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Did you know? You can now book a personalised video message from your favourite characters of your loved Tv show Tu Tevha Tashi! Keep reading to know more about Tu Tevha Tashi cast, Tu Tevha Tashi OTT, watch Tu Tevha Tashi online, Tu Tevha Tashi Instagram, Tu Tevha Tashi updates and more. 

Tu Tevha Tashi Overview

Tu Tevha Tashi is a Marathi language romantic drama Tv show telecasted on the channel Zee Marathi in the year 2022 and is directed by Mandar Devasthali and stars Swapnil Joshi and Shilpa Tulaskar in lead roles.

Tu Tevha Tashi Watch Online and Timings

Tu Tevha Tashi started airing on 20 March 2022. Tu Tevha Tashi is available on Zee Marathi and also on OTT platforms like ZEE5. The Tv show has a single season consisting of 200 episodes so far with each episode having an approximate runtime of 22 minutes. It is an ongoing show and rolls out new episodes every week as of November 2022. Tu Tevha Tashi's timing is 11 pm and it airs everyday from Monday to Saturday.

Tu Tevha Tashi detailed cast

The main Tu Tevha Tashi cast includes Swwapnil Joshi, Shilpa Tulaskar, Abhidnya Bhave, Abhishek Rahalkar, and Sunil Godbole among many others. 

Tu Tevha Tashi detailed crew

Directed by Mandar Devasthali, Tu Tevha Tashi is produced by Sandeep Jadhav under the production banner of Ekasmai Productions. Tu Tevha Tashi's singers are Abhay Jodhpurkar and Sameer Saptiskar.

Tu Tevha Tashi Shooting Location

Tu Tevha Tashi has been shot in various locations but its central production location is Pune, Maharashtra.

Tu Tevha Tashi Plot

Tu Tevha Tashi is a love story of two adults in their 40s who have gone through a lot of ups and downs. Tu Tevha Tashi has an IMDB rating of 8.2 out of 10.

The plot follows Anamika Dixit and Saurabh Patwardhan, both being self-employed business owners. While Saurabh resides with his brother Sachin Patwardhan, sister-in-law Pushpavalli Patwardhan, aunt Maimavshi, and Pushpavalli's father Moropant Eadke, Anamika lives apart from her husband Akash Joshi and lives with her mother-in-law Rama Joshi and daughter Radha Dixit. While Pushpavalli and Moropant are looting Saurabh and Sachin is out of a job, Radha is enamoured of her wealth.

College classmates Saurabh and Anamika reconnected thanks to Chandu Chimane after a long absence. Despite his love for Anamika, Saurabh made a pledge to his deceased parents that he would not marry Sachin until he could support himself. Because Pushpavalli believes Anamika would take possession of their home if she visits, she opposes him marrying her. Although Maimavshi speaks a lot, she adores Saurabh and wants him to wed Anamika. But soon after Anamika's mother Kaveri Dixit flies into Pune, she makes the decision to split her up from Saurabh.

Tu Tevha Tashi latest news

Popular Marathi actor Ashok Samarth, who is known for playing villainous roles in Bollywood and also for featuring in the hit movie 'Singham' is going to be the latest edition to the Tu Tevha Tashi cast. He is going to play the role of Aakash Joshi, who is the ex-husband of Anamika Dixit. 

Director Mandar Devasthali
Music By Sameer Saptiskar
No. of Seasons 1
Production Company Ekasmai Production
Start Date 20 Mar 2022
Content Location Pune
Country of Origin India
Genre Romance, Drama
In Language Marathi
Producer Sandeep Jadhav
Name Tu Tevha Tashi

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Frequently Asked Questions

The age of Swapnil Joshi is 45 years as of 2022.
Tu Tevha Tashi is a very popular Marathi Tv show.
Tu Tevha Tashi Shoot location is majorly Pune.
The release date of the Tv show Tu Tevha Tashi is 20 March 2022.
Tu Tevha Tashi casts include Swwapnil Joshi, Shilpa Tulaskar, Abhidnya Bhave, Abhishek Rahalkar, and Sunil Godbole among many others.
Tu Tevha Tashi is directed by Mandar Devasthali.
Yes. You can watch Tu Tevha Tashi online on Zee5.
The character name of Swapnil Joshi in Tu Tevha Tashi is Saurabh Vishnupant Patwardhan.
The character name of Shilpa Tulaskar in Tu Tevha Tashi is Anamika Dixit.
The character name of Abhidnya Bhave in Tu Tevha Tashi is Pushpavalli Moropant Eadke.
The character name of Abhishek Rahalkar in Tu Tevha Tashi is Sachin Vishnupant Patwardhan.
The character name of Sunil Godbole in Tu Tevha Tashi is Moropant Edake.
There are 136 episodes in Tu Tevha Tashi.
Tu Tevha Tashi is still an ongoing show in 2022 August.
The real name of Rama in Tu Tevha Tashi is Suhas Joshi .
Tu Tevha Tashi Kunda’s real name is Ujjwala Jog.
Yes. Tu Tevha Tashi is a new Tv show. It was released in the year 2022.
Other Tv shows like Tu Tevha Tashi are Majha Hoshil Na and Devmanus.
The official Instagram ID of Tu Tevha Tashi is @tutevhatashiofficial
Ashok Samarth is going to join the TV Serial Tu Tevha Tashi as a new cast member.

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