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Tarla - 2023

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The journey of India's most famous home cook, Tarla Dalal, is chronicled in this original film produced by ZEE5. This encapsulates the vital role that she played in assisting women in achieving their goals and being self-sufficient via the medium of food.The film covers the highs and lows of Tarla's journey, portraying her challenges and victories as well as the impact she has had on the lives of countless home cooks and food enthusiasts across India.


Table of Content

poster of movie tarla


Movie name


Directed by

Piyush Gupta

Written by

Piyush Gupta, Gautam Ved

Based on 


Produced by

Prassanth Kumar Chandran, Ronnie Screwvala, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, Nitesh Tiwari


Huma Qureshi, Sharib Hashmi, Veenah Naair


Salu K. Thomas

Edited by

Mahak Gupta, Himanshu Kamble, Atish Mhatre

Production company

Earthsky Pictures, RSVP

Distributed by


Release date

July 7, 2023






₹10 crores


Tarla is an inspiring and heartwarming slice-of-life film that delves into the remarkable journey of Tarla Dalal, India's most iconic home chef. The movie showcases Tarla's rise from a passionate home cook to a culinary sensation, leaving an indelible mark on Indian cuisine.

The story starts with a young Tarla Dalal, who is played by Huma Qureshi. She is a homemaker who loves to cook and has a natural talent for making foods that make your mouth water. Even though Tarla has to deal with societal expectations and the fact that there aren't many chances for women in the culinary world, she keeps going after her dreams.

As Tarla tries to balance her family responsibilities and her dreams of becoming a great cook, she comes across a chance to print her own cookbook. She works hard and puts her whole heart into making recipes that show off the many different flavours of Indian food. Tarla’s recipes become  an instant hit and bring her to the forefront of the media. 


Tarla will stream on ZEE5 from 7th July 2023. Tarla movie is a biopic based on the life and career of the known chef Dalal. 


Instead of adding a layered touch to his narration, Piyush Gupta decides for simplicity. The movie is not, however, in any way inferior. It is really straightforward and feels just as comforting as a simple home-cooked meal. He keeps the story enjoyable and upbeat. Things only start to become a touch melodramatic towards the conclusion, but Gupta maintains his grip on the story.

Although Huma Qureshi doesn't quite resemble Tarla, she did get the correct gestures. She moves along with ease. Sharib Hashmi's portrayal of Nalin is what elevates her performance. His moods can change quickly from cheerful to annoyed, and he can be unpredictable. With Nalin out of the spotlight, he did have more room for improvisation.

The movie is not particularly complicated, rather, it has a homely atmosphere and is simple enough that anyone can follow it.


huma qureshi as tarla from the movie


Character Analysis

Tarla Dalal is the protagonist of the film and the personification of passion, dedication, and perseverance. By utilising her exceptional culinary skills and refining them, Tarla established her own identity in a time when women were expected to stay within the confines of their kitchens. Tarla's journey from being an ordinary woman with a love for cooking to a renowned chef is depicted in a heartwarming and inspiring manner by Huma Qureshi.

Nalin, Tarla's husband, is a very kind and encouraging person who has an open mind. Tarla can always count on his unconditional support, and he inspires her to make choices in line with her beliefs.

In the course of the narrative, Nalin endures a number of failures, and he gradually realises his shortcomings, including the fact that part of his support for Tarla isn't what it seems. As he shares in Tarla's adventure and struggles, he develops into a more noble guy.






Rang Khilein

Nilotpal Bora


Tina Nana Nina

Suhit Abhyankar


Yahi Toh Hai Zindagi

Suhit Abhyankar


Rahe Na Kyun

Suhit Abhyankar


Papa Why?

Atanu Mishra


Rahe Na Kyun (Female)

Rekha Bhardwaj

Behind the Scenes

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There is no information available. 


There is no information available. 

Interesting Facts

There is no information available. 

The movie shows the ups and downs of Tarla's life, including her struggles, her victories, and how she has changed the lives of many home cooks and food lovers in India. Through her famous cooking show, Tarla has become a well-known name that people know and love. She has inspired people to start cooking and learn about the wide range of Indian flavours.

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