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Love Chumbak - 2023

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Welcome to our blog that is devoted to the Gujarati film Love Chumbak! This picture, which was released on June 9, 2023, and was directed by Dhruv Bhatiya, is shaping up to be an experience that is both lovely and engaging. The key roles in Love Chumbak were played by members of a skilled cast, including Dipu Parmar, Archan Trivedi, Chetan Daiya, and Ragi Jani, and their exceptional performances are highlighted throughout the film. In addition, well-known performers such as Arvind Vegda and Firoz Irani bring even more star power to the already impressive cast.

Not only is Love Chumbak a film, but it is also a fantastic musical comedy that brings something fresh and original to the Gujarati film industry. The main character of the movie is portrayed as a person who has special needs and goes through life in his own extraordinary ways. This key character serves as the film's focal point. It tells a story that will warm your heart as it investigates the strength of love and compassion, as well as the resiliency of the human spirit.

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Love Chumbak

Directed by

Dhruv Bhatiya

Screenplay by

Dipu Parmar

Story by

Dipu Parmar

Produced by

Navin Hadiya, Jayantibhai Patel, Mahesh Mori


Dipu Parmar, Archan Trivedi, Chetan Daiya, Ragi Jani, Arvind Vegda, Firoz Irani


Pappu K Shetty

Edited by

Sunilsen & Dhruv Bhatiya

Music Director

Anwar Shaikh

Production company

Dipu Studios, Gulaal Productions

Release date

9th June 2023






Approximately Rs. 7 Crores


The journey that the viewer goes on with the protagonist, played by Dipu Parmar in the movie, is one that they will never forget. Because he is a person with special needs, his character is portrayed to deal with a variety of difficulties and impediments in his day-to-day life. Love Chumbak does a stunning job of capturing his experiences as well as his relationships with the world around him, all the while emphasising the significance of having empathy, comprehension, and acceptance.

In the movie, Love is a young man who has autism, and Lovina is a young woman who has cerebral palsy. Their tale is told throughout the movie. The two end up falling in love after meeting at a talent contest. Despite this, their families and society as a whole present obstacles for their partnership to overcome. The movie delves into topics such as love, acceptance, and overcoming challenges head-on.

The film demonstrates the transformative power of love, not just in the protagonist's own life but also in the lives of the others he meets along the way as he travels, and this is accomplished through the protagonist's journey. The story told in Love Chumbak is one that will warm your heart because it honours the human spirit, imparts essential lessons about accepting diversity, and shows that happiness can be discovered in the most unexpected of places.

The importance that Love Chumbak places on music is one of the game's most distinguishing features. Songs with a lot of spirit and a lot of energy are included in the movie, and they provide a bright and rhythmic touch to the storyline. Not only does the music supplement the story, but it also heightens the emotional effect, which helps to create moments that the audience will never forget and that will stay with them.


Love Chumbak is a musical comedy film that was made in Gujarati and it was released on June 9th, 2023. On May 7, 2023, Dipu Studios uploaded the trailer to YouTube and made it available for viewing. 


In spite of the early excitement and anticipation surrounding the film Love Chumbak, audience members have provided conflicting feedback about the movie. Others, particularly with reference to the narrative, expressed dissatisfaction, despite the fact that it was successful in touching a nerve with some viewers.

The music of the movie was singled out as one of the most praised aspects of the production. The listeners of Love Chumbak thought the songs were mesmerising, melodious, and had a lot of soul, and they gave the album a lot of positive feedback as a result. The music director and the composers were able to produce a score that was well received by the audience and contributed significantly to the overall immersive quality of the movie experience.

Nevertheless, the plot of Love Chumbak came in for some criticism from various members of the audience. Some viewers believed that the story lacked originality and depth, and that it did not fully interest them or offer a new viewpoint on the topic. Those who had great hopes were likely let down because the narrative did not live up to those expectations in terms of character development, pacing, or general clarity. 



Character Analysis

Dipu Parmar as Love


Love is shown throughout the film Love Chumbak as a patient who is diagnosed with autism. Love is the film's main character. His role brings a fresh point of view to the story, which also functions as the film's emotional pivot point. His uncle, portrayed by Archan Trivedi, was worried about his future but Love gets through life in his own unique ways.

Love is shown as a passionate musician, and his love for music develops into an essential aspect of his character throughout the story. Throughout the entirety of the movie, he is seen with his cymbal.

The bond that Love has with Lovina, a young woman who suffers from cerebral palsy, sheds light on Love's character and reveals his potential for loving and empathising with others. Despite the fact that they are so different from one another, Love is able to show Lovina compassion, understanding, and acceptance as their relationship deepens. The fact that he is able to go past Lovina's outward appearance and accept her for who she truly is illustrates the sincere and good-hearted temperament that he possesses.

The character of Love oozes happiness and purity, making for a film that is lighter and more humorous as a result. The innocent wonder, boundless zeal, and unflappable attitude with which he approaches life inspire everyone in his immediate vicinity. The existence of love serves to call to mind both the allure of uncomplicated pleasures and the significance of living fully in the here and now.






Jaanu Jaanu

Umesh Barot



Shahid Mallya


Gujju Song

Shahid Mallya


Prem Laagni

Umesh Barot


Prem Dimage Chadhi

Shahid Mallya


Naach Re Bhabhi

Arvind Vegda

Box Office Collection

The total amount of money the movie made at the box office was Rs. 0.56 Crore. The picture was met with a variety of reactions from critics, which contributed to its mediocre box office performance.

A Gujarati movie called Love Chumbak offers its audience a cinematic experience that is both engaging and enjoyable. The film captures the spirit of love, joy, and the beauty of life thanks to its great ensemble, intriguing storyline, and the unique perspective of its major character. Viewers liked the movie thanks to its musical and comedic aspects. So take a load off, kick your feet up, and prepare to be swept away into the warm and fuzzy world of Love Chumbak.

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