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Congratulations - 2023

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Congratulations is a Gujrati drama movie released on 3rd February 2023. Congratulations movie cast consists of Sharman Joshi, Manasi Parekh, Archan Trivedi, Swati Dave, Jayesh Barbhaya, and Ami Bhayani. The movie is directed and written by Rehan Chaudhary under the banner of Sharman Joshi Productions and Rehan Chaudhary Films.

The movie is about Aditya, who is uncertain about parenthood and grapples with his wife Ragini's fertility struggles. The movie is 1 hour 57 minutes long and available on Amazon Prime Video only in Gujarati language. Congratulations movie received a satisfactory response from the audience. Read the blog further to know about the movie's plot, cast, review, etc.

Table of Contents


Movie Name


Directed by

Rehan Chaudhary

Screenplay by

Rehan Chaudhary

Produced by

Sharman Joshi, Jeegar Chauhan, Vedant Maheshwari, and Rehan Chaudhary


Sharman Joshi, Manasi Parekh, Archan Trivedi, Swati Dave, Jayesh Barbhaya, and Ami Bhayani


Bhavik Hiralal Charania

Edited by

Rashesh Desai

Music by

Kedar - Bhargav

Production Company

Sharman Joshi Productions and Rehan Chaudhary Films

Distributed by

Rupam Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Release Date

3 February 2023


1 Hours 57 Minutes





OTT Platform

Amazon Prime Video


Congratulations explores the complex emotional journey of a couple, Aditya and Ragini. Having tied the knot after a college romance, Ragini dreams of starting a family. Aditya, however, is apprehensive about embracing parenthood. The situation takes a heartbreaking turn when Ragini experiences a miscarriage and delivers a stillborn, leaving her unable to conceive again.

As the couple grapples with this reality, the strain on their relationship is palpable. The central question emerges: What lengths will Aditya go to in order to rekindle their strained love life? An unheard-of possibility arises when Aditya contemplates becoming the first-ever pregnant man. Congratulations is a heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the potential for miracles.


On the 3rd of January in 2023, the first poster appeared to the public. On January 13, 2023, the congratulations movie trailer was released online. The movie was officially released on February 3rd, 2023. The movie is now also available to watch on Amazon Prime in the Gujarati language with English subtitles.



Despite boasting an intriguing and unconventional storyline, Congratulations 2023 fumbles in the execution as it underperforms in several key areas such as acting, dialogues, direction, and the entertainment factor.

The lead, Sharman Joshi, making his debut in a Gujarati film, struggles to convincingly portray emotions and expressions. His difficulty with the Gujarati language further hampers the pace of the dialogue and the screen time intensity. The plight of the other actors is similar, as they seem to be gr

applying with a weak direction that fails to extract impactful performances during pivotal moments.

However, it's worth noting that Sharman's commitment towards his craft is evident, and he had brilliantly embodied characters in the past. The unique premise of the film, steeped in elements of love, sacrifice, humour, family drama, and challenging gender norms, had initially seemed appealing. Unfortunately, the lacklustre execution failed to capitalize on this potential.

Although the film stars a perfect cast that fits the character descriptions, their performances are inhibited 

by the aforementioned factors. This is disappointing as even though there are those of us not familiar with Gujarati culture, the thematic constructs of the story itself are universally relatable.

The graphics and animation aspects of the film were satisfactory; however, they aren't able to elevate the overall viewing experience. There's further room for improvement in the editing and pacing of the film to create a more engaging narrative flow.

In conclusion, Congratulations 2023 seems to be a tale of missed opportunities. The film could have been a much better iteration with superior direction and enhanced performance. Despite this, the movie might strike a chord with audiences who enjoy emotional family dramas and might appreciate the movie's underlying message of redefining parenthood boundaries. The film encourages persisting discussions about love, sacrifice, and gender roles in society, which are indeed praiseworthy.


- Actor Name Character Name About
Gujrati movie actor sharman Joshi Sharman Joshi  Aaditya Mehta An accomplished Bollywood actor, Sharman Joshi began his career with the 2001 film, Style. Over the years, he's become well-known for his roles in successful films like Rang De Basanti and 3 Idiots.
Gujrati movie actress manasi parekh Manasi Parekh Ragini Mehta An Indian actress, singer, producer, and content creator, Manasi made her acting debut in 2004 with the TV-series Kasautii Zindagii Kay. She gained prominence with her role in the TV show Sumit Sambhal Lega and movie Uri: The Surgical Strike.
Gujrati actor Jayesh Barbhaya Jayesh Barbhaya Dr. Kartik Jayesh is a budding actor in the Gujarati film industry. His debut and most noted work is his 2019 film Suryansh.
Gujrati movie actress ami bhayani Ami Bhayani Dr. Ira While information on Ami Bhayani's debut work is scarce, she's a devoted actress in the theater and film industry.
Gujrati movie actor archan trivedi  Archan Trivedi Kamlesh Mehta A seasoned theatre and film artist, Archan Trivedi is known for his performances in Gujarati cinema. His debut is not widely known, but his work in Hellaro has been appreciated.
Gujrati movie actress swati dave  Swati Dave Ramila Mehta An actress known for her work in Gujarati cinema, Swati Dave debuted with the hit film Chaal Jeevi Laiye and is best known for this role.
  Manish Vaidhya  Mama Manish is a Gujarati film actor. His debut and notable performances information is not readily available.
Gujrati movie actress Jenna Kerns Jenna Kerns  Office Secretary While information on Jenna Kerns is scant, she is known for blending into various roles in the film industry.
Gujrati movie atress vidhi chitalia  Vidhi Chitalia  Dharti Vidhi is an emerging actress in Gujarati cinema.
Gujrati movie actress mehool desai Mehool Desai Friend Mehool is a noted actor and director, known for Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na (2008), Baghban (2003), and Traffic Signal (2007). His debut work is not widely recognized.


Role Names
Director Rehan Chaudhary
Writer Rehan Chaudhary
Producer Sharman Joshi, Jeegar Chauhan, Vedant Maheshwari, and Rehan Chaudhary
Cinematographer Bhavik Hiralal Charania
Editor Rashesh Desai
Casting Bhavesh Bhanu
Music Kedar-Bhargav








Shaan and Manasi Parekh

Bhargav Purohit


Saari Saari

Vrattini Ghadge

Bhargav Purohit


Jaage Jaage

Jigardan Gadhavi

Bhargav Purohit

Behind the Scenes

Check out the scenes of saari saari song making featuring Sharman Joshi and Manasi Parekh.

Box Office Collection

Day Collection
Day 1 ₹ 0.05 crore 
Day 2 ₹ 0.06 crore
Day 3 ₹ 0.07 crore
Day 4 ₹ 0.03 crore
Day 5 ₹ 0.04 crore
Day 6 ₹ 0.05 crore
Day 7 ₹ 0.04 crore
Total ₹ 0.34 crore


Congratulations go deep into the universal themes of determination, strength, and the power of hope. This movie will surely leave a lasting impression on the hearts of watchers thanks to its great acting, soul-stirring music, and story that will appeal to people of all ages.

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