकंड और ठीक करने में हमेशा की लगते हैं।
  6. झूठ बोले जाने की सबसे बड़ी तकलीफ़ यह होती है कि महसूस करना कि आप सच के लायक नहीं थे।
  7. विश्वासघात एकमात्र सत्य है जो टिकता है।
  8. अपने दोस्तों पर संदेह करना उनके द्वारा धोखा खाने की तुलना में ज्यादा शर्मनाक होता है।
  9. टूटे हुए भरोसे को पिघली हुई चॉकलेट की तरह समझें, फि.र भी कितनी भी कोशिश करें, वह कभी भी अपनी मूल आकृति में वापस नहीं आएगा।
  10. कभी कभी लोग नहीं बदलते; बस नकाब उतर जाता है।

Trust Break Quotes For Him

  1. Trust Break Quotes For HimTrust is like a mirror; once it's broken, you can still see the pieces, but the reflection will never be the same.
  2. The worst thing about betrayal is that it never happens from your enemies, but from those you trust the most.
  3. It's hard to trust another person after you've been betrayed by the 'one' you trusted the most.
  4. Sometimes it isn't about the people who change, it's about the mask falling off, and the reality being revealed.
  5. Trust is like a paper, once it is crumpled, it could never be perfect again.
  6. It's easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.
  7. What hurts more than realising he lied is knowing you weren't worth the truth.
  8. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.
  9. Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.
  10. Every lie is two lies — the lie we tell others and the lie we tell ourselves to justify it.

Trust Break Quotes In Friendship

  1. Trust Break Quotes In FriendshipA broken friendship that is mended through forgiveness can be even stronger than it once was.
  2. It's hard to trust someone the second time around after they already gave you one pain you never thought you'd experience.
  3. Broken friendships are like glass; sometimes it's better to leave them alone than trying to hurt yourself putting it back together.
  4. Be careful who you trust and tell your secrets to; not everyone is looking out for you.
  5. The worst pain in life is losing a friend you once trusted and realizing that the trust was broken beyond repair.
  6. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies – it comes from friends and loved ones.
  7. When trust is broken in a friendship, it's like a piece of your heart has been shattered; you may fix it, but the scar remains.
  8. Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the person you thought would never hurt you.
  9. Forgiving someone is easy, but trusting them again is a whole different story.
  10. Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family, so be cautious of who you trust.

Trust Break Quotes For Her

  1. Trust Break Quotes For HerWhen trust is shattered, even the most beautiful flower in the garden loses its appeal.
  2. It's not the lie that hurts the most; it's the moment you realize you weren't worth the truth.
  3. The worst part about trusting someone is the realization that they didn't believe you were good enough for the truth.
  4. Trust is a fragile thing; once broken, it can be impossible to regain, no matter how hard you try.
  5. Heartbreak is a bitter reminder that even the most trusted person can break your heart.
  6. Loyalty is a rare and precious gem, but betrayal can make you question the very essence of trust.
  7. A small act of betrayal can make you doubt a lifetime of true friendship.
  8. Break her trust once, and she'll never feel the same, no matter how hard she tries.
  9. The moment the trust is gone, it leaves behind a hole that may never be filled again.
  10. Letting go of the past is hard, especially when the trust is broken and promises are left unfulfilled.

Short Trust Break Quotes

  1. Short Trust Break QuotesTrust, like glass, shatters and leaves sharp fragments behind.
  2. Broken trust equals a shattered heart.
  3. Tough lesson: trust can crumble in a single moment.
  4. Betrayal: the unexpected gift from trusted friends.
  5. Even the strongest bonds can break from dishonesty.
  6. Trust is a delicate thread – a fragile bond.
  7. A single lie can damage trust beyond repair.
  8. With trust broken, the heart aches for healing.
  9. Once trust is buried, it's difficult to resurrect.
  10. Trust destroyed is a bridge reduced to ashes.

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