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Maari - 2015

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The 2015 action comedy Maari, written and directed by Balaji Mohan, was co-produced by Dhanush's Wunderbar Films and Listin Stephen and Raadhika's Magic Frames. In addition to Robo Shankar, Kalloori Vinoth, Kaali Venkat, and Mime Gopi, the movie also stars Dhanush, Kajal Aggarwal, and singer Vijay Yesudas. Dhanush portrays local mobster Maari. Vijay Yesudas makes his Tamil film debut with this movie.

Table of Contents


Movie name


Directed by

Balaji Mohan

Written by

Balaji Mohan

Cinematography by

Om Prakash

Edited by

Prasanna GK

Produced by

Listin Stephen, Raadhika, R. Sarath Kumar and Dhanush


Dhanush, Vijay Yesudas and Kajal Aggarwal

Music by

Anirudh Ravichander

Production company

Wunderbar Films and Magic Frames

Distributed by

Magic Frames

Release date

17 July 2015






₹26 Crores



The film revolves around the life of Maari, a local rowdy and gangster who becomes entangled in a series of events that challenge his authority and force him to confront his past.

The story is set in a vibrant and bustling neighborhood, where Maari, played by Dhanush, is a notorious gangster known for his charismatic personality and unorthodox methods. He is the self-proclaimed 'local don' and has the neighborhood under his control. Things take a turn when a new police officer, Arjun, played by Vijay Yesudas, is appointed to the area. Arjun is determined to clean up the neighborhood and put an end to Maari's criminal activities. He starts a mission to capture Maari and bring him to justice.

As Arjun intensifies his efforts, Maari finds himself at odds with not only the police but also a rival gang led by a powerful and influential leader named Velu. Velu is determined to take over Maari's territory and become the new ruling force in the neighborhood.

Amidst all this chaos, Maari encounters a young and spirited woman named Sridevi, played by Kajal Aggarwal. Sridevi is a strong-willed and feisty character who challenges Maari's beliefs and forces him to reconsider his lifestyle.


Maari was released on July 17, 2015. Directed by Balaji Mohan and produced by Listin Stephen and Raadhika Sarathkumar, the film generated significant buzz and anticipation among Tamil cinema enthusiasts prior to its release.

Leading up to the release, the promotional campaign for 'Maari' created quite a buzz, thanks in large part to the star power of Dhanush, who played the titular character. Dhanush had already established himself as a popular actor with a dedicated fan following, adding to the film's excitement.

The film's marketing strategy included the release of teasers, trailers, and promotional posters that showcased the unique style and charisma of Dhanush's character, Maari. The catchy dialogues and energetic action sequences featured in the promotional material further heightened the audience's curiosity. When 'Maari' hit the theaters, it received a wide release across Tamil Nadu and various other regions. The film opened to a positive response from both audiences and critics, who praised its entertaining blend of action, comedy, and drama. Dhanush's performance as the lovable yet quirky gangster was widely appreciated, earning him accolades for his portrayal of Maari.

The film's soundtrack, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, was also a major highlight. The songs, particularly the popular track 'Don'u Don'u Don'u,' became chartbusters and added to the film's popularity. 'Maari' went on to become a commercial success, with its engaging storyline, memorable characters, and lively performances resonating with the audience. The film's success further solidified Dhanush's status as a bankable actor and showcased Balaji Mohan's skill as a director capable of delivering a commercially successful and entertaining film.


After its release, the movie 'Maari' received a mixed response from audiences and critics. While some praised its entertainment value and Dhanush's performance, others had reservations about certain aspects of the film.

The film's action-comedy genre appealed to many viewers who enjoyed the lighthearted and entertaining narrative. Dhanush's portrayal of Maari, the quirky and unconventional gangster, was widely appreciated for his energy and charisma. His on-screen presence and dialogue delivery added a unique flavor to the character, making him a memorable and enjoyable protagonist.

The film's catchy soundtrack, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, was also well-received. Songs like 'Don'u Don'u Don'u' and 'Thappa Dhaan Theriyum' became popular and contributed to the overall appeal of the film.

However, some critics felt that the film lacked depth in its storytelling and character development. They found the plot to be formulaic and predictable, with certain clichéd elements common to the action-comedy genre. Some felt that the film could have delved deeper into the emotional aspects of the characters and their relationships. Additionally, while Dhanush's performance received praise, some critics felt that the supporting cast didn't have enough scope to shine. They believed that the film relied heavily on Dhanush's star power, potentially overshadowing other performances.

Despite these mixed reviews, 'Maari' managed to resonate with its target audience, particularly fans of Dhanush. The film's commercial success at the box office indicated that it found its audience and provided an entertaining cinematic experience for many.



Character Analysis


Song Name


Maari Thara Local


Don'u Don'u Don'u

Anirudh Ravichander

Bagulu Odayum Dagulu

Dhanush, Anirudh

Oru Vidha Aasai

Vineeth Sreenivasan

The Maari Swag

Anirudh Ravichander

Thappa Dhaan Theriyum

Dhanush, Chinna Ponnu

Maari's Anandhi

Dhanush, V.M. Mahalingam

Box Office Collection

The box office collection of the movie 'Maari' was quite impressive. Released on July 17, 2015, the film performed well commercially, gaining a significant response from the audience.

In its opening weekend, 'Maari' had a strong start at the box office, collecting a substantial amount. The film continued to perform well in the subsequent weeks, maintaining a steady stream of ticket sales. The charismatic presence of Dhanush, combined with the film's action-comedy genre, appealed to a wide range of viewers, resulting in a positive word-of-mouth. The movie's success can be attributed to its engaging storyline, entertaining performances, and catchy music. Dhanush's portrayal of the lovable gangster Maari received praise, and his star power drew audiences to theaters. The film's unique blend of action, comedy, and drama resonated with viewers, contributing to its sustained box office performance.

'Maari' not only performed well domestically in Tamil Nadu but also garnered attention in other regions. It enjoyed a successful run in various international markets, particularly among the Tamil diaspora.

Interesting Facts

In conclusion, the movie 'Maari' is an action-packed, entertaining film that revolves around the life of the charismatic gangster Maari. The film takes us on a journey through the vibrant streets of Chennai, where Maari's authority and control over the neighborhood are challenged by a determined police officer and rival gangsters.

Throughout the narrative, we witness Maari's transformation as he confronts his past, challenges his own beliefs, and evolves as a character. The film showcases the power of love, friendship, and personal growth, as Maari finds himself faced with unexpected circumstances and must navigate through them.

'Maari' captivates audiences with its blend of action, comedy, and drama. Dhanush's portrayal of Maari is a standout, capturing the essence of the lovable rowdy with his energy and charisma. The film's catchy soundtrack, composed by Anirudh Ravichander, adds to the overall appeal, with memorable songs becoming chart-toppers.

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