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The Gray Man - 2022

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In the exciting world of Hollywood action movies, a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat is called The Gray Man. It is an exciting movie directed by the Russo Brothers that promises to give viewers a rush of energy that will keep them on the edge of their seats. But what makes this electrifying masterpiece stand out is that Indian superstar Dhanush makes his long-awaited Hollywood debut in a way that has never been done before.

Led by an all-star cast, The Gray Man features the unshakeable Ryan Gosling, known for his mysterious performances and Chris Evans, the leader of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, alongside the captivating Ana de Armas, whose talent shines brighter with each role. And now, joining this amazing cast is Dhanush, the acclaimed Indian actor who has captivated millions with his versatility and magnetic presence on the Indian silver screen.

As the curtains rise on Dhanush's Hollywood debut, his entry into this adrenaline-fueled thriller promises a captivating performance that will astound audiences worldwide. His unique blend of intensity, charisma, and raw talent adds an exciting new dimension to an already star-studded ensemble.

Under the visionary direction of the Russo Brothers, renowned for their exceptional work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Gray Man redefines the genre. With a plot surrounded by action and twists, audiences will be taken on a pulse-pounding journey through a world of espionage, deceit, and high-stakes action.


Table of Contents


Movie Name

The Gray Man

Directed by

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

Screenplay by

Joe Russo, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely

Produced by

Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Joe Roth, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Mike Larocca, and Chris Castaldi


Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Dhanush, Jessica Henwick, Regé-Jean Page, Wagner Moura, and Julia Butters


Stephen F. Windon

Edited by

Jeff Groth and Pietro Scalia

Music by

Henry Jackman

Based On

The Gray Man by Mark Greaney

Production Company

AGBO and Roth/Kirschenbaum Films

Distributed by


Release Date

15 July 2022


2 Hours 9 Minutes


United States




$200 Million


Senior CIA official Donald Fitzroy pays a visit to Courtland Gentry, a prisoner, in Florida in 2003. Eight years prior, Courtland was a minor when he was found guilty of killing his violent father in order to keep his brother safe. Fitzroy offers him freedom in exchange for joining the CIA's Sierra programme as an assassin.

Courtland, now known as Sierra Six, and fellow CIA agent Dani Miranda collaborate in 2021 to assassinate a target named Dining Car, suspected of selling national security secrets in Bangkok during the Songkran festival. Incapable of doing so stealthily without risking civilians, he openly attacks Dining Car, mortally wounding him. Before passing away, he reveals that he participated in the Sierra programme as Sierra Four. He hands Six a drive containing encrypted information about the corruption of the assassination mission's main agent, CIA official Denny Carmichael.

When confronted by Six, Carmichael is evasive about the true purpose of the mission and the contents of the drive, and Six refuses to evacuate Bangkok with Carmichael's men. In addition to sending the drive to previous Sierra Programme handler Margaret Cahill in Prague, he contacts a retired Fitzroy to ask for extraction.

Lloyd Hansen, a former CIA agent expelled for sociopathic tendencies, is hired by Carmichael to hunt down Six and retrieve the drive. Hansen accomplishes this by kidnapping Fitzroy's niece Claire, compelling Fitzroy to authorise the extraction team's assassination of Six. Six, however, murders them and flees.

Carmichael assigns his subordinate Suzanne Brewer to supervise Hansen and keep him in line out of anger. Hansen holds Claire captive at his centre of operations, a mansion in Croatia. In addition, he places a large bounty on Six's head to encourage mercenaries and assassins to track him down.

Six travels to Vienna to obtain the serial number of Claire's pacemaker from Laszlo Sosa, but Sosa betrays him in order to collect the reward. Hansen arrives with his team and murders Sosa, while Six kills Hansen's colleagues and is rescued by Miranda. Due to the Bangkok mission, her reputation is ruined, and she initially intends to recruit him to save her CIA career.

In order for her to decode the drive, Six convinces her to take him to Cahill's flat in Prague. It exposes the depth of Carmichael's deception on behalf of an unknown benefactor who works for a secret government. The terminally ill Cahill blows up her home so that Six and Miranda can run when Hansen sends multiple teams of assassins to kill her.

In the square, Six is taken into custody and handcuffed. Sierra Six escapes on a tram after a major gunfight in Prague leaves all the police officers present dead. After a long chase and gunfight, Miranda once again rescues Six in Cahill's armoured vehicle. They sneak inside a hospital and use Claire's pacemaker's wireless signal to find her.

The drive is taken from them by Avik San, a South Indian Tamil mercenary also known as Lone Wolf, who also knocks them unconscious before taking it to Hansen. To Hansen's base, Six and Miranda follow the pacemaker. While he infiltrates the estate to rescue Fitzroy and Claire, she creates a distraction. Fitzroy, who is mortally wounded as they run, gives his life while trying to assassinate Hansen. Hansen's men are killed by Miranda, but Lone Wolf barely escapes. He beats her in a duel but gives her the drive after being horrified by Hansen's lack of ethics and honour.

Hansen kidnaps Claire and carries her into a maze of hedges. After a standoff, he releases Claire and engages Six in combat. Brewer shoots him to death before Six can kill him. She then informs Six that she intends to use Carmichael's actions to put pressure on Hansen. Brewer also guarantees Claire's safety, but only if Six stays employed by the CIA.

In the end, no action is taken against Carmichael, and Six and Miranda are compelled to assist in the cover-up. Following the meeting at the CIA's main office, Miranda threatens to kill Carmichael if something bad happens to Claire. Claire, who is being imprisoned at a hidden location, is released when Six manages to get away.


After opening in a select number of theatres on July 15, 2022, The Grey Man made its release on Netflix on the 22nd of July, 2022.


According to Netflix, the movie was streamed for a combined total of 88.55 million hours over its first three days of availability, which is equivalent to around 43.55 million viewers. In 84 different nations, it was the film that was seen the most times.

By the end of September, a total of 253.8 million hours had been spent watching the movie.

On the website Rotten Tomatoes, which aggregates reviews from many sources, there are 260 reviews total, and 46% of them are positive, with an average rating of 5.6 out of 10. The following is what the website's consensus says - "The Gray Man has the star-studded outline of an entertaining action thriller, but it's filled in with lukewarm leftovers from far better films."




Character Analysis

Behind the Scenes

Because of the shooting, the Russo brothers were forced to close down roads and even freeways for extended periods of time on a regular basis. Within the first month of filming, Regé-Jean Page had finished his part in the movie.

The Russo Brothers have announced that they are considering creating a spin-off movie based on the role of Avik San (The Lone Wolf), who is played by Dhanush.


Due to the fact that Dhanush appears in the movie for a short period, his devoted followers took over the comment sections of several Western websites. Dhanush has a modest but important role in the action thriller, despite his short screen time.

Box Office Collection

Distribution insiders claimed the picture grossed roughly $200,000 in its debut weekend from about 400 theatres, despite the fact that Netflix does not record theatrical grosses for its titles.

According to estimates provided by IndieWire, the movie generated between $300,000 and $375,000 during its first full week of release in theatres. In total, the movie made $454,023.


At the 21st Visual Effects Society Awards, the visual effects of The Grey Man were nominated for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature.

Interesting Facts


The Gray Man is a captivating action thriller that delivers on its promises. With its powerhouse cast, gripping storyline, and masterful direction, it keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. This film solidifies Dhanush's arrival in Hollywood and cements his status as a global talent. Fans of the genre and enthusiasts of thrilling cinema will find themselves thoroughly entertained by this cinematic tour de force.

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