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Paridhi Sharma, Ashnoor Kaur, Aniruddh Dave, Saurabh Raj Jain,Rushita Vaidya,Bindia Kalra and Saisha Bajaj are the stars of the Indian drama television series Patiala Babes in the Hindi language. Rajita Sharma and Vivek Budakoti are the producers of this programme, which was created by Katha Kottage.

The COVID-19 crisis forced a halt to the show on March 27, 2020, and it was abruptly cancelled in April.

Babita is a revered member of her family and is a shy, innocent woman. Mini, her courageous and independent 17-year-old daughter, lives with her in-laws. Ashok Khurana, Babita's husband, visits India again after a 17-year absence. He swindles Babita by using Meeta, his business partner. Babita collapses and takes Mini with her outside the home. Mini teaches Babita how to be independent and self-reliant while assisting her in divorcing Ashok.

With Mini's assistance, Babita launches Patiala Babes, a catering business. She achieves success quickly. Currently, Meeta, who is expecting Ashok's child, is suffering as a result of Ashok's rudeness. Meeta is assisted in becoming independent by Mini and Babita. After admitting his error and offering an apology, Ashok takes Meeta back to London.

Hanuman Singh, Babita's landlord, becomes aware of his affections for her. Babita has the same sentiments. When Mini discovers this, she and her friends and grandmother begin to arrange a large wedding. Babita and Hanuman get married. After the wedding, Babita becomes a busy wife and neglects Mini and the catering company. Mini handles the catering and is horrified by her actions.

Hanuman conceals a letter that Ashok sends to Mini. Before Mini can read the letter, Babita burns it after she discovers it. To Mini's dismay, she sells the catering business to a haughty agent named Khatri. Mini applies for a scholarship for a cinematography course and is accepted. She surprises Babita and Hanuman by preparing to go to Australia.

Naeem Bi, Hanuman's next-door neighbour, encourages them not to meddle with Mini's future. Babita recognises her error after Mini departs for another country. Missing Mini, she discovers her letter.

Mini goes back to Manali five years later for a project shoot. She tells Hanuman about it over the phone. Hanuman tries to meet her because he is happy. But the following day, Naeem Bi contacts Mini to let her know that Babita and Hanuman both passed away in an accident. Mini then goes back to her house.

After some time, Mini makes an attempt to reach Australia. She meets Arya, her half-sister, who is five years old. Mini is told by Arya about the Patiala Babes Restaurant, which Babita opened after Mini left. Babita had a dream that Mini was managing the restaurant, according to Naeem Bi. Mini then reconsiders her choice and assumes management of the eatery. She takes on Neil Oberoi, a new chef who rents space in Mini's home.

After a few days, Mini notices Arya's peculiar conduct and inquires about it. She is informed by Arya that she fears Keval, the peon at her school who is a child abuser. She shares with Mini the story of her friend Neha, another victim of Keval.

Mini files a lawsuit against Keval with everyone's support. At this point, Keval is made out to be the bad guy in court and is severely punished.

After some time, Mini and Neil become friends, and Mini asks Neil to tell her his story. Neil brings Mini to his parents' home the following day. There, Mini discovers that Neil is wed and is currently attempting to get a divorce. Mini remembers the past when her father Ashok betrayed her and Babita after seeing Kia, Neil's daughter. When she tries to leave, Neil tells her that Isha started acting violently toward him while she was with Ritwik, a friend of Ritwik's. After that, Mini stands by Neil and assists him in filing a lawsuit against Isha.

Director Faheim Inamdar Yusuf Ansari
Music By Devendra Bhome
No. of Seasons 2
Production Company Katha Cottage Production LLP
Start Date 27 Nov 2018
Content Location Patiala
Country of Origin India
Genre Drama
In Language Hindi
Producer Rajita Sharma, Vivek Budakoti
Name Patiala Babes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patiala Babes is a very popular hindi TV show.
Patiala Babes Shoot location is Patiala.
The release date of the TV show Patiala Babes is 27 November 2018
Patiala Babes casts include Ashnoor Kaur, Paridhi Sharma, Aniruddh Dave, Saurabh Raj Jain, Rushita Vaidya, Bindia Kalra.
You can watch Patiala Babes on SonyLiv
Faheim Inamdar Yusuf Ansari directed Patiala Babes.
The character name of Ashnoor Kaur in Patiala Babes is Mini “Veer Balika” Babita
The character name of Paridhi Sharma in Patiala Babes is Babita “Babes” Chaddha Singh
The character name of Aniruddh Dave in Patiala Babes is Inspector Hanuman Singh.
The character name of Saisha bajaj in Patiala Babes is Arya “Chutanki” Singh
The character name of Rushita Vaidya in Patiala Babes is Preet Kaur.
There are 349 episodes in Patiala Babes
Patiala Babes ended in the year 2020.
The real name of Mini “Veer Balika” Babita Patiala Babes is Ashnoor Kaur
Patiala Babes Babita Chaddha Singh real name is Paridhi Sharma
Is Patiala Babes new series? No. Patiala Babes is not a new series. It was released in the year 2018
Other TV shows like Patiala Babes are Madam Sir and Pavitra Bhagya.
There is no official Instagram ID of Patiala Babes.

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