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160+ Mental Health Quotes To Boost Your Well Being

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Mental health is vital to our well-being, affecting our thoughts, feelings, and interactions. It can influence our ability to handle stress, form relationships, and recover from life's ups and downs. In a time when life can be burdensome, society has prioritised mental health. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness and acceptance of mental health issues, and people are speaking out more about their struggles with depression, anxiety, and other conditions. This has led to a greater understanding and acceptance of mental health as a legitimate concern and a recognition that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

These mental health quotes are crucial. They reduce mental health stigmas. These quotations support sympathetic mental health conversations and help-seeking without judgment by building a deeper understanding. Words may heal, raising mental health awareness, support, and acceptance. They can also help to reduce the stigma associated with mental health by opening up the conversation and encouraging empathy and understanding.

In this collection of mental health quotes, you will find a range of perspectives and insights from individuals who have experienced mental health challenges firsthand, as well as from experts in the field. Whether you are looking for words of encouragement, validation, or inspiration, these quotes offer a powerful reminder that you are not alone in your struggles and that there is hope for healing and recovery.

Table of Contents

Mental Health Quotes

  1. Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good mental health.  Dr. Lauren Fogel MersyMental Health Quotes

  2. My dark days made me stronger. Or maybe I already was strong, and they made me prove it. - Emery Lord

  3. You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, angry, annoyed, frustrated, scared and anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person. It makes you human. - Lori Deschene

  4. Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go; they merely determine where you start. - Nido Qubein

  5. Tough times never last, but tough people do! - Robert Schuller

  6. Part of my identity is saying no to things I don’t want to do… I check in with myself throughout the day and I say, ‘Do I really want to do this?’ and if the answer is no, then I don’t do it. And you shouldn’t either. - Lady Gaga

  7. I keep moving ahead, as always, knowing deep down inside that I am a good person and that I am worthy of a good life. - Jonathan Harnisch

  8. Others imply that they know what it is like to be depressed because they have gone through a divorce, lost a job, or broken up with someone. But these experiences carry with them feelings. Depression, instead, is flat, hollow, and unendurable. It is also tiresome. People cannot abide being around you when you are depressed. They might think that they ought to, and they might even try, but you know and they know that you are tedious beyond belief: you are irritable and paranoid and humorless and lifeless and critical and demanding and no reassurance is ever enough. You’re frightened, and you’re frightening, and you’re ‘not at all like yourself but will be soon,’ but you know you won’t. - Kay Redfield Jamison

  9. This feeling will pass. The fear is real, but the danger is not. - Cammie McGovern

  10. Everyone experiences a version of anxiety or worry in their lives, and maybe we go through it in a different or more intense way for longer periods of time, but there’s nothing wrong with you. - Emma Stone

  11. So many people look at [my depression] as me being ungrateful, but that is not it - I can’t help it. There’s not much that I’m closed off about, and the universe gave me all that so I could help people feel like they don’t have to be something they’re not or feel like they have to fake happy. There’s nothing worse than being fake happy. - Miley Cyrus

  12. There is so much pain in the world, and most of these people keep theirs secret, rolling through agonizing lives in invisible wheelchairs, dressed in invisible bodycasts. - Andrew Solomon

  13. If you know someone who’s depressed please resolve to never ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather. Try to understand the blackness, lethargy, hopelessness and loneliness they’re going through. Be there for them when they come through the other side. It’s hard to be a friend to someone who’s depressed, but it is one of the kindest, noblest and best things you will ever do. - Stephen Fry

  14. Feeling your feelings will not lead to depression. - Jordan Pickell

  15. …if you rely solely on medication to manage depression or anxiety, for example, you have done nothing to train the mind, so that when you come off the medication, you are just as vulnerable to a relapse as though you had never taken the medication. - Daniel Goleman

Mental Health Self-Care Quotes

  1. Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them. - Joubert Botha

  2. I would say what others have said: It gets better. One day, you’ll find your tribe. You just have to trust that people are out there waiting to love you and celebrate you for who you are. In the meantime, the reality is you might have to be your own tribe. You might have to be your own best friend. That’s not something they’re going to teach you in school. So start the work of loving yourself. - Wentworth Miller

  3. You are the one thing in this world, above all other things, that you must never give up on. When I was in middle school, I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression and the help and support I received from my family and a therapist saved my life. Asking for help is the first step. You are more precious to this world than you’ll ever know. - Lili Reinhart

  4. Many survivors insist they’re not courageous: ‘If I were courageous, I would have stopped the abuse.’ ‘If I were courageous, I wouldn’t be scared’… Most of us have it mixed up. You don’t start with courage and then face fear. You become courageous because you face your fear. - Laura Davis

  5. Mental health affects every aspect of your life. It’s not just this neat little issue you can put into a box. - Shannon Purser

  6. Crazy isn’t being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. - Susanna Kaysen

  7. The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. - Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

  8. What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation. - Glenn Close

  9. I don’t regret opening up about what I went through [with depression], because, it sounds really cliché, but I have had women come up to me and say, ‘It meant so much to me.’ It means so much when you realize that someone was having a really hard time and feeling shame and was trying to hide this whole thing. - Winona Ryder

  10. It’s my experience that people are a lot more sympathetic if they can see you hurting, and for the millionth time in my life I wish for measles or smallpox or some other easily understood disease just to make it easier on me and also on them. - Jennifer Niven

  11. I knew well enough that one could fracture one’s legs and arms and recover afterward, but I did not know that you could fracture the brain in your head and recover from that too. - Vincent van Gogh

  12. The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of the world but those who fight and win battles that others do not know anything about. - Jonathan Harnisch

  13. Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them-every day begin the task anew. -Saint Francis de Sales

  14. The pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it, and it kills in many instances because its anguish can no longer be borne. The prevention of many suicides will continue to be hindered until there is a general awareness of the nature of this pain. - William Styron

  15. Depression weighs you down like a rock in a river. You don’t stand a chance. You can fight and pray and hope you have the strength to swim, but sometimes, you have to let yourself sink. Because you’ll never know true happiness until someone or something pulls you back out of that river - and you’ll never believe it until you realize it was you, yourself who saved you. - Alysha Speer

World Mental Health Day Quotes

  1. When you come out of the grips of a depression there is an incredible relief, but not one you feel allowed to celebrate. Instead, the feeling of victory is replaced with anxiety that it will happen again, and with shame and vulnerability when you see how your illness affected your family, your work, everything left untouched while you struggled to survive. We come back to life thinner, paler, weaker … but as survivors. Survivors who don’t get pats on the back from coworkers who congratulate them on making it. Survivors who wake to more work than before because their friends and family are exhausted from helping them fight a battle they may not even understand. I hope to one day see a sea of people all wearing silver ribbons as a sign that they understand the secret battle, and as a celebration of the victories made each day as we individually pull ourselves up out of our foxholes to see our scars heal, and to remember what the sun looks like. - Jenny LawsonWorld Mental Health Day Quotes

  2. You are not alone. You are seen. I am with you. You are not alone. - Shonda Rhimes

  3. We are not our trauma. We are not our brain chemistry. That’s part of who we are, but we’re so much more than that. - Sam J. Miller

  4. There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t. - John Green

  5. We would never tell someone with a broken leg that they should stop wallowing and get it together. We don’t consider taking medication for an ear infection something to be ashamed of. We shouldn’t treat mental health conditions any differently. - Michelle Obama

  6. Just remember, you are not alone, in fact, you are in a very commonplace with millions of others. We need to help each other and keep striving to reach our goals. - Mike Moreno

  7. The humanity we all share is more important than the mental illnesses we may not - Elyn R. Saks

  8. Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all. - Erik Erikson

  9. Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good mental health. - Dr. Lauren Fogel Mersy

  10. No amount of therapy can or self care can make up for scarcity of food & drink, time, or financial resources. - Whitney Goodman

  11. There is no cast, no scar, no stitches. No X-ray with the evidence of pain. Rarely is there physical evidence of mental illness, but for those suffering from pervasive mental illness the pain and exhaustion is deep and heavy. - Emily Sanders

  12. You don’t need to find a lesson in your trauma. - Jordan Pickell

  13. Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should, or need to do it alone. - Lisa Olivera

  14. What if you moved through the world as if you were easy to be loved? Because I promise you, you are easy to love. - Sonalee Rashatwar

  15. Positive vibes only isn’t a thing. Humans have a wide range of emotions and that’s OK. - Molly Bahr

Strength Mental Health Quotes

  1. The advice I’d give to somebody that’s silently struggling is, you don’t have to live that way. You don’t have to struggle in silence. You can be un-silent. You can live well with a mental health condition, as long as you open up to somebody about it, because it’s really important you share your experience with people so that you can get the help that you need. - Demi LovatoStrength Mental Health Quotes

  2. I found that with depression, one of the most important things you can realize is that you’re not alone. You’re not the first to go through it, you’re not gonna be the last to go through it, - Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

  3. Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, YOU ARE NOT THE RAIN. - Matt Haig

  4. There isn’t anybody out there who doesn’t have a mental health issue, whether it’s depression, anxiety, or how to cope with relationships. Having OCD is not an embarrassment anymore - for me. Just know that there is help and your life could be better if you go out and seek the help. - Howie Mandel

  5. Mental health is something that we all need to talk about, and we need to take the stigma away from it. So let’s raise the awareness. Let’s let everybody know it’s OK to have a mental illness and addiction problem. - Demi Lovato

  6. Being vulnerable is actually a strength and not a weakness - that’s why more and more mental health is such an important thing to talk about. It’s the same as being physically sick. And when you keep all those things inside, when you bottle them up, it makes you ill. - Cara Delevingne

  7. What I love about therapy is that they’ll tell you what your blind spots are. Although that’s uncomfortable and painful, it gives you something to work with. - Pink

  8. Take a deep breath to remember you are the child who lived through survival mode and the empowered adult who chose their healing. - Dr. Nicole LePera

  9. No amount of support or generosity justifies someone treating you badly. This includes parents. - Sarah Crosby

  10. Anyone can be affected, despite their level of success or their place on the food chain. In fact, there is a good chance you know someone who is struggling with it since nearly 20% of American adults face some form of mental illness in their lifetime. So why aren’t we talking about it? - Kristen Bell

  11. I was with someone recently who asked: ‘Well, don’t you think that if you do too much therapy it will take away your artistic process?’ And I told them: ‘The biggest lie that we’ve ever been sold is that we as artists have to stay in pain to create.' - Katy Perry

  12. We want you to know that you don’t need to be in crisis or distress to seek help as going to therapy has numerous benefits. - Carla Avalos

  13. Change what you can, manage what you can’t. - Raymond McCauley

  14. Because wherever I sat - on the deck of a ship or at a street café in Paris or Bangkok - I would be sitting under the same glass bell jar, stewing in my own sour air. - Sylvia Plath

  15. The acknowledgement of having suffered evil is the greatest step forward in mental health. - Stefan Molyneux

Mental Health Awareness Quotes

  1. "In the journey to mental wellness, the strength lies in each step forward."Mental Health Awareness Quotes

  2. "Your mental tranquility is not a destination, but a journey – filled with valleys and peaks, but beautiful at every turn."

  3. "The mind, like a flower, blossoms fully when it has the courage to grow amidst adversity."

  4. "Embrace your mind’s journey, for it is as beautifully unique as you are."

  5. "Break the stigma; it merely veils the rays of hope, courage, and resilience in the shadows."

  6. "Your mental health is not a sign of weakness; it's the strength of your human essence."

  7. "Being open about mental health is not a vulnerability—it’s the ultimate act of courage."

  8. "Remember, it's okay to feel not okay. We're humans, not machines. Cherish your emotional agility."

  9. "Even when the noise of stigma is loud, let the melody of acceptance play louder."

  10. "It’s okay to take a pause. Let your mind breathe; it’s part of the journey of healing."

  11. "Your internal struggle doesn't define you but strengthens your resilience."

  12. "Your mental health matters. It’s the invisible force that shapes your world."

  13. "Start a conversation about mental health; it’s the first step in paving the way for a more understanding world."

  14. "May we make empathy and understanding our language when talking about mental health."

  15. "Your courage is in every step you take towards making mental health a priority."

  16. "Do not camouflage your feelings; every emotion you experience is a brushstroke in your masterpiece of life."

  17. "Healing begins with acceptance, grows with self-love, and blooms through compassion."

  18. "Mental wellness is the harmony of the mind; it’s in the notes and rhythms of life."

  19. "Let us paint the world with empathy and kindness, and inspire an understanding of mental health."

  20. "In the symphony of life, mental health is the rhythm that dances with resilience and strength."

Inspirational Short Mental Health Quotes

  1. "Storms of the mind become rainbows of resilience over time."Inspirational Short Mental Health Quotes

  2. "Your emotions are your guide, not your enemy."

  3. "Nurture your mind like a fragrant garden."

  4. "Mental health is the compass, not the journey."

  5. "Shattering the silence illuminates the path to healing."

  6. "In our vulnerability lies our greatest strength."

  7. "Mental health is the silent rhythm of life."

  8. "The strongest people fight battles unseen."

  9. "Emotions are the colors, life is the canvas."

  10. "Your mental health is precious, guard it fiercely."

  11. "Each self-care act is a victory."

  12. "Tenderness to the self nurtures the soul."

  13. "Your feelings are valid. You are valid."

  14. "Finding peace within is the greatest success."

  15. "Every breath is a new chance to heal."

  16. "Love your mind, celebrate its resilience."

  17. "In the maze of mind, every path leads to self-discovery."

  18. "The quietest minds often roar the loudest."

  19. "Remember, above the storm clouds, the mind is tranquil."

  20. "To embrace your vulnerabilities is to embrace life."

Mental Health Quotes Positive 

  1. "Nurture mental tranquility, for it is the sunshine that brightens your world."Mental Health Quotes Positive

  2. "Your mind's strength is the pillar of your life's castle."

  3. "Rise like the sun, quiet yet powerful, illuminating every shadow of the mind."

  4. "Magnify your mental health. Positivity thrives in a nurtured mind."

  5. "Your mental well-being is the powerful undercurrent that shapes life's ocean."

  6. "Embrace your mind, for it is the seedbed of creativity and positivity."

  7. "Awaken to the power of positivity within. Your mind is your greatest ally."

  8. "Elevate mental wellness; it's the tune to which joy dances."

  9. "Your mental health is a blooming flower. Each petal, a chapter of strength, resilience, and positivity."

  10. "Cultivate a garden of positive thoughts. Your mental health will blossom."

  11. "Radiate positivity from the mind, for it touches lives unknown."

  12. "Shine brightly, even in gloomy times. Your mental strength is the beacon of hope."

  13. "Discover the oasis within. Let your mental strength become your refuge."

  14. "Your mind is the canvas of life. Paint it with colors of positivity."

  15. "Promote your mental well-being, and you uplift your world."

  16. "Exhale negativity, inhale positivity. Repeat - it's your mental health mantra."

  17. "A positive mind is the safeguard against life's storms."

  18. "Cultivate mental harmony. It's the crescendo of a grand symphony called life."

  19. "Inner peace comes from the seeds sown in the soil of mental health positivity."

  20. "Spread positivity as a lighthouse of mental health in the world's ocean."

Depression And Anxiety Quotes

  1. "Depression and anxiety are not life sentences; they’re just challenges in your story."Depression And Anxiety Quotes

  2. "Even amidst the mighty tempest of anxiety, the lighthouse of your resilience shines bright."

  3. "Embrace your anxiety as a whisper of caution, not a shout of incompetence."

  4. "Taming the mind's storm of depression begins with a single, quiet breath of acceptance."

  5. "Depression is but a cloud obscuring the sun of your inner strength."

  6. "Unmask the face of anxiety. Behind it lies the portrait of your true strength."

  7. "Every thought of courage dilutes the ink of anxiety and depression."

  8. "Anxiety is not a foe; it is just a misguided friend needing understanding and patience."

  9. "Even amidst the loud roars of depression, silence the mind with the whispers of self-compassion."

  10. "Depression and anxiety are but misguided compasses, your true north lies within your heart."

  11. "Depression is a deep sea where pearls of resilience are discovered."

  12. "Anxiety, it's the echoes of uncertainty, drowned out by the symphony of self-love."

  13. "Don't let depression write your story. You're the author, the hero, the healer."

  14. "Anxiety whispers fears, but you hold the master's voice of courage."

  15. "Depression may linger like a heavy fog, but remember, the sun always shines above it."

  16. "Anxiety may cloud your thoughts, but the clarity of courage always pierces through."

  17. "Every depression-fought battle leaves behind invaluable gems of resilience."

  18. "Anxiety is a mask; under it, lies the power of enduring resilience."

  19. "In the dark forest of depression, your strength is the beacon guiding you out."

  20. "Anxiety and depression do not define you; they’re merely chapters in your life's incredible book."

Mental Health Captions

  1. "Nurturing my mental garden today. 🌱 "Mental Health Captions

  2. "Caught in the act of self-love. πŸ’–"

  3. "Blowing away the mental cobwebs, one breath at a time. πŸ’¨"

  4. "Breaking the silence, not the soul. πŸ—£οΈ"

  5. "Rising above the noise. Embracing the mental harmony. πŸŒ…"

  6. "Coloring my world with mental wellness. 🎨"

  7. "Basking in the sunshine of positive thoughts today. β˜€οΈ"

  8. "Trading mental mountains for miracles! β›°οΈβœ¨"

  9. "Sailing with self-care in the sea of life. 🚣‍♀️"

  10. "Dancing to the rhythm of mental freedom. πŸ’ƒ"

  11. "Embracing my mental journey, with all its ups and downs. 🎒"

  12. "Stepping on the stones of stress to reach the peak of mental peace. πŸ”οΈ"

  13. "Taking the arms of courage to fight my mental battles. πŸ’ͺ"

  14. "Today’s forecast: 100% chance of mental wellness. 🌈"

  15. "Tending to my mental garden with the water of self-love and the sunshine of positivity. 🌷"

  16. "No more whispering. Let's talk about mental health. πŸ“’"

  17. "Uncovering the hidden strength in mental vulnerability. 🐚"

  18. "Walking the mental health path, cloaked in hope. 🚢‍♀️"

  19. "Wearing resilience as my armour against life's mental battles. πŸ›‘οΈ"

  20. "Painting my world with the colours of mental strength. πŸ–ŒοΈ"

Quotes On Mental Health For WhatsApp 

Mental Health is an important aspect of everyone's life. You can book Shankar Mahadevan to send your friends and family these mental health quotes on WhatsApp to keep them motivated and help keep good mental health Quotes On Mental Health For WhatsApp

  1. "Nurture your mental health; it's the master artist creating your life's masterpiece."

  2. "Your mind's journey matters. Each thought, each emotion is a step towards mental wellness."

  3. "Valleys of mental health challenges are merely footprints on the path to the mountain of resilience."

  4. "In the symphony of life, your mental health is the rhythm that orchestrates triumph."

  5. "Every emotion you experience stirs the winds of change in your life's mental climate."

  6. "In the game of life, your mental health is the MVP crafting victories."

  7. "Mental health matters - It's the unseen fuel driving the engine of life."

  8. "Depression and anxiety are not your essence; they're mere shadows that pass with time."

  9. "Your path to mental wellness is a pilgrimage of self-exploration and discovery."

  10. "Your mental health is not just your narrative; it's a canvas where life's most beautiful story unfolds."

  11. "Each thought is an artist, painting the hues of mental health in your life's canvas."

  12. "Speak out, reach out. Every word shares the weight of mental health challenges."

  13. "Anxiety is but a storm, depression a rain – both will pass, and your sun will rise again."

  14. "Strength is born out of the struggle. Embrace the battle for mental wellness."

  15. "Your emotions are the language of your soul. Listen to them, understand them, embrace them."

  16. "The first step towards changing mental health stigma is sparking a conversation."

  17. "Breaking the chains of mental stigma enhances the melodies of empathy and understanding."

  18. "Mental health is the beacon guiding the ship of life through storms to calm waters."

  19. "Recognize, accept, love. The mantra of mental wellness starts with self."

  20. "Mental health is not an end goal; it’s a journey filled with moments of courage and triumph."

Quotes On Mental Health For Video Messages

Mental Health is an important aspect of everyone's life. You can book Shakti Kapoor to send your friends and family these mental health quotes on WhatsApp to keep them motivated and help keep good mental health Quotes On Mental Health For Video Messages

  1. "Embrace the symphony of your mind, for it crafts the rhythm of your life."

  2. "Your mental health is a journey, not a destination. Cherish each step."

  3. "Depression and anxiety are tempests, and you're the seasoned sailor navigating through it all."

  4. "Your mental health is the harmony to which your life’s melody flows."

  5. "The canvas of your life is painted by the brushstrokes of mental well-being."

  6. "Remember, in the garden of mental health, every emotion, every thought, is a budding flower."

  7. "Conquer the mountains of doubt with the rope of hope. Your mental strength is your guide."

  8. "Anxiety and depression are dark clouds, but your resilience is the sunshine that always breaks through."

  9. "Your mind's strength is not measured by the silence of struggles but by the echoes of resilience."

  10. "In your mental health journey, positivity is the compass that leads to inner peace.""Every thought you foster is a step towards either the pit or the pinnacle of mental wellness. Choose wisely."

  11. "Speak up, reach out! Every conversation lightens the load of mental health challenges."

  12. "The struggle for mental health is a silent orchestra, each moment is a note of resilience."

  13. "Mental wellness is the engine that drives the train of life around the mountain of challenges."

  14. "In the voyage of life, your mental health is the captain, steering you towards your true destination."

  15. "Mental health challenges are like waves; they rise and recede, but they do not define the ocean of your strength."

  16. "The darkness of mental health challenges only serves to highlight the brightness of your inner resilience."

  17. "In the game of life, your mental health is your strategy, your strength, your winning move."

  18. "Mental health is a journey, each thought, each breath, each struggle, a landmark of resilience."

  19. "Your mind is a library, your thoughts are books. Make sure to write a good tale of mental wellness."

Quotes On Mental Health For Digital Messages

Mental Health is an important aspect of everyone's life. You can book  Salim Merchant to send your friends and family these mental health quotes on WhatsApp to keep them motivated and help keep good mental health Quotes On Mental Health For Digital Messages

  1. "In the digital age of silence, your voice for mental health matters is the loudest symphony."

  2. "Break open the cloud network of your inhibitions; torrent rain positivity onto your mental landscape."

  3. "Depression is a glitch, not a game-over, in the coding of your life's journey."

  4. "In the internet of life, ensuring your mental health firewall is the priority."

  5. "Free yourself from the spam mails of negativity, focus on the authentic messages of mental strength."

  6. "Download courage, upload compassion. Your mental wellness software is ready for an upgrade."

  7. "Click refresh on your day, let your mental wellness load anew."

  8. "In the hardware of life, your mental wellness is the unbeatable operating system."

  9. "Your mental strength is your password - unique, powerful, and the key to unlocking your best life."

  10. "Your mental state is not a download in progress; it's a continuous live stream of courage and resilience."

  11. "Plug into the outlet of positivity, let your mental battery charge with hope."

  12. "Your courage is the Wi-Fi signal, connecting you to the network of resilience, persistency, and hope."

  13. "Clearing the cache of negativity, surfing the web of positivity."

  14. "Post a status of resilience, share a story of courage - social media of mental wellness awaits."

  15. "In the programming of your life, resilience is your source code."

  16. "When the network of life weakens, strengthen your connectivity with self-love and hope."

  17. "Clear your mental inbox from the spam of negativity, save messages of hope and courage."

  18. "Your mental software runs on a code of resilience and strength."

  19. "Every emotion is the pixel enhancing the resolution of your life's digital display."

  20. "Coding the software of your life? Make sure mental wellness is the primary function."

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